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Special Package The Royal Spa Group

important conditions:
Wonderful Duration 2 hrs Baht 3,100 Languages The Royal Spa Group was founded in 2000 on the resort island of
Andaman Salt Scrub - where For your convenience, we have spa menu in English, Russian and Phuket by an experienced Thai-owned company. Spa menu
your skin will be cleaned & smoothed. The scrub is followed by Swedish language available at the reception.
In addition to running their own renowned spas in Phuket, The
The Royal Experience Massage to help improve blood circulation. Etiquette Royal Spa Group has expanded to provide management and
This relieves stress and eases your way to a peaceful state of mind. This spa is a retreat for your body, mind and spirit. For the consider- consulting services for spa business in Thailand and overseas.
Radiance Duration 2 hrs Baht 3,100 ation of others, we request that visitors keep noise to a minimum.
Indulge yourself in the exotic Tropical Fruit Scrub which consists Children are not allowed at the Spa unless accompanied by an
of high content Vitamin C and AHA. Follow up with a Deep Cleans- adult. We ask that you respect other guests privacy by speaking
ing Faciall to remove dead skin cells that are clogging the pores, softly. The use of cellular phones and other electronic devices are Phuket Hot Line : 089 874 8365
and prevent the natural process of cell renewal. strongly discouraged.
Reservations The Royal Spa @ Phuket town, Phuket
Bliss Duration 3 hrs Baht 4,500 Booking in advance prior to your arrival is recommended to secure Tel. 076 236 663 Fax. 076 236 056
Treat yourself from head to toe! This package is exclusively for your preferred date and time of treatment.
women. It begins with Aromatic Herbal Foot Bath, followed by The Royal Spa @ Karon Beach, Phuket
your personal choice from a range of special scrubs. You will relax Check-in Tel. 076 396 802-3
with a gentle Royal Experience Massage - and enjoy your new Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment.
glowing skin with Deep Cleansing Faciall treatment. Late arrivals will result in a shortened treatment, in order to fairly The Royal Spa Karon Sea Sands Resort & Spa
accommodate subsequent guests. Tel. 076 286 464
Gentleman Escape Duration 3 hrs Baht 4,500 Special Consideration The Royal Spa Best Western Phuket Ocean Resort, Phuket
The package is designed specially for gentlemen. It begins with a If you are pregnant, you may wish to avoid booking treatments Tel. 076 396 600-1
Green Tea Scrub, which contains compounds that have that involve the use of essential oils. Massage or stimulating
anti-oxidant effect to treat and soothe you skin. The Gentlemen treatments are not recommended during the first three months of The Royal Spa Sunwing Resort & Spa, Phuket
Delights Facial will refresh the male complexion. The package pregnancy. If you have high blood pressure, heart conditions, Tel0 076 314 263-69
finishes with a deep tissue massage technique by Spirit Massage. allergies, or other medical complications, we advise that you The Royal Spa The Village Resort & Spa, Phuket
Sun Lover Duration 3 hrs Baht 4,500 consult your doctor before signing up for any spa services. Please Tel. 076 398 342
This session begins with Aloe Vera Wrap to cool, soothe and inform your therapist of any medical conditions.
restore your skin. It is followed by an After Sun Faciall treatment Smoking and Alcohol The Royal Spa @ Malisa Villa Suites, Phuket
Tel. 076 284 760
Touch exotic
using cucumber and fig tea extract to repair damaged skin, then Smoking and the consumption of alcohol within the spa are
concludes with The Royal Experience Massage - a full body prohibited. It is also advisable to avoid the consumption of heavy The Royal Spa Absolute Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa, Phuket Thai Spa experience
aromatherapy massage leaving you completely relaxed. meals prior to, or after any spa treatment. Tel. 076 341 901-10
Rejuvenate Duration 4 hrs Baht 5,200 Cancellation Policy
Treat yourself to rejuvenating with a whole body experience. A 24 hour cancellation notice is required to help us re-schedule Phang Nga Hot Line : 089 874 8365
Begin with Tropical Fruit Scrub, followed by a luxurious nourishing your appointment, subject to space availability. Any cancellation
