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COOL-FIT 3 in 1
> Top Quality
> Minimum On-Site Time

Plastic Piping System

COOL-FIT is a complete pre- tested solvent cement jointing
insulated plastic pipe system for technique with TANGIT ABS.
secondary cooling and refrigera- Minimum on site time, considera-
tion piping systems. The system is ble cost-savings and top quality.
Complete System
based on the tried and tested ABS
ABS d 16 to d 315 Jacket Pipe
plastic system from GF Piping
COOL-FIT ABS d 25/90 to Systems, in use since 1986, now HD-PE to DIN 8075 in black or
d 225/315 with the option for pre-insulated white. White PE is only moderately
pipe and fittings with outer jackets UV resistant and is recommended
Pipe, fittings, valves,
in either black or white. for indoor applications.
measurement and control
The white version is ideal for Carrier Pipe ABS
Parameters hygenic environments such as
10bar rated, cement jointed
PN 10 (10bar) food production halls. ABS plastic pipe
ABS -40C to +60C 5 meter lengths
ABS Pipe to ISO 15493
COOL-FIT -50C to +40C
p atent
p endin
Suitable Mediums

Water COOL-FIT in black is suitable for

Iced Water outdoor applications, because the
black PE is UV resistant.
Ice Slurries
Hard Polyurethane Foam (PUR)
The system is vapour tight and
Salt Solutions Thermal Conductivity
100% watertight.
Organic Salt Solutions 0,026W/m.K (at 50C)
Thanks to the new, revolutionary Foamed using polyol and
Glycol Solutions
COOL-FIT nipples for jointing isocynate (no freons)
Alcohol Solutions inside pipe diameters the PUR Expansion Coefficient
(not for use with refrige- insulation does not need to be 0,04mm/m.K
rants eg: R22, Ammonia, removed before performing a Core density 45kg/m3
CO2, R407 etc) joint. The joints use the tried and Average Cell Sizes 0,5mm
COOL-FIT for secondary and indirect
Refrigeration Systems
Refrigeration systems set A long history metal pipes. COOL-FIT is water
demanding requirements on Breweries have a long and famous and vapour tight with a plastic
the piping system. Not only the history in terms of refrigeration. ABS carrier pipe thus guaran-
primary piping system is critical Starting with the invention of re- teeing constant efficient perfor-
to the efficient reliable running frigeration at the Vienna Brewery mance.
of the refrigeration plant but also conference in 1870 with a paper The smoothness of plastic pipes
the secondary refrigerant fluid from Carl Linde up to today when also prohibits build up of depo-
system plays a critical role in the use of natural refrigerants sits from the fluid preventing the
optimising running costs, energy (eg: R717) is probably more pre- reduction of flow in the pipe. The
efficiency and keeping mainte- valent in breweries than in most pipe roughness factor for ABS is
nance to an absolute minimum. other industrial or commercial 0.007 compared to Steel 0.02 (eg.
Choosing the correct material or refrigeration plants. 6 times smoother). This improves
system for the primary and also The COOL-FIT system from GF the efficiency of the system in
the secondary piping system are Piping Systems is specifically de- terms of reduced pressure loss,
both very important to optimize signed to meet the requirements a performance that remains con-
plant costs and performance. of Brewery Cooling/Refrigeration stant over the years.
Often the same piping material plants. For instance to cool the Maintenance
is used for the secondary system storage areas for the ingredients
The system is completely manuf-
as for the primary. In breweries and also the beer storage tanks,
actured from high-grade pres-
this means that often steel is used medium temperatures in the ran-
sure rated ABS, totally corrosion
for the sole system. However ge of -4C to -6C, using glycol or
free, both externally and internal-
using the same material for high sole solutions.
ly, thus reducing maintenance to
pressure gases and a 34bar
Reduce your costs an absolute minimum. GF Piping
fluid system is not necessarily
Initial investment costs are Systems ABS and COOL-FIT ABS
cost effective both in terms of
important and COOL-FIT offers a are designed for a life-span of
initial costs and also total costs of
cost effective solution compared 25 years.
to the present traditional solu- Full technical pre and post sales
Specifically designed to meet the tions on the market. Total costs support
requirements relating to the functioning of the
Re-engineering an existing
COOL-FIT is a dedicated secon- plant are also important, namely
plant or designing a new system
dary piping system specifically running costs and maintenance.
in COOL-FIT originally plan-
designed to meet the requi-
Efficiency ned in Steel for instance with
rements of the end-user and
Over the years traditionally mineral wool or PUR foamed
contractor. The system uses the
insulated systems often absorb on-site as the insulation is not
halogen-free, low temperature
water from the atmosphere, this difficult. As well as a world-wide
resistant ABS system from GF
effects the insulating values of the infra-structure of local technical
Piping Systems as the carrier
insulation very badly and the effi- support staff GF Piping Systems
pipe system. Now available pre-
ciency of your system is reduced has a homepage with an on-line
insulated. COOL-FIT has been on
increasing running costs. Water calculation tool for all relevant
the market since 2001 and already
absorption can also cause ice engineering calculations as well
has an impressive list of success-
build up causing cracking and the product range information, join-
ful installations.
water entrapped in an enclosed ting and installation instructions.
area also causes corrosion on www.cool-fit.georgfischer.com
Refrigeration and Cooling Systems in Breweries

