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September 20, 2016

To whom it concerns

I am trying to move out of the house that I am currently in for the winter months. I was seeking
a short term rental, for 6 months or so, because the house that I'm currently in needs major
renovations. I was hoping to have these renovations completed over the winter and to move
back into my current home by the springtime.

I have an excellent credit history and I am not in debt to anyone. I receive a provincial
disability for several health related issues and am not currently able to work. My Son, almost
19 years old lives with me in my current home and would be moving with me if I was to secure
a short-term accommodation. My son is a musician and he plays in a band so he is only home
about 50% of the time. My son is a very well adjusted young man who is helpful, polite and

We were looking to move away while renovations are being done to my current home
primarily because of my health issues. My current home is an off-grid property that requires a
lot of effort to keep it maintained and functioning all winter long. As I've had pneumonia for the
last 2 winters, I felt that it was appropriate to take it easier this winter and to not risk getting
pneumonia once more as I feel that my general health is not well enough to handle such. The
required renovations on my current home will focus around the general space that I live in and
I also did not want to endure this sort of inconvenience while trying to live my everyday life. If I
was to stay in my current home it would be nothing short of constant frustration and potential
health risks, at least until particular renovations are completed.

Another reason that I am trying to secure accommodations in the town of Picton is to be

closer to my daughter as she delivers my second Grandchild sometime in the next month or
so. I wanted to be closer to my daughter to help her as necessary with her new arrival and to
take care of my other Grandchild as necessary.

On September 9 2016 I sent an Email, through the Kijiji.com Website, regarding available
apartments in a building at 56 Mary Street in Picton, Ontario. A person named Brian told me
that he was available to meet and I met with him around 3:00pm to view the apartment. Upon
meeting, Brian informed me that I had replied to the add for a one bedroom apartment and
that it had been rented out already but that he would show me the two bedroom unit if I was
interested. I said that I was interested and so we went on upstairs to view the two bedroom
unit and to discuss the further potential arrangements.

Brian asked me if my son was employed. I told Brian that my son is a musician and that he is
in a band. Brian scoffed at my statement but continued to show me around. As the discussion
progressed, Brian asked me what my source of income was and I told him that I receive a
monthly disability until I'm able to get back on my feet with my health issues. I told Brian that I
have Lyme Disease and that I needed a stable home to rent so that I could begin my
recovery. Brian then stated that he was referring me down the road to a place called the
'Fenix' because he was uncomfortable with the fact that I receive a disability and he said it
made him additionally uncomfortable that my son was in a band. I began to experience a
significant anxiety attack at this point, whereby I became overheated, breathless, dizzy and
generally overwhelmed.

I explained to Brian that it was inappropriate for him to refuse to rent to me based on the
issues that he had put forth to me and that I felt that he was discriminating against me and my
Son. Brian told me that he wasn't discriminating but that he was standing firm in his position. I
left the property immediately.

I returned to my daughter's apartment on the same day, shortly after leaving the property at
56 Mary Street. My daughter and I reviewed the audio recording that I captured of my
conversation with Brian, just to be sure that events transpired as I was sure they had. After
confirming that I was not overacting and that Brian did, in fact, directly discriminate against
me, I promptly sent an Email to Brian to re-iterate to him that he cannot discriminate against
me in the way that he just had and to further make it clear to him that I, most definitely, took
issue with the way that I had been treated by him and that I would be following up with
attempts for accountability. Brian did not return my Email.

On September 11, 2016 I sent Brian another Email. I asked him to provide me with the name
and contact information for his manager or employer at Loyalist Lofts so that I could begin
taking accountability measures for the blatant discrimination that I had recently been subject
to. I explained to Brian that I am not an unreasonable person and that I would like to simply
discuss the matters at hand before feeling forced to take other avenues for accountability.
Brian, to the best of my knowledge, did not respond to my Email.

The above Email that I sent through the Loyalist Lofts Website (http://www.loyalistlofts.ca/) says:

Hello. I recently viewed the property on Mary Street in Picton. Brian facilitated the viewing and then he
subsequently denied me the rental based on my disability. I've tried to work this out with Brian through Email,
however, he will not respond to my request. I need to speak with someone at Loyalist Lofst regarding this matter
as soon as possible. I request this asap. Please communicate via Email as currently I don't have a phone. Thank
you. Brenda Everall

The above Screenshot shows that my Email was sent to Loyalist Lofts.

As time continued to pass, I noticed that the same apartment that Brian had shown to me at
56 Mary Street was still available for rent through Kijiji.com. I felt that there was no doubt that
Brian was discriminating against me. It was obvious that he was still willing to rent the
apartment, just not to me. I took screenshots of the ad to show how long it was up after I had
been refused the rental. Brian continued to look for 'suitable' tenants, it would seem, even
though he didn't ask for one single reference from me to give me a chance to show that I
have an impeccable record, historically, as a Tenant. The apartment was still available up until
my last check on September 22, 2016.

On September 19, 2016, using my nickname, I sent Brian an Email through the Kijji website. I
told Brian that I was interested in renting the apartment. I took the time to word the Email in a
way that made me sound 'rich' (if you will). I was sure to lead Brian into a line of questioning
that could generate evidence that Brian was indeed discriminating against certain 'types' of
people. I therefore asked Brian if the other tenants were quiet and 'well adjusted individuals'.
Brian responded, within the same hour and his response was "WE ARE FUSSY AS TO WHO
WE RENT TO." Brian invited me to call him at the number he provided so that he could show
me the apartment on September 21, 2016. I have not replied to Brian's response, nor do I
intend to.

