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Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

M.Tech (INDUSTRIAL METALLURGY) through E-learning Mode

The following guidelines for this MTech programme in Industrial Metallurgy through E-learning
mode have been approved by the Senate of IIT Madras in its meeting on February 24, 2016.

This M.Tech program is targeted at working professionals from industry and R&D labs. It will be
operated in the remote mode, i.e., candidates will take classes through video conferencing from their
locations. The candidates will decide the number of courses they take per semester. The M.Tech
project is also expected to be largely carried out at their location. The candidates will be awarded
M.Tech degree once they meet all the requirements in a maximum period of 5 years. The candidates
need to be sponsored by the industry/R&D organization and they cannot register for the programme
on their own.

First Class in Bachelors degree in Engineering in Metallurgical and/or Materials Engineering or
allied disciplines (Bachelors degree in Engineering in Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering,
Ceramics, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Science,
Nanotechnology, Production Engineering) OR M.Sc. in Physics/Chemistry OR Associate
Membership of professional bodies as approved by IIT Madras. Two years of experience after
Bachelor degree is necessary.

Since this degree is meant for practicing engineers from industry/R&D organisation, the curriculum
is expected to meet their requirement. Since the nature of the participating industries can vary widely,
no core courses are prescribed and candidates are free to take up courses as per their interest.
Candidates have to take 11 courses and complete an M.Tech project of minimum one year duration.

Credit requirements as compared to regular M.Tech program.

Proposed M.Tech (Industrial Metallurgy) Regular M.Tech program
11 theory courses = 99 credits 10 theory courses = 90 credits
No Lab Courses = 0 credits 2 Lab courses = 6 credits
Project = 100 credits Project: = 100 credits
Total = 199 credits Total = 196 credits

Electives: (to take 11 courses from those listed below)

1. MM 5001: Composite Materials
2. MM 5010: Advanced Engineering Materials
3. MM 5011: Modeling of Transport Phenomena in Metallurgical Processes
4. MM 5012: Welding Processes
5. MM 5013: Textures in Materials
6. MM 5015: Introduction to Multi-Scale Modeling of Materials
7. MM 5020: Modern Techniques of Materials Characterization
8. MM 5021: Deformation and Failure of Materials at Elevated Temperatures
9. MM 5023: Iron and Steel Making Technology
10. MM 5024: Numerical Methods for Metallurgists
11. MM 5025: Physical Metallurgy of Ferrous Alloys
12. MM 5026: Special Topics in Iron and Steel Technology
13. MM 5030: Materials in renewable energy technologies
14. MM 5050: Thermodynamics & Kinetics
15. MM 5120: Heat Treatment Technology
16. MM 5130: Materials for Extreme Environments
17. MM 5140: Metallurgical Failure Analysis
18. MM 5160: Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
19. MM 5180: Nondestructive Evaluation
20. MM 5210: X-Ray Diffraction Techniques
21. MM 5240: Electron Diffraction and Imaging
22. MM 5250: Additive Manufacturing
23. MM 5290: Stability of Microstructures
24. MM 5320: Corrosion Engineering
25. MM 5330: Surface Degradation Processes
26. MM 5340: Surface Engineering
27. MM 5380: Transport Phenomena in Metallurgical Processes
28. MM 5410: Ceramic Science and Technology
29. MM 5430: Advanced Powder Processing
30. MM 5480: Advanced Phase Transformations
31. MM 5520: Solidification Phenomena
32. MM 5610: Metal Forming Processes
33. MM 5630: Plasticity and Plastic Deformation
34. MM 5640: Sheet Metal Forming
35. MM 5650: Press Tools for Metal Forming
36. MM 5680: Smart Materials
37. MM 5700: Topics in Nanomaterials
38. MM 5740: Welding Metallurgy
39. MM 5750: Welding Application Technology
40. MM 5760: Advanced Topics in Joining of Materials
41. MM 6001: Brittle Fracture and Indentation Mechanics
42. MM 6010: Computational Materials Thermodynamics

In addition, whenever new courses are offered by the faculty members, they will be added to the list.

It is expected that the project work will be carried out to a large extent at the work place of the
candidate. The project should be of minimum one year duration.

Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
MTech in Industrial Metallurgy Though E-learning Mode

Clarifications to Frequently Asked Questions

I. General Information about MTech through E-Learning Mode:

I.1 About the Programme:

How is this programme different from the regular MTech programme of IITM ?
The regular MTech programme is a residential program, wherein the candidates stay on the
campus for 2 years (2 semesters of course work and 2 semesters of project work). The MTech
through E-learning program is a non-residential program, wherein the candidates attend to
classes remotely from their work place and there is no residential requirement. The programme
also provides flexibility of progressing with the curriculum by registering for as many courses
as they can afford (up to a maximum of 3 courses) per semester. Normally when an employee is
deputed for the 2 year MTech programme to the campus, the employee is granted 1 or 2 years
of study leave with salary. Under this programme, the employees continue to work for the
organization and hence they continue to contribute to the organisation while pursuing this MTech

How is this programme conducted?

In this program, the faculty of IITM offer the courses through video in the evening hours (5 to 7
PM) on all working days. The candidates can listen to these lectures from their work place
through an internet connection. The candidates can interact with the faculty members live during
the lecture through the video. To facilitate this, the class size is proposed to be kept small (i.e.
around 25).The faculty member will also be available for interaction outside the class timing
through course management platform, as per pre-decided timings, typically on Saturday. Each
semester, the candidates can also meet with faculty at IITM or in a common venue for couple of
days (typically after completion of 60% of the classes) for a face to face interaction, problem
solving and clarification of doubts, etc. For the evaluation (tests/exams), the programme
coordinator will take the help of mentor in the Industry for administering the exams or they may
depute a staff from IITM for conducting the exams. The class notes and supplementary reading
materials will be made available to the candidates through course management platform.

Who can register for this programme?

Any employee of any industry or R&D organisation, either government or private, who is
looking for a Masters degree through E-learning mode can register for the programme through
sponsorship from the industry/R&D organisation.

Who cannot register for this programme?

Unemployed candidates, free-lance consultants, faculty from academic institutions or other
individuals are not eligible. Individuals, in their personal capacity cannot join this
programme, as this has been specially designed to cater to specific requirements of target
industries/R&D organisations.

Is the programme run on a semester mode or yearly pattern?

The programme is run in semester mode, with two semesters per year usually, during July-
November and January-May every year. There is a plan to do it even on trimester basis (every 4
months) based on the demand. This programme need not align with our regular semester at IITM.

What is the maximum time limit for the completion of the programme?
The regular MTech program is for 2 years (4 semesters), while the candidates registering for this
MTech program through E-learning can take a maximum of 5 years to complete the programme,
from the date of registration.

When is the degree certificate given?

Though degrees are awarded in the convocation once in a year (typically on penultimate Friday
of July), degree certificate can be provided to the candidate after completing the minimum
requirements of the programme, after approval of Senate and BoG. Whenever a course is
successfully completed, a course completion certificate will be given. The degree will be given
once the total number of credits for the degree are earned by the candidate.

I.2 Eligibility:

What is the Qualifying degree required to register for the E-learning mode MTech
BE/BTech OR its equivalent OR Associate Membership of professional bodies as approved by
IIT Madras.

What are the Qualifying marks required for registering to this programme ?
60% marks or 6.5 CGPA (out of 10) in the qualifying degree.

Is any experience required for registering to this programme?

Minimum 2 years of experience in industry or R&D organisation after the qualifying degree.

I.3 Details of Courses and Evaluation:

How many courses one can register in a semester?

This depends on the convenience and capability of the candidate. A maximum of 3 courses can
be registered in a semester.

How many classes need to be attended per semester?

The Senate requires the students to maintain a minimum of 85% attendance for becoming eligible
to write the final examination. Thus, 15% leave with permission is available to take care of short-
duration ailments, for attending family functions/ceremonies or official work. In case a candidate
is unable to maintain the attendance requirements, such candidate will have to repeat the course
as and when it is offered again.

How are the doubts clarified?

The video lectures by the faculty are in an interactive mode and hence the doubts can be clarified
live during the lecture. In addition, a contact program for a day or two can be conducted on
mutually convenient dates.

How are the Exams conducted?

The exams will be conducted either in online mode or by a representative of IITM at the
industry/R&D organisation.

How does one choose the MTech project?

As the MTech project has to be carried out in the employees own industry/R&D organisation,
the project can be chosen by the candidate in consultation with the Mentor in the industry/R&D

What is the duration of the project?
Normal duration for the project work is 2 semesters (1 year). The project review committee can
extend the duration of the project until the required quality and quantity of work is accomplished
for the credits to be earned.

