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Major grammatical errors (ser/estar; conjugations, preposition use, subject-verb agreement) which impeded comprehension,
Severely restricted range of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.
Often unintelligible and/or incoherent.
1 Limited Problematic delivery w/ respect to fluency and/or pronunciation; Errors abundant and diffuse, difficult to classify.
Grammatical errors did not impede overall comprehension of the story. Adequate but basic vocabulary, few idiomatic expressions. Fluency was fair with unnecessary
stops and hesitation.
2 Borderline Arguments OK but limited, undeveloped, sometimes lost.
Some noticeable and inappropriate hesitation and pausing; False starts with some successful restarts.
Adequate delivery, noticeable but acceptable pausing and false starts, grammar was good with no major errors,
3 Adequate Adequate vocab w/ occasional idiomatic expressions, pronunciation was relatively clear and fluency was average,
Clearly expressed argument but limited development.
4 Very good Strong speaking skills. No listener effort required, very minor grammatical errors typical of the level in which they are;
Very good pronunciation and fluency, varied and appropriate vocabulary. Good content and conversational tone.

Excellent, consistent and accurate use of grammatical structures; wide range of vocabulary with idiomatic expressions, very good pronunciation and fluency;
5 Excellent Smooth conversational pauses. Argument was clearly expressed and argumentation was excellent. Excellent display of elegance and sophistication in speech.

NOMBRE Grammar Vocabulary Content Pronunciation Fluency 25 POINTS MAX
5 5 5 5 5 /25

Total Points ______ (of 25) x 2= _______ / 50 puntos