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This book was interesting but very disappointing . VERY. This story features the
protagonist who gives his name to the story, Gatsby. Nick Carraway, the storys
narrator. Daisy Buchanan, beautiful and mesmerizing . Tom Buchanan, Daisys
hulking brute of a husband and Jordan Baker , professional golfer of
questionable integrity .

Basically, Nick is a bond salesman who moved from the Midwest to West Egg ,
Long Island . His neighbour is a very wealthy man named Gatsby who owns a
mansion .

Nick travels to East Egg to meet her gorgeous cousin , Daisy and her husband ,
Tom whom Nick had known since college .There he meets professional golfer ,
Jordan Baker .After his visit ,he returned home and he saw his neighbour ,
Gatsby was standing in the dark reaching out for something , and a solitary green
light across the sound .

After that , Nick discovers more and more about the Buchanans and
Gatsby .He found out that Tom has an affair with a girl named Myrtle
Wilson .Gatsby was in love with Daisy and they made love 5 years ago before he
left to fight world war 1 ,Gatsby wanted things ti be the same again as he had
feelings for her and somehow , Gatsby knew Daisy had feeling for her too. He
also had a short relationship with Jordan Baker .

But in the end, Gatsby didnt receive what he wanted as he was killed by
George Wilson after Tom told George that Gatsby has killed her
wife ,Myrtle .But , it wasnt Gatsby that crashed her because Daisy was the one
driving but Gatsby insisted on taking the blame . Nick staged a small funeral for
Gatsby but not a single person paid their last respect to Gatsby .Nick was so
disappointed that he left West Egg and ended his relationship with Jordan Baker
because he felt that the people there were selfish .

Now, Im going to list out all the things I love about this story . Firstly, I like
how the story was set .Tom has an affair with a girl and Gatsby loves Daisy but
she is Toms wife and Nick being the middle man of all situations is just perfect .
I also liked that Gatsby loved Daisy ,I mean ,Tom has to pay for what hes done?
That was a perfect set as Tom loved another woman .

These are a few things I hate about the story .Firstly , this story is
really disappointing . In the end ,Daisy didnt even bother to go to
Gatsbys funeral and instead left with his husband and daughter to a
new place ,acting like nothing ever happened .WOW right?I couldn t
believe it ,I mean pay a respect to the man u once loved and he even
took the blame for YOUR murder .WOW .I also hated that Daisy only
loved rich people ,she couldnt wait for Gatsby because she wanted to
be rich and she didnt think that Gatsby would ever be rich and so she
doubted him and left him for Tom. Another Disappointment .

This book should only be read by people who crave for drama but not happy
endings and the moral of this story is Never Live In Your Past , Move On as Gatsby
lived in the past thinking that Daisy still loved him but in reality , she moved on .I
rate the book 8 out of 10 .Happy Reading .
Character Analysis
Just like Nick ,Gatsby comes from The Midwest .He is established as a dreamer
who is handsome, gracious, and a little bit mysterious. As the story unfolds ,the
reader learns more about Gatsby that everything he has done in his adult life
has been with the sole purpose of fulfilling the most unrealistic dreams to
recapture the past he had with Daisy. Gatsby might be suggested Great by the
book but if u look at him critically ,you will start to realise that the things he
stands for may not be so admirable.

Gatsbys success story made him an embodiment of the American dream. He

started life with nothing , as the son of unsuccessful farmers . By the time he
was a young adult he had even less ,he didnt want to be with his unsuccessful
parents and therefore estranged himself from them ,unable to come to terms
with the lot he had dealt with in life. On his own, he had the opportunity to
reinvent himself, and due solely to his own ingenuity , Jimmy Gatz evolved into
Jay Gatsby. As such, life became much different although he was still missing
one ingredient: Money .He fell in love , a fateful incident that would change the
course of his life forever .After meeting Daisy ,everything he has done was for
the singular purpose of winning her .The only problem was that he didnt have
money .That was what prevented them from being together ,and so Gatsby
would never again go without it. Gatsbys drive and perseverance in getting his
goal is, in many senses ,commendable. He is a self-made man and is widely
admirable .
However ,putting all Gatsbys traits aside, there are aspects that call into
question that admiration. Gatsbys wealth did not come from inheritance, as he
would like people to believe , but from bootlegging alcohol . The story takes
place during the time prohibition and Gatsby has profited greatly from selling
liquor illegally. In addition , while people come to Gatsbys parties ,He really
knows nothing about them. In fact , he just wants to know if you know Daisy
rather than knowing who you are .

Lastly ,in examining Gatsby ,one must see his blind pursuit of Daisy .Everything
he has done, the parties he throw ,every purchases , is one big scheme in
bringing Daisy back to his life for good .in one sense ,it is a really romantic
gesture. In another sense , it perpetuates a childish illusion. By being so focused
on his dream of Daisy, Gatsby moves further and further into a fantasy world.
His inability to deal with reality sets him outside the norm and, eventually, his
holding on to the dream leads to his death . By the end of Chapter 7, Gatsby is
standing guard outside of Daisy's house on a needless vigil. He is completely
unable to realize that his dream is not a reality and so stands watching for a sign
from Daisy. He sees what he is doing as noble, honourable, and purposeful. The
reader, however, sees the futility of his task as he becomes a parody of his
former self. Gatsby is, quite literally, fatally idealistic. He can't wait to distance
himself from his past in terms of his family, but yet he lives his adult life trying
to recapture the past he had with Daisy. What makes matters worse, too, is that
he is in love with the idea of Daisy, not Daisy as she herself is.

