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Each question in this paper is followed by four possible answers.

Choose the best answer from the answers marked A, B, C and D.

Question 1 4

Read the text and choose the best word based on the pictures given.

Encik Haris works in a post office. He is a ____1_____. Every morning

he delivers ___2____ from house to house. He goes to work at

____3___ in the morning. He carries along a bag of letter and parcels on

his ____4___. He loves his job very much.

1. A. racer B. postman C.fishmonger D.bread vendor

2. A. letters B.parcels C.leaflets D.newspaper

3. A. six B. seven C. eight D. nine

4. A. car B. van C. bicycle D. motorcycle

Question 5 6

Choose the best phase to complete the sentences below.

5. The farmer took ________ buffaloes across the river.

A. a pack of
B. a flock of
C. a heard of
D. a group of

6. I tripped on the steps because the hallway was _________ night.

A. as cold as
B. as dark as
C. as calm as
D. as white as

7. The fashion designer ____________ on stage to receive her prize.

A. sing merrily
B. dance happily
C. walked proud
D. smiled cheerfully

Question 8 10

Choose the best sentences that describe each picture.


A. The boy unbuttoned his shirt

B. A nurse is beside the patient
C.The boy is scared of the doctor
D.The doctor examined my nephew

A. They are ripe and tasty vegetables

B. She put a banana in the blender
C. It is time to bake a fruit cake
D. Mrs Lee puts fruit in a box


A. No one is in the hall

B. He is practicing hard
C. Han Ju broke the stick
D. That man is killing a snake
Question 11 15
Choose the best answer to fit the situation shown in the picture.


A. It is a small island
B. That is Malaysia
C. It is our home
D. We live there

A. Can you make the bed, please?

B. Did you make a mess, Harry?
C. Have you found the sheets?
D. What are you doing?


A. May I help you, sir?

B. What do you want?
C. Would you like a drink?
D. Is there a special dish today?


A. Thank you for the basket

B. Where are the trolleys?
C. Can I take this basket?
D. Dou you want one too?

A. I am very cold.
B. It is very dusty in here
C. I think I am going to die ill
D. Were going to the beach today.

Question 16 20

Choose the best answer to complete the sentence.

16. They took _________ textbooks from the table.

A. our
B. their
C. his
D. us

17. Han Chong did his _______ in the final examination.

A. bad
B. best
C. good
D. better

18. My friends are coming to visit me _________ 30 August.

A. on
B. in
C. beside
D. about
19. Jerry ran fast and finally _________ the winning goal for his team.

A. score
B. scores
C. scoring
D. scored

20. I am _________ but my sister is _______ than i.

A. funnier, funniest
B. funny, funniest
C. funniest , funny
D. funny funnier

Question 21

Choose the word that has the opposite meaning to the word underlined.

21. Miss Abirami changed into her new clothes before the event started.

A. big
B. old
C. tight
D. small

Question 22

Choose the sentences with the correct spelling

22. The _________ is feeding its young.

A. swalo
B. swallow
C. swallow
D. swaloh

23. Miss Sumathy hurt her________ on the slide yesterday.

A. shoulder
B. shoulder
C. sholder
D. shoder
Question 24 25

Choose the sentences with the correct punctuation.

24. A. Where is Mr.Shiva! asked mother.

B. Where is Mr.Shiva asked mother.
C. Where is Mr.Shiva. asked mother.
D. . Where is Mr.Shiva?. asked mother.

25. A. Dr.Dave checks peoples heats

B. Dr.Dave checks peoples heats.

C. Dr.Dave checks peoples heats!
D. Dr.Dave checks peoples heats.

Question 26 30

Based on the picture, choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that

It is 12 oclock . Wee Har and her brother are helping their mother tp prepare
____(26)___ in the kitchen. She ___(27)____ a knife to cut silence of carrots. After
beating them, she puts them on the plates ___(28)____ her. Wee Hock is busy beating
the eggs__(29)___ a fork at the dining table. Their mother then helps them to cook the
vegetables after ___(30)__ them first.
26. A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner D. tea

27. A. was using B. is using C.has used D.using

28. A. beneath B. behind C.beside D.before

29. A. in B. to C. by D.with

30. A. washing B.washes C.washed D.wash

Question 31 35

Read the dialogue below and answer the questions that follow .

Father : Here we are, children! Laruts very first floating restaurant.

Jim & To : Yay, Thank you for treating us, Dad.

Father : Youre welcome. You deserve it for doing well in school. Now, what shall

We order?


Opens daily except Monday

Business hours 7.00pm 2.00am

Fried rice RM 2.80 - Ice Lemon Tea RM1.80
Fried noodles RM 2.80 - Hot Chocolate RM 2.00
Chicken rending RM 2.80 - Fresh Orange Juice RM2.40
Chicken wings RM1.60 -Syrup RM1.20
Eggs with oysters RM 8.00

31. Jim and Toms father took his family ________ .

A. to an island B. to a restaurant
C. to a floating stall D. to a floating restaurant
32. They went to the restaurant because ________ .

A. It was close to their house C. the boys excelled in school

B. The restaurant was open D. it was Jims birthday

33. The restaurant does not____________ .

A. close on Monday C. open at night

B. Have ice cream D. have syrup

34. For RM 5.00, you can buy _______ .

A. The eggs with oysters C. two plates of chicken rending

B. Three cups of hot chocolate D. two glasses of fresh orange juice

35. The cheapest dish is ____________ .

A. Fried rice C. chicken wings

B. Fried noodles D. chicken rendang

Question 36 40

Read the passage and answer the questions that follow.

Beng Soon is a naughty child. He refuses to listen to his parents. He does

things that upset them, especially his mother.
Yesterday , Beng Soon visited Aunty Lim with his mother . Aunty Lim stay in
a small flat. Beng Soon ran about the flat. He climbed up and down the sofa and
the bookcases. He also chased Aunty Lims pet puppy all over the living room.
Suddenly, he crashed into a table, knocking an expensive vase over and tearing
him. She told him to sit still in a corner of the room, facing the wall.
Instead, Beng Soon went and played outside on the balcony. Crash!! He
knocked a flower pot over the ledge. Instantly someone shouted from below, Hey!
What have you?
36. How would you describe Been Soon?

A. He is a funny boy
B. He is a cheeky boy
C. He is a clam boy
D. He is a nervous boy

37. He upsets his parents by _______.

A. sitting still
B. being quite
C. not behaving
D. listening to them

38. What happened when Beng Soon visited Aunty Lim ?

A. Aunty Lim scolded him
B. He fought with her son
C. She was happy to see him.
D. He broke an expensive vase.

39. When Beng Soon broke the vase, his mother probably felt ______ .
A. unhappy
D. calm

40. The most suitable word to end this statement Hey! What have you? is
A. got
C. done

There are three section in this paper. Answer all the questions in the space provided.


Based on the picture, write one correct sentences. You must use both the words given.


- fell bicycle


- under ladder


- axe chop


- clothes rain

- sang - competition


-carrying - lorry


- bee - stings


- loves - reading


- nurse - beside


- tap toilet



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