I feel that Brian thinks that he is 'above' me and that he doesn't have to answer to my claim of
discrimination. Brian intentionally attacked my dignity and he embarrassed me. I suffered an
anxiety attack, directly induced by Brian's comments. I felt belittled and temporarily invaluable.
I felt victimized. I felt that this is the way it's always been - the rich get richer... by stepping on
those who they perceive to be 'under' them.

I attempted to get more information on Brian as he seemingly refused to communicate with

me. I looked him up on the internet and I publicly asked if anyone on Facebook had
information on him. I learned that Brian doesn't have a superior for me to appeal to at Loyalist
Lofts as he appears to be the owner, after all.

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

Screenshot #3

I'm not under anyone, especially Brian Tootle! I demand respect and accountability
concerning these very important matters. Considering all that I have submitted herein I
believe that one can see, without any doubt whatsoever, that Brian is most definitely in the
practice of discriminating against those on ODSP, or at least he was with me. I don't think
there's much room left for speculation in this regard.

I have not been able to secure other accommodations as of yet and am potentially forced to
stay in my current home as a result. I expect some sort of remedy for this undue hardship!

I also want to know that there are safeguards in place to prevent this same sort of
discrimination from happening to others. The residents of Prince Edward County have few
housing options as it stands and people, such as myself, should not be faced with potential
homelessness or undue hardships because certain sorts of people, such as Brian Tootle, feel
entitled and privileged. It's discrimination and it's wrong!


Brenda Everall


May 10, 2017

1. I was eventually able to find a home to rent and I made the move on November 14,
2017. My rent cost is $1000.00 per month. My natural gas is an equal billing amount of
$93.00 monthly. My electricity bill averages around $150.00 per month. Sewer and
water costs average around $140.00 monthly.

2. Had Brian not discriminated against me the internet service would have been included
in my inclusive month rent amount but I've since had to hook up my own services that
cost approximately $105.00 per month. Garbage and Cable services were also
included in the monthly rent costs at Loyalist Lofts and since I've lived at my new
address I've had to put out approximately $75.00 in total on bag tags and about $50.00
in total on Netflix services.

3. I was not able to secure a home to rent in downtown Picton like I had made efforts to
do. I was simply out of time to find a rental and had to settle for a rental quite the
distance away from the Main Street. As such I was not able to walk to do my errands
and/or my visiting through the winter months and instead was forced to rely on a Taxi
service. My monthly travel costs range from $100.00 to $150.00.

4. With all of this being said, I feel that Brian is liable for the fees that I have incurred up
and beyond the $1200.00 per month that I was prepared to pay him. In total, by
reasonable estimation, these extra costs come to approximately $613.00 per month.
So we take $200.00 off that figure to add to the $1000.00/mo that I currently pay to
make the $1200.00 that I was prepared to pay Brian every month. Therefore we're
working with $613.00 - $200 = $413.00/month. So then we figure $413.00 x 6 months
= $2478.00 in total. Netflix and garbage fees are $75.00 + $50.00 so we factor $125.00
+ $2478.00 = $2603.00. Monthly travel costs averaged out at $125.00 x 6 months =

Extra costs over 1200.00/mo

Utilities 413.00 x 6 months = $2478.00

Transportation $125.00 x 6 months = $ 725.00
Garbage & Cable Fees = $75.00 + $50.00 $ 125.00
= $3318.00
Loss of Dignity + $5000.00
= $8318.00
Inconvenience + $2000.00
= $10,318.00

5. Had Brian played fair ball with me, so to speak, I would've been paying $1200.00/per
month for inclusive rent and I would've been in town, where I needed to be, as
opposed to being stuck out of the way, paying over $1600.00 per month in rent and
utilities alone. I believe that Brian is liable for $3318.00 total for the extra costs that I
incurred due to his direct discrimination. I believe that $5000.00 is a fair amount to
address the intentional assault on my dignity, though I had considered applying for
more in this regard to due Mr. Tootle's arrogant refusal to remedy the problem that I
had most certainly identified to him, however, I aim to keep the whole claim under
$10,000.00 in total, to demonstrate that I am a reasonable person and that my claim to
the HRTO isn't based on money alone. I further feel that $2000.00 is a fair amount to
address the inconvenience that I endured while trying to secure a home to live in
between September, when I was first discriminated against by Brian, through to
November when I was finally able to secure a rental agreement with a fairer Landlord
while being so incapacitated with Lyme Disease.

6. For the Record, since living at my new address, my rent was paid on time and all but
one payment was made in advance. My Son, myself, or any of our guests never
generated one single noise complaint. In fact, our Landlord most recently sent an
Email asking us to commit to a longer Tenancy Agreement.

7. My son and I were nearly forced into homelessness by Mr. Brian Tootle. After living in
Prince Edward County all of my life I can only shake my head and wonder what is

wrong with the self proclaimed elite that treat other human beings in this manner. I
have Lyme Disease and Brian Tootle was quite alright with putting me on the street
because I wasn't able to work. That's pretty disgusting if you ask me.

8. Brian Tootle seemed to be very sure of himself. Too sure, in fact. It seemed to me that
Brian felt as though he was privy to some sort of protection should I actually proceed
with a complaint against him. Surely this couldn't possibly be the case, especially
within an Ontario Social Justice Tribunal, however, I suppose that time reveals all. So
mote it be!


Brenda Everall
August 13, 2017



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