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Confidence Intervals Review

1) If 10000 random samples are taken from a population, and a 95 % confidence interval for the
population mean is computed for each sample. How many of those confidence intervals will
contain the value of the population mean?

2) A 90 % confidence interval for the proportion of Americans who believe in UFOs was computed
based on 1000 randomly selected people. The result was ( 0.67,0.70)

a) Is the true population proportion in the above confidence interval?

b) Based on the above confidence interval, is it reasonable to say that 75 % of Americans believe in
c) If a 95 % confidence interval is computed using the same data set, what would happen to the
confidence interval width?
d) What is the meaning of 90 % confidence level ?

3) In a survey of 1000 randomly selected adults in the US, participants were asked what their most
favorite subject was when they were in highs school. Two hundred and thirty of them chose
Math as their favorite subject.

a) Find a point estimate of the population proportion of US adults for whom Math was their most
favorite subject
b) Find a 95 % confidence interval for the population proportion of US adults for whom Math was
their most favorite subject. Interpret it
4) Five students visiting the student health center for a free dental examination during National
Dental Hygiene Month were asked how many months had passed since their last visit to the
dentist . The data and summary statistics are given below :

6 17 11 22 29

Mean 17
Standard Error 4.037325848
Median 17
Mode #N/A
Deviation 9.027735043
Sample Variance 81.5
Kurtosis -0.980917611
Skewness 0.173290108
Range 23
Minimum 6
Maximum 29
Sum 85
Count 5

Based on the above information, construct a 95 % confidence interval for the mean number of months
elapsed since the last visit to the dentist for the population of students participating in the program.
Interpret it.

5) A college financial advisor wants to estimate the mean cost of textbooks per quarter for
students at the college. For the estimate to be useful, it should have a margin of error of 20
dollars or less. The standard deviation of prices is estimated to be around 100 dollars. How large
of a sample size needs to be used to be 95% confident, with the given margin of error?

6) A manufacturer of small appliances purchases plastic handles for coffee pots from an outside
vendor. If a handle is cracked, it is considered defective and it cant be used. A large shipment of
plastic handles is received. How many handles from the shipment should be inspected in order
to estimate p, the proportion of defective handles in the shipment, with a margin of error of 0.1
and a confidence level of 90 %?