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Office of the Court Administrator vs Floro Jr [Case Digest]

AM NO 99-7-273-RTC
March 31, 2006

Atty. Floro graduated in ALS and placed 13th in the 1983 bar exams.
He applied for judgeship in 1995 and 1998.
o In both applications, he failed the psychological exams.
o But due to his impressive academic record, JBC allowed his appointed after a
favorable second opinion from private practicioners
Upon Judge Floros request, OCA conducted an audit on his sala.
o The audit team recommended that its report be considered as an administrative
complaint against Judge Floro and that he be subjected to an appropriate
psychological and mental exam.

(1) WON Judge Floro is guilty of simple misconduct and unbecoming conduct

(2) WON Judge Floro is fit to be a judge

(1) YES.
Simple Misconduct circulates calling cards with his name as an RTC Judge, indicating
that he is a bar topnotcher in 1983 bar exams with full second honors from Ateneo Law
o Before the start of the session, he is introduced with the same qualifications
o He violated Canon 2, Rule 2.02 of Code of Judicial Conduct because there is no
evidence of corrupt motivation, but of thirst of recognition
Unbecoming Conduct
o Judge Floro is charged with partiality in criminal cases where he declared he is
He admitted to Atty. Dizon and her staff, including the PAO that he is pro-
accused bec his brother and sis-in law has been accused of so many
unfounded offenses
o He is also charged of openly criticizing the ROC and the PH judicial system and
using highly improper language during court proceedings
Kabulukan ng hustisya; ROC has no use
Luka-luka yang babaeng yan against a witness

(2) NO! Judge Floro cannot remain as RTC Judge bec of the findings of mental impairment that
renders him unable to perform the functions of his office.
Judge Floro admitted that he believes in psychic visions of foreseeing the future bec of
his power in psychic phenomenon
He believes in dwendes and the power of his dwarf friends
He has likened himself as an angel of death who can inflict pains on people.
He wears blue robes during court sessions, only wearing black on Fridays to recharge his
He conducts healing sessions during break time.

As such he does not meet the requirement of objectivity and his competence for judicial tasks
leaves much to be desired. His belief system indubitably shows his inability to function with cold
neutrality of an impartial judge.