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We Network LLC

An ISO Certified company

ISO - 9001:2008; ISO - 14001:2004; OHSAS - 18001:2007
Company Vision

To be prime services & solutions

providers in the telecom domain.
Our Values.
Shared organization values and collective
Encourage performance-oriented environments.
Transparency and Ethical approach.
Identify and serve the customer needs.
Action oriented and decisive management
Encourage independent and entrepreneurial flair.
Simple hierarchical system.

Share Knowledge and result oriented focus .

Our Culture

Predominant concern for Employees.


Long-term association and employment careers.

Shared value and collective responsibility.

High trust and faith

Profession growth

Collective decision making with involvement of people.

Encourage transparency and professionalism

Company Profile
Experience of 10 Plus Years in telecom industry in Oman

Company Key resources involved in several projects worth

millions of a dollar in since FY 04-13.

Company strength of 157 Plus telecom expert in local

The company is
Experience of delivery of large projects with supply of class focused on
A item. Network Services
and Telecom
Successfully executed several Project for telecom carriers
& OEM .
Access to over 500 dedicated and highly skilled manpower .
About We Network LLC Oman

Business IT & Telecom Infra structure deployment Services

Date of Incorporation 2010-11

Registered Office -Z-319 KOM-4 First floor Knowledge Oasis

Muscat KOM -Sultanate of Oman

Huawei, Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia Siemens

Customers : OEMs Networks, ZTE.

Customers : Operators Ooredoo , Oman telecommunication

We Network LLC Service Offering
Planning & Design

Enterprise IT
Solutions AVAYA Professional
& UNIFY Services

We Network

Infrastructure Operations &
Service offerings
Network Operation &
Network design &

RF Planning &Design. Network monitoring.

Transmission Planning Field Maintenances.
RF Optimizations. Technical support
Benchmarking & Auditing. Logistics & Vender
IBS Infrastructure management.

t Construction and t
Erection of Telecom
Network Deployment. Towers Professional Services.
Site Implementation. Network design Services.
ATP Transmission Planning
As built site Backend support.
documentation NOC Services .
Managed services Project Management
1. Network Planning, Design and Optimization

RF Planning
& Design

IBS Planning RF
and Optimization
planning and

Benchmarking and Transmission

Auditing Planning
Network Planning Design & Optimization

RNO-NP DT Services :
SFT Of New Sites.
Cluster Driver.
Cluster Optimizations
Bench Marking
Swap Services & Network Scanning
U900 Implementation
Frequency Reframing
RNO/NP Tool List


# Tool Type Description Qty


2 SCANNERS LTE-FDD Scanner (LTE-FDD (1800 MHz, Band 3) 05

3 SCANNERS LTE-TDD Scanner ( LTE TDD (2.3 GHz, Band 40) 05

4 TEMS KIT 2G/3G/LTE Support 10

5 TEMS KIT 2G/3G/LTE Support 05

6 YBT250 Spectrum Analyzer 2

LOS Survey and RF Survey

1. RF Survey Report:
RF Survey Report Template\RF Survey Report Template\Shatti_Al_Qurum_5 (Ramada Hotel)_3G.pptx

RF Survey Report Template\RF Survey Report Template\Shatti_Al_Qurum_5 (Ramada Hotel)_3G.xlsx

2. LOS Survey Report:

LOS Survey Report.doc

2. Infrastructure

Telecom Civil Work:

Construction and Erection of Telecommunication
Reference Cases of our involvement

Through OEM - End

Country Scope of work No. of Sites

Construction and Erection of

Oman Huawei - Ooredoo 120 sites.
Telecommunication Towers

Construction and Erection of

Oman Ericsson - MOD 5 Sites
Telecommunication Towers

Construction and Erection of

Oman Omantel 40 Sites
Telecommunication Towers

Oman NSN Omantel Resource Supply 50 Sites

HAJAR IBRI (25 M Monopole)
Al Wahla Site(30 M GBT)
Ein Al Hilwa (90M GBT)
3. Network Deployment
Main Customers:

Services Provided:
Site survey
TSSR Survey
LOS Survey
Installation & Commissioning of all types of BTS 2G
Installation & Commissioning of all types of Node B 3G
Installation & Commissioning of all types of Node B 4G
Installation & Commissioning of all types of MW Hops
Swap Services for all types of BTS 2G, Node B 3G, LTE, MW Hops
Acceptance and Handover to customer
Brief Scope of Work : Ooredoo
1. MW link alignment
a) 0.3 to 2.4 dish MW alignment from 4GHz, 7GHz, 15GHz, 23GHz, 38GHz band
b) Providing protection in MW media from 1+0 to 1+1 from 0.3 to 2.4 dish
c) Executing XPIC link to enhance bandwidth for IP media
d) Replacing link from single polarized to double polarized link

2. Using Traffic node R5 series

a) Using R5 version of 2PB, 6PC, 20PB TN node for link commissioning.
b) Using ETU 2B, ETU 3 card for end use connectivity for IP media via PDH and RL-IME
c) Using MMU 3B, MMU 3A, MMU 2H, NPU 1C, ETU 2B, ETU 3 NPU 3C
d) Migration of traffic node from 2PB to 6PC and 6PC to 20PB
e) Migration of MMU 2B to MMU 2H, MMU 2C to MMU 2H, MMU 2D to MMU 2H
f) Through put testing for IP media

3. Implementing fix customer connectivity via MW

a) Establish 25 MW TRA school connectivity via MW and 43 via Optical
b) Business customer in Oman via MW

