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Please print out and follow this pace chart. Each week's assignments are due by Friday at 11:59 p.m.
If all assignments are not turned in by the following Sunday, you will be considered behind pace.


*Know the purpose and structure of this

Segment One Entrance Survey
week 1 course
01.01 Time to Lead
*learn how this class will help you lead
01.02 See Your Strength
and find your strength

02.01 Hit Your Turbo *learn how to use your Turbo Button and
week 2 02.02 Avoid Your Victim Victim Button.
02.03 Set MAD Goals *you will learn how to set goals.

02.04 Stay in the Zone

02.05 Get Organized * learn how to use your resources *learn
03.01 See the Risks how to stay organized
03.02 Create Up Friendships

week 3
03.03 Build Strong Friendships
03.04 Open Your Conversations
03.05 See the Invisible Recognize opportunities to help people
03.06 Discussion-Based Assessment in your life
week 4
End Grace
(Must be on pace with a passing grade to remain in the course)

04.01 Grow Your Brain

Add positive habits to your life
04.02 Believe in Growth
Identify the ingredients needed for
04.03 Grow Your Can Do
04.04 Explore and Grow
week 5

04.05 Use Your Power

Segment One Exit Survey
04.06 Segment One Exam * practice
all skills learned and use your power to demonstrate mastery

week 6