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Communication tasks for learners of English.

Considering different options.

1) Choose words from the list below to fit into each sentence. Only one final
solution should be attempted. Note: these sentences are useful for email or
oral debate.

in terms of / as I / look at / one hand / long run / Alternatively / only
downside / approach the issue / the upside / about / either way / could /
alternative / way you

[Thursday or Friday;] ( 1. ) will be OK by me. (Inf / N)

What ( 2. ) [doing it another way]? (Inf / N)

On the ( 3. ) On the other hand... (Inf / N)

The ( 4. ) is... (Inf / N)

On ( 5. ), though, ... (Inf / N)

Let's ( 6. ) it this way, (Inf / N)

Whichever ( 7. ) look at it, (Inf / N)

Well, ( 8. ) see it, ... (Inf / N)

( 9. ), [we could do it on Wednesday]. (N)

Another ( 10. ) is... (N)

We ( 11. ) consider... (N)

If you look at it ( 12. ) [benefit to the company, there's a lot to

be said for it]. (N)

In the ( 13. ), (Inf / N)

If we ( 14. ) from a different angle, (N)

2) Activity for discussion and practice.

Your teacher will ask you how you would carry out certain situations. Be
creative and inventive in your replies.

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Communication tasks for learners of English.

Teachers notes.
(Time for activity: 40 mins approx. Level: intermediate (+))

Considering different options. (Context: email or meetings.)

Correct answers to question 1.

(Note the key: Inf = for informal communication; N = for neutral communication
(suitable for business correspondence); F = formal.

1. either way 8. as I
2. about 9. Alternatively
3. one hand 10. alternative
4. only downside 11. could
5. the upside 12. in terms of
6. look at 13. long run
7. way you 14. approach the issue

Before continuing with activity 2, ensure Ss understand the expressions in activity

1. You can do this by testing on synonyms and opposites contained within these
phrases. For example, Whats another meaning for the word alternative? (way).
Whats the opposite of downside? (upside). Which of the two is negative?
(downside). Tell me two synonyms for consider (look at, approach). Etc.

Suggestions for activity 2.

Perhaps the best way to practise these expressions is to suggest activities which
could be humorous; in this way students can feel free to be creative and thereby
invent more situations and practise more of the above phrases. Some suggestions
are given below

You are the boss! How would you carry out the following tasks at work?

1) You want to convert the dining area into a gymnasium and put the dining
area somewhere else.

2) You want to offer compulsory fifteen minutes aerobics training (during work
time) for all staff three times a day.

3) You want to be more ecological so you offer a compulsory bus or train

transport service for all staff when coming to work and going back to their
homes. No more cars!

Enjoy the lesson!

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