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Unit 1: Names and Titles B: Yes, this is Bob from school. Bob Jackson.

2. Lets Listen (Page 2) A: Can you _______ your last name?

B: J-A-C-K-S-O-N.
A: Okay. And whats your _______ number,
A: My name is Maria Carter and I have a
B: 691-3839.
B: Is that M-A-R-Y C-A-R-T-E-R?
A: Okay. Do you _______ Cindy to call you?
A: No, Maria. M-A-R-I-A.
B: Yes, please.
B: Oh, right. Here it is. Two
A: Fine. Ill _______ her the message.
_______________., right?
A: Thats right. 2.
A: Hello. Tom Waite _______.
B: Hello. Can I speak to Cindy, please?
A: Can I have your name, please?
A: Sorry. Shes not _______.
B: Smith. Suzanna Smith.
B: Can I _______ a message?
A: Is that S-U-S-A-N?
A: Yes, of course.
B: No, S-U-Z-A-N-N-A.
B: Thanks. This is Nancy. My number is 391-
A: Sorry, Ms. Smith. I dont see ____________.
8246. Please _______ Cindy to call me.
here. And the hotel is full tonight.
A: Okay. Ill ask her to call you as _______as
B: What?
she gets back.
3. B: Thank you.
A: Mr. Wilson?
B: Thats right. Harry Wilson.
A: Hello. This is Cindys house. But Cindys not
A: Is that H-A-R-V-E-Y?
B: No, H-A-R-R-Y. They_______ me Dirty
B: Oh, I see. Can I leave a _______, please?
A: Yes, Im ready.
A: Oh.
B: Thanks. This is Brian calling. Brian
4. Kennedy.
A: My names Abramson. A-B-R-A-M-S-O-N. A: Is that B-R-I-A-N K-E-N-N-E-D-Y?
Do you have a reservation for me? B: Yes, and my number is _____________.
B: Hmm just a _______________.. First A: 271-8914. Okay. And _______ you call
name Joseph? again later?
A: Thats right. Joseph. B: Yes, I will.
B: Ah, yes. Here it is.
5. A: Oh no, not _______ one. Hello.
A: My names Louis Jackson. B: Hello. Is Cindy _______
B: Is that L-O-U-I-S-E? A: Shes not here. Whos _______?
A: No, thats a girls name. B: Um. This is her _______, Miss Wilson.
B: Oh, sorry. A: Oh, Miss Wilson. Yes, of course. Do you
A: Its L-O-U-I-S. want to _______your number?
B: Of course. B: Its okay. Ill call _______.
A: Can I have your name, _______________?
B: Cruise. C-R-U-I-S-E.
A: And your first name? 4. Lets Listen (Page 4)
B: Marley. Thats M-A-R-L-E-Y. 1.
A: Thats an _______________. name. A: Id like you to meet my _______, David
B: Yes, it is. I hate it! Wilson.
B: Hi, David. Nice to _______ you.
3. Lets Listen (Page 3) 2.
1. A: Hi, let me _______ you. This is your
A: Hello. _______ boss, Susan Jackson.
B: Hello. Can I _______ to Cindy, please? B: Good morning, Ms. Jackson.
A: Sorry. Shes not in. Can I take a _______?

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3. 6.
A: Hello? A: Is she _______?
B: Hello. This is Bob Cruise _______. B: No, shes really tall. About 180 centimeters.
A: Good evening, Bob. How are you? 7.
4. A: Is she in her _______ or her twenties?
A: Hello? Do you _______ me? Im Michelle B: I think shes in her twenties. Shes really
Bolton. nice. Do you want to _______ her?
B: Hi, Michelle. Hows _______? A: Yeah, sure.
5. 8.
A: Good afternoon. Im Charles Smith. I have A: Its not really long but its very straight. And
an ___________ at two oclock. its sometimes _______!
B: Hello, Mr. Smith. Nice to see you _______. B: Green!
6. A: Yeah. He sings in a rock _______, I think.
A: Good afternoon, Im John Carter, your new 3. Lets Listen (Page 7)
_______. 1.
B: Hello, John. A: What does your _______ look like, Tony?
7. B: Cindy? Oh, shes tall. And shes got long,
A: Hello? dark _______ hair.
B: Hi. This is Brian Abrams. Im _______ your 2.
call. A: Tell me about your boyfriend, Anne.
A: Hi, Professor Abrams. Thanks for calling. B: Well, his names Bob. Hes 17. Let me
Did you get my homework _______? see. Well, hes got curly _______ hair.
8. Hes not very tallabout average. But hes
A: Let me introduce you. This is your really _____________.
grandmothers _______, Ruth Steinberg. 3.
B: Hello, Dr. Steinberg. Im glad to meet you. A: So, Bob, whats the new _______ in class
Ive heard _______ things about you. like?
B: Shes pretty tall, about _______ centimeters.
Unit 2: Describing People Shes got_______ and short curly hair. I
2. Lets Listen (Page 6) think shes about 20.
1. A: Whats her name?
A: So is your _______ young? B: I cant remember. Anne, I think.
B: Hes in his _______, I guess. About 35. 4.
2. A: So tell me about your _______, Paul.
A: Its _______ long. B: Well, shes very _______.
B: What_______is it? A: Really! Is she _______?
A: Its light brown. And its a little _______. B: No, shes got dark brown hair. Everybody
likes her. Shes an _______.
A: _______? Id like to meet her.
A: Hes really not very _______, about 175
centimeters. 4. Lets Listen (Page 8)
B: Oh yeah. Thats not _______ tall. 1.
4. A: Its my _______ boy! We were looking for
A: He_______ about 17. some _______ for my _______. Now I cant
B: No, hes older than that. Hes _______ 25. find him.
A: No, I dont _______ it. He doesnt look that B: Dont worry, maam. Well _______ him.
old. How _______ is he?
A: Hes seven.
B: I see. And what color is his _______?
A: She likes to _______ it really short.
A: Its _______ brown.
B: Yeah? And is it _______ or curly?
B: Dont _______. Well find him for you.
A: Curly. Really curly. You cant _______ her
when you see her.

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2. B: Hes wearing a dark suit and a tieand
A: My little girl was here a minute _______, sneakers.
and now I cant find her. A: Sneakers? Okay. Thanks.
B: Shes probably in the toy _______. Can you 4.
_______ her? A: Im looking for Barbara.
A: Yes, shes five years old. B: There she is over there. Shes wearing white
B: And what color _______does she have? pants and a red blouse.
A: Brown. And its very curly. A: The one with a scarf?
B: All right. Lets go to the toy section and B: Yeah.
_______ if shes there. 5.
3. A: Whos Andy?
A: Has anyone seen a _______kid? B: Hes wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Hes got
B: How old, sir? short blond hair.
A: Hes ten. Hes always getting lost. Drives me A: Oh, I see him. Thanks.
_______. 6.
B: Where did you last see him? A: Im looking for Patty.
A: Over by the video _______. B: Mm There she is. Shes wearing a yellow
B: What color is his hair? skirt, a blue blouse, and red sandals.
A: Blond, and _______ long. Too long! A: Thanks.
4. 7.
A: Excuse me. Ive lost my little boy. We were A: Is Mary here tonight?
looking at some microwaves and he was B: Yes, she is. See her over there? Shes
_______ and wearing jeans and a green shirt.
B: _______ down, sir. Can you describe him? A: Jeans and a green shirt.
A: Yes. Hes eight. Really _______. B: Yes, and shes wearing a funny hat.
B: And what _______ is his hair? 8.
A: Dark brown. A: Wheres Ken?
B: Okay. Lets see where he is. Just sit down B: Oh, the bodybuilder. Hes here somewhere.
and _______. Hes wearing shorts and a tight shirt, as
5. usual.
A: Excuse me. Ive lost my _______! A: Tight shirt?
B: Is she around 13, about average height, with B: Yeah, he likes to show off his muscles!
_______ blond hair? 3. Lets Listen (Page 11)
A: Why, yes. 1.
B: Shes looking for youover there, in the A: How are the pants, sir?
shoe _______. B: I think theyre too short. What do you think?
A: Thanks a lot! A: Yes. I think youre right. They certainly are
Unit 3: Clothes too short.
2. Lets Listen (Page 10) B: Can you get me a longer pair?
1. 2.
A: Which one is David? A: Do you like this blouse?
B: David? There he is. Hes wearing a jacket B: Well, I think its a little too big.
and tie. And hes got reddish-blond hair. A: I guess so. Yes, it is pretty big.
A: Okay. Thanks. B: You definitely need a smaller one.
2. 3.
A: Im looking for Janet. A: Are the sneakers comfortable?
B: Oh, shes wearing a long dress. And shes got B: Well, I think theyre a little small for me.
glasses. A: Too small? Let me find a bigger pair.
A: Does she have long hair? 4.
B: No, its not really long. A: Are those jeans all right?
3. B: Im afraid theyre too big for me.
A: Which one is Ron? A: Okay, then lets find a smaller pair.

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5. 4.
A: How does the T-shirt fit? Is it too tight? A: Can you tell me the time, please?
B: Do you have a looser one? B: Yeah, its eleven thirty.
6. A: Wow, Im late. Thanks.
A: How do you like the sandals? 5.
B: Too big, Im afraid. A: Do you know what time it is?
A: Too big? Let me find a smaller size. B: Yeah. Its a quarter to four.
4. Lets Listen (Page 12) A: Thanks a lot.
1. 6.
Sonia was very well dressed. She had on a jacket A: Im late again. What time is it now?
and a long, dark blue skirt. She was also wearing a B: Its seven fifty.
yellow blouse. She wasnt carrying a bag, but she A: Class starts at eight. Ive only got ten
did have a small wallet with her. Oh, and I minutes!
remember she had nice gold earrings. I also 3. Lets Listen (Page 15)
remember her shoes. She was wearing black shoes 1.
with very high heels. You are listening to Star Radio at 90.9 on your FM
2. dial. The station with the best classic rock in town.
Brian was very casually dressed. He was wearing The time is 7:15. Time for more classic rock
some really old jeansyou know, the ones with 2.
holes in themwith a new wide leather belt and a This is WBYZ 105.1 FM and the time is coming up
white T-shirt. He had on some boots, high brown to 10:05. And weve got more music for you, so stay
ones. They looked really nice. He also had a red tuned.
scarf. He usually wears a couple of big rings, but he 3.
wasnt wearing any at the party. He was wearing an You are listening to X98.5 on your FM dialthe
interesting silver watch, though. jazz station. The time now is just a minute away
3. from two oclock.
Kevin was wearing a yellow shirt and a green tie. I 4.
didnt like the tie, but I liked the shirt. He also had This is your AM station, Talk Radio WXYZ. Time
on brown pants. He was wearing sneakers with long now is 11:02. Dont touch that dial!
white sockskind of cute, actually. And he had a 5.
leather bag over one shoulder. This is the BBC. The time is six fifteen.
4. 6.
Mrs. Graham looked really good. She had on an You are tuned to WQXR, your classical music
interesting long red skirt and a beautiful gold and station. And the time is exactly 1:40. Time for the
black jacket. And she had some lovely earrings and Ninth Symphony by
a nice necklace. She also had a long pink scarf over 7.
one shoulder. She didnt have a bag. She was This is 1010 News Radio. The station with all the
wearing sandals. news, all the time. Time now is 9:30.
Unit 4: Time 8.
2. Lets Listen (Page 14) This is your station for easy listening, KABC. The
1. time right now is going on 5:05.
A: Excuse me, whats the time? 4. Lets Listen (Page 16)
B: Uh, its ten fifteen. 1.
A: Thanks. Thank you for calling Cinema World. Our box office
2. opens every afternoon at 2:30. Today in Cinema A,
A: Do you have the time? we are showing Holiday in Rome, starring Gina
B: Let me see. Yeah. Its ten after two. Jones. Show times are 3:40, 5:45, 7:55, and 10:15.
A: Two ten? Thanks. 2.
3. In Cinema B we are showing Hong Kong Warrior.
A: What time is it now? Show times are 4:30, 6:40, 8:30, and 10:45. Dont
B: Hey, its exactly twelve oclock. Midnight. forget to visit our new coffee bar located next to
Happy New Year! Cinema B. Its open every day from 2:30 to 10:30.

