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1. The unit of measurement of noise is 9. Even after sunset, the air near the Earth's
A. Decibel B. Hertz surface continue to receive heat due to
C. Amplifier D. Acoustics A. Insolation
Ans. A. B. Terrestrial Radiation
2. Sea water is saltier than rain water because C. Conduction
A. Sea animals are salt producing
D. Convection
B. The air around the sea is saltish
Ans. B.
C. Rivers wash away salts from earth and
10. An eudiometer measures
pour them into the sea
A. Atmospheric pressure
D. Sea beds have salt producing mines
B. Time
Ans. C.
C. Volume of gases
3. Which of these is a dwarf planet?
D. Vapour pressure
A. Neptune B. Titan
C. Eris D. Hydra Ans. C.
Ans. C. 11. What type of lens is used to correct vision of
a person suffering from Myopia?
4. Which one of the following processes is
responsible for the glittering of air bubble A. Convex lens B. Concave lens
rising through water? C. Crossed lens D. Cylindrical lens
A. Reflection of light Ans. B.
B. Refraction of light 12. A man standing close to the platform at a
C. Total internal reflection of light railway station experiences a pulling force
D. Scattering of light towards a fast moving train because of
__________ .
Ans. C.
A. gravitational force between train and man
5. In an optical fibre the signal is transmitted
B. illusion of the man
A. in a straight line path
C. the centripetal force
B. In a curved path
D. pressure difference due to fast moving air
C. due to total internal reflection
in between
D. Due to refraction
Ans. D.
Ans. C.
13. When we see an object, the image formed on
6. The space shuttle which took Sunita Williams
the retina is ________
beyond earth was
A. Real and inverted
A. Challenger B. Galileo
B. Real and erect
C. Discovery D. Voyager-2
C. Virtual and erect
Ans. C.
7. Sun appears red in colour at sunrise and D. Virtual and inverted
sunset due to Ans. A.
A. the fact that sun emits only red colour at 14. Kinetic energy depends on
that time A. the velocity or speed of the moving body.
B. red light having longer wave length B. the mass of the moving body
scatters away C. the pressure of the moving body
C. that sun comes out of the mountains D. both mass and velocity of the moving
D. that all other colours scatter away except body
red Ans. D.
Ans. D. 15. In which form is the supplied heat energy
8. At hill stations, the boiling point of water will stored during change in temperature of
be substance?
A. same as at sea level A. Heat energy
B. less than that at sea level B. Kinetic energy
C. more than that at sea level C. Potential energy
D. equal to the melting point of ice D. Both kinetic and potential energy
Ans. B. Ans. B.

16. The Beaufort scale is used to measure: 25. An emulsion is a colloidal solution of
A. Atmospheric pressure A. Liquid in liquid B. Solid in liquid
B. Altitudes of mountains C. Gas in solid D. Solid in Solid
C. Wind velocity Ans. A.
D. Intensity of earthquakes 26. Why the Earth is having its own atmosphere?
Ans. C. A. Winds
17. The component used for tuning a radio is B. Clouds
basically a variable _________________. C. Gravity
A. Resistor B. Condenser D. Rotation of the Earth
C. Inductor D. Transformer
Ans. C.
Ans. B.
27. A level of atmosphere which is composed
18. Transformer is a device to convert
partly of electrons and positive ions is called
A. D.C. to A.C.
A. Troposphere B. Ionosphere
B. Low voltage D.C. into high voltage D.C.
C. Low voltage A.C. into high voltage A.C. C. Stratosphere D. Mesosphere
D. Mechanical energy into Electrical energy Ans. B.
Ans. C. 28. On a clean glass plate a drop of water
19. The weight of an object is maximum spreads to form a thin layer whereas a drop
A. on the equator of mercury remains almost spherical because
B. on the surface of the earth ________
C. at the centre of the earth A. Mercury is a metal
D. on the poles of the earth B. Density of mercury is greater than that of
Ans. D. water
20. Which instrument is used for photographing C. Cohesion of mercury is greater than its
the Sun? adhesion with glass
A. Galvanometer D. Cohesion of water is greater than its
B. Potentiometer adhesion with glass
C. Spectrophotometer Ans. C.
D. Spectroheliograph 29. Which one of the following is an insulator?
Ans. D. A. Copper B. Wood
21. Fuse wire is made of an alloy of C. Mercury D. Aluminium
A. Tin and Lead
Ans. B
B. Tin and Copper
30. Bubbles of air rise up through liquids due to:
C. Lead and Copper
A. Surface tension and adherence
D. Copper and Silver
Ans. A. B. viscosity and buoyancy.
22. Which of the following has the lowest C. air current over the liquid and buoyancy
frequency? D. Up thrust and surface tension.
A. Visible light B. Gamma rays Ans. B.
C. X-rays D. Ultra violet rays 31. In the context of nonconventional energy,
Ans. A. what is the meaning of 'OTE' ?
23. A fresh egg when placed in salt water will A. Ocean Tidal Energy
A. sink and go to the bottom B. Ocean Thermal Energy
B. sink but will not go to the bottom C. Ocean Tidal Electricity
C. float D. Other Thermal Energy
D. burst
Ans. B.
Ans. C.
32. The atomic bomb is based on the principle of
24. Flemings "Left hand Rule" is associated with
the effect of A. Uncontrolled nuclear fusion
A. Electric field on current B. Uncontrolled nuclear fission
B. Magnetic field on magnet C. Controlled nuclear fission
C. Electric field on magnet D. Controlled nuclear fusion
D. Magnetic Field on current Ans. B.
Ans. D.


33. We are able to walk on earth without slipping C. they are very far away from the earth
because of resulting in decrease in intensity of light
A. Gravitational force D. they are nearer to the earth and hence we
B. Frictional force receive a greater amount of light and
C. Viscous force therefore minor variations in intensity are
not noticeable
D. Centrifugal force
Ans. D.
Ans. B.
38. Which of the following is not true about
34. What is the phenomenon which established
the transverse nature of light?
A. have low penetrating power
A. Reflection B. Interference
B. travel with the speed of light
C. Diffraction D. Polarisation
C. Can be reflected or refracted
Ans. D.
D. can affect photographic plates
35. What is the name of the device used to
convert alternating current into direct Ans. A.
current? 39. In hydel power station, the motion produced
A. Ammeter B. Galvanometer in turbines is due to
C. Rectifier D. Transformer A. flow of water B. burning of coal
Ans. C. C. burning of diesel D. production of steam
36. Why does ice covered in sawdust not melt Ans. A.
quickly? 40. The 'Choke' used with a tube light is basically
A. Sawdust does not allow the air to touch ________
the ice A. an inductor B. a capacitor
B. The water is absorbed by sawdust C. a transformer D. a resistor
C. Sawdust is a bad conductor of heat Ans. A.
D. Sawdust is good conductor of heat 41. Curie is an unit of _______
Ans. C. A. Radioactivity
37. Stars twinkle but planets do not twinkle B. energy of Gamma rays
because ___________ C. intensity of Gamma rays
A. they emit light of a constant intensity D. work function
B. their distance from the earth does not Ans. A.
change with time