Whether there is a Guide from IITM for the project?

There will be no guide from IITM. The candidate will be mentored by a senior in the industry
during the execution of the project. In case expertise of a faculty of IITM is needed for successful
completion of a project, this can be done in a retainer consultancy mode.

How is the progress of the project monitored?

A departmental project evaluation committee will review the progress of project twice a semester
based on a progress report and presentation by the candidate (online presentations).

Can candidates avail the facilities at IITM for project work?

The industry/R&D organisation should have the necessary infrastructure to carry out MTech
project and it should extend the facilities to the candidate and a senior mentor in the organisation
will serve as a guide. Hence there is no provision made for candidates carrying out their project
work at IITM. However, if a few testing facilities of IITM need to be used for the successful
completion of the project, this can be done on a chargeable basis.

What are the web connectivity requirements for the E-learning courses?
A 2 MBPS web connectivity at a common place within the industry premises where all the
candidates attending the course can assemble is required. It is the responsibility of the
organisation to provide dedicated web connectivity without the firewall for the candidates to not
only listen to the lectures but also to interact with the faculty live.

I.4 Fee Structure:

What is the fee structure for this programme?

The tuition fee per course for a candidate is Rs. 50,000 and for the 2-semester project that need
to be carried out at the working place of the candidate, the registration fee is Rs. 20,000 per

Who should pay the fee?

It is expected that the candidates are sponsored by the industry/R&D organisation and hence the
payment need to be made by the industry/R&D organisation.

My company is not ready to sponsor me, can I register for the programme on my own?
No. Individuals cannot register for the programme.

I.5 Application & Selection Procedure:

When can I apply for admission to this programme?

Admission to the programme is done twice a year, usually by 30th of June and 30th of November
every year.

What is the selection procedure for this programme?

The candidates who satisfy the eligibility criteria for this programme are selected by the
individual industry or R&D organisation in consultation with the department at IIT Madras
offering the programme.

What are the documents required for admission to this programme?
Candidates need to submit scanned copies of the following certificates on the website of IITM.
Self-attested copy of BTech or Equivalent degree certificate.
Self-attested copy of Grade card/Transcripts of the qualifying degree.
Experience certificate of the candidate from the industry/R&D organisation.
Sponsorship letter from the industry/R&D organisation.

I.6 Industry/R&D Organisation Role:

Selection of candidates for the programme based on the criteria mentioned above in
consultation with IITM.
Sponsoring the candidates for the programme.
Commitment that the candidates will be made available to attend the classes during 5-7 PM
without any other duties from Monday-Friday. A minimum of 85% of attendance by the
candidate is mandatory for him/her to write the final examination every semester.
Providing the Video facility with the internet access in a common room for all the candidates
attending the course during the class hours.
Provide a mentor for each candidate during their project period and ensure that the facilities
for carrying out the project are made available to the candidate for completing it within 1 year
after registering for the project.

II. Specific Information about MTech in Industrial Metallurgy through E-Learning Mode:

What is the Qualifying degree required to register for this programme ?

BE/BTech in Metallurgical or Materials Engineering or allied disciplines (Mechanical,
Chemical, etc.) OR MSc in Physics/Chemistry OR Associate Membership of professional bodies
as approved by IIT Madras.

What are the minimum requirements for getting the MTech in Industrial Metallurgy
under this programme?
The candidate registered under this programme has to complete 11 theory courses and one year
of project (to be carried out at his/her own industry/R&D organisation) for getting the MTech
degree in Industrial Metallurgy.

What courses one has to take under this MTech programme?

The candidate has to take 11 courses according to his/her interest out of the tentative list of
currently available courses of the department. More courses are expected to be added on a regular
basis as and when new courses are introduced by the faculty.

Are all courses of the department offered every semester?

All courses of the department with a minimum of 15 registrants will be offered every semester.

What is the total fee for this programme?

The total fee for the MTech program in Industrial Metallurgy is Rs. 5,90,000. (11 courses with
a tuition fee of Rs. 50,000 per course and for the 2-semester project with a registration fee is Rs.
20,000 per semester).

For any further details, please contact:

Head, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai 600036.
Ph: +91-44-22574751, 22574750; Email: mmhead@iitm.ac.in, mmoffice@iitm.ac.in