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3. 3. Lets Listen (Page 19)
In Cinema C we are showing Ralph the Rabbit. 1.
Show times are 3:00, 4:40, 6:30, and 8:15. Also, at This is Dr. Costellos office. Were calling to change
10 oclock, tonight only, a sneak preview of Crazy your dental appointment to August 3rd at 9:30 in the
Cops, Hollywoods latest comedyaction film. morning. Thank you.
4. 2.
In Cinema D, we are showing The Alien from Hi, Don. Its Sue. Im calling about Cindys birthday
Saturn. Show times are 3:20, 5:10, 7:20, and 9:40. party. Its on July 28th at 8 p.m. Are you free? Ill
Dont forget our box office closes every evening at call you later.
9:55. 3.
Unit 5: Dates Hello, Don. This is Aunt Betty. How are you,
2. Lets Listen (Page 18) darling? Listen, Im coming to town next month and
1. Id love to see you. Im arriving on August the tenth
A: Have you been here long? at 11:15 in the morning. Ill call you from the
B: No, we arrived a few days ago, on the first of airport. Bye!
the month. 4.
A: And how long are you staying? Hi, Don. This is Ted. Listen, we cant play tennis on
B: Were staying exactly two weeks. We leave Saturday. Are you free Sunday afternoon, July 26th,
on the 14th. around three?
2. 5.
A: When did you get here? Hello, Don. This is Francis. Ill be back from my
B: I arrived on the 4th. trip on Tuesday, September 22nd. Lets meet in my
A: Will you be here long? office that Tuesday around 6 p.m., okay? Let me
B: Until the 13th. Not long enough, really. know.
3. 6.
A: Did you just arrive? This is Star Travel. Weve booked your flight to
B: I arrived on July 2nd. New Orleans for next month. You leave on August
A: Are you enjoying your vacation? 2nd on flight 101 from Kennedy Airport at 2 p.m.
B: Oh, yes. But its too short. I leave on the 4. Lets Listen (Page 20)
10th. 1.
4. A: Isnt it your birthday this month, Ted?
A: When did you arrive? B: Hey! It was a month ago.
B: We got in on the 5th. A: Oh! Sorry! I forgot all about it. So, did you
A: How long are you staying? have a big party or something?
B: Were leaving on the 15th. Were just staying B: No. I had to study because of the exams at
ten days. school.
5. 2.
A: Did you just arrive? A: Have you had your birthday yet, Jill?
B: We got here on the 3rd. B: No. Its in two months.
A: And do you plan to stay long? A: Oh, thats right. So what are you planning to
B: Yes, were not leaving until the end of the do this time?
month. B: Im going to New York with my mom and
A: The 31st? dad.
B: Thats right. A: Hey! Fabulous!
6. 3.
A: When did you arrive? A: Have you had your birthday yet, Sue?
B: On the 6th. B: No. Its not til next month. Dont forget this
A: And when are you leaving? time!
B: On the 16th. A: Dont worry. I wont.
B: Im planning to have a barbecue.
A: Great! That sounds fun!

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4. 4.
A: Is your birthday this month or next month, A: What do you do, Marie?
Brian? I cant remember. B: Me? Im a lawyer.
B: Oh, it was a month ago. A: How long have you been doing that?
A: Really. So, how was it? B: For about five years. Do you need a good
B: It was okay, but very quiet. I had a family lawyer?
party at home. A: Well, not yet!
A: Oh, that sounds nice. 5.
Unit 6: Jobs A: Are you a receptionist, Suzanne?
2. Lets Listen (Page 22) B: Yes, I am.
1. A: Do you like the people you work with?
Im a salesperson. I sell computers. I like my job. B: Well, its my first week on the job, so Im
Its really interesting. And I meet lots of interesting not sure yet.
people. 6.
2. A: Are you still a tennis instructor, Martha?
Yes, I like it a lot. I like acting in front of lots of B: No, Im not. I didnt like it.
people. One day I hope to write a book about my A: So what are you doing now?
work. B: Well, Im trying to find a new job.
3. 7.
Its an interesting job, and its good for me because I A: Do you work in an office, Fred?
love travel and flying. I visit lots of countries every B: Not anymore. Now Im an English teacher. I
year. And wellI know its silly, but I like my just had my first class.
uniform. A: Really? How was it?
B: It was terrific!
Its a good job for me because I like food and I love 8.
cooking. Lots of famous people come to our A: Are you still working at the bookstore, Sue?
restaurant, too. B: Yeah, but I dont like it. I have to stand all
day and I get so tired.
A: Im sorry to hear that!
Nursing is a good job for me. I like helping people
you know, sick people. 4. Lets Listen (Page 24)
6. 1.
I like my work because I work outside. Its hard A: So how do you like your job, Bill?
work, but the pays good and it keeps me in shape. B: Well, it was okay at first, but now, after two
years, I dont like it.
3. Lets Listen (Page 23)
A: Oh, whys that?
1. B: Its boring. I do the same thing every day.
A: Hi, Ted. Im really sick of it.
B: Oh, hi. A: So why dont you change jobs?
A: Are you still working in the bank? B: Im well-paid. I like the money!
B: Yeah. A: Oh, I see. But you should leave if youre not
2. happy.
A: Where are you working now, Sonia? B: Yeah, maybe I should.
B: I just started as a chef in an Italian restaurant. 2.
Come and try my food. A: Do you like teaching children, Christine?
A: Sounds greatId love to! B: Oh, yes! I love working with kids. Theyre
3. so much fun.
A: Are you still at school, Bob? A: Well, I guess you have the perfect job!
B: No, I graduated from college last month. B: Yeah, I like it a lot. Theres just one thing I
A: Congratulations! And what are you doing dont like.
now? A: Whats that?
B: Nothing much. Im tired. Im taking a long B: The distance to school. Its too far away. It
vacation. takes me an hour to drive there every day.

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A: Wow. That must be awful! B: Yeah, I play every day after work.
B: It is, but the schools that are near me are not 3.
as good. A: Youre in great shape, Martha.
3. B: Thanks.
A: How is your new job going, Anna? A: So, how do you do it?
B: Good, thanks. I really like it. B: Well, I go to the pool about three times a
A: What do you like best about it? week, and I swim for about two hours.
B: I think its the people I work with. They are A: Two hours? Are you practicing for the
so nice. Olympic Games or something?
A: People make all the difference in a job, dont 4.
they? A: How do you keep in shape, Ron?
B: They sure do. The only trouble is, I have to B: Me? I travel.
travel a lot. Im away from home for about A: What do you mean, you travel?
two weeks every month. B: Well, I ride my bike about 20 miles every
A: Yeah, that can be difficult. weekend.
B: It is. I hope I wont have to travel so much 5.
next year. A: Wow! What happened?
4. B: I went skiing.
A: Do you enjoy being a salesperson, Nancy? A: Gee. That looks pretty bad.
B: Yes, I do like it. I get to meet so many B: Yeah.
people. A: Do you often go skiing?
A: Is it hard work? B: No. It was my first time.
B: Yes, it can be. I dont like the long hours. Im 6.
always really tired when I get home at night. A: Do you get much exercise, Joe?
A: Thats too bad. Why dont you quit? B: Yes, I do. I walk a lot.
B: Because I think my boss is great to work for. A: Where?
5. B: To McDonalds. Yeah, I walk there about
A: How long have you been working in a four times a week to get a hamburger and
restaurant, Martin? fries.
B: For more than five years. 3. Lets Listen (Page 27)
A: Wow. You must really enjoy it. 1.
B: Oh no, I dont enjoy it at all! Its hard work A: Your muscles are so big, Dave. What do you
and pretty tiring, too. Im on my feet all do to get them so big?
night. B: Well, I go to the gym every day after work,
A: Oh, I see. and on Saturdays, too. I love it. Do you work
B: But the tips are great. I really should find a out?
better job soon, though. 2.
Unit 7: Sports and Exercise A: Do you play a lot of sports?
2. Lets Listen (Page 26) B: Yes, I do.
1. A: Do you like volleyball?
A: Do you play sports on the weekend, Rita? B: Yeah, I play volleyball during the week.
B: No, I hate sports. A: Want to play with me and my friends
A: Really? So what do you do on the weekend? tonight?
B: Uh, I watch my favorite programs on TV. 3.
A: Well, thats not too tiring! A: Youre in good shape, Ken. Do you play a lot
2. of sports?
A: Do you like sports, Rod? B: Yes, I do. I love sports. I play volleyball on
B: Sure. I play a lot of sports. Thursdays, and on Saturdays and Sundays I
A: So, what sports do you play? play tennis.
B: Well, everything. Baseball, volleyball, A: Which one do you like the best?
swimmingbut my favorite sport is tennis. 4.
A: Oh, yeah? A: Do you like playing sports?

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B: Nah, not really. I dont like exercising at all. play tennis. Im not a very good player, but its fun
But I do watch a lot of baseball on TV! and we usually play for an hour. On weekends, I like
A: You really should get some exercise. to bicycle in our neighborhood. I guess I spend an
5. hour or two doing that. Oh, and I love baseball, but
A: What kinds of sports do you play? only watching it while sitting on the couch eating
B: Lets see. Well, in the summer I enjoy popcorn!
windsurfing. But I dont do anything in the Unit 8: Locations
winter. 2. Lets Listen (Page 30)
A: Why not? 1.
6. A: Mom, have you seen my magazine?
A: So, do you get any exercise? B: I think its in the living room on top of the
B: Well, not much. I dont have a lot of free TV.
time, but about once a week I walk for an 2.
hour. A: Now wheres todays newspaper? I cant find
A: Oh. Where do you walk? it anywhere.
4. Lets Listen (Page 28) B: Oh, I was reading it. Its on the sofa, between
1. the cushions.
I think exercise is so important to good health. There 3.
is a really good sports club near my school. During A: Do you know where the remote control is?
the week, I play tennis there for an hour before B: Look in the living room. I think I saw it in
school starts. On weekends, I usually work out at the front of the TV.
gym near my house for a few hours. I also play A: Oh, yeah.
baseball with some friends from school. Its so much 4.
fun! A: Wheres my tennis racket? Did Dad borrow
2. it again? I wish hed ask me.
I dont like jogging or doing anything too energetic. B: I saw it in your bedroom, under your bed.
I prefer taking walks. I like to take a short walk A: Oh, yeah. Thats right.
every day through the park across from my house. 3. Lets Listen (Page 31)
Sometimes my boyfriend goes with me. Its nice to
talk and look at the flowers and trees. On Sunday, I
A: Do you think I should put the magazine rack
like to swim, but for only about a half hour. I sleep
next to the window?
the rest of the weekend.
B: No. Not next to the window. Id put it in the
3. corner next to the sofa. It will look nice
I am a big football fan, but I only watch it on TV. I there.
cant stand playing it! There are great games to
watch on the weekend. I also enjoy watching tennis.
A: Where do you think I should put the coffee
Id like to learn someday, but I dont like to sweat. I
table? Should I put it next to the sofa?
love chess and often play with my younger sister.
B: I think it will be better in front of the sofa.
Shes really good at it and usually wins. On the
Itll be more useful there, I think.
weekends, I love to play video games with some of
my friends. 3.
A: What about the plant stand? It might be nice
next to the window.
I just love to exercise! I like many different sports.
B: Yes, next to the window, either on the left or
Lets see. I like swimming a lot. I get up very
on the right.
early, around 5 a.m., and swim for two hours from
A: I think Ill put it on the right.
Monday to Friday. I also enjoy basketball and play
with a group of friends from work every Tuesday 4.
night. And Ive also started playing golf this year. A: Now what about the bookshelf? Its so big!
Before playing, I go jogging to warm up. B: Hmm. What do you think?
A: How about next to the door, against the wall?
B: To the left of the door?
I enjoy exercise, but I dont do it as much as I
should. I meet a friend every Wednesday and we

