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August 13, 2017

The Presbyterian Church in Canada Various Employees

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Toronto, ON M3C 1J7
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To Whom it Concerns

I seem to have become snared in a conspiracy in the small town of Picton in Prince Edward County,
Ontario, Canada.

I allege that Reverend Lynne Donovan and other employees and/or members of the Presbyterian
Church in Canada are, or have been, engaged in a long-term campaign to discredit me while
threatening my very liberty and security.

It is a very serious situation from my perspective!

Historically I was a faithful, lifelong member of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Picton, ON. I was,
at one point, the Church Secretary and the Sunday School Teacher and Superintendent. I served on
the Board of Managers, serving assorted committees. In my various roles at the Church I assisted with
the implementation of the Leading With Care Policy (LWC Policy).

When I was the Church Secretary I served two different Ministers. Reverend Robert C. Jones was the
retiring Minister at the time while Reverend Karen Hincke was the incoming Interim Minister. I was
invited by the Search Committee to assist in the 'search' for our new permanent Minister, however, I
declined the invitation and subsequently ceased my duties at the church due to my failing health.

Aside from my role in the church I was a community Advocate. I assisted various children and/or
families with their involvement with various service providers, primarily the Children's Aid Society
(CAS). By 2006 I was specifically advocating to expose that children were being sexually abused in Foster
Care Homes in Prince Edward County and that the local CAS was concealing these crimes from the public.

I began to experience police harassment and general oppression from various service providers within my
community. My life began to literally fall apart around 2007. My marriage was deteriorating. My father-in-law
had suddenly passed away in 2006 which caused a drastically negative change in the dynamics of my
husband's family. I had required two surgeries that year. I was being moderately harassed by police. My
extended family was beginning to fall apart due to the hearsay being generated about me by various
community 'professionals'. I needed support and yet I seemed to be, unjustifiably, losing the supports that I
needed little by little.

In January 2007 Reverend Lynne Donovan arrived as the new Minister at Picton St. Andrew's. When
Lynne first arrived we seemed to get along well enough. She took my daughter to a music camp for a
few nights and and encouraged my kids to participate in the Church Services, primarily with musical
contributions. Within her first year at Picton St. Andrew's, Reverend Lynne Donovan was well
established in her new role as Minister. She was making partnerships with various 'professional
partners' in her new community.

As I advanced through 2007 my advocacy agenda seemingly began to clash with the agenda of Rev.
Lynne Donovan, and so, seemingly, she began to participate in the campaign against me and my
efforts to expose heinous systematic child abuse.

In August 2007 I agreed to advocate for a Canadian Soldier who asked for my help in an alleged parental
alienation case. I drove this man back to the Kingston Air Force Base. He raped me before I left the
barracks. I required emergency surgery and subsequent hospitalization at Kingston General Hospital for
three days. Upon my release from the hospital I received very little support, if any, from my community.
Lynne Donovan told me that my choices were obviously 'getting me into trouble'. The slander that was
being generated about me, in so many different regards, made it appear to others as though I was either
lying about the assault in the first place, or that I somehow deserved it. With Lynne claiming to support
women and to be all about inclusiveness I really struggled with this one! Eventually, enduring something of
this nature, more or less on my own, only made me stronger over time, although I did genuinely struggle to
get through it all at the time. Imagine a female minister treating another female as though a sexual assault
was warranted. It's downright disgusting if you ask me. Nevertheless I survived!

My only Paternal Aunt, Brenda Sokolowsky, a prominent community daycare provider, was also a
lifelong member of Picton St. Andrew's at this point. We had served on the Board of Managers
together. My Aunt had been a Foster Parent to the child who disclosed to me that she had been
sexually abused in a previous foster home. My Aunt and I were always very close so I didn't think
twice when asked to visit with her at her home one evening. When I arrived at my Aunt's home I was
surprised to see others present, such as Rev. Lynne Donovan and even my own Cousin, Reverend
Jennifer Sokolowsky (formerly Donnelly), all the way from Toronto, Ontario.