Top Quality No Condensation or Ice Build-Up

COOL-FIT can improve the efficiency of your secon- All COOL-FIT pipes have about a 35mm insulati-
dary system by up to 40%. With a thermal conductivi- on thickness, this guarantees the end-user, even
ty, lambda value of 0.026W/m.K thanks to top quality under the most severe environmental conditions, no
high density PUR insulation combined with ABSs low condensation or ice-build up on the outside of the
thermal conductivity (0.2W/m.K , Steel 90 W/m.K) insulation.
COOL-FIT offers exceptionally low energy loss cha- Medium Medium Ambient Humidity COOL-FIT
racteristics for your piping system. Temperature
Ethylene -8C +30C up to 85% no conden-
Glycol sation
110 DN 100 160 DN 140
Wind velocity 0,5m/sec, COOL-FIT black.
U-Value [W/m.K] 0,325 0,362

Energy loss 1000 m of DN 100 pipe, using Ethylen COOL-FIT is supported on the external jacket pipe,
Glycol at -6C, ambient +23C. no need for expensive and inefficient insulated pipe
COOL-FIT Steel & Mineral
supports. Thus also no energy bridges are created
110/180 Wool (32mm) when hanging COOL-FIT pipe. The temperature inde-
Energy Loss [W] 9417 12330 pendent rigid form also increases the allowable pipe
Savings over 10 years using COOL-FIT 51000 support distances, 3,3m for DN 200.
(0,2 per kW/hr).
No Corrosion Simple Reliable Installation
Complete plastic construction designed and No welding or specialist jointing equipment is
manufactured by GF Piping Systems. The sy- required for a safe and reliable installation of
stem includes pipes, fittings, transition fittings COOL-FIT. The system uses the tried and tested
to metals, manual valves and measurement and solvent cementing jointing technique with
control devices. Zero corrosion both externally and TANGIT ABS, training can take place on-site free
internally guarantees an excellent life-span. of charge.

Smooth Pipes reduce Pressure Losses Low Weight

The roughness of ABS pipes (i=0,007) not only Low density plastics enables speedy easy hand-
prevents encrustation on the internal surface of ling on-site with a simple cost effective hanging
the pipe but also reduces pressure losses to a structure. The low weight and UV/weather resi-
minimum. (Steel surface roughness 0,1 0,15) stant outer jacket makes COOL-FIT particularly
Pressure Drop COOL-FIT ideal for roof-top installations.
1000m, -6C Ethylene Glycol at 20m /hr in
0,8bar kg per 100m of ABS COOL-FIT Steel
DN 100 pipe piping
DN 100 250 520 740
DN 150 550 1030 1090
GF Piping Systems > worldwide at home
Our sales companies and representatives
ensure local customer support in over 100 countries. www.piping.georgfischer.com

The technical data is not binding. They neither

constitute expressly warranted characteristics nor
guaranteed properties nor a guaranteed durability.
They are subject to modification. Our General Terms
of Sale apply. Adding Quality to Peoples Lives

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