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Constellations: Geometry Around Us
Driving Question: How can the world around me help me understand basic concepts of Geometry?



SECTION 1: Contact Information (Signature indicates full agreement with entire contract.)
Name Email Address Phone Number Signature* (Read contract first.)

SECTION 2: Strengths and Weaknesses with regard to this project

Name Individual Role (See Below)

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Roles and Responsibilities will rotate)

1. Team Leader- oversees progress of entire project, communicates with the teacher, maintains positive
interaction among all group members.

2. Editor- proofreads all images, slides, and/or paragraphs for grammar, spelling, and citations; will ensure
all information comes from reliable sources.

3. Rubric Czar-compares final documents against the content rubric and ensures group is ready for the

4. Task Manager- monitors tasks on project calendar and documents progress until all are completed.
Plagiarism Policy Any violation of plagiarism according to the student handbook /U.S. copyright laws will result in a
zero for the project in all of the learning outcomes affected.

Absence Policy- If a student misses school and does not share or actively participate for 25% of the project days,
he/she will have no rights to the project or research completed by other group members. No rights means that
he/she must complete and present the project alone. His/her collaboration and work ethic grades will be greatly

How does work proceed if a member is absent or fails to bring all classroom materials (i.e. laptop)?

Work Policy-What happens when a group member does not finish their share of the work or the work is late?

Workshops-What happens when a member doesnt/cannot go to a mandatory workshop?

SECTION 3: Group Member Dismissal (Each step requires teacher notification and signature.)

Behaviors Leading to Warning Consequences Strategies to prevent future

Not participating in group meetings Warnings 1: Student
Not turning in assignments on time warned by Group
Not completing/making up work
Warning 2:
when absent Teacher/Group
Intervention with
Not participating in group meetings Warning 3: Meeting
Not turning in assignments on time with teacher and
Not completing/making up work
when absent

Dismissal from group- Established in student/teacher/administrator meeting. Upon dismissal group member is
entitled to group products leading up to dismissal date, but all future assignments must be completed as an individual.
Individuals dismissed from the group may not form or join another group.

Teacher reserves the right to give all group members a warning for failing to follow contract guidelines.
SECTION 4: Warnings Issued
Name Date and Reason for warning Group member initials Teacher signature

Grievance Process

If a student, through the contract affirmation process, feels that they are not able to abide by the contract, then the student
must submit their concerns to the building principal, the teachers of the class, and the students involved in the group via
email, before the contracts are submitted to the teacher. Those concerns must be stated as to why the student is not able
to abide by the contract and potential solutions. The principal will have the final determination. The principal will rule on
the grievance and give the final determination in a timely manner.