milk bath. Indulge yourself and reduce tension with our signature with less than 4 hours notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee. A full
The Royal Experience Massage and ended with Aromatherapy fee will be imposed for a No-show. The Royal Spa Khao Lak Seaview Resort & Spa, Phang Nga
Facial. The result will leave your skin with a fresh, clean and Tel. 076 429 800
glowing complexion. We recommend that jewelry is not worn at the Spa. Management
Renewal Duration 4 hrs Baht 5,200 and staff accept no responsibility for the loss of money or Koh Chang Hot Line : 082 322 1616
valuables of any kind brought onto the spa premises.
This refreshing package starts with a Body Honey Scrub to
stimulate and soften your skin. The Scrub is followed by the Gift Certificates The Royal Spa Koh Chang Paradise, Trad
Aromatherapy Deluxe Treatmentt combined Aromatherapy Treat a friend or loved one by giving them an experience they will Tel. 039 551 100-1
Massage with a Body Wrap.. This wonderful treatment finishes never forget. Gift certificates are available for use for spa The Royal Spa K C Grand Resort & Spa, Trad
with the Royal Faciall leaving your skin extra soft, supple and treatment, package or retail products. Please visit our website. Tel. 080 520 2332
radiant! www.theroyalspa.com
Detox Duration 5 hrs Baht 6,500 Refund Policy
Your treatment starts with a Ground Coffee Scrub to deeply Treatment packages are non-refundable. Unused portion of the
cleanse, remove dirt and dead skin cells. Then followed by Thai packages are non-transferable or non-exchangeable for another
Herbal wrap and Thai Herbal Bath to deeply nourish and time.
revitalize your body. Lymphatic Drainage Massage drains Payment
impurities & waste away from the body. The treatment ends with a www.theroyalspa.com, info@theroyalspa.com w w w. t h e r o y a l s p a. c o m
We accept cash and all major credit cards. All prices are quoted in
Deep Cleansing Facial.
Thai Baht and are subject to change without prior notice. www.facebook.com/theroyalspa
Signature Treatments
Massage Selection Facial Treatment Body Treatment
The perfect introduction to The Royal Spa
The Royal Experience Massage 60 mins Baht 1,850 Essence of Spirit Massage 60 mins Baht 1,850 Duration 60 mins Baht 1,600 Body Scrub
The Royal Spas signature therapy for a full body massage. Using This treatment concentrates on stimulating blood circulation to the Duration 45 mins Baht 1,500
the therapists body weight and palms, this treatment will loosen muscles of your entire body. Aromatic oil of Chamomile is used to Gentlemens Delight Facial
tight muscles, create energy, increase blood circulation and relax improve your energy fields, easing tension and soothing your tired For all skin types Andaman Salt Scrub
you into a state of euphoria. Our unique massage oil Royal Spa muscles. Fresh from the ocean, this sea salt deep cleansing treatment is mixed
This facial treatment refreshes the male complexion. A pressure with wheat germ to exfoliate the skin - removing dead skin cells. Your
Blend is used to help savor the memories of your visit to exotic point massage is carefully given by our caring therapist. A great skin is rejuvenated, leaving a lasting radiance.
Thailand. Lymphatic Drainage Massage 60 mins Baht 1,850 complement to an aftershave treatment in the spa salon.
The Royal Stone Therapy 90 mins Baht 3,500 This delicate form of massage helps stimulate your bodys immune Green Tea Scrub
system by using a very light pressure near the lymph nodes. It helps After Sun Facial The anti-oxidants of Green Tea and Royal Spa Blend Essential Oil
Hot stone massage is a special massage that uses black volcanic combine together to boost your circulatory system while you enjoy
overcome feelings of low energy and sluggishness - and enhances For sun burn / sensitive skin
heated stones combined with The Royal Experience Massage our natural scent of the oil, and our therapists gentle touch.
circulation and your immune system. This facial treatment is aimed as an after sun facial to treat and
technique. This duo combination technique will relieve the stress
soothe the skin that displays symptoms of irritation and excessive Ground Coffee Scrub
that is held in your body - leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and
