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The Immigration Officer

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I am writing in reply to your letter regarding my application to Quebec Skilled Worker

application. I would like to take this time to give explanation and make an apology for not
responding at the time it was received. During those time, I was hired at one of the Government
Hospital in Oman, and as first-timer to work in a foreign land, I became preoccupied with my new
job completing orientation and trainings.
I accepted this job to acquire more skills and experience while waiting for my application
in Canada which I consider my ultimate goal.
I Deeply regret that I was unable to reply immediately on the said letter which might have
been an opportunity for the realization of my dream in Canada. I realize that it might be too late
now, however even if there was no guarantee, I would not let the opportunity slip without trying
for another chance.

Thank you for the time and I am hoping that my application grants reconsideration.

Debbie Abrigo Flores