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Pressure Gage.
No. 9,163. Patented Aug.> 3, 1852.

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Specification of Letters Patent No. 9,163, dated August 3, 1852.

To all whom it may concern.' represents a front view of a barometer thus

Be it known that I, the undersigned, constructed. Fig. 5 is a back view and Fig.
EUGENE BOURBON, of Paris, in the Republic 6 a section of the same. A is the curved
of France, engineer, a citizen of the Republic flattened tube fixed in the center at G and
Ot' France, have invented new and useful Im exhausted of air. The two branches of the 60
provements in Instruments for Measuring, tube are connected by two links D D to two
Indicating, and Regulating the Pressure and short levers on the axis F of the index I.
Temperature of Fluids, of which the follow By this arrangement the two branches of
in is a full and exact description, reference the tube balance each other and the instru
10 being had to the accompanying drawing. ment may be placed in various positions 65
I have discovered that if a thin metallic without atecting the position of the index.
tube be flattened and then bent or distorted The links D D are connected to two small
from a straight line, it has the property of pins attached to a bent piece of metal H
changing its torni considerably when ex which may be sprung open by screwing
15 posed to variations of internal or external down the conical headed screw K. By this 70
pressure. An increase of internal pressure means the distance of the pins from the
tends to bring the tube to a straight cylindri center of the axis may be adjusted and their
cal form and the degree of pressure is indi leverage altered so as to adjust the index I to
cated by the amount of alteration in the form any required range. The index may also be
20 of the tube. shifted around on the axis and fixed by a 75
Figure 1 represents a front view, Fig. 2 small screw in any required position. The
a back view and Fig. 3 asectiou of a pres scale may thus be constructed independently
sure gage constructed on this principle and of the rest of the instrument which is after
adapted for measuring and indicating the ward adjusted to it by comparison with a
25 pressure of steam in steam boilers and for good mereurial barometer. 80
similar purposes. A is the liatiened tube L and M are two ordinary thermometers
bent into a circular form and communi which may be added to the instrument to
cating by the cock B with a pipe (l connected render it more complete or one of my im
to the steam boiler. The other end of the proved thermometers hereinafter described
30 tube A is closed and is attached by a link D may be added to the instrument so that its 85
to the lever E fixed on a small spindle F index may work on the same dial.
which carries the index I. The index moves Figs. 7 to 14 inclusive represent various
over a graduated arc on the dial T. The sectional forms which may be given to the
pressure of the steam causes the tube A to tube and it will be easily understood that
untold itself a little and this motion being an infinite variety of forms may be given to 90
multiplied by the lever causes the index I to the tubes provided that the section (litters
move a proportional distance on the gradu from a circle and the form from a straight
` ated arc. The arc is graduated by submit line.
ting the instrument to different pressures Fig. 15 shows a simple form in which the
together with an ordinary mercurial pres index I is at once fixed to the tube A with 95
sure gage and marking the corresponding out the intervention of a lever and axis.
pressures on the dial. It will be tound that Fig. 16 represents a tube bent into the
for equal increments ot pressure the degrees form ot a spiral. Fig. 17 shows another
are equal or nearly so. tube bent into the form of the letter S.
If the air be withhrawn from the interior One end of this tube being fixed, the other 100
of the tube A by means of an air pump or end will move in a straight line with va
otherwise the curvature of the tube is in riations of internal or external pressure.
creased and the index moves in the oppo Instead of distorting the tube by bending
site direction and the instrument is then a it into a curved form it may be twitsed as
50 shown at A in Figs. 18 and 19. An increase 105
vacuum gage.
If the air be withdrawn from the interior of internal pressure causes the tube to un
ot' the tube and it be then closed hermetically twist itself a little and the motion is shown
the curvature of the tube will vary with the by the index I nio-ving over a graduated arc.
pressure of the atmosphere and the instru The motion of the tube may be connnuni~
55 110
ment then serves as a barometer. Fig. 4 cated to the index in various ways as by a
2 9,163

toothed sector and pinion or b a silk thread may be connected to a throttle valve in
Wound around the axis and ept tight by a passage admitting cold air so that when 35
a spring. the temperature of the apartment in
These instruments may be applied in va creases it may open the valve. Or the
rious ways to regulate the pressure of fluids. instrument may be connected to a throt
Thus I will suppose that it is required to tle valve or damper in the flue of
maintain a regular pressure of steam in a a stove so as to close the opening When the 40
chamber supplied from a steam boiler Work temperature exceeds any iven point. The
ing at a higher pressure. For this purpose thickness of the tubes will depend on their
10 a pressure gage formed of a bent or twisted other dimensions, on the amount of motion
tube is placed in communication With the required, on the pressure to which they are
chamber and the closed end of the tube is to be exposed and on the material of which 45
attached by a link to a throttle valve in the they are made, but I may observe that tubes
pipe through which the steam enters. It' made of brass of about one hundredth of
15 the pressure of the steam in the chamber in- an inch in thickness are suitable for barome
creases, the tube Will unfold or untwist ters of about four inches diameter construct
itself and partially close the throttle valve ed like Figs. 4;, 5 and 6. It will however be 50
and. if the pressure decreases the tube will readily understood that the dimensions and
become more curved or twisted and Will Jforms admit of being varied and that the
open the throttle Valve. If the curved or tubes may be made of other metals or other
twisted tube be lled With alcohol or other sufficiently elastic substances such as glass.
liquid and closed hermetically the liquid Having now described my invention l 55
will expand when heated and Will contract wish it to be understood that I claim-
when cooled and the amount of the expan The application of curved or twisted
25 sion and contraction Will be indicated by tubes Whose transverse section dilfers from
the motion of the index. The instrument a `circular form for the construction of in
thus becomes a thermometer and serves for struments for measuring indicating and 60
measuring and indicating temperatures. It regulating the pressure and temperature of
may be applied for regulating temperature [iuids substantially'as above described.
30 in various Ways. An instrument on this EUGENE BOURBON.
construction may be.. placed in an apart Witnesses :
ment the temperature of which is to be JOHN BARTLEY,
regulated and the bent or twisted tube D. K. WEST.