Aromatherapy Deluxe Massage 90 mins Baht 2,200 exposure to the sun. The treatment calms your senses, leaving you in This delightful stimulating and refreshing body cleanser uses natural
a perfect and relaxed state. coffee beans to deeply scrub off toxins from the body. An Aloe Vera
You begin by choosing from a selection of aromatic oils. Your chosen and honey combination is then applied to condition, nourish and
The Royal Ayurvedic Massage 90 mins Baht 3,500
aromatic oil is applied at the pressure points on your body providing Deep Cleansing Facial soften your skin.
Ayurvedic Massage is a full body massage with medicated oils to the health benefits of inner peace. For oily skin
balance out your bodies energies according to ancient Indian Tropical Fruit Scrub
tradition. The technique of Shirodhara will be performed using This Facial is an instant refresher. We start with a luxurious exfoliate to Enjoy local seasonal fruits of guava, papaya and orange - mixed and
warm oil pouring over your forehead (known as the Third Eye) Royal Thai Massage 90 mins Baht 1,450 remove impurities, dead skin cells and to reduce roughness of the expertly blended with oatmeal as a scrub. It effectively helps cleanse
followed by the scalp massage. This treatment is a recharge for Traditional Thai Massage has ability to heal, relax and realign the skin, revealing a glowing complexion. and remove dead skin cells - leaving you with radiant and glowing
body. This massage works more deeply than the other massage complexion.
your body and mind.
techniques. It does not use oil, and is a traditional healing technique The Royal Facial
For all skin types
Royal Honey Scrub
- refined in Thailand over the centuries.
The Royal Signature Package 4 hrs Baht 5,600 Thai honey produced, under Royal patronage in the north of
This rich honey, tingly lime and soothing cucumber facial treatment Thailand, has traditionally been used to encourage the growth of the
- The Royal Honey Body Treatment Reflexology 60 mins Baht 1,200 has been passed down through the generations in Thailand. It is an new skin cells and act as an overall moisturizer for the skin. Your
- Royal Creamy Bath Reflexology treatment concentrates on the delicate areas of the feet. active healer, skin softener and moisturizer. This is the perfect complexion will instantly feel the toning effect.
- The Royal Experience Massage This classical method is derived from traditional Chinese medicine to treatment to reduce skin irritation while promoting new cell growth.
- The Royal Facial stimulate and balance out the equilibrium of your body.
Body Wrap
All natural honey is the basis of this treatment. Honey has been
Aromatherapy Facial Duration 60 mins Baht 1,600
Ancient Secret of Siam 90 mins Baht 2,100 For normal or dry skin
used as a beauty product since the days of Cleopatra and
This heavenly & healthy treatment should be experienced at least This facial is an aromatherapy cleansing treatment to purify the skin. Aloe Vera Wrap
continues to be used today in homemade skin and hair care
once in a lifetime. It begins with a Traditional Thai Massage to It is particularly suitable for normal or dry skin types. The massage The perfect relaxation!! Fresh Aloe Vera and Cucumber is applied to
products. Honey is naturally hydrating, non-irritating and the body to soothe the skin. This ancient tradition prevents prema-
suitable for sensitive skin type. increase blood circulation. A hot compress containing aromatic technique will help prevent aging of the skin by smoothing out lines
ture ageing, and has been used by women in Asia for centuries.
herbs and exotic spices is used to stimulate tender areas of the body. and wrinkles.
Natural Honey Wrap
This natural treatment begins with a generous lathering of thick
honey. Black & White sesame is applied to improve circulation,
promote softer, healthier looking skin and to encourage the growth
of new skin cells. This treatment is sweet!!

Thai Fresh Herbal Wrap

This magical blend of Thai fresh herbs guarantees with a delightful
result. A mix of Plai, Lemongrass, Thai Bergamot, Turmeric and White
Camphor is applied to your skin - leaving you feeling fresh and
smooth. The exclusive fresh herbal scent helps to soothe your mind.

Din Sor Pong Wrap

This aromatic body wrap uses Thai white mud, Anise and herbs to
nourish your skin. Fresh milk is applied - increasing circulation and
leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and soft.