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Smitha Middle School

7thGrade Reading Syllabus


Instructor(s): Julie Glatzhofer email: julie.glatzhofer@cobbk12.org blog: glatzhofer.weebly.com

Reading REWARDS stands for Reading Excellence Word Attack and Rate Development
REWARDS Strategies. REWARDS is a reading class that is designed to teach students a
Course flexible strategy for decoding grade level multisyllabic words, increase silent reading
Summary rate, expand students knowledge of general and domain specific vocabulary, and
most importantly increase a students confidence in their reading ability.
Student Students have been issued a Student Agenda in homeroom. Parents are
Agenda encouraged to check their students agenda several times a week. The agenda is
an important organizing tool in the 7th grade. The teacher will post the days agenda
on the board each school day. If lost, the replacement cost for the agenda is $10.
Texts and Text: REWARDS Multisyllabic Word Reading: Intermediate
Resources In addition, students will be assigned times to check out books from the Smitha
Learning Commons for their independent reading.
Classroom Notebook paper and pencils.
Classroom - Respect other students and their property.
Expectations - Come to class prepared to learn.
- Follow directions the first time they are given.
- Listen quietly while others are speaking.

Methods of Students will have an opportunity to complete a variety of tasks including diagnostic,
Assessment formative, and summative assignments.
Grading and All tasks will be weighted equally and will fall into one of the following categories:
Reporting Summative Assessments (tests/projects) 40%
Formative Assessments (quizzes) 30%
Classwork 20%
Homework 10%

Make Up If absent, students are given the equal amount of missed class periods to make up
Work Policy work. For example, if you miss 2 classes, you have 2 days to turn in the missed
work for full credit.
Conduct All students will be expected to maintain the Cardinal R.E.D. guiding principles:
Respect, Excellence, and Dedication. Each student will earn a Conduct grade for
every quarter.
S Satisfactory Performance
N Needs Improvement
U - Unacceptable
Parent Tips Check the classroom BLOG frequently and ask your student about the days
activities and lessons.

This plan may be changed to reflect the needs of the students.

Students and parents please sign and return the syllabus.

Student Name (print) Date Parent /Guardian Signature Date

Parent/Guardian Contact Number(s) Parent/Guardian Email Address