4. Swapped 49 SIU 01 (Site Integration Unit) to SIU 02 for VSAT Sites

5. Tools:
MINI link craft, BPFT for file transfer, FTP for file transfer, Putty, Notepad++ for script editing,
Jperf and Iperf for testing bandwidth
Brief Scope of Work : Ericsson - Omantel
Installation & Commissioning of RBS Equipment: MW Installation & Commissioning
Receipt of site information from customer along with SID Receipt of site information from customer along
RFI check along with ensuring the site permissions with TND/RND
Material reception and checking as per packing list. RFI check in near end and far end besides
Intimate to the customer in case of any deficiency ensuring the site permissions
Hoisting of RF antennas on tower as per SID Material reception at both ends and checking as
Clamping and routing of feeder cables/Trunk cables from per SMR and intimate the customer in case of
Shelter to Antennae exigency
Grounding the Antennae and feeder cables/Trunk cables at Assembling and hoisting of MW antennas &
appropriate place radios on tower in both ends as per TND/RND
Ensuring drip loop/Z loop at cable entry plate Clamping and routing of if cables from Shelter to
Ensuring no sharp bend on feeder cables/Trunk cables. antennae in both ends
Fixing OVP Grounding the antennas and RF cables at
Weather proofing appropriate place
Grouting the RBS Fixing Transmission rack if required in both ends
Extending, power cables, E1 cables, grounding cables to Installation & commissioning of Indoor
RBS microwave unit (Traffic Node/RTN)
Installation of Battery bank and rectifier Alignment of MW antennas till we achieve
Installation of internal cable try required receive level
Installation of indoor jumpers Grounding, weather proofing and labeling all
Checking VSWR cables in both ends
Switching on the equipment Acceptance test
Commissioning the equipment as per defined procedure
Power measurement
Filling the check list and execution of quality audit
Reference Cases of our involvement

Through OEM - End

Country Scope of work No. of Sites

Oman Ericsson - Omantel Telecom Installation -MW 953 sites.

Oman Ericsson - Ooredoo Resource Supply 135 Resources.

Oman Huawei - Ooredoo Civil Work & Telecom Installation 270 Plus sites.

Oman Huawei - Omantel Telecom Installation 1257 plus sites.

Oman Ooredoo Resource Supply 35 Nos.

Oman NSN - Omantel Resource Supply 12-nos

Oman Omantel Telecom Installation 190 sites

Oman NSN CW site 105 sites

We Network LLC Partners
In our projects we roll-out world class products and services that we source by leveraging our
partnerships from leading vendors in the ICT space.

Avaya is a global leader in enterprise Unify seamlessly adds IP voice, web

communications systems. collaboration, video conferencing,
mobility, advanced messaging and more
The company provides unified communications, to your existing infrastructure, business
contact centers, data solutions, and related services processes and productivity. Their carrier-
directly and through its channel partners to leading grade solutions are robust, scalable and
businesses and organizations around the easy to deploy.
world. Enterprises of all sizes depend on Avaya for
state-of-the-art communications that improve www.unify.com
efficiency, collaboration, customer service and

The products and services offered by Avaya include:

Unified Communication and Collaboration

1. Platform and Infrastructure
2. Video and Conferencing
3. Communication and Messaging
Customer experience management:
1. Assisted Experience Management
2. Automated Experience Management
3. Performance Management
1. Cloud Services
2. Private Cloud
3. Hosted Cloud for Service Providers
1. Software-Defined Networking
2. Ethernet Switches
3. Access Control
4. Wireless Networks
5. Network Management
6. Capabilities
The products and services offered by Unify include:

Unified Communication and Collaboration

1. Team Collaboration
1. Managed services
2. Voice Platforms
2. Professional Services
3. Applications
3. Maintenance and Support
4. Phones and Clients
4. Security
Contact Centers
1. Outbound
2. Inbound
3. Cloud Contact Center
4. IVR
5. Workforce Management
Small and Medium Business
1. IP Based Unified Communication
2. Hybrid Unified Communication
3. Phones for Small and Medium Business
Industry Solutions
1. Healthcare
2. Financial
3. Public Sector
4. Energy and Utilities
5. Manufacturing and Automotive
We Network LLC Enterprise IT solution process





We Network LLC Advantage

Rich experience of more than one decade in providing network services . We are
Network widely utilisesd our expertise in GSM, CDMA 3G ,LTE , WiMAX, Fixed-Line technology telecom
Expertise carriers, OEMs .

Execution capability across the region and project management experience of managing
Execution Capability large geographically spread projects involving multiple stakeholder.

Resource on bench in India of around 1500 Plus (As of March 14) associates, trained and skilled in a
Skilled Resources all the Major technologies and project implementation methodologies.

We Network LLC has extensive experience as a vendor neutral services and is among the
Multi Partner /
companies that has developed expertise in almost all major technology platforms and
Platform Expertise solutions.

We Network LLC is having business relationship with its technology partners such as ALU, Ericsson,
Relationship Huawei, Nokia-Siemens, and ZTE among others, to provide the complete bouquet of Network
Awards and Recognitions
Authorized Reseller Letter - Avaya
ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001:2004
OHSAS 18001:2007
Customer Snapshot

Registered Office.

Region Country Address

We Network LLC ,
Office No- Z319,
Sultanate of First Floor, KOM-4, Knowledge Oasis Muscat , Sultanate of Oman,
Oman Tel:+ 968 24170030.

Wee Communication Network LLC
PO Box : 66374
UAE Office# M08, BU, Ameen Building 01
Al Karma, Dubai
Telephone : +971 043455699/ Fax: +971 04 345198
Mobile No: +971 50 427 5573/ +971 527782564
Contact Details :-Business Director