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Republic of the Philippines

Laguna State Polytechnic University

Province of Laguna

A. Research Title: BPO Employability of Out-of School Youth in Different

Barangays of Los Baos

B. Proponents: Joselito Nastor Jr.

Carolina R. Joval

Sherwin Sapin

In cooperation with Extension project leader Dr. Emelyn


C. Research Area: Teaching and Learning Development Initiatives

D. Type of Research: Descriptive and Action

E. Rationale:

BPO or business process outsourcing is the contracting of a specific business task to a

third party service provider. The mother company (referred to as client, examples are T

Mobile, AT&T, Amazon, Ebay, etc) is either located in the United States of America, Europe

(most especially UK), Australia or any part of the globe. The third party service provider are

the BPO companies here in the Philippines like Convergys, IBEX Global Philippines, E-Telecare,

Teleperformance, Teletech, etc. According to a report by Steve Chan of HKTDC, a Hong Kong-

based organization that promotes products and services of Hong Kong, the revenue

generated by BPO industry in the Philippines together with the OFWs are the major pillars

supporting robust domestic consumption and the fast expanding economy of the country.
LSPU-ETSLB-EP-2017- Rev. 0 10 August 2016
Last August 31, 2015, Rappler reported that BPO industry was projected to generate

1.3 million new jobs with 17% annual growth. An estimate of 1.6 million job openings are

available by 2017. However, it was a known fact that it is very difficult to get employment in

a BPO company. By the onset of 2016, the industry had experienced a rising time to fill across

the board because of increasing specialization of talent and a decreasing labor pool. On the

average, 1 out of 100 applicants was accepted and to be able fill a class of 25 trainees for an

account, the BPO companies needed to wait for 1 to 2 months. It is therefore, the desire of

this project to assist in the growth of the labor pool by helping the out-of-school youth to

qualify in the steep human resource requirements and standards set by all BPO companies

and clients.

F. Objectives:
LSPU-ETSLB-EP-2017- Rev. 0 10 August 2016
General Objective:

This research is intended to determine the effectiveness of BPO training and the instructional

materials developed associated with it.

Specific Objectives:

1. To obtain baseline data about qualified out-of-school youth who wanted to seek

employment in a BPO company.

2. To create instructional modules and materials that will include personality

development, computer literacy and typing skills, and English communication (oral

and written).

3. To make a standardized assessment on the qualifications of the trainees after training


4. To assess effectiveness of the training program and the instructional materials for

further revisions if necessary.

E. Inputs and Methodologies:


1. Trainers: Carolina R. Joval, Sherwin Sapin. Jan Banasihan (BSIT Alumni),

Joselito Nastor, Dr Emelyn C. Wagan, Jonardo Asor and Dr Myrna

Medrano with resource persons John Banasihan (BSIT alumni and Jaja

Tanalega ( former trainer of Kgb_Philippines).

2. Technologies: Personality development (powerpoint presentations,

handouts, charts, instructional module); Computer literacy and typing skills

(Computers, apps like Typing Tutor, Instructional manual for computer

hardware and software handling, instructional module); English

LSPU-ETSLB-EP-2017- Rev. 0 10 August 2016

Communication (videos and audio clips, voice recorder, headsets,

computers, notebooks, pens, easel sheets, Crayola, pentel pens,

instructional module).


1. Gathering of baseline data to determine the qualified out-of-school youth.

2. Assessment of qualifications to divide the groups in appropriate classes,

four batches with 25 seats per batch.

3. Planning and development of the instructional modules for Personality

development, Computer literacy and typing skills, and English

communication skills.

4. Evaluation of the modules for corrections, editing and further


5. Training proper.

6. Evaluation of results, measurement of success in employment and stating


7. Planning for the second phase. (Trainings in surrounding towns like Bay,

Calamba, Cabuyao, etc.)

F. Beneficiaries and Impact


1. Out-of-School Youth. It is the aim of the program to provide the best

possible assistance to increase chances of employability.

1. LGUs. The project will be able to further update the BMIS (Barangay

Management Information System) content and decrease the number of

LSPU-ETSLB-EP-2017- Rev. 0 10 August 2016

unemployed youth. As a result of their employment, increase in household

consumption expenditure that will fuel the local economy of the barangay.

2. Trainers. The chance to provide assistance to the community enhances

professional growth and ability to apply learned skills in a real life



1. Original updated baseline data.

2. Modules and instructional materials (handouts, video and audio clips and

recordings, etc)

3. Compilation of outputs from the trainees.

4. Analysis of the results, statistical summary and recommendations.

5. The most important is 100% employability of the trainees.


1. Decrease in the number of idle citizens in the barangay.

2. As a result of their employment, increase in household consumption

expenditure that will fuel the local economy of the barangay.

3. Direct effect in dollar earnings of the country by assuring employment in

BPO companies.