At this 'intervention' meeting, my Aunt and Lynne Donovan began to tell me that they had concerns about
me as a parent. This was the very first time that I was ever hearing any of their allegations whatsoever.
They said that I was making poor choices and that my advocacy was adversely affecting my children.
They also pretended to know the dynamics of my marriage and further claimed that my home was,
more or less, a toxic environment for my kids. It was a shock to say the least! They gave me very clear
choices to either a) leave my husband AND b) cease my advocacy efforts AND c) have their full
support OR d) fail to comply with their demands, leaving them no choice but to report their 'concerns'
about my 'parenting' to the CAS.

Being that my Aunt, my Cousin Jennifer, and Lynne Donovan are 'professionals' they were obligated and
compelled by law to report their alleged concerns to the authorities - if they genuinely had any valid reason
to suspect a child protection issue. Brenda Sokolowsky and/or Lynne Donovan most certainly should not
have been hosting private meetings to give me ultimatums in this regard!

In front of everyone present Reverend Lynne Donovan accused me of infidelity and said that she
learned this fact from Reverend Karen Hincke after contacting her to specifically learn more about my
personal life. It seems that, which ever way you view it, Karen Hincke betrayed my trust and that
Lynne Donovan used that betrayal in a pathetic attempt to 'expose' me. It was all so disturbing to me. I
became emotional and told them that I would not comply with their demands. The 'issue' that Karen
Hincke reported to Lynne Donovan had long been resolved in my life by this point. I was obviously
under attack, though I didn't know why. I told them that I felt set up and that their motives were a
concern to me.

My Cousin, Jennifer, and I have been, more or less, at odds since then. My relationship with my Aunt
(Jennifer's Mother) deteriorated too. I eventually demanded that Jennifer and my Aunt Brenda stay out
of my life completely as I felt that I could no longer trust them.

At this point, whether I knew it at the time or not, there were three Presbyterian Ministers Rev. Lynne
Donovan, Rev. Karen Hincke, and Rev. Jennifer Donnelly - actively colluding against me.

By August 2008 my husband and I separated. My whole life began to spiral totally out of control at this
point. I could almost smell the CAS coming into my life just as they had in the year 2000 when they
unlawfully apprehended my children! This time would be different. I kept the custody of my children
and the CAS was never successful, throughout their whole intense campaign against my family, to
advance even as far as bringing an Application against me in the court. This is a rare feat considering
how very relentless they are when they go on their notorious 'witch-hunts'!

Unfortunately I wasn't as successful at thwarting several frivolous charges against me, some even leading
to short spells of incarceration, even though the charges would eventually be dropped by the Crown
Attorney or successfully defended by my criminal defence Lawyer. I wasn't able to keep myself from being
committed to the psychiatric ward or from the subsequent medications that were forced on me while
subdued in four-point harness restraint. I wasn't able to retain the assets that I worked hard for, nor was I
able to hold on to many of my former relationships due to the intense slander that would continue to evolve
about me. I ultimately lost nearly everything material in my life while various people in my community
actively colluded to assassinate my personal character. All that mattered was hanging on to my children
and that's about all I was able to hang on to by the time my CAS file was finally closed.

It was my children who paid the ultimate price for my advocacy attempts. They were hunted like prey and
abused by CAS workers as I continued my advocacy attempts! My kids were actually stalked and
repeatedly mistreated by the CAS merely so that the CAS could continue concealing their crimes against
the children they so shamefully failed in the first place.

By 2010 the stage had been set for the CAS to engulf my life. My husband applied to the Family Court
for full custody of both of our kids. Several frivolous claims were allegedly put forth against me to the
CAS that have never been, nor could ever be, proven. I have always retained custody of my children,
though that too, was a battle in itself and not because of any shortcomings, whatsoever, that I had as
a parent but because of this horrible systemic collusion and corruption.