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5. A: The top two drawers are already full of stuff,
A: Now I need to find a place for this old chair so Ill put them in the bottom drawer for you.
that my mom gave me. Theyll be inside an empty box.
B: How about over there? B: Okay.
A: You mean in front of the window? 4.
6. A: Do you want me to put this baseball cap
A: We still have to find a place for this end away?
table. B: Yeah. Just put it behind the door.
B: Yes, where can we put it? A: Where? Should I hang it on the doorknob?
A: How about next to the sofa, in the corner B: No, on the hook behind the door. It will be
near the door? fine there, thanks.
B: Yes, good. Is that okay now? A: I didnt know you wore a baseball cap.
7. B. Its not mine. Its my brothers.
A: Where is a good place for the TV? 5.
B: How about in the far left corner, to the left of A: Do you need these glasses?
the window? B: Not right now. I only use them for reading.
A: Yeah, that sounds good. Ill put it there. Do you see the case they go in?
There. How does it look? A: I dont see it.
8. B: Oh, never mind. Leave them on the coffee
A: What about the dinner table? table, next to those sheets of paper.
B: Maybe we can put the dinner table against A: Okay.
the wall, across from the sofa. In the middle 6.
of the wall. A: Theres a belt lying on the floor here.
A: Across from the sofa, against the wall. Is that B: Oh, yes, thats my brothers. He leaves his
what you mean? clothes everywhere. It drives me crazy!
4. Lets Listen (Page 32) A: Should I put it somewhere?
1. B: Leave it on the chair. He always sits there.
A: Do these magazines go on the bookshelf? A: Okay. The chair next to the window?
B: Yes. Put them on the bookshelf, please. On B: Thats right.
the top is fine. Unit 9: The Family
A: Should I put them beside the dictionary? 2. Lets Listen (Page 34)
B: Yes, next to the dictionary will be fine. 1.
A: Id like to read these magazines later. They A: Thats me in the middle. Thats my oldest
look interesting. niece, Betsy, on the left. Shes in her second
2. year of college. And thats my nephew, on
A: What about the remote control for the TV? the right. Hes just finished high school.
B: Put it beside the TV. B: Oh, hes handsome.
A: Theres a magazine there, the TV program 2.
guide. Should I put it on the TV program A: Thats me on the left.
guide? B: Who are the other two?
B: Thats fine. And remind me to get a new A: Those are my sister and brother, Maria and
battery for the remote when we go Jose. Theyre twins.
downtown. B: How old are they?
A: Okay. A: Theyre ten.
3. 3.
A: These look like your car keys. Where do you A: Thats me and my parents.
usually keep them? B: Boy! You look just like your dad.
B: Theyre my extra apartment keys, actually. A: No, I dont!
Just put them in one of the drawers in the 4.
desk. A: This is a picture of my son and daughter.
B: Is your daughter older than your son?
A: Yes, much older. Shes 26.

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B: How old is your son? 4. Lets Listen (Page 36)
A: Hes 17. 1.
B: Thats a big difference. Both of my parents are taller than me. My dad is
5. pretty tall, but my brother is even taller than my dad.
A: These are my parents and thats my Together they look like a basketball team! My sister
grandmother on the left. and I are the short ones in the family.
B: How old is she? 2.
A: Shes 60. My brother isnt interested in music at all. Hes into
B: She looks young for 60. cars, like my dad. But Im not interested in cars. I
6. play the guitar and the piano. I guess I love music
A: This is my father with my uncle and aunt and because of my mom. She sings beautifully. She
two cousins. plays the piano really well, too.
B: Which one is your father? 3.
A: The one on the left. I love animals. I have a dog and I keep a couple of
B: Oh, yes. parrots in a big cage in my room. I love taking
3. Lets Listen (Page 35) photographs of wild birds when Im in the
1. countryside. My dad and I often go away for the
A: Do you have any brothers and sisters, weekend and we have a great time birdwatching. My
Stephanie? sister thinks Im crazy. When my sister has free
B: No brothers. I wish I did. But Ive got three time, she loves to play cards. I cant stand card
sisters. games.
A: Really! 4.
B: Yeah. And Im the youngest. I enjoy reading. I read a lot of books and I love
A: Poor you! going to the library. My dad likes outdoor things.
2. Hes really into sports and swimming, and he always
A: Tell me about your family, Donna. tells me I should get more interested in sports. But
B: Well, Ive got one brotherhes older than Mom tells me that reading is the best way to learn.
me. She always gives me books that shes been reading.
A: What does he do? 5.
B: Hes a student. And Ive got two younger Im very interested in computers. Im always
sisters. teaching myself new computer programs and I have
A: Wow. You have a big family. a lot of great software. My brother and I spend all
3. our free time in computer stores and on the Internet.
A: Do you have any brothers or sisters, Bob? My sister is more interested in the arts. She likes
B: Just onemy sister, Anna. music and she loves to read. She hates computers!
A: Is she older than you? 6.
B: Yes, she is. She always bosses me around! I love traveling. My mother and I go to a different
4. place every year. Both of us love to learn new things
A: Tell me about your family, Rosie. about cultures. My father never goes with us
B: Well, I come from quite a big family. Ive because he hates flying. My older sister is in college,
got two brothers, both of them younger than so she stays home and studies while were away.
me. Sometimes I wish my sister and my father would
A: Really. Do you have any sisters? travel with us because I miss them.
B: Yeah. I have one older and one younger Unit 10: Entertainment
sister. 2. Lets Listen (Page 38)
A: Youre lucky. I wish I came from a big
A: So do you think we should go and see it?
5. B: Yes, I think so. I hear its very good. My
A: Do you come from a big family, Tina? friend said the story is great. And I love
B: No, Im an only child. Its just me and my Arnold Schwarzenegger.
parents. A: So do I. His movies are always full of action.

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2. B: Hello, Nancy. This is Ken.
A: Whats the weather going to be like on A: Oh, hi, Ken.
Saturday? B: Im calling about Friday night. Are you
B: Hot and sunny. doing anything?
A: Oh, good, so lets go then. Itll be perfect for A: I dont think so.
swimming. B: Great. How about going to a disco with me?
B: Yeah. But I just want to lie on the sand and A: A disco. Sure. Thanks. You know I love to
sleep. dance. What time?
3. 4.
A: What time is the game? A: Hello.
B: Its at two oclock. B: Hi, Anne. This is Mike.
A: Great. Are you playing? A: Hi, Mike. Whats up?
B: Sure. B: Theres a football game on Sunday
4. afternoon.
A: What do you want to do this weekend? A: A football game?
B: I dont know. What do you want to do? B: Yeah. Would you like to go?
A: I dont know. A: Oh, sorry. Im not free on Sunday.
B: Hey, I know. Lets get the guys and go B: Oh, well, some other time, maybe.
rollerblading. 5.
A: Okay. A: Hello.
5. B: Hi, Wendy. This is Jack.
A: What do you need to buy? A: Oh, hi.
B: Well, I need some new jeans. B: Say, theres a good movie on TV tonight. Do
A: And I need some shirts. you want to come over and watch it with
B: Okay. Lets go on Saturday afternoon. me?
6. A: Oh, Id love to, but I cant tonight. I have too
A: Want to come with me on Saturday? I dont much work to do.
think itll be too hot. Its great exercise. 4. Lets Listen (Page 40)
B: Okay. Ill pack a lunch. Maybe we can ride 1.
to a park and have a picnic. A: Bobby, would you like to go out for dinner
A: Great idea. Thursday?
3. Lets Listen (Page 39) B: Thursday? Oh, Id love to, but I have to meet
1. my sister for dinner.
A: Hello. A: Oh, well, some other time, then.
B: Hi, Penny. This is Bob. B: Sure.
A: Hi, Bob. How are things? 2.
B: Fine. Say, would you like to go to a movie A: Melissa, would you like to see a movie on
on Friday night? Saturday?
A: A movie? Sure. I think Im free Friday night. B: That sounds great. What time?
What movie do you want to see? A: At 9:30?
2. B: All right.
A: Hello. 3.
B: Hi, Anne. This is Mary. A: Hey, Jack, lets go for coffee after class on
A: Oh, hi, Mary. How are you? Monday.
B: Great. Look, Im calling about the weekend. B: Oh, sorry. I have to go downtown. I have an
Im having a party. appointment.
A: A party. That sounds fun. When? A: Oh, okay.
B: On Saturday night. 4.
A: Saturday night is fine with me. A: Betty, do you want to come over to my house
B: Great. for dinner Wednesday?
3. B: Thanks. Id love to. What time?
A: Hello. A: Around 6:30.

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B: Okay. See you then. 3. Lets Listen (Page 43)
5. 1.
A: Hey, Ralph, lets play tennis on Sunday Lets see. Soup. Thats two for a dollar. And a bottle
afternoon. of shampoo$6.50. So that comes to $7.50 and
B: Sunday afternoon? I cant. Im going away your change is $12.50.
for the weekend. Maybe some other time? 2.
A: Sure. Okay, nowlet me see what youve got. The CD is
6. $14.95, and the cassetteoh, a good one, my
A: Say, Jill. Im going shopping Friday night. I favorite groupits on sale for $4.95. So, let me
need a new dress. Want to come? see. That comes to $19.90. So heres your change,
B: Friday night? Okay, Im not doing anything ten cents.
special. 3.
A: Good. Lets go after work. Yes, can I help you? Okay. Lets see. The
B: Fine. newspapers are $1.50, and the magazines will cost
Unit 11: Prices another$8.15. Yes, so thats, let me see, $9.65,
2. Lets Listen (Page 42) right? Heres your change, $10.35.
1. 4.
A: Can I help you? So youre taking the T-shirtnice choice. The color
B: Yes, how much are these shoes? suits you. Okay, thats $4.95, then the socks. Theyre
A: Theyre on sale. Lets see Theyre $45. another $3.20, so thats $8.15, and heres your
B: Uh-huh. change, $11.85.
A: Do you want to try them on? 5.
B: No, thanks. Mmm, I like chocolates, too. Okay, thats $9.50 for
2. the chocolates. And chocolate chip cookies, too.
A: How much is this computer? Mmm. You really do like chocolate. The cookies are
B: Its on sale for $4,099. $2.99. So thats $12.49. And heres your change,
A: $4,099! $7.51.
B: Do you want to buy it? 6.
A: Thats okay. Im just looking. Is this all? Okay. Lets see. Now the magazines are
3. $6.25. And youre taking the book? Thats $12.00.
A: This tie isnt bad. How much is it? So that comes to $18.25 altogether. And heres your
B: Its $36.95. change. Thats a dollar seventy-five.
A: $36.95. Well, maybe I dont really need a tie. 4. Lets Listen (Page 44)
Thanks, anyway. 1.
4. I could never buy a car at home because we pay a
A: These shorts are nice, arent they? very high tax on cars. Only rich people can really
B: Yes, and theyre only $26.95. Do you want afford to buy a car at home. Here in the U.S., I drive
to take them? a nice new car and I can easily afford it. You dont
A: Yeah, I think I will. have to be rich to own a car, which is great.
5. 2.
A: How much are these earrings? At home it only costs about $200 a month to rent a
B: Theyre only $12.25. nice apartment. Thats what I used to pay for a four-
A: Theyre nice. Ill take them. room apartment in a good neighborhood. Here in the
B: Okay. U.S., I pay about twice that for a much smaller
6. apartment, and its not in a very nice neighborhood.
A: That camera looks interesting. How much is 3.
it? I bought a lot of clothes in my country before I
B: Its on sale. It was $145, but now its only moved to the U.S. because everyone told me how
$125. expensive American clothing is. I was kind of
A: Hmm. Well, Ill think about it. surprised that I could get nice clothes here for very
reasonable prices. In fact, it costs me less for clothes
here than it used to cost me at home.