Character Analysis
Nick Carraway
Nick Carraway , the storys narrator ,plays two roles in the great Gatsby .He is
both narrator and participant in this book .The writer ,F. Scott Fitzgerald has
done a tremendous job by making Nick a focal point of action , while
simultaneously allowing to remain in the background .Nick was the only
character that changes substantially from the storys beginning to its end . He
might seem out of action in some passages but plays a big part for the novels
messages .

Nick comes from a fairly nondescript background. He hails from the upper
Midwest (Minnesota or Wisconsin) and has supposedly been raised on
stereotypical Midwestern values (hard work, perseverance, justice, and so on).
He is a little more complex than that, however. His family, although descended
from the "Dukes of Buccleuch," really started when Nick's grandfather's brother
came to the U.S. in 1851. By the time the story takes place, the Carraways have
only been in this country for a little over seventy years not long, in the great
scope of things. In addition, the family patriarch didn't exhibit the good
Midwestern values Nick sees in himself. When the civil war began, Nick's relative
"sent a substitute" to fight for him, while he started the family business. This
little detail divulges a few things: It places the Carraways in a particular class
(because only the wealthy could afford to send a substitute to fight) and
suggests that the early Carraways were more tied to commerce than justice.
Nick's relative apparently doesn't have any qualms about sending a poorer man
off to be killed in his stead. Given this background, it is interesting that Nick
would come to be regarded as a level-headed and caring man, enough of a
dreamer to set goals, but practical enough to know when to abandon his dreams.

Next , Nicks goals in life .He is an educated man who desires more out of life
than the quiet Midwest can deliver . What helps make Nick so remarkable,
however, is the way that he has aspirations without being taken in to move
with the socialites, for example, but not allowing himself to become blinded by
the glitz that characterizes their lifestyle. When he realizes what his social
superiors are really like (shallow, hollow, uncaring, and self-serving), he is
disgusted and, rather than continuing to cater to them, he distances himself. In
effect, motivated by his conscience, Nick commits social suicide by forcefully
pulling away from people like the Buchanans and Jordan Baker.

Nick has what that many of character lacks ,Personal Integrity and The sense
of right and wrong helps to elevate him above the others .After Gatsbys
death ,Nick was expecting many people to pay their last respect to Gatsby ,but
no one showed up and Nick picks up the pieces and ensures Gatsby wasnt
alone .After that ,Nick , from a man who dreams of fortune ,to the man that
knows too well what misery fortune can really bring .
Character Analysis
Daisy Buchanan
Daisy is the most difficult to understand (in other words , enigmatic) character
in The Great Gatsby and perhaps the most disappointing character . Although
Fitzgerald tries to make her as innocent as possible ,but in the end ,she reveals
her true self .Despite her beauty and charm ,Daisy is a selfish , shallow , and in
fact ,hurtful woman. Gatsby loves her with such passion that many readers
would like ,in many senses , to see her be worthy of Gatsbys devotion .Although
she is regarded as light , innocent at first but when its all said and done , she is
the opposite of what she presents herself to be.

As the story continues, however, more of Daisy is revealed, and bit-by-bit she
becomes less of an ideal. Given that she is fully aware of her husband's
infidelities, why doesn't she do anything about it? Because he has money and
power and she enjoys the benefits she receives from these things, she is willing
to deal with the affairs. In addition, when she attends one of Gatsby's parties,
aside from the half-hour she spends with Gatsby, she has an unpleasant time.
She finds the West Egg nouveaux riches to be tedious and vulgar, an affront to
her "old money" mentality.

Although Daisy might have shown some affection with Gatsby in their
reunion ,but if u examine closely , that is not the case at all .In fact ,she only
loves the attention she is receiving rather than the love that Gatsbys given to
her .Next ,consider Daisys response to Gatsbys wealth ,the shirts ,I mean does
anyone breaks into tears when they are given all these beautiful shirts? The shirt
represents wealth .When Daisy bows her head and cries over the shirts , it shows
her interest in materialism .She doesnt cry because of her reunion with
Gatsby ,but the satisfaction material wealth has given her .

Although Daisy's true self comes out more and more each time Nick
encounters her, her final actions help show what she has been really made of.
When she hits and kills Myrtle Wilson, and then leaves the scene, readers know
(as poor Gatsby still does not) that she is void of a conscience. Perhaps all that
white that has surrounded her isn't so much purity (although Gatsby, of course,
would see it as such), but perhaps the white represents a void, a lack (as in a lack
of intellectualism and a lack of conscience). To Daisy, Myrtle is expendable. She
is not of the social elite, so what difference does her death make? To add insult
to injury, as if she hadn't betrayed Gatsby enough already, she abandons Gatsby
in his death. After killing Myrtle, Daisy returns home. She and Tom resolve their
differences and leave soon thereafter, moving presumably to another city where
they will remain utterly unchanged and life will continue as it always does. Daisy,
although ethereal in some qualities, is decidedly devilish in others.

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