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Class Expectations: Study tool:

The link below contains quizlet

tafoyae.weebly.com study sets made by Mrs. Tafoya for
1. Be Responsible this class.
2. Be Respectful The class website is the
go-to spot for homework, http://tinyurl.com/esquizlet
3. Be Safe important announcements,
extra resources, printable
4. Be Prepared papers, and much more.
Or you can scan here Register to receive text messages and/or
everyday Interactive Science
to access the site e-mail messages with reminders and other
class information.

supplies 3 ring binder

Pencil or pen When you sign up, Remind will not share
your phone number/email address so
everything stays private!
Eppler Junior Environmental Science
Text the message: @tafoyaes to the
High School Mrs. Tafoya - Schloss generated phone number 81010

586-797-2900 erin.tafoya@uticak12.org

Daily Agenda I have 5th hour prep from 1:00 2:00 pm
Classwork will be posted on the class Homework club is also an opportunity for students to get
website and there will be time in class to extra help. They can see Mrs. Tafoya or the counselors for a
get started. permission slip. HW club is Tuesdays and Thursdays from
Agendas can be found on website. 3:10 4:00 in the Media Center. I help out once week.
Anything not finished in class is
expected to be done for the next day Next Generation Science Standards
unless told otherwise by the teacher. http://www.nextgenscience.org/get-toknow
I have read and understand
the course guide. I will use this information to
help myself succeed and reach my goals
throughout the year.

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Please paste this course guide into your notebook.

Everything you need to know for each day you can
find here.
Below write two goals you have for this class.