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A Listen to the conversations. Check () the correct answers. (4 POINTS)

1. Where is Justine from? 3. Whats the weather like?

Shes from Canada. Its very warm and sunny.
Shes from France. Its raining, but its warm.
Shes from Italy. Its very sunny, but its cool.
2. What is Mike like? 4. Is Sue wearing a blue dress?
Hes serious, but not very quiet. Yes, she is.
Hes a little quiet, but very funny. No, shes not. Shes wearing a swimsuit.
Hes a little quiet and very serious. No, shes not. Shes wearing a suit.

B Circle the correct words. (5 POINTS)

1. Lucas isnt serious. Hes (heavy / pretty / funny).

2. Maria is a really good student. Shes very (friendly / smart / thin).
3. Dan isnt very talkative. Hes (funny / good-looking / quiet).
4. My sister isnt short. Shes (pretty / tall / heavy).
5. My brother is good-looking. Hes (interesting / pretty / handsome).

C Match the questions with the answers. (5 POINTS)

1. Is this Sues scarf? _______ a. Maybe theyre Annies.

2. Whose boots are these? _______ b. No, they arent theirs. Theyre ours!
3. Are these Lisas gloves? _______ c. I think its yours.
4. Whose hat is this? _______ d. No, its not hers. Its mine.
5. Are these Peters and Kathys coats? _______ e. Yes, theyre hers.

D Complete the conversations. Use the correct present continuous form of the verbs in parentheses. (5 POINTS)

1. A: Are you wearing high heels?

B: No, I _____________ (wear) sneakers.
2. A: Is Mr. Martinez wearing a cap?
B: No, he _____________ (not wear) a cap.
3. A: Are Carl and Tonya wearing coats?
B: No, theyre not. Its very hot. They _____________ (wear) shorts and T-shirts.
4. A: It _____________ (not rain).
B: Youre right. It _____________ (snow).

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E Read the answers. Then write the questions. (6 POINTS)

Are they in Peru?

Examples: A: _________________________________________________
B: No, theyre not in Peru. Theyre in Argentina.
Whats your name?
A: _________________________________________________
B: My name is Tim.

1. A: __________________________________________________________ ?
B: No, theyre not from Australia. Theyre from New Zealand.

2. A: __________________________________________________________ ?
B: Were from Miami.

3. A: __________________________________________________________ ?
B: I think shes twenty-five.

4. A: __________________________________________________________ ?
B: No, my first language isnt Spanish. Its Portuguese.

5. A: __________________________________________________________ ?
B: Yes, Im Chinese. Im from Shanghai.

6. A: __________________________________________________________ ?
B: Hes shy and very quiet.

Interchange Assessment Material Intro Cambridge University Press 2013 Photocopiable Units 34 Quiz 2

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