4. Increased competency and skills of OSY.

G. Action Plan



LSPU-ETSLB-EP-2017- Rev. 0 10 August 2016

Data gathering from 1.Ledger
BMIS to count 2.Mobile
qualified OSY. phones
Anos with load
Bagong Silang 3.Pens
Bambang List of 4.Camera for Sherwin Sapin
Batong Malake educationally documentation
Baybayin 2 weeks qualified OSY 5.A4 bond Joselito Nastor Jr
Bayog applicants papers
Lalakay (25 seats for each 6.Clear folders
Maahas batch/4 batches to
Malinta complete the 1st
Mayondon phase of the study)
San Antonio

Evaluation of 1.Ledger
qualification of OSY so 2.Mobile Dr. Emelyn Wagan
that they can be List of OSY by phones
divided into several 2 weeks batches. with load Carolina Joval
batches. 3.Pens
4.Camera for Sherwin Sapin
5.A4 bond Joselito Nastor Jr
6.Clear folders

Planning and 2.A4 bond
development of 1.Learning papers Dr. Emelyn Wagan
learning modules and modules 3. printers
instructional materials. 4 months 2.Powerpoint 4. Ink for the Carolina Joval
a. Personality presentations printers
development 3.Video and audio 5. Ring binder Sherwin Sapin
b. Computer recordings 6. Plastic
literacy and 4. Charts sheets for Joselito Nastor Jr.
typing skills 5. Handouts module cover
c. English 5. 7. rings to bind
communication the papers
proficiency. 8.Flash drives
9. Pens
10. Camera
phones with

LSPU-ETSLB-EP-2017- Rev. 0 10 August 2016


1. Modules
Training proper. 2. Notebooks
1.Opening ceremony 31 days Increased overall 3. Pens & Dr. Emelyn Wagan
(half day) per batch competency pencils
2.Personality 8 hours measurable by the 4. Crayola 20 Carolina Joval
development -4 days of designed boxes
3.Computer literacy training assessments. 5. Easel charts Sherwin Sapin
and typing skills 10 per day 6. ID and
days exclusive lanyards Joselito Nastor Jr.
4. English proficiency- of lunch 7. Computers
15 days break. 15 8. Laptops for Jonardo Asor
5. Closing ceremony minute the trainers.
(half day) break for 9. Projector Dr Myrna Medrano
every 2 10.Projector
hours of screen Resource persons
lecture. 11.extension
12. flash drives
13. snacks for
the trainees
and trainers
14 camera
15 bond papers
Graduation ceremony 1 day Certificates of 1. Printer Dr. Emelyn Wagan
proficiency for 2.Ink for the
each track printer Carolina Joval
And certificate of 3. Specialty
completion only if board for the Sherwin Sapin
the 3 certificates
competencies 4. Food for the Joselito Nastor Jr.
were achieved attendees
Certificates of 5. camera Jonardo Asor
recognition for the 6. A4 bond
trainers. paper Dr Myrna Medrano
7. Folders

Evaluation of past 1.Laptops Dr. Emelyn Wagan

activities and materials 2. bond papers
for enhancement. 1 week Recommendations 3.printers Carolina Joval
4. ink for
printers Sherwin Sapin
5. Folders
6.Folder Joselito Nastor Jr
Data gathering on Raw data, 1.Laptops Dr. Emelyn Wagan
success and/or statistical analysis 2. bond papers

LSPU-ETSLB-EP-2017- Rev. 0 10 August 2016

problems encountered 1 month of the data, 3.printers Carolina Joval
by graduates on the recommendations. 4. ink for
process of applying for printers Sherwin Sapin
BPO companies. 5. Folders
6.Folder Joselito Nastor Jr

H. Potential Partners


CCS, LSPU LB Prof. Jefferson Lerios Training laboratory and
Assoc. Dean, CCS equipment
LGU BMIS Managers of Barangay Raw data
BPO industry Human Capital Data on qualifications
Success ratio

I. Funding Requirements


A4 bond papers 10 boxes P 10,000.00 Extension office LSPU
Rings for binding 120 pcs 2,500.00 Extension office LSPU
Plastic sheets for cover 2,500.00 Extension office LSPU
Specialty boards for 3,000.00 Extension office LSPU
certificates 150 pcs
Headsets with mic 30 pcs 30,000.00 Extension office LSPU
Ink tank printers 3 pcs 25,000.00 Extension office LSPU
Printer ink refill 10 sets of 23,000.00 Extension office LSPU
colored and 10 black
Clear folders 20 pcs 400.00 Extension office LSPU
Digital camera at least 16 10,000.00 Extension office LSPU
mega pixel 1 pc
Laptops 3 pcs 75,000.00 Extension office LSPU
Pens 150 pcs 1,500.00 Extension office LSPU
Pencils 150 pcs 1,500.00 Extension office LSPU
Crayola double 20 boxes 2,000.00 Extension office LSPU
Notebooks 150 pcs 4,000.00 Extension office LSPU
Easel sheets- 100 pcs 1,000.00 Extension office LSPU
Manila papers- 50 pcs 500.00 Extension office LSPU
Flash drives 16 Gb 10 pcs 15,000.00 Extension office LSPU
ID case plastic -150 pcs 7,500.00 Extension office LSPU
Lanyards/Id lace- 150 pcs 7,500.00 Extension office LSPU
Folder organizer- 10 pcs 2,000.00 Extension office LSPU
Food/snack during 25,840.00 LGU

LSPU-ETSLB-EP-2017- Rev. 0 10 August 2016

orientation 4 times
Food/snacks for graduation
4 times

Recommended Headset:





Additional data from Facebook post showing interest of people in the project on next 3


LSPU-ETSLB-EP-2017- Rev. 0 10 August 2016