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Kathryn Schulte

Reading Curriculum 2017

A strong reading curriculum is designed to address the five critical reading areas as
defined by the National Reading Panel. These five areas include: phonemic awareness,
phonics, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary. As a result of this research, I am
dedicated to teach these five components using systematic, sequential, and
multisensory instruction. I will provide my students with life long strategies that they can
use when reading (such as skipping over a word they dont know and using context
clues, stretching out a word or using picture clues). I will teach vocabulary in a direct
and indirect way building meaning through context. I will first model a new skill,
gradually release students to try it on their own, and then encourage them to take
ownership of their learning. Finally, I will help my students to generalize so that they can
take this knowledge and these strategies and apply them in their learning in other
subject areas.

Written language strategies are equally as important and reading, and will be given the
same consideration. I will teach the six traits of writing. I will use systematic, and
sequential methods to teach the content and organization required to be a good writer.
I will also use systematic and sequential methods to teach grammar.

I will encourage a love of books and reading within my students not only be sharing my
own love. I will use differentiated instruction to make lessons accessible to each and
every student. I will scaffold lessons to help my students become more independent. I
will use formal, school wide and informal assessments to determine what each student

I will share my scientific knowledge of reading and writing with my colleagues, and
students. I will strive to build a strong connection with my students. I will encourage my
students to believe in themselves and I will believe in them. I will always act in a
professional manner. I will build and maintain a safe collaborative environment for all
students. Lastly, I will do my best everyday to make learning fun!

I believe a classroom should offer a caring environment that will promote learning with
room to grow. Each child will be seen as they are, and they will be allowed and
encouraged to express themselves fully and creatively. I will encourage my students to
work hard and, if they dont know the solution to a problem, I will encourage them to
try first and then ask for help.

The more that you expect from a child, the more they will give you.