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The Social Innovation Initiative (SII), a program seeks to support final year students in
their exploration of new initiatives, programs, and services that address social issues.
Community Leaders will be matched with students who will work in partnership with
them to research the development of the new endeavor that supports innovators as they
develop their ideas and put them into action.

This program aims to offer support, learning opportunities, training and mentorship to
students who have ideas but often may feel held back in pursuing them due to resource
and capacity constraints. In addition, this opportunity provides students who are
passionate about social issues and interested in social innovation a way to pursue these
interests in the context of a community priority.

During program, the selected students and community leaders will work in partnership
to explore the new endeavor through research, analysis, and any other appropriate
activities. During this time, the student will serve as an intern, working 75-100 hours
over the course and receiving a stipend from Program.

We strive to provide useful and high quality support to the community. Specific
benefits to participating in program include:

A student partner who will work with the community leader throughout project
for a total of 75-100 hours.
A report at the end of the semester that summarizes and describes the unmet
need, the opportunity, and any relevant research that the student has conducted.
The opportunity to apply for the Social Innovation Fellowship to facilitate further
development and implementation of the proposed idea.
Liaison Corporation staff will provide ongoing support to the project and any
necessary guidance.