Because I felt alienated by Reverend Lynne Donovan, and because of my increasingly poor health, I
didn't go to church nearly as often as I had before Lynne Donovan and others interfered in my life with
ultimatums. After some time passed I began to feel that Lynne Donovan had simply misunderstood my
situation. To be honest, I thought that my Aunt had unfairly influenced Lynne's opinion of me because
of my Aunt's own possible agenda. I could not imagine, at the time, that a Minister would so
vehemently reject me in my attempts to expose systematic child abuse.

Being that I was incapable of seeing a bigger picture, I was satisfied that I could better explain the
misunderstandings that I perceived Lynne Donovan to have about my life. I was missing my church life
and wanted to get re-established there with my kids. I genuinely missed the worship services and felt
that I needed the support of my 'Church Family'. Foolishly, I assumed that Lynne and I could get along
as we once had when she first arrived at Picton St. Andrew's. I still took issue with how harshly she
had been in dealing with me and my life issues at the 'intervention' but I was willing to forgive and to
move forward. As such, my kids and I decided to transition back into Picton St. Andrew's.

Lynne sent me an email on February 20, 2011 whereby she warmly welcomed me and my kids back to
the church. I told myself that even though Lynne may seem misinformed about my life she
nevertheless 'meant well' and that we could find common ground for resolution. I was wrong. Terribly,
terribly wrong!

At first I was welcomed back to church with open arms. Lynne included my kids in the music program
once more and my kids and I started feeling at home again in the Church. As the CAS continued to
heighten their campaign against me my kids began to suffer the effects of intense stress. Even our Family
Doctor eventually advocated for my children because of the adverse health effects that my kids began to
suffer due to the effects of stress. As a fine member, with an established and credible history at Picton St.
Andrew's, I expected that Lynne Donovan would act as a support for me and/or my kids with the CAS. I did
eventually seek out Lynne's support for my family in our matters with the CAS and Lynne began to
obviously avoid me. Admittedly, I consistently requested the support from my Minister with my CAS matters
but I would never get it.

At some point in or around 2010 John and Linda Whiteford 'appeared' in my life without any invitation,
just as 'handlers' often do, in my experience. John and Linda both seemed to be extraordinarily
supportive of my children and their situation with the CAS. John and Linda were both actively
attending Picton St. Andrews at the time. I believe that John and Linda have both served on Session. I
further believe that Linda plays a significant role with the R4R program at Picton St. Andrew's. Linda is
some sort of early childhood education big shot at Loyalist College as far as I know. It seems to me, in
retrospect, that John and Linda have far more money than brains or morals. Linda and/or John do not
have children of their own to the best of knowledge. John is actually my ex-husband's cousin which,
obviously, made him and my kids cousins. At the time it all appeared to be on the up and up and I had
no initial concerns about them wanting to hang out with my kids because, after all, my kids are
awesome and many adults enjoy their company!

My kids grew to seriously love John and Linda and they spent a lot of time together doing various
activities and sharing in holidays and special events. In fact, their relationship grew to the point that
John and Linda had initiated a procedure for my daughter with her orthodontist whereby they had
offered to pay the costs because the orthodontics were desperately required, they were in a position to
help and I was not in any position to make it happen at the time. John and Linda went through all of
the motions of getting things set up with the orthodontist, obtained a quote and were preparing to
begin with the actual procedures.

I didn't think anything was strange with the situation with John and Linda until I realized, while visiting
at their home at their invitation, that the piano that Lynne Donovan had promised to give to my
daughter was in John and Linda's house. Then I began to notice framed pictures of Lynne Donovan's
kids in their house and began to feel that Linda was minimizing her connection to Lynne and not letting
on to me that they were seemingly better friends than I knew. I started to feel like Linda was a 'handler'
and that she was in my life to control me. Linda dangled many carrots in my face only to eventually
learn that money is of no consequence to me when I am faced with 'doing the right thing' and that I
cannot and will not be controlled by it in any way, shape or form!