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4. A: Anything for dessert? The cheesecake is
I come from a small country and not a lot of people excellent.
travel by plane because it costs more than most B: No, thanks.
people can afford. But the U.S. is such a big country 3. Lets Listen (Page 47)
and the population is large, so you have a lot of 1.
people traveling by plane. Thats what keeps the A: There you are, sir. Two slices of pizza and a
prices down. That means I can afford to fly here and large cola.
I do it all the time. I couldnt do that at home. B: Thank you. Hmm.
5. C: How does it look?
Most people send their children to private schools at B: Okay, I guess, but I think I should have
home because the public schools are not very good. ordered three or four slices. These slices are
You have to pay a lot to do that, so its a big expense much smaller than I expected.
for many people. Public schools are better here, and 2.
cheaper than in my country. People dont have to A: And heres your order. Steak with french
spend a lot on tuition, so most people send their fries and coffee.
children to public schools. B: Thanks. I cant wait to eat. Im starving.
6. C: It looks okay. How is it?
Here in the U.S. you need to have health insurance B: Let me try. Oh, just perfect.
because it costs a lot to see a doctor or to enter a 3.
hospital. At home, you dont have to pay much to A: Sorry to keep you waiting. One order of fried
see a doctor or go to a hospital because most of the chicken with broccoli.
clinics and hospitals are run by the government. B: Thanks. Oh my! This chicken looks pretty
Unit 12: Restaurants dry.
2. Lets Listen (Page 46) C: Really. How does it taste?
1. B: Im afraid its not very fresh. I think it must
A: Are you ready to order? have been frozen.
B: Yes, Id like to start with the salad, please. C: Lets send it back.
A: Okay. And what would you like for your 4.
main dish? A: Theres your order, maam. Fish, salad, and
B: Hmm. Ill have the spaghetti. Is it good? peas.
A: Ive never tried it. Anything to drink? B: Oh. But you told me todays vegetable was
B: Tea, please. broccoli.
A: And how about dessert? C: You dont like peas, do you?
B: Not today, thanks. B: No, I dont. I hate peas!
2. 5.
A: Hi there. What can I get you today? A: And heres your dessert. Chocolate cake,
B: Well, let me see. Ill just have some soup and with two scoops of ice cream and a large
a salad. cola.
A: Sure. Soup and salad. Our special today is B: Great.
grilled fish, and that comes with broccoli or C: Wow. That cake looks good. I wish I had
peas. ordered it.
B: No, thanks. Not today. Im not very hungry. B: Do you want to try it? Its delicious.
But I would like some chocolate ice cream C: Just a taste. Mmm. Fabulous.
for dessert. 6.
A: Sure. Anything to drink? A: Did you order the spaghetti?
B: Coffee, and some water, please. B: Thats right.
3. A: Good. Here you are. And heres your cola.
A: Hi! Have you decided yet? B: Thanks. I dont think I made a very good
B: Is the beef stir-fry very spicy? choice.
A: Yes, its pretty hot. C: Really?
B: Hmm. I think Ill have a hamburger and B: Yeah. I think I can make better spaghetti than
fries, then. And a glass of milk. this.

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4. Lets Listen (Page 48) Unit 13: Small Talk
1. 2. Lets Listen (Page 50)
I went to a new steak restaurant last night that 1.
opened near my house. I love trying new places. To Oh, hello, Bob. I havent seen you in ages. How is
start the meal, I had an interesting appetizer. It was everything with you these days?
some kind of seafood with a spicy sauce on it 2.
Mmm! The main dish, of course, was steak. It was Its been great seeing you again. Gee, look at the
very small and a little tough, though. However, the time. Ive got to run. Talk to you later.
vegetables were greatnice and fresh, but not too
oily. The final thing was the bestthe dessert! It
How are you, anyway? Its so nice to see you. What
was apple pie with a lot of ice cream on it. I know
have you been doing lately?
that I shouldnt eat so many sweets, but it was
delicious! 4.
Its been really nice talking to you. Lets get together
again soon, okay?
Have you ever tried that seafood restaurant on Main
Street? You shouldits great! I go there often. In 5.
fact, I went there last weekend. To begin, I had a Oh, hi. Ive been thinking about you. I havent seen
salad. It was nice and fresh with a great house you in such a long time. Hows everything?
dressing. My main dish was a fish that I had never 6.
tried. I really enjoyed the spices it was cooked in. Where have you been? Its been ages. Hows it
The vegetables were goodvery fresh and tasty. For going with you?
dessert, I had chocolate cake. Its usually very 7.
delicious, but this time, it was much too sweet. I Listen. I hope to see you again soon. Lets have
couldnt eat more than two bites! Thats okay, lunch sometime, okay?
though, because I am on a diet. 8.
3. How have you been? And hows your family? Its so
My new girlfriend took me to a Chinese restaurant nice to see you again.
in her neighborhood the other night. It was pretty 3. Lets Listen (Page 51)
good. First we had some egg rolls. They were the 1.
best I had ever tasted. Then we ordered the beef and A: Hey, hows it going? Are you enjoying the
pepper stir-fry. It came in a very interesting sauce party?
spicy, but not too spicy. We also ordered the steamed B: Yes, I am. The people here are really nice.
vegetables, but they were awful. They were really A: Really. Everyone is so friendly.
too soft. The dessert was a big bowl of fresh fruit. 2.
Some of the fruit I had never seen. It was fantastic A: Hi, Jim. Hows everything?
and so was my date! B: Everythings fine, thanks.
4. A: Hey, hear that? Thats Whitney Hudson. Isnt
For lunch, my co-worker and I went to a nice little she great?
French restaurant near our office. He didnt feel like B: Yes, shes really good.
eating much, so he just had a small salad. I had a 3.
large meal, though. First, I had the onion soup, but it A: Whos that over there? Have you met her?
was much too salty. For my main dish, I had a piece B: No, I havent met her before. But I think I
of pork. It was too dry and had no taste. The will now. Nice talking to you.
vegetables were perfect, thoughbroccoli and peas. 4.
Those are my favorites. Finally, I had a large bowl A: So, how are you, anyway?
of chocolate mousse. It was just like the chocolate B: Okay. Not too bad.
mousse I had in France during my last vacation A: Hows everything at work?
very creamy and delicious. I think Ill have it next B: Fine, but Im very busy. I have to work late
time, too. nearly every night.
A: I think Ill get something to eat. The food
looks good. Can I get you something?

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B: No, Im not hungry right now, thanks. A: Sometimes it takes a long time to get over
A: Okay, talk to you later. the flu. Terry has been sick a couple of times
6. this year.
A: Hey, hi. Ive been thinking about you. I B: I know. Its too bad.
havent seen you in ages. Did you have a 5.
good trip? A: That guy over there has just moved here
B: Yeah, it was great. I took a train across from Canada. I was talking to him a while
Canada. Then I drove to Disneyland. ago. Hes really interesting. Hes an actor
A: Wow! Thats great. and hes already appeared in a couple of
7. movies.
A: Hey, great to see you. How have you been? B: Yeah, so he was telling me. He mentioned
B: Fine, thanks. the names of his movies, but I havent seen
A: How are your parents? any of them.
B: Oh, Mom and Dad are fine, thanks. Moms A: Maybe one day hell be a big star.
just started a new job. 6.
A: Oh, really? A: Theres a really interesting exhibition at the
8. museum this month. Its all about Walt
A: Hi. How have you been? Disney and the story of how he started
B: Oh, fine, thanks. making cartoons.
A: Do you know everyone here? B: Is that right? I havent been to the museum
B: Yeah, almost everyone. for a long time.
4. Lets Listen (Page 52) A: You should go and take a look at it. Im sure
1. youll find it really interesting.
A: Hey, I was just talking to Cindy. Did you B: I think I will. Thanks for letting me know.
know shes had a really good job in a Unit 14: Vacations
computer company for a long time? 2. Lets Listen (Page 54)
B: Really? 1.
A: Yeah, but shes decided to change jobs. She A: Did you have a good vacation?
wants to become an elementary school B: Not bad. I decided not to go away. I just
teacher. stayed home and watched TV.
B. Wow. Thats a surprise. A: You call that a vacation?
2. 2.
A. Im really excited about the rock concert A: How was your vacation?
next week. Im glad I got my tickets early, B: So-so.
because I heard that all the tickets had been A: Where did you go?
sold. B: I went to Hawaii.
B. I heard that, too. Im looking forward to the A: And?
concert. It should be great! B: Well, I went for the sunshine, but it rained
3. every day! So I couldnt get a tan.
A: I got a really cool present for my birthday. A: Hey. Thats tough!
B: Oh, yeah? What is it? 3.
A: My parents gave me a doga little puppy. A: How was your vacation?
Shes so cute. Ive always wanted a dog. B: Very disappointing.
B: Thats awesome. So what are you going to A: Oh, what did you do?
call her? B: Nothing. I stayed home and helped my father
A: Spot. fix his car.
4. A: Oh, no!
A: Terrys not here tonight. I hear shes sick. 4.
B: Yeah. I spoke to her dad this morning, and he A: Did you do anything interesting on your
said she has a really bad case of the flu. vacation?
Shes had it for about a week. B: Mmm. Well, I went out of town for a few
days. I visited my brother and his family.

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A: Did you have a nice time? A: Thats too bad. You should never go in July.
B: It was terrible. The kids were fighting all the B: Now you tell me!
time. 5.
5. A: When did you get back from the beach?
A: When did you get back from your trip? B: Last weekend. I had a terrific time. I swam
B: Last week. every day and I learned how to windsurf.
A: So did you go to the beach? A: Great!
B: Not this time. I rented a house in the country. 6.
It was really quiet and peaceful. And really A: Did you have a nice vacation?
boring! And the birds woke me up at six B: It was terrible. The food was awful. And the
oclock every morning. hotel wasnt clean at all.
6. A: Oh, thats too bad.
A: What did you do on your vacation? Did you 7.
stay home? A: So how was your trip to Thailand?
B: No, I went skiing. B: I had a wonderful time. The shopping was
A: Really. Did you have a good time? fantastic. And the people were great.
B: It was greatuntil I broke my leg! A: Sounds like you had fun.
7. B: I did.
A: How was your vacation? 8.
B: Vacation? Oh, that! A: Did you have a great vacation?
A: Did you go to the beach? B: Really great! But it was too short.
B: No, I had to stay home and study for my A: Really. How long was it?
exam. B: Only a month.
A: Sounds awful. A: A month! Youre lucky!
B: It was. And I failed the exam! 4. Lets Listen (Page 56)
8. 1.
A: Did you go to California for your vacation? A: Is this you?
B: No, I went to Nevada. B: Yes, it is.
A: To Las Vegas? A: Wow! It looks really fun, but hard. How do
B: Yeah, Las Vegas. you stay on them?
A: Thats great. How was it? B: In the beginning, you dont. You fall off all
B: It was all right until I lost all my money! the time. But you learn pretty quickly. I had a
3. Lets Listen (Page 55) wonderful time.
1. 2.
A: Did you have a nice vacation? A: What are you doing here?
B: It was nothing special. The weather was B: My friends and I went camping. It was really
terrible. great. But it got very cold at night. This is
A: Thats too bad. how we kept warm.
2. 3.
A: Did you enjoy your trip to Vancouver? A: What did you do?
B: Yeah, it was fantastic. The people are so B: Oh, I went sightseeing and visited all the
nice. museums.
3. A: Oh, that sounds interesting.
A: How was your ski trip? B: Actually, it was pretty boring. I hate
B: Awful. museums.
A: Why? 4.
B: There was no snow! A: Oh, this must have been a wonderful
4. vacation.
A: So how was your trip to France? B: Yes, it was fantastic. The weather was
B: Very disappointing. It was so crowded perfect. And the water was so clear.
everywhere. We couldnt even get a hotel A: Wow. Look at you. Youre all red.
room. B: Yes, I got a terrible sunburn.

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5. 2.
A: What are you doing here? A: You dont have a bed in your bedroom?
B: Oh, I took a cooking course in Italy. B: No bed. Just a TV. I sleep on a mattress on
A: Terrific. So what can you make now? the floor.
B: Spaghetti and meatballs! A: Really?
6. 3.
A: Did you go all the way in this? A: We dont have much furniture yet. We dont
B: Yes, we did. It was really very comfortable even have a sofa in the living room.
to travel in. We slept in it, too. B: Hey. Ive got one I can sell you.
Unit 15: Apartment Living A: Really? Great.
2. Lets Listen (Page 58) 4.
1. A: The bathroom is very small. Just a shower
A: Whats your apartment like, Ken? and a toilet.
B: Its comfortable, but its pretty small. Its B: You can come and take a bath at my place
only got one room. any time.
A: Really? Dont you have a bedroom? A: Thanks, I probably will.
B: No, I sleep in the living room. 4. Lets Listen (Page 60)
A: What about your dog? 1.
B: She sleeps in the living room, too! Right The bookshelf looks really good in the living room.
next to me. And the TV is just fine. When I find a stereo, Im
2. going to put it in the bookshelf. I dont have a stereo
A: Whats your new apartment like, Celia? now because I want to find a cheap one. Im going
B: Its really big. I love it. to check out the sales next week. Ive got a dinner
A: How many rooms does it have? table, but I still need a sofa. Now I have to sit at the
B: Lots. Its got two bedrooms, a living room, dinner table to watch TV. My living room is small,
and a huge kitchen and bathroom. so I want a small sofa.
A: Sounds great. So, when can I come and stay 2.
with you? If you have an old bookshelf you arent using, Id be
3. really happy to buy it! I havent been able to find
A: Do you like your apartment, Joe? one that is the right size. All the ones I looked at
B: Not really. Its very small. were too big. Right now there are books all over the
A: Really? floor. But I managed to pick up a really good TV
B: Yeah, just one bedroom and a living room. and stereo at a yard sale last weekend. I still need to
A: That isnt so small. How many people live find a dinner table. All the ones I looked at in the
with you? stores were too expensive.
B: Seven! 3.
A: Seven! Wow! I was thinking about getting a bookshelf, but I dont
4. have many books yet, so I guess I can wait. I was
A: Do you live with your sister, Ellen? lucky. I got a really cheap used TV the other day. It
B: Yes, I do. only cost $50 and it works really well. Its nice to
A: Whats your place like? have something to watch. Right now I dont have
B: Its nice. Its got two bedrooms, a big one enough money to buy a stereo. The dinner table is
and a small one. very nice and big enough for six people. I bought a
A: Thats great. cheap sofa, too. Its really comfortable.
B: Yes, but Ive got the small one. 4.
A: Oh. The bookshelf is good, though its probably a little
3. Lets Listen (Page 59) too big for the living room. I need a TV, but Im
1. waiting for the new models. I have a good stereo. So
A: Does the kitchen have everything you need, thats good. However, I still havent bought a dinner
like a stove and a refrigerator? table. I saw a great one last week. The sales clerk
B: Its got a stove but it doesnt have a said that theyre having a big sale next week, so Im
refrigerator. I need to buy one.

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waiting for that. For now, Im eating my meals while Of course, the bad guy falls off the roof in
sitting on the sofa. the end.
Unit 16: Movies B: Sounds good. I like those kinds of movies.
2. Lets Listen (Page 62) 3.
1. A: If you like Julia Roberts, youll love this
A: What kind of movies do you like, Sue? movie. Shes a nurse who works in a big
B: Let me see. Well, I really like science-fiction hospital. She meets this patient shes looking
and action movies. after, and slowly, they fall in love, and
A: Do you? How about horror movies? finally get married.
B: Oh, I cant stand them. Theyre usually B: Hmm. Actually, Im not a big fan of
really dumb! romances, so I dont think its something I
would like.
A: Do you like movies, Bob? 4.
B: Sure. A: Hey, let me tell you about the movie. Its
A: What kind? about this guy who goes into the hospital for
B: Well, I like horror movies the best. I dont an operation, and by mistake, they give him
know why, but I really enjoy them. the wrong kind of medicine. Every night,
A: Hmm. Do you like Westerns, too? when it gets dark, he turns into a kind of half
B: Not really. man, half animal and starts killing people.
B: Yuck. I hate those kinds of movies. I dont
think Ill bother seeing it. Thanks, anyway.
A: What kind of movies do you like, Andrew?
B: My favorite movies are action movies. I also 5.
like science fiction. A: Its kind of interesting. Its about people who
A: Do you like comedies? travel in a time machine. They can choose
B: Yeah, I like comedies, too. which century they want to visit. So, they
decide to visit some famous times in history.
They also see what the future is going to be
A: What kind of movies do you like, Tina?
B: Mmm. I love westerns. But they dont make
B: Hey, that sounds interesting. I like movies
many good ones these days.
like that.
A: Thats true. How about horror movies?
B: I dont like them very much. 4. Lets Listen (Page 64)
A: Me, neither. 1.
3. Lets Listen (Page 63) A: Whats that new movie like? Is it a drama?
B: Kind of. This volcano suddenly comes up
out of the ocean in San Francisco, so this
A: Its one of the funniest movies Ive seen. Its
family is trying to get away from it. Its a
about this weird family that goes on a
good story, though. Pretty scary and very
European vacation. But its a vacation where
everything goes wrong. First, they lose all
A: Are the special effects any good?
their luggage, then they end up in the wrong
B: Theyre great!
city by mistake. After that, someone thinks
A: Does it have any famous actors in it?
they are bank robbers and theres this crazy
B: Not really. They really should have had
car chase. If you want a good laugh, you
better actors. The two stars are pretty bad.
should see it.
But the music is great.
B: Yeah, Ive had a busy week. It sounds like
the kind of movie I need to see. 2.
A: So tell me about that new movie you went to
on Saturday. Whats it all about?
A: Oh, its one of those movies thats full of car
B: Its about these bank robbers in Kansas and
chases and fights and people jumping out of
how the police are trying to hunt them down.
airplanes and stuff. The special effects are
Its pretty exciting from the moment the
pretty good, and its really exciting,
movie starts right til the end.
especially when these two guys fight it out
A: Are there a lot of special effects?
standing on the roof of a 50-story building.

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B: Yeah, there are a lot of big explosions. They 3.
were terrific. Tokyo is expecting cloudy weather with heavy rain.
A: Whos in the movie? The low will be 4 degrees and the high 12.
B: A couple of new actors that Ive never seen 4.
before. They were both pretty good, New York is going to have a windy day. It will be
especially the guy. very cold with a low of minus 10 and a high of zero.
A: Sounds like a great movie. 5.
B: Yeah. The only thing I didnt like was the In Taipei it will be cloudy, wet, and hot today. The
music. They have this very loud, funky low will be 20 degrees and the high will be 30.
music all the way through. It was pretty 3. Lets Listen (Page 67)
annoying. 1.
3. A: Are you going out?
A: What was the movie like? B: Yes. Later. Whats the weather like outside?
B: Well, its supposed to be an adventure story. A: Not very nice. Cloudy and windy. I think its
Some explorers in Africa discover this new going to rain later.
kind of animal. A really huge ape that they B: Oh, really? It was sunny this morning.
want to bring back to America. 2.
A: Sounds interesting. A: Lets go out for a walk. Its so nice and
B: Yeah, the story was good, but the special sunny.
effects were awful. The ape didnt look very B: Yes, it is. Not a cloud in the sky. Just let me
realistic at all. It looked like a toy or put this on.
something. And the two main actors were
pretty awful.
A: Are you going out in this snow?
A: So its not worth seeing?
B: Yes, I have to go downtown.
B: No. But buy the soundtrack. The music was
A: Well, wear something warm. Its really cold
A: Is that movie you saw any good?
A: Is it cold outside?
B: Yeah, fantastic.
B: Not really. Its raining a little, but its still
A: Its about a robbery, right?
B: Yeah, its a great story about these art thieves
in London who want to steal some famous 5.
paintings from a museum. It ends with a A: Its really hot and humid today.
fantastic helicopter chase all over London. B: It sure is. It must be at least 95 degrees out
There are some unbelievable special effects. there!
A: Really. I should see it. Whos in it? A: I think Ill go to the pool for a swim.
B: A couple of British actors I never saw 6.
before. Theyre fantastic. There are some A: Oh, look. Its snowing.
nice songs in the movie, too. B: Great. Lets get our things and have a
A: Great. snowball fight.
A: No way! Its too cold for me.
Unit 17: The Weather B: Come on. Theres no wind. Itll be nice.
2. Lets Listen (Page 66) 4. Lets Listen (Page 68)
1. 1.
And here is todays weather forecast for the A: Hows the weather?
international traveler. Lets start with Beijing. It will B: The temperature is going down, and its
be a cold day in Beijing today, and windy. The low turned very windy. I think its going to rain a
will be zero and the high will be 6 degrees. lot tonight.
2. 2.
Mexico City will be warm and wet, with a low of 23 A: Hows the weather now?
degrees Centigrade and a high of 28. B: Its much warmer now than it was this
morning. And the wind has stopped, too. I
think Ill go out for a walk.

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3. 4.
A: Is it nice outside? A: Are these fresh?
B: It was nice when I got up this morning, but B: Yes, they are.
now the sky is very dark. I think its going to A: They look delicious.
rain. B: Why dont you try one?
4. A: Really? Okay. Mmm. These are good.
A: Whats it like outside? 5.
B: Its getting very windy now. I dont think its A: I think these are fine. Theyll be great for the
a good idea to go out. I think were going to beach. What do you think?
have a bad storm. B: Yes, but dont you think theyre a little
5. small?
A: Is it a nice day today? 6.
B: Its much nicer now. It was so cold and A: Can I play this one? Id like to listen to it
windy this morning, but its really nice before I buy it.
outside now. And its getting warmer, too. B: Yes, let me play that for you. I think youll
6. like it.
A: Whats it like outside today? 3. Lets Listen (Page 71)
B: It was cold and wet earlier, but now its 1.
stopped raining and the sun is coming out. A: Could I help you with anything today,
7. maam?
A: Whats the weather like? B: Well, I really like this blouse. Do you have it
B: It was terrible this morning when I woke up in another design?
very hot and humid. Im glad its getting A: Yes, we do.
cooler now. B: Great! Ill take it, then.
8. 2.
A: Is it still snowing? A: Do you need any help, sir?
B: It sure is. Were going to have a really bad B: Yes, actually, I do. These are a small and
snowstorm. Lets not go out today. theyre too tight. Do you have a medium?
Unit 18: Shopping A: Yes.
2. Lets Listen (Page 70) B: Great! Ill take them.
1. 3.
A: I think these are too big. Do you have a A: These are the most beautiful watches in the
smaller pair? store.
B: Yes, we do. What size are those? B: They really are nice. How much is this one?
A: These are 9 1/2. A: Its $2,500. Would you like to buy it?
B: Let me find a smaller pair. Ummuch B: No, thanks. Its too expensive for me.
smaller. 4.
2. A: Need any help this morning?
A: How much is this? B: No, Im just looking around for some gift
B: Its $399. ideas, thanks.
A: $399. Thats very expensive. 5.
B: It does look very nice on you. A: Those are really nice dresses.
A: Bob, what do you think? B: Yes, they certainly are. I love the design. Do
C: Very nice. But how much? you have one in a size 12?
A: Its only $399. A: Yes, we do. Would you like to take it?
C: $399! You must be kidding! B: Yes, please.
3. 6.
A: Oh, I havent read this. Is it good? A: Do you need any help?
B: I think so. B: Yes. I want to buy a shirt for my husband.
A: Is it a mystery? Do you have anything in cotton?
B: Well, actually I havent read it, but I think so. A: Yes, we do. Look at these.
A: Just what I need. Ill take it. B: Theyre perfect! Ill buy the gray one.

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7. B: The one without the pockets?
A: Good afternoon, maam. Can I help you find A: No, the other one.
anything? B: Here you are.
B: Oh, Im not sure what I want. Ill just look A: What fabric is this? Is it cotton?
around for a while, thanks. B: I think its a linen and cotton blend.
8. 6.
A: May I help you with anything, or are you just A: Id like to get some apples.
looking? B: How about these big ones?
B: Id like these green gym shorts, please. Do A: I dont think they are very sweet. The
you have them in a large? smaller ones are usually sweeter.
A: Im afraid we dont. B: Okay. Lets get some of these small ones.
B: Oh, thats too bad. Unit 19: Using the Telephone
4. Lets Listen (Page 72) 2. Lets Listen (Page 74)
1. 1.
A: Can I try on that shirt, please? A: Hello.
B: This one? B: Hello, Joe?
A: No, not the one with the short sleeves. The A: No.
other one. B: Is this 793-5141?
B: Here you are. A: No, it isnt. I think you have the wrong
A: Thanks. Can this be machine-washed, by the number.
way? B: Oh, sorry.
B: No, its silk, so you should dry-clean it. Its 2.
not a good idea to wash it by hand or A: Hello.
machine-wash it. B: Hello. Can I speak to Sandy, please?
2. A: Shes busy right now. Can you call back?
A: Id like to buy some envelopes. B: Oh, sure.
B: Which ones? These big ones? 3.
A: No, those are too big. Do you have any A: Hello.
smaller ones? B: Hello. Can I speak to Brian?
B: How about these? A: Sorry. Who?
A: Yes, they look like a better size. Can they be B: Brian.
used for air mail letters? A: What number did you want?
B: No. These are meant for regular mail. B: 321-9645.
3. A: This is 321-6949.
A: Can I see that watch, please? B: Oh, sorry.
B: The one with the narrow band? 4.
A: No. The one with the wide band. Is this a A: Hello.
mans watch? Im looking for a gift for my B: Hello. Is Sylvia there?
girlfriend. A: Sorry. Shes not in right now.
B: Actually, anyone can wear it. Its not just for B: Oh, well, this is Rod. Can I leave a message?
a man. A: Okay.
A: Hmm. Its nice. 5.
4. A: Hello.
A: I love that tie. B: Hello. Is Mrs. Brown there, please?
B: Im not crazy about stripes myself. A: Yes, may I ask whos calling?
A: No, nothe blue and orange one. B: Yes, this is Donna Simpson.
B: Oh. I dont like that, either. A: Just a moment, please.
A: Its kind of fun. Its for my brothers 6.
birthday. He likes things that are a little A: Hello.
different. B: Hello. Can I speak to Tony, please?
5. A: Sure. Hold on and Ill get him.
A: Can I see that blouse?

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3. Lets Listen (Page 75) A: OkayJohn called. Tomorrows party
1. 7:30Plaza Hotel. Got it! Hell be there.
A: Hello. B: Thanks. Talk to you later.
B: Hello, can I speak to Anne, please? A: Bye!
A: Sorry. Shes not in right now. Would you like 4. Lets Listen (Page 76)
to leave a message? 1.
B: Yes, please. My names Mary Brown. A: Hello.
A: Mary Brown? B: Hi, Jenny. This is David. How are things?
B: Yes, and my number is 914-6520. A: Pretty good, thanks.
A: Did you say 6520? B: Listen. I was wondering if youre doing
B: Thats right. Could you ask Anne to call me anything on Sunday.
back tonight? A: No, I dont think so.
A: Okay, Ill give her the message. B: Great. Would you like to see a movie with
B: Thanks. me?
A: Youre welcome. A: Oh, yeah. That sounds great. Thanks.
2. 2.
A: Hello. A: Hello.
B: Hello. Id like to speak to John, please. B: Hi, Tony. This is Bob.
A: Oh, Johns not back from school yet. Can I A: Hi, Bob. Whats up?
take a message? B: Oh, nothing much. But I have a favor to ask.
B: Um, yes, please. My name is Ellen. Would it be okay for me to borrow your
A: E-L-L-E-N? stereo on Sunday? Mine isnt working very
B: Thats right. And my number is 614-5533. well, and I have some new CDs Id like to
A: 614-5533. listen to.
B: Please tell John Ill meet him tomorrow at 12 A: Um. Well, okay. I guess thats all right.
oclock at the bookstore. B: Thanks. See you tomorrow.
A: At the bookstore. Okay. Ill tell him. A: Yeah. Bye.
3. C: Who was that?
A: Hello. A: Oh, it was Bob. He wants to borrow my
B: Hello. Is Peter there, please? stereo again!
A: Hes gone out for the evening. Can I take a C: Not again!
message? 3.
B: Yes, please. This is Joan calling. A: Hello.
A: Yes, Jean. Whats the message? B: Hi, John. This is Rita.
B: No, its Joan. J-O-A-N. Please tell him the A: Hi. Hows it going?
English exam will be on Tuesday in Room B: Well, okay, but Im afraid I have to cancel
214. our date. Remember? We were going to see a
A: English examTuesdayRoom 214. Ill play together.
tell him. A: Yeah, Ive already bought the tickets.
B: Thank you. B: Oh, Im so sorry, but I have to drive my dad
4. to the airport.
A: Hello. A: Oh, well. Ill see if I can get someone else to
B: Hello. This is John. go with me.
A: Oh, hi, John! B: Yeah. Sorry about that.
B: Is Patrick there? 4.
A: Hes here, but hes sleeping. He wont get up A: Hello.
until morning. Can I take a message? B: Hello, David. This is Paul.
B: Yes, please. Tell him that tomorrows party is A: Oh, hi.
at 7:30 at the Plaza Hotel. B: Listen, you know were supposed to meet at
A: Okay, lets seeJohn called Oh, John, six tonight for dinner?
how do you spell your name again? Is it J-O- A: Yeah, is there a problem?
N? B: No, but can we meet at seven oclock
B: No, its J-O-H-N. instead? I think Im going to be late.

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A: No problem. Actually, thats better for me, B: Im calling about a wallet. I think I left it in a
too. taxi this morning. Its a black wallet. It had
B: Great. See you at seven oclock. all my credit cards in it.
5. A: Oh, dear.
A: Hi, Joan. I know its late, but I wanted to call 4.
and apologize to you. A: Hello. City Taxi.
B: Well, I was wondering why you didnt meet B: Hello. I left a pair of glasses in a taxi this
me for dinner. morning.
A: I am so sorry, but my husband called me at A: Sunglasses? Black frames with initials on
work and told me that he was not feeling them?
well. So, I had to go home and take care of B: No. No, theyre regular glasses. They were
him. I was so busy, I forgot to call you. in a brown leather case. I cant see a thing
B: Well, I understand your problem, but you without them.
really should have called. A: Sorry. Theyre not here.
6. 3. Lets Listen (Page 79)
A: Hi, Howard! How are you doing? 1.
B: Oh, Becky! Im doing pretty good. Im I wear it instead of sunglasses because sunglasses
leaving for my big vacation to Europe this make me look so stupid. I always wear it when its
Saturday. sunny outside. If I dont wear it, the sun hurts my
A: What? You are? eyes. Its not too good on windy days, though.
B: Yeah, why? 2.
A: Well, you promised me that you would help Its excellent for work because its pretty big and I
me move into my new apartment this can get all my business papers in it. Its not one of
Saturday. those cheap-looking plastic ones. Its made of real
B: Oh, thats right. I forgot. Well, dont worry. leather.
My plane leaves at night. I can still help you 3.
in the morning, I guess. I use it to put my things in when I play sports. Its
A: Oh, good. Thanks! pretty big, so I can get all my clothes and my
B: Sure. running shoes into it.
Unit 20: Describing Things 4.
2. Lets Listen (Page 78) Its an expensive one, but I use it a lot because its
1. very wet here in the fall. I love the colors, too.
A: Hello. City Taxi. People can easily find me in a crowd when Im
B: Yes, I left a briefcase in a taxi coming back using it.
from the airport. 5.
A: Can you describe it? Its great when youre on a trip somewhere,
B: Yes, its black leather, with the initials PWD especially when youre taking a flight, because you
on it. can take it on board the aircraft. Its not so big, so
2. you can put it in the overhead compartment or under
A: Hello. City Taxi. the seat in front of you. Its also got wheels and a
B: Hello, has anyone turned in a ladys handle that you can pull out.
handbag? I left one in a taxi about an hour 6.
ago. Theyre very comfortable for jogging or walking.
A: Can you describe it? Thats good because I jog and walk a lot. But theyre
B: Yes, its a small blue and white striped bag really old. Ive had them for about three years. I hate
with a long red strap. the color. But Ill use them until I can afford a new
3. pair.
A: Hello. 4. Lets Listen (Page 80)
B: Is this City Taxi? 1.
A: Yes, it is. Its a brown leather one. I keep all my money and
my credit cards in it. I usually keep it in my back
pocket. It probably fell out when I was getting off

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the bus. I hope I get it back because it also has my B: Okay. Go straight up two blocks and turn
ID card in it, and thats very important. right at the light. Youll see a hotel on your
2. right.
Im always losing them or putting them down and A: Thanks.
forgetting where I put them. I think I was wearing B: Youre welcome.
them when I was on the bus. Then I stopped for a 4.
cup of coffee at a coffee shop. I think I took them off A: Excuse me. Is there a bookstore around here?
then because I dont need them when I read, and I B: Yes. Take the first street on the left. Go
was reading a magazine. Yes, maybe thats where through the next intersection. Youll see the
they are. bookstore on the right. You cant miss it.
3. 3. Lets Listen (Page 83)
Im sure I had them when I left school because I 1.
remember putting them in my purse. Im sure I had A: Excuse me. Is there a bank near here?
them when I came home or I couldnt have driven B: Yes, there is. Go straight up Third Street for
the car or opened the front door. So that means two blocks and turn right on Pine Street. The
theyre somewhere inside the house. bank is on the right.
4. 2.
Im sure I used it to pay the bill at the restaurant A: Excuse me, Im looking for the Peking
when I had lunch there. After that I went to the Restaurant.
department store, and I think I used it when I bought B: Oh, sure. I know where it is. Its one of my
my jacket. Im sure thats the last time I used it, so favorite restaurants. Go left here on King
its probably there. Street. Then turn right onto Second Street.
5. Walk up Second Street for a block. Its on
I usually keep it at home in a drawer in my desk your left, on the corner of Ford and Second.
because I only use it when I travel abroad. But its 3.
not there, so I wonder where I put it. Oh, maybe I A: Im trying to find a supermarket.
left it at the office when I came back from my trip to B: A supermarket? Okay. Go left down King
France. I think thats where it is, because I went and then go up Second Street for two blocks.
straight from the airport to my office. Its on the left, on the corner of Pine and
6. Second.
I thought it was in my briefcase. I usually put it A: Thanks.
there when I get one from the newsstand and then 4.
read it when I get home. Now I remember! I was on A: How can I get to the post office?
the subway! I took it out to read the sports section. B: Oh, its not far from here. Go up Third Street
Im sure I left it there. and turn right on Ford. Walk down Ford and
Unit 21: Directions youll see it on your right, on the corner of
2. Lets Listen (Page 82) Ford and Fourth.
1. 5.
A: Excuse me. Wheres the post office? A: Im looking for the Tourist Office.
B: The post office? Go straight for two blocks B: Okay. Go up Third Street and turn left on
and then turn left. Its on the left. Ford. Its in the first big building you see on
A: Up this street two blocks and left? your left.
B: Thats correct. 6.
2. A: Can you tell me how to get to the Art
A: Can I help you? Museum?
B: Im looking for the bank. B: The Art Museum? Sure. Go up Third Street
A: Well, take a right at the first corner, and its for two blocks and then turn left on Pine
on your right. Street. Go to the end of the block. The
B: Okay, thanks. museum is on your left, on the corner of
3. Second and Pine Street.
A: Can you help me? Im looking for a hotel.

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4. Lets Listen (Page 84) B: Oh, sure. I like Tom.
1. A: Yeah, me, too. He makes me laugh. Hes
So when you come out of the subway, look for a tall always doing crazy things.
glass building. Thats a hotel. Walk past that for two B: Yeah, I know.
blocks and youll see a small street on the right. 4.
Thats my street. Theres a grocery store on the A: Have you spoken to the new guy in our class,
corner. Go down the street and my place is the Paul?
fourth house on the left. Maybe bring some CDs B: Yes, I have.
with you, because I dont have any dance music for A: Whats he like?
the party. B: Boy, hes really interesting. He speaks six
2. languages and was the top student at his last
My place is fairly easy to find. Get off the bus school.
across from the supermarket. When you get to the A: Oh, great!
supermarket, could you pick up some snacks? Then B: No, youll like him. Hes really friendly and
walk north for two blocks. Youll see a footbridge. easy to talk to.
Cross that footbridge and youll see a small street 5.
when you get to the other side. Go down the street, A: Do you and your boyfriend go out a lot,
and on the corner youll see an apartment building. Suzanne?
Thats my place. B: Oh sure, he loves going out and meeting
3. people. We go to parties all the time.
My apartment building is near the river. When you A: He sounds like a lot of fun.
come out of the subway, walk towards the river and B: Of course. Thats why hes my boyfriend.
youll see an intersection. Go through the 6.
intersection and take the first street on the left. Go A: Look what my friend Mary gave me for my
down the street until you see a supermarket. My birthday. Isnt this a beautiful blouse?
house is right next to it. If you can, could you bring B: Thats really nice. And she gave me a great
some fruit to go with dinner? present for my birthday, too. She loves
4. giving things to people.
I live in an apartment building close to the high A: Yeah, she does. And she doesnt expect
school. Get off the bus across from the school and anything in return.
walk north for about four blocks. Youll see a gas 3. Lets Listen (Page 87)
station on your left. Turn right just past the gas 1.
station and go down the street until you see a A: Mr. Grant is really funny, isnt he? He loves
church. My building is across from the church. telling jokes. And hes so easygoing.
Dont forget to bring your tennis racket. B: I know. Then theres Mrs. Grant. She never
Unit 22: People We Know seems to smile. I wonder why shes so
2. Lets Listen (Page 86) serious all the time.
1. 2.
A: So tell me about your new friend, Cindy. A: Where are Bobby and his brother today?
Whats she like? B: I think theyve skipped class again.
B: Shes really neat. Shes great to be with A: Really? Theyre always doing that.
because she makes me laugh all the time. B: Yeah. They arent serious about studying,
A: Oh, yeah? thats for sure. All they like to do is sit at
B: Yeah, shes always telling jokes. home and play computer games.
2. 3.
A: Whats your friend Pauline like? A: What are your new neighbors like?
B: Shes nice. B: Mr. and Mrs. Roberts? Well, they seem nice.
A: Is she shy? Ive spoken to Mrs. Roberts several times.
B: Shy? You must be kidding. She tells her Shes very easy to talk to. But I havent
whole life story to everyone she meets. spoken much to her husband. Hes kind of
shy and not very talkative.
A: Do you know Tom Brown?

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4. 3.
A: Have you met Wendys new boyfriend? A: Theres this guy who sits in front of me on
B: Yeah, I like him. the bus sometimes. He never talks to anyone.
A: Me, too. I think hes perfect for Wendy. He just sits there and talks to himself. Its
B: He sure is. Theyre so sociable. They both kind of weird.
love partying and theyre both a little crazy B: Oh, man! Really?
at times. A: Yeah. He likes to make people laugh, though.
A: Thats for sure. Hes always making funny faces and making
5. animal noises and things like that.
A: How do you like the new teachers? Sometimes hes really funny.
B: Well, Mr. Williams is very easygoing, and B: That does sound funny.
hes really smart, too. A: But you know, he always chews gum really
A: Yeah, I know. And what about Miss Vaughn? loudly. I really hate that!
B: Shes not as easy to get to know. Shes not as B: Me, too!
easygoing as Mr. Williams. She seems very 4.
serious. A: Theres a really cute guy from Canada on the
A: Yeah. I think so, too. basketball team!
6. B: Oh, yeah?
A: Whats your brothers wife like? A: Yeah. And hes really outgoing. Very
B: Shes just like my brotherserious and friendly, too.
hardworking. Shes at the office every night B: Tell me more.
until around 9:00. And so is he. A: Well, its difficult to get him to laugh. He
A: They sound like the perfect couple. doesnt seem to enjoy any jokes. I guess hes
4. Lets Listen (Page 88) pretty serious. But hes very good-looking.
1. B: Hmm. Sounds cute. Do you know if he has a
A: Hey, Anne, theres a guy in my Spanish class girlfriend?
whos really cool. Hes really friendly and A: Im sure he has many. He always asks a new
easy to talk to. He just always seems happy. girl out on a date every weekend. I dont like
B: Oh, really? He must have a lot of friends. guys like that.
A: Yes, I think he does. He tells really funny B: Yeah, but as long as hes cute, I dont mind.
jokes all the time, too. Im always laughing Unit 23: Places
in class. 2. Lets Listen (Page 90)
B: Man! He sounds great! 1.
A: Well, he is, but he forgets his book every A: How do you like where youre living?
day. Then he asks to share mine. I hate that! B: Oh, I love it. Theres so much to do here.
B: Sounds like we have a lot in common. I And I have a lot of friends here, too.
always forget my book, too. Id love to meet 2.
him. Why dont you introduce us some time? A: Whats your city like?
2. B: Well, the good thing is there are a lot of
A: Theres this new girl in class named Rosie. things to do here. There are good theaters
She always looks like shes in a bad mood. I and restaurants. The trouble is its getting
dont know if shes just very shy or what. very polluted, so its not as nice as it used to
B: Really? be.
A: Yeah, when someone tells a really funny 3.
joke, we all laugh, but she doesnt seem to A: Do you enjoy where youre living?
think its funny. B: Well, I enjoy a lot about it. The city has a
B: No way! very nice climate. Its never too hot or too
A: But she is very good at music. She always cold. And its a safe place to live.
practices the piano after school. 4.
B: Thats nice. But I dont think I could get A: Whats it like to live in this city?
along with her, because laughing and having B: Well, its very noisy and crowded. And the
fun are important to me. pollution is getting really bad. And I think

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we have one of the worst transportation 7.
systems in the world. Id love to live A: Whats your hometown like? Is it a nice
somewhere else. place to live?
5. B: Its great, especially for families with
A: How is it here, anyway? Is this a nice place children. Its pretty and quiet and it isnt
to live? dangerous at all.
B: Oh, Im really glad we moved here. The air 8.
is fresh and the people are very friendly. A: Is Osaka a big place?
Rents are pretty reasonable, and its a very B: Sure. Thats why I like it. Lots of people.
safe city, too. Thats so important. Also, its Lots of nightclubs and discos. I dont like
close to the sea, so its great in the summer. small cities.
6. 4. Lets Listen (Page 92)
A: Do you enjoy living here? 1.
B: Some things are okay. The restaurants are New York has great museums, and so does
pretty good, and the subway system is pretty Washington. But Washington feels more serious
good, too, but its very old and not very because the government is there, so it isnt as
clean. The weather also isnt that great. Its exciting as New York. Washington is more beautiful
very hot and humid in the summer and pretty for sure, and the restaurants are cheaper there. But
cold in the winter. But in general, its not too you know, I love theater, and New York has the best!
bad. Washington is okay, but I love New York!
3. Lets Listen (Page 91) 2.
1. Los Angeles is a huge place. You need a car to get
A: So tell me about Tokyo. Whats it like? around. San Francisco is more beautiful and its a
B: I love it. There are so many great things to great place for a weekend, but I get bored there after
do. Im busy all the time. a few days. I enjoy the fact that in Los Angeles
2. everything moves really fast. I love living here.
A: Do you like living here? 3.
B: Well, its okay. One thing I do like is that Hong Kong may be more beautiful than Singapore
theres very little noise. People dont walk because its got that fantastic harbor, but I like
down the street with loud radios or anything. Singapore better. Its smaller, so I think its more
Its pretty nice. comfortable. Its easy to get around and everything
3. is very clean. Hong Kong is pretty polluted and its
A: Do you like it here? always very crowded.
B: Its okay. But its awfully crowded and the 4.
air is so dirty. To tell you the truth, Im Melbourne is smaller than Sydney. It has a lot of
thinking about moving. lovely old buildings and great restaurants. Sydney is
4. more exciting and probably more beautiful, but I
A: Whats it like living in New York? think its too busy and too expensive. Melbourne
B: Oh, its really a great city, but you have to prices are better and its a more relaxing place.
pay a fortune for everything. Thats why I prefer Melbourne.
5. Unit 24: Health
A: Is Auckland a very big city? Is it crowded? 2. Lets Listen (Page 94)
B: Not really. Its really quite small. Its never 1.
very crowded or noisy. In fact, its like a A: What happened to your foot, Joanne?
small town in many ways. B: Oh, I hurt it when I was playing soccer.
6. A: Wow. Can you walk on it?
A: So whats San Francisco like? I hear its very B: Yes, but its really difficult.
scenic. 2.
B: Yes, it is. The Golden Gate Bridge is great A: What happened to you?
any time of year. The parks and the ocean are B: Oh, I didnt have my glasses on so I walked
beautiful, too. It really is a very lovely city. into a door.
A: No!

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B: Its true. Isnt it crazy? Now I have a 5.
splitting headache. I was working in the garden last week and I cut my
3. leg. It was a pretty deep cut, so I had to go to the
A: Did you cut yourself? doctor. She put some stitches in it. Theyll be in for
B: Yes, I was cooking and I cut myself with a another week.
knife. 4. Lets Listen (Page 96)
A: You should be more careful. 1.
B: I know, and now its difficult for me to eat, A: Ive really been having trouble sleeping
because Im left-handed. lately.
4. B: Thats too bad.
A: How did you do that? A: Yeah, I go to bed, but I often cant fall
B: I fell down playing basketball. I put out my asleep. Do you ever have that problem?
arm to stop myself, and this is what B: Yeah, I sometimes do, too, especially if Im
happened. feeling very worried or stressed out.
A: Is it broken? A: So what do you do for it? Do you take
B: Yes. sleeping pills?
5. B: I dont like the idea of sleeping pills, so I
A: Hows your back? usually get up and watch TV or read until I
B: Terrible. feel tired. Then I go back to bed. Why dont
A: Why dont you lie down and rest? Would you try it?
you like a massage? A: Yeah, I will.
B: Great idea. Thanks. 2.
6. A: Ive been feeling very tired lately, like I have
A: Hey, what happened to your ear? no energy.
B: Huh? B: Really? I used to have that problem.
A: Whats wrong with your ear? A: Oh, yeah? Do you think I should see the
B: Sorry, I cant hear you. I hurt my ear at the doctor?
gym. B: It may not be anything serious. Have you
3. Lets Listen (Page 95) tried taking vitamins?
1. A: No, I havent.
I have an awful backache. I was lifting heavy B: Taking vitamins always helps me when Im
weights at the gym yesterday and I think I must have tired.
pulled a muscle. If it doesnt get better soon, Ill 3.
have to see the doctor. A: Ive been getting really bad backaches.
2. B: Is that right?
I was hiking up a mountain yesterday and I slipped A: Yeah. Sometimes the pain is so bad I can
and twisted my ankle as we were going down a hardly move.
steep path. Its so painful I can hardly walk. I B: Do you spend a lot of time in front of a
bandaged it, but it still hurts. If it isnt better computer?
tomorrow, Ill go to the doctor. A: Yes, I do.
3. B: Thats probably causing it. I used to get that
I flew back from Australia last week and I think I problem, too.
caught the flu from someone on the plane. The only A: So did you stop using the computer?
time I get the flu is after a long flight. Ive been B: No, I didnt need to. But I changed the way I
taking pills for it, but I still feel sick. sat, and that made a difference. Here. Let me
4. show you.
I went out to dinner a few days ago with a friend. 4.
We went to a very good seafood restaurant, but I A: Im getting a lot of colds this year.
think there was something wrong with the fish B: Really?
because my stomach really started hurting. I had to A: Yeah! About once a month.
go to the hospital to get some medicine for it B: Thats too bad.
because it hurt so much. Its much better now.

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A: Ive been taking vitamin C, but it doesnt
B: Well, maybe you should go to the doctor.
A: Maybe youre right. Can you recommend a
good one?

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Test Tapescript B: Im going to the gym to exercise. Want to
1. Lets Listen A: No, thanks. I dont really like to exercise that
1. much. I play tennis a few times a month, but
You are listening to KMYZ Rock Radio. The time is thats about it.
exactly 11 oclock. Coming up at 11:15, we have the B: Oh, okay. Maybe we can play tennis some
weather. For all of you lunchtime drivers, there will time.
be a traffic report at twelve, so stay tuned. A: Okay, that would be great.
2. 9.
A: Hi, Penny. A: What are you doing this weekend, Rob?
B: Oh, hi, Mike. B: I dont know.
A: Im having a party next Friday. Um, are you A: Im going to go to a new pizza restaurant on
free? Saturday with some friends. Do you want to
B: Hmm Is that the tenth? go?
A: No, um, its the eleventh. B: Sure. What time?
B: Oh, great, I can come. Ill be on a trip until A: Around 6:30.
the tenth, but Ill be back on the eleventh. B: Okay. See you then.
What time is the party? 10.
A: 7:30 p.m. at my house. Ill see you then. A: Is that all?
3. B: Yes, thank you.
A: Donna, what would you like to do Saturday? A: Okay, thats $2.50 for the magazine and 70
B: Why dont we play soccer with some of the for the newspaper. Thats $3.20 altogether.
guys? B: Heres $5.00.
A: Thats a good idea, but I think its supposed A: Your change is $1.80.
to rain. 2. Lets Listen
B: Well then, what can we do?
A: We can play computer games this weekend,
A: I cant find anything today! Can you help
and maybe play soccer next weekend.
me, Dad?
4. B: Sure. What are you looking for?
A: Where are you working now, Ron? A: Where are the car keys?
B: Im still driving a taxi, but I really love B: Theyre on the bookshelf next to your
acting. I hope to change jobs soon. dictionary.
A: Well, remember me when you become A: Oh, I see them. What about my notebooks?
famous. B: Theyre on top of the TV.
5. A: And my tennis racket?
A: Hows your job, Sue? B: I saw it under the sofa this morning.
B: Its awful. The hours are long, and I do the A: Oh, no, what about my glasses?
same thing every day. I dont enjoy it at all, B: Theyre on the table between the plant and
but the pay is good, so Ill probably stay. the lamp.
6. A: Oh, I see them. Thanks, Dad! See you later.
A: Hey, Pete! How about going out for lunch? 2.
B: Id like to, but I dont have very much A: Is this your family, Jack?
money. About $2.00, I think. B: Yeah, thats my wife Sonia in the middle.
A: Its okay. Ill buy something for you. A: I love her curly hair. And are these your little
7. girls?
A: Can you believe the price of these shoes! B: Actually, theyre my nieces, Nancy and
Theyre so cheap. Katie. Theyre seven years old.
B: Youre right. They cost a lot more at that A: Cute!
other store. B: And thats me on the right, of course.
A: I know. Im going to buy a pair if they have 3.
my size. A: Hello.
8. B: Hello, Jane?
A: Hey, Cindy! Where are you running off to?

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A: Yes. B: No, I guess not.
B: This is Bob, your brothers friend. Im 5.
coming to Boston tomorrow. A: Hello, this is Andy. Im not here now, but
A: Oh, thats great. I can meet you at the airport, please leave a message after the beep.
but what do you look like? B: Hello, this message is for Andy Wilson. This
B: Well, Im pretty tallabout two meters is Dr. Waites office calling. Your dental
and I have dark, curly hair. Ill be wearing appointment on the fifth of December at 4:15
shorts, a T-shirt, and sandals. What about has been changed to December sixth at 4:15.
you? Please let us know if you are not free at this
A: I look a lot like my brother, but I wear time. Thank you.
glasses. 4. Lets Listen
B: Okay. Ill look for you tomorrow. 1. What would you like for dessert?
4. 2. Is Tina your sister?
A: Hey, do you know what time it is? 3. Are you an only child?
B: Mmyeah, its ten after three. 4. I play a lot of golf. Do you play?
A: Oh, no! My class started at three. 5. Can you tell me the time, please?
B: Hurry up! Youre late. 6. Have you been in Tokyo long?
5. 7. Where do you jog?
A: How are the jeans? 8. How are the sneakers?
B: Theyre too tight. Do you have a bigger pair? 9. Lets go for Chinese food tonight.
A: No, Im afraid we only have a size eight. 10. How much is the diamond necklace?
B: Oh, thats too bad. 11. When are you leaving for Thailand?
3. Lets Listen 12. Is your Uncle Ted retired?
1. 13. Have you seen my wallet?
A: Hello. David Carter speaking. 14. Are you doing anything on Friday?
B: Hi! Is Mary home? 15. Do you want to buy it?
A: Sorry. Shes not in. Can I take a message? 16. What can I get you today?
B: Yes, this is her new math teacher, Tom Park. 17. Can I have your name, please?
A: Oh, hello, Mr. Park. Im her father. She 18. Which one is your aunt?
should be home soon. 19. Is she in her twenties or thirties?
B: Please ask her to call me when she gets 20. Im looking for Mr. Smith.
home. My number is 234-1957. Final Test
2. 1. Lets Listen
Thank you for calling World Cinema. Today in 1.
Cinema One, we are showing Lost Planet at 1:15, A: Whats it like outside today?
3:40, 7:45, and 9:25. B: Its warm today, and breezy.
3. A: Should I bring my umbrella?
A: Hello. B: I dont think so. It was cloudy when I got up,
B: Hello, Rose? This is James. Would you like but the suns coming out now. In fact, maybe
to go dancing with me on Thursday night at you should bring your sunglasses.
the Senior Center? 2.
A: Oh, Im sorry, James. Id love to, but my A: Can I help you?
nephew is visiting until Sunday. B: Yes, Id like to listen to this CD before I buy
B: Oh, well. Some other time maybe. it.
A: Sure, I would love to. A: Sure, I think youll like it. Would you like to
4. buy it? Its on sale this week, too!
A: Charles, hows your brother Chris? B: No, thanks. I dont think so.
B: Great. He just graduated from college. 3.
A: Is he working now? A: Have you met Cindys new boyfriend?
B: No, but hes looking for a job as a teacher. B: Yeah, hes smart and very easygoing. I think
A: So, hes not going to be a lawyer like your hes perfect for Cindy.

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A: Yeah, theyre both hardworking students, but B: I left my backpack on Flight 62 from Taipei.
they also like to have fun. Thats great. A: Can you describe it, please?
B: I think theyre a good couple. B: Yes, it has a black and white checked design,
4. and it has two pockets in the front.
A: Uncle Joe, whats it like living in Mexico A: Is there anything inside?
City? B: Lets seeI think theres a pair of boots, an
B: Well, its a very noisy city. English book, and a pair of sunglasses.
A: Is it crowded? 2.
B: Yes, there are too many people and too many A: Hello.
cars, so the air is polluted. In fact, Im B: Hi, is Tony there?
thinking about moving. A: Sorry, hes not in right now. May I take a
5. message?
A: Hows your back, Tony? B: Yes. Tell him that Sandy called.
B: Much better today! I got a massage this A: Is that S-A-N-D-Y?
morning and a good sleep last night. B: Yes, thats right. My number is 668-1870.
A: Im glad to hear it. You looked terrible Could you ask him to meet me at the airport
yesterday. at 3:15 today?
6. A: Certainly.
A: Brenda, did you hear about Annie? B: Thanks.
B: What about her? 3.
A: Shes getting married! A: Whats in your bag, Joe?
B: I know. She told me last night. Isnt it B: Lets see. I have a short-sleeved white shirt
wonderful? and a striped tie.
7. A: What about the small box?
A: Hey, Jack. Did you have a good vacation? B: Oh, that? Thats a necklace for my girlfriend.
B: Mmmnot really. 4.
A: Where did you go? A: Whats your apartment like, Ellen?
B: We went to Disneyland, but my kids were B: Its pretty nice.
fighting all the time. A: Oh, really? How many rooms does it have?
8. B: I have four roomsa kitchen, a living room,
A: Sue, what movie is on the flight? a bedroom, and a small bathroom with just a
B: Falling in Love. Its a romance. shower and a toilet.
A: Oh, I cant stand that kind of movie. I think 5.
Ill read my sports magazine instead. A: I need to get some envelopes and a new
9. book. But I just dont know where anything
A: Hey, Bob! Are you still looking for a good is in this mall.
used computer? Im selling mine. B: Dont worry. The stationery store is near
B: How old is it? here.
A: Its four years old, but its in great condition. A: Great.
B: Thanks. Emily, but Ill keep looking. I want B: Go straight to that music store, and then
something new. make a right. Its next to the post office.
10. A: Oh, good. Thanks.
A: Excuse me. Is there a post office near here? 3. Lets Listen
B: Yes, there is. You take a left at the next 1.
corner. Then youll see a bank on the right. A: Id like some milk and bananas.
The post office is next to the bank. B: Is that all, sir?
A: Thank you very much. A: Ill take some strawberries, too.
B: Youre welcome. B: Im sure that youll like them. Theyre very
2. Lets Listen fresh.
1. 2.
A: Hello, Holiday Airlines. How may I help Heres the weather for Sydney, Australia. The
you? morning low will be 18 degrees Centigrade with a

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high of 30 around 1 p.m. The morning will be
cloudy, but the afternoon will be hot, humid, and
A: Hello. Suzys Hamburgers.
B: Hello. This is Harry Foster. Can I speak to
A: Sorry, theres no one here by that name.
What number did you want?
B: 421-3855.
A: This is 421-8355.
B: Oh, Im sorry.
I bought it in Paris last year. It has room for my
credit cards and money. I like it because it fits in my
pants pocket, and its real leather, too.
A: So tell me about New York, Jane.
B: Its a really great city. There are so many
things to do. Its never boring.
A: Is it safe?
B: Its safe in the day, but you have to be careful
at night.
4. Lets Listen
1. It was nice talking to you, Sara. Ive got to
2. You dont have a stove in your apartment?
3. How was your trip to Italy?
4. Whos calling, please?
5. Can I try this dress on?
6. Excuse me, Im looking for the Tourist
7. Can you describe your handbag, please?
8. Nice to meet you. Are you from Thailand?
9. Shes so funny, isnt she?
10. How did you hurt your foot?
11. What did you do in Hawaii?
12. Is Auckland a very big city?
13. What did you think of the special effects?
14. Have you spoken to the new woman in our
15. Is this book any good?
16. Can you call back later?
17. Whats it like in Paris today?
18. Say, would you like to go to a movie
19. Whats your new place like?
20. Is this you in the picture?

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