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ACt ooecccoooesooeseestthics Answer Key / Reflection Activity 2 Nome route, lacuna Dole 22342 MODULE 1 MODULE 2 MODULE 3 MODULE 4 1D Le KO iD 2A 2D 2b 2B 3A 34 3.8 3A 4a ac 4aB 4d 5D 5D BE 5. 60 6D 7A Lb 3D aA %~D 10 Identify elements in our society that have contributed to the necessity of the development of the Teacher code of ethics. Why is it important that all teachers receive training on the Code of Ethics? Socal media, Technotasy Teacher's mote lot & responsibility tare in He qublie eve oCkn. Parved WA bene, resposible Be Me education + U2iFore L cleilolen requires a wulemtacdins & ooger bouncact es Tehrs as Ldrs 11