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COMPLAINT SUMMONS ANSWER REPLY Issues considered Pre-con & Judgment on

joined Pre-trial the pleadings
Filed before Issued by the Filed within 15 10 days from
the clerk of clerk of court days from receipt receipt of answer After last
court and sent to of summons pleading has
defendant TRIAL
Judgment on been filed
Motion to dismiss PROPERT
the pleadings
Bill of Particulars Pre-trial brief
Appearance with Judicial
motion of affidavit
extension Modes of Summary
Withdrawal discovery Judgment
Modes of
discovery Plaintiff offers evidence &
admissions (oral)
If there is new
MR evidence to be
60 days from
presented by
knowledge or not Motion for plaintiff Demurrer to
more than 6 Motion for Filed by
new trial evidence defendant
months from the relief from
time judgment appeal Motion to
judgment If denied
has been entered re-open
Petition to
annul judgment MR
Petition for JUDGMENT Proceed to trial
After judgment offers evidence
certiorari (Rule has become final