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Integrated Factory Solutions

I n t ro d u ct ion for Investors and Polic y-Make r s

Integration Excellence

The SCHMID Group portfolio covers nearly the Excellent integration leads to advantages far beyond the norm:
complete PV value chain with nearly all single equip-
ment from polysilicon production (with Partner SST) to Maximum Profit
module manufacturing. With its experience in turnkey Minimize administrative costs
business, SCHMID is the best integration partner who Maximize yield, uptime and performance stability
truly understands the technical, economical and logisti- Minimize waste
cal requirements of an Integrated Factory Solution. Lower logistics costs
Lower working capital
Optimize CapEx structure

Module Minimum Risk

Various marketable products along the value chain
Central Utility Building Control of final module quality from
metallurgical silicon
Lowest variance of input costs
Wafer Best control of OpEx
Lower dependence from market and suppliers
Central Admin
Process Excellence

The SCHMID Group owns deep process know-how of Process excellence secures your long term success:
wet processes, thermal and vacuum processes, printing,
metallization, vision and inspection, laser technology as Proprietary processes secure future upgrades
well as automation and intralogistics. With these wide In-house software development for perfect process stability
ranged competencies, SCHMID creates proprietary Process engineers for factory ramp up
processes as well as tools and develops them further
for future customer upgrades.
Research & Development Excellence

With its in-house research divisions that run commer- Silicon mg-Si to Polysilicon/Monosilane

cial scale test centers for polysilicon production (SST), SCHMID Silicon Technology

wafer and cell treatment as well as module production,

SCHMID broadens and deepens its technology know-
ledge every day. This is a strong basis for the in-house
Wafer Po l y S i t o Wa f e r
mechanical and electrical engineering divisions who
create economic modular solutions and are brilliant in
developing customized tools for any specific need.

Excellent research & development is a key for the right Cell Wa f e r t o C e l l

technology decision and for business success:

Fast ramp up with proven technology

High production quality with harmonized
process steps and production systems Module Cell to Module

Best upgrade flexibility with modular

production systems
High degree of automation in single
equipment and intralogistics
Software-controlled factory monitoring
Consulting Excellence

SCHMID provides you with deep business and technology

understanding. Consulting excellence prepares a sound
foundation for your business:

Branding strategy consulting incl. partnership research

Financing consulting
Technology roadmap consulting
Expansion-/integration strategy
Business plan support
Project management
CoO, LCOE and life-cycle cost analysis
Basic-design study
Feasability study
Material-flow simulation and 3D modeling
Utility & facility design/support

Individual equipment, turnkey lines and factory solutions

SCHMID provides highly efficient equipment and process solutions for the entire solar
value chain. The product portfolio comprises individual equipment, turnkey lines and
factory solutions from polysilicon production to power generation and energy storage.

Together with excellent service availability in Asia, Europe and the USA and its own
Cell Technology Center, SCHMID positions itself as reliable partner for industrial
production solutions.

Production in a global network

Producing various product lines at different locations gives us a high level of delivery
reliability and enables us to react to market demands quickly and flexibly. Depending on
the individual situation, capacities are redistributed, expanded and synergies are utilized.

For detailed product information please visit our webpage

www.schmid-group.com or send an e-mail to our sales team


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