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18 July 2017

Week Three

Prompt: Vietnam war babies

My initial thoughts are if the babies are safe and if there is someone on the plan taking

care of them. After researching I found out that not all of the babies were safe on that plane due

to the space limitations. This event was known as Operation Baby Lift.

After conducting further research into Operation Baby Lift, I found that it was an

operation in order to send around 2,000 Vietnamese orphans to the United States during the

Vietnam War. However, the first flight to take off was not successful due to a plane malfunction

that caused it to crash land in a rice paddy close in proximity. Although there were some

survivors, 78 children and 50 adults lost their life after the first take off.

One of the survivors, Landon Carnie, was thought to be dead before he was found with

his twin sister cuddled with each other a day later. If it were not for a nurse who moved him to

the upper deck after take-off, he would have definitely died in the lower cargo deck.
20 July 2017

Week Three

Prompt: In much of society, research means to investigate something you do not know or


This quote speaks to me because I believe research is finding out more information on

topics that I am oblivious to. Research is an important aspect of life or else we would all be

ignorant. As a child, I was very curious and the only way I would get my questions answered

would be to ask an experienced adult or look it up online. Therefore, as a society, research is

how we grow. If you look up the definition of research it will tell you that it is the systematic

investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new

conclusions. In short research allows us as a people to come up with new conclusions which

teaches us new things and expands our knowledge.

24 July 2017

Week Four

Prompt: Henry Louis Gates Jr response

His response was significant because it shows how he realized the importance of his

family history at a young age all because his father sparked his curiosity by showing him a

picture of an elderly woman. This is important because it reminds us that where we came from

is relevant to our lives.

Henry Louis Gate Jr. is a well-known figure because he is a professor at Alphonse

Fletcher University. He is also a journalist, literary scholar, filmmaker, and institution builder

which gave him a solid foundation in order to be an author of twenty-one books and fifteen

films. The one film that correlates with our genealogy project would be his six-part

documentary on PBS which is called The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross.