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Name : Year : 3 Malligai

A) Write the words with the ie sound.

1) 2)

3) 4)

5) (5 Marks)

B) Circle the common noun.

Proton Saga Sang Kancil bus story book

squirrel Mr. Chong Tom and Jerry

jungle rose Seremban

(5 Marks)

C) Complete the sentences with correct words.

1) Rani (walk, walks) to school.

2) We ( help, helps ) our teacher.

3) Ramu ( cycle, cycles ) around the park.

4) They (like, likes ) to eat pizza.

5) I (play, plays ) football. (5 Marks)

D) Complete the sentences with correct personal pronouns.

1) My mother likes to cook. . likes to cook chicken curry.

2) The cat is under the chair. . is sleeping.

3) Encik Bakri is a doctor. . works in a hospital.

4) Ahmad and Abu are friends. . play badminton every


5) My name is John William. . live in Taman Murni.

We She I They He
(5 Marks)

E) Fill in the blanks with the correct answer.

knife happy drinks clapping birthday

1) This is Lucys family. They are celebrating her ____________________ today.

2) There is a lot of food and ____________________ on the table.

3) Lucy is cutting the cake with a ____________________ .

4) All of them are ____________________ their hands.

5) They are very ____________________ today.

(5 Marks)

F) Cross out (x) the correct answer.

1) Do you want the green shirt and or the blue shirt?

2) Indra and or her friends went to town.

3) My mother is kind and or loving.

4) Do you like coffee and or milk?

5) My hobbies are swimming and or dancing. (5 Marks)

G) Read the passage and answer the following questions.

Mak Minah owns a shop in the city. She sells many types of buns. She
sells banana cakes, potato buns and keropok ubi.

She opens her shop around 4.00 p.m. and closes at 7.00 p.m. Her
children always help her after school. Her husband will help her every
weekend. Many people like to buy from her because she always serves them

1) Where is Mak Minahs shop?

A. In a big town
B. In a small town
C. In the city

2) How long does she open her stall?

A. One hour
B. Three hours
C. Two hours

3) Who always helps her at her stall?

A. Children
B. Husband
C. neighbours

4) Many people like to buy from her because _______________

A. She sells at cheap price

B. She is very beautiful
C. She serves them hot

5) From the passage, we know that ________________________

A. Mak Minahs hobby is gardening.

B. Mak Minah is a hardworking lady.
C. Many people like Mak Minah.
(10 Marks)
G) Construct sentences using given words.

skilful - hardworking
Mr. Abu - neighbour

works Hospital Jempol

He - doctor

is forty years








(10 Marks)

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