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CHEM 332

Physical Chemistry II
Lecture Outline
18 February 2014

Simple Harmonic Oscillator

We now consider a Mass (m) attached to a Hookean Spring (constant = k), which is attached to a

I. The Restoring Force of the Spring is given by Hooke's Law:

F = -kx

II. Classical Solution for the Position of the Mass:

By Newton's 2nd Law

F = ma


-k x = m

Classical Solution

x(t) = A sin(2t + b)

A = Amplitude of the Motion

b = Phase
= = Frequency
III. Potential Energy

F =


V(x) = k x2 + c

(take c = 0)

IV. Write the Classical Hamiltonian

V. Write the Hamiltonian Operator

VI. Write the Schrodinger Wave Equation

VII. Transform Variable of Interest x y

Let y =

x =
Transformed Hamiltonian Operator

Define the Angular Frequency:

Transformed Wave Function

(y) =

Transformed Wave Equation

This is the Differential Equation the Needs to be Solved for:

E and

(y) can then be used to determine (x)