Despite how reasonable I was constantly trying to be with Lynne Donovan, issues between us would,
nevertheless, slowly heighten. As my issues with Lynne continued to evolve it seemed that Linda
Whiteford would actually punish my kids by alienating them the more I stood my own ground. John
Whiteford seemed completely out of the loop on what was transpiring, though my kids and I would
eventually get the opportunity to fully explain it to him. John ultimately chose to look the other way. I
recorded the conversation with John Whiteford (and Linda before she stormed out of my home) and
further posted the video to my YouTube account where it remains available today.

Admittedly, I asked Lynne for minor financial assistance after a period of financial stress in September
2011. Lynne replied to my request via email on September 8, 2011 and she said that she would
provide the assistance to me on the following Sunday but while threatening to involve Ontario Works
into my personal affairs. Lynne obviously felt that she had the skills and experience to advocate my
matters for me with Ontario Works, although I wasn't even receiving Ontario Works. Lynne assumed
that I was receiving Ontario Works until I informed her on September 8, 2011, via my email reply to
her, that I was receiving a Provincial Disability.

Lynne did provide me with a $100 grocery voucher on the following Sunday, as promised, and I was
very grateful. I kept trying, however, to get Lynne to understand my situation in its entirety. My life was
a complex ball of chaos at this point but she only seemed to avoid me. Lynne and I were set to meet a
couple of times between September 13, 2011 and October 27, 2011 but each time Lynne would email
me with excuses to cancel. One time Lynne said she was experiencing gastric issues, unlike her to
experience. Another time she said she forgot to confirm our meeting. Another time she said that she
didn't have my address, even though the church office most certainly had my updated contact
information. I could see the church from where I was living at the time. My home was not hard to find if
genuine attempts were made, at least in my opinion!

At some point, Lynne did visit me at my home. I don't have a record of the exact date but she did
eventually meet with me and my kids in our apartment on Main Street in Picton. My best guess would
be that the visit occurred in November of 2011. The meeting went well and I began to think that Lynne
might have a better understanding of how life really was for me and my kids after having the
opportunity to visit us in our home and to speak frankly about life issues. At Christmas of that year
Lynne supplied my kids and I each with a Christmas Card containing gift cards shopping gift cards
for my kids and a Tim Horton's gift card for me. We were very grateful!

Lynne had emailed me before Christmas 2011 to ask if my daughter could sing at the Service on
December 18. I had to decline as my daughter was very sick at the time and would actually become
hospitalized for the whole week just before Christmas. There didn't seem to be much contact between
Lynne and I, at least to the best of my recall, from that time until around February of 2012.

One day after Church, in February 2012 I believe it was, I remained in my seat and waited for Lynne to
approach me. There were several people present in the Sanctuary when she and I had our discussion.
I also recorded the conversation on my voice recorder for my own protection as I did not feel that I
could trust Lynne Donovan any longer. I told Lynne that the CAS was putting me in a horrible financial
situation, that they were stressing my kids to the maximum degree, and that their involvement in our
lives was only a control mechanism to stop me from speaking out about the harm that CAS was
causing to local children and further concealing it.

I requested that Lynne support me and my kids at an upcoming CAS meeting of 2012. At that point,
Lynne invited me to walk over to the Manse with her to continue our conversation away from the 'noise
of the Church'. As we walked to the Manse, I asked Lynne if I could meet with the Leading With Care
Committee to address some concerns that I had as a vulnerable Member of Picton St. Andrew's.
Lynne told me that there was no longer an active LWC Committee at Picton St. Andrew's. Lynne stated
that all churches are broken these days and that the LWC Policy was 'just for show' and essentially
ineffective. Lynne ended that particular conversation by handing me a grocery gift card. I felt that she
was attempting to 'make me happy' and to steer me away from my request for her to advocate for me
with the CAS. I accepted the gift card but further persisted that Lynne support me and my kids with our
CAS matters. Lynne finally agreed to be a support person for my family before I left her house that
day, though I could sense her extreme reservation in doing so.

I believe it was the day before the scheduled CAS meeting that Lynne agreed to attend with me, when
she canceled via email. The email was dated March 1, 2012. In that email I was shocked and rather
alarmed to learn that Lynne Donovan stated: I confess that I felt cornered when you approached me

on Sunday and found your comments very accusatory. I trust that this type of conversation will not
happen again. Lynne told me that she didn't have the skills or the background to help me with my
CAS issues. She further made of list of the ways that Picton St. Andrew's has 'helped' me and my kids
and she obviously attempted to rub my nose in the assistance that my family had received.
Isn't it odd to note how Lynne felt she had the skills and experience necessary to advocate my issues
with Ontario Works, and was actually quite eager and willing to do so, but when it came to my issues
with the CAS Lynne avoided me where possible and them claimed to lack the necessary skills and
experience to advocate on my behalf?

I knew very well at this point that I had to be extremely careful and cautious with Lynne Donovan. I
returned Lynne's email and denied her claims and allegation about me. I further told her how the
meeting really went according to the voice recording that captured our full conversation. Lynne never
replied to my email. I felt threatened, and set-up, once more, by Lynne Donovan. The next time that
Lynne saw me she simply snubbed me and seemingly thought that I would just go away if ignored long
and hard enough.

Instead of any form of negative retaliation, I tried to work out my issues with Lynne Donovan through
a positive approach. I offered to volunteer more often and to help out in the Church where I could. I
tried to be so reasonable that it can't even be questioned! Nothing I did seemed to matter. I felt
constant opposition and I felt as though I was being pushed away once more by my alleged 'Church
I strongly suspected that Lynne was opposing me so fiercely because of her partnerships with the
other community partners, such as the CAS as the Reaching for Rainbows Program was being
designed. I still found it all so hard to believe and piece together, primarily because my spiritual death
and re-birth had not yet occurred. I therefore could not see the bigger picture that I am able to see

The Reaching For Rainbows program that Lynne was developing with her 'circle of friends' and
'community partners' eventually came into fruition. In one of her emails to me, Lynne Donovan told me
that Reaching for Rainbows is how we practice social justice in Picton, with the resources that we

Eventually, I asked Linda Whiteford to act as a support person for my kids during their meetings with
the CAS. Linda agreed but only pretended to support my kids, in my opinion. Linda allowed for the
Office of the Children's Lawyer and for the CAS to harass and emotionally abuse my kids.
In response to the concerns that I had developed about the statements and false allegation in Lynne's
email to me dated March 1, 2012 and on top of other past issues, I completed a questionnaire
distributed by the Session for an upcoming Presbytery Review that was to take place on April 18,

I told Linda Whiteford about my situation with Lynne Donovan. I further told Linda that I felt it best if I
participated in the upcoming Presbytery Review. Linda warned me that if I dared to submit the
questionnaire that she would remove her support from my children. I told Linda that I found her
choices to be quite immoral but that she was welcome to do what she felt was appropriate.
I submitted the Presbytery Questionnaire to Lynne Donovan via email on April 17, 2012.

I went to the Presbytery meeting on April 18, 2012. I felt compelled to take my voice recorder for my
own protection. Upon entry I was met by a very angry Clerk of Session, Susan Law. I did not feel
welcome at this meeting and I received very threatening stares from Susan Law. Others present either
ignored me or occasionally glanced at me with, what appeared to be, pity or concern. Reverend
Morley Mitchell, from Presbytery, offered me a chair which I accepted. No one spoke to me further until
Linda Whiteford arrived.

As soon as Linda Whiteford saw me at the meeting her face turned very red and she coldly and rudely
stated that I didn't belong at the meeting and that she objected to my presence. Morley Mitchell asked
me what my business was and I began to speak. Linda interrupted me and once again insisted that I
should have no voice. At that point, Morley Mitchell said that it was probably best if he and the other
member from Presbytery, Trish Hupe, met with me upstairs privately. I said that I was comfortable
speaking to them upstairs but that I wished to have a support person to join me. Irene Camp, another
long-term member and Elder at Picton St. Andrew's offered to support me. Knowing that Irene was my
safest bet from those present at the meeting, I agreed to go upstairs to the hospitality room with
Morley Mitchell, Trish Hupe and Irene Camp.

After our private meeting, which I recorded, Morley Mitchell led Irene Camp, Trish Hupe and myself in
prayer to close the meeting. Before I left the meeting, Morley Mitchell and Trish Hupe each hugged me
and then assured me that things would 'smooth over' and that someone would be in touch with me in
the future to mediate the issues that I had raised. No one ever contacted me regarding the matters. I
had seemingly been railroaded, although I assumed that I was being simply minimized and not
blatantly set up for potential criminal charges and an attempted character assassination.

As promised, Linda Whiteford immediately removed herself from our lives. She left my daughter to
hang in the balance with the orthodontist. It was so very heartless. I still cannot wrap my mind around
such purposeful maliciousness. My children were devastated. Considering all that my kids had been
enduring, and without even saying a good-bye, Linda's departure from the kids lives was especially

I was catching on to what was going on as far as a conspiracy against me, but I still couldn't make
complete sense of everything that was transpiring. I knew that Lynne Donovan was in a far too
powerful position while threatening my basic liberties and while I had few supports to defend myself,
through what seemed at the time to be a train wreck of a life, so I just backed off and I quit going to
Church at Picton St. Andrew's altogether.

I had been effectively alienated from the only church I had ever known and was fully committed to. The
church had been a part of who I was. Now I had to rediscover myself and in doing so the truth about
the conspiracy that I find myself wrapped up in started to become clearer. I had so much to learn. I
settled in for a period of research. Freemasonry. Reaching for Rainbows, Jesuits. Zionism. Lucifer.
Residential Schools. Genocide. Ritual Abuse. Secrets. Lineage. Sacrifice. Church cover-ups. The
Mysteries. It all started to make sense, to me at least!

By 2012 my severely corrupted family court case was over and the CAS had closed my file. Also by
this time, the foster parent who had sexually assaulted the young lady that I was advocating for was
convicted of sexually assaulting children in his care. Numerous other charges, sexual in nature, were
laid against several other foster parents. Some innocent people were used as scapegoats, in my
opinion, and not even a fraction of the truth about the Prince Edward County CAS was ever uncovered
by the community. The majority of the community believes, or so it seems to me, that justice has been
served. The community seemed outraged at first, however, most people quickly fell right back to sleep
and turned a blind eye to CAS transparency and accountability, at least for the most part. The Prince
Edward County CAS never really shut down, in my opinion, it just got a new name. Sure, they even
got a different Executive Director, but I suppose that can only be expected when the former one is
allegedly 'unavailable for comment'.

Sexual abuse scandals, such as the Prince Edward County CAS scandal, occur far more often than
the general public realizes. The CAS itself, in my opinion, is a government funded human trafficking
organization. I believe that members of secret societies are able to purchase, or otherwise obtain a
child, from these legalized human traffickers whereby the child is often subject to horrible ritual abuse -
rape, torture and sometimes even murder.

At any rate, after being effectively alienated from Picton St. Andrew's by 2012, my kids and I
eventually began going to church at Belleville St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church with my
Grandparents. It was a 40 minute drive each way every Sunday but I knew I was free and welcome to
worship without reservation under the care of Reverend Anne-Marie Jones. I attended Belleville St.
Andrew's for more than a year before I became so incapacitated that leaving my house became too
difficult for me. My health issues were compounding and the stress in my life had taken its toll.
Induced poverty sure wasn't helping! I required surgery and just couldn't keep up with life anymore. Lo
and behold, Anne-Marie came to me. She cared enough that she made the 80 minute round-trip to
bless me and shower me with kindness. It simply became to difficult to continue worshiping 40
minutes away from home and so I eventually quit going to Church altogether and Reverend Jones was
eventually called to another church.

