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---------Name of debt collector--------------
---------Address of debt collector--------------
---------Address of debt collector--------------
--------Account no or reference no-------------



This constitutes as first written communication for the record, and this is not a validation request so do
not send any validation, if you do I will TAKE LEGAL ACTION AGAINST YOUR COMPANY under the
FDCPA for false and misleading representation 15 USC 1692e (10). --------Name of debt collector--------
are indeed third party debt collectors under the very definition of a third party debt collector in accordance
with 15 U.S. code 1692 (A) (6), and are subject to the civil liability within The Fair Debt Collection Practices
Act. Lets be honest, if this debt was valid you would not be sending me a collection letter assuming the
debt was valid now would you?. Pursuant to 15 USC 1692c (C), -------Name of debt collector-------- is hereby
on notice to cease & desist communication and collection activity immediately or I will take legal action
under the FDCPA 15 USC 1692k (a) (1) (A) $1000.00 US and I only need to show one violation to establish
a FDCPA claim. See Ayala v. Dial Adjustment Bureau, Inc., Civil No. N-86-315 (EEB) (D.Conn. Dec. 4, 1986);
Riveria v. MAB Collections, Inc., 682 F. Supp. 174, 175-76 (W.D.N.Y.1988. --------Name of debt collector-------
- gave no value to any security and have no attachment and enforceability of a secured interest in
accordance with UCC 9 203 (b); --------Name of debt collector-------- have no original contract or
promissory note; you are no contract assignee holders in due course in accordance with UCC 3 302.
See Gearing v. Check Brokerage; Corp Cacace v. Lucas, 775 F. Supp. 502, 505 (D. Conn. 1990). FOR
THE RECORD, Summary of accounts are not a valid claim to defame my character, if I am denied credit or
employment based on third parties misleading representation and defaming negligence will be a cause of
action. See United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit, Case No. 91-7142, John STEVENSON vs.
TRW, April 1, 1993.


A Social Security Number (SSN) is used by employers and employees for the purpose of reporting
individual employee earnings for tax purposes only. --------Name of debt collector--------, you DO
NOT have my CONSENT to use my social security number for commercial gain acting as
usufructuary of my services, you are committing fraud and Identity theft and I will contact the office
of Inspector General SSA and file a report with the federal authorities. I demand you provide the
following documents immediately if you continue to use the fiction name for your entitys personal
commercial gain then; Send a copy of your Commercial Bond and Oaths to do business in the State
of OHIO; provide name and address and phone number of the Underwriter of your bond; provide
name, address, and phone numbers of the owner(s) of -------Name of debt collector--------; Provide
name, address and phone number of your insurance company

Furthermore, reporting false and misleading report to the three major credit bureaus and will constitute a
violation of the FCRA Responsibilities of furnishers of information to consumer reporting agencies under 15
U.S. Code 1681s2 (B) (i) (ii) Reporting information after notice and confirmation of errors. Any
more harassment from this company will be considered criminal extortion in accordance with 18 U.S. Code
875 (d) Extortion. Conduct yourselves accordingly

Respectfully submitted,
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