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What is Differentiated Instruction? Different learners require different lessons. Differentiated instruction is a way of “tailoring instruction to meet individual needs”, (Tomlinson 2000) It takes as its starting point the skills and needs of the students rather than the curriculum. What's the purpose of differentiated instruction? g ‘To empower students with effective learning strategies that can be applied to future learning, in or out of the classroom S ‘To promote equity and excellence in mixed-ability classrooms S To address the needs of a wide-variety of learners Who benefits from differentiated Instruction? 888 All learners! What are the main elements of differentiated instruction? Content What will be learned & how will the student access the information? A tle g Instructional Level of __Subject Material Dificully Matter Process How will it be learned? 3 ®o 6 Strategies Aids used Time Product What is the culminating task by which learning will be measured? R W * Length Presention Product of the task Learning Context How should the classroom work and feel to best facilitate learning? 2. 8: 8 ° 8 8 fF Environment Type of Grouping