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Configuration: 3412E Industrial Engine 4CR00001-UP

3408E and 3412E Industrial Engines
Media Number -SENR1065-05 Publication Date -01/03/2009 Date Updated -02/03/2009


Engine Speed/Timing Sensor - Calibrate

SMCS - 1912-524

System Operation Description:

If any of the following conditions have occurred, calibrate the speed/timing sensors:

Replacement of the Electronic Control Module (ECM)

Servicing of the engine timing gears

Replacement of either of the speed/timing sensors

Active 261-13 Engine Timing Calibration required

There are two speed/timing sensors that provide information about the engine speed and the crankshaft
position to the ECM. Each sensor generates a pulse signal as the timing ring rotates past the pickups of the
sensors (slipheads). A secondary speed/timing sensor allows the engine to continue to operate if there is a
failure of the primary speed/timing sensor. If both speed/timing sensors would fail, the ECM would
discontinue power to the unit injectors.

The ECM provides the engine speed/timing sensor with 12.5 1.0 VDC. A unique tooth on the timing
reference gear generates a unique duty cycle. The signal provides the ECM with information on the engine

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Parts List

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Test Step 1. Check for Active Diagnostic Codes

A. Connect the Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET) to the data link connector.

B. Check for any active diagnostic codes.

Expected Result:

No active diagnostic codes are present.


OK - No active diagnostic codes are present.STOP

Not OK - 261-13 Engine Timing Calibration required is the only active diagnostic code that is
present. Proceed to Test Step 2.

Not OK - There are active diagnostic codes. 261-13 Engine Timing Calibration required is not one
of the active diagnostic codes.

Repair: Repair the active diagnostic codes.


Not OK - A 261-13 Engine Timing Calibration required and other active diagnostic codes are

Repair: Repair the active diagnostic codes. The 261-13 Engine Timing Calibration required may
remain active.

Repeat Test Step 1.

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Parts List

Test Step 2. Calibration Procedure

A. Remove the timing calibration plug from the flywheel housing.

B. Examine the flywheel through the timing calibration hole. Ensure that the probe is not inserted into
the timing pin hole. If necessary, turn the engine.

C. Install the 6V-3093 Transducer Adapter into the timing calibration port in the flywheel housing.


Do not install the timing calibration probe over the timing pin hole in
the flywheel. Damage to the timing calibration probe will result if the
probe is installed over the timing pin hole.

D. Insert the 6V-2197 Magnetic Transducer through the 6V-3093 Transducer Adapter. Insert the
transducer until contact is made with the surface of the flywheel. Move the transducer 1.0 mm (0.04
inch) away from the flywheel.

E. Tighten the nut on the 6V-3093 Transducer Adapter .

F. Connect the 7X-1695 Cable from the engine timing calibration probe to the connector P26.

G. Start the engine. Allow the engine to warm up enough to exit cold mode operation.

H. Select "Service" from the main menu on Cat ET. Select "Calibrations" from the drop-down menu.
Select Timing Calibration.

I. Press the "Continue" button on Cat ET. Wait until Cat ET indicates that the ECM has calculated the
timing reference.

Note: Engine speed will be set to 800 rpm by the ECM during the calibration.

Note: If Cat ET displays "Calibration Unsuccessful", the electronic injection timing has not been

Expected Result:

The timing calibration was successful.


OK - The timing calibration was successful.STOP

Not OK - The timing did not calibrate. Proceed to Test Step 3.

Test Step 3. Static Timing of the Gear Train

Excessive backlash in the engine gear train will cause inconsistent timing. Refer to Disassembly and
Assembly, "Camshaft - Remove and Install" for identifying and repairing a gear train problem.

Expected Result:

The gear train is timed correctly.

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Parts List


OK - Repeat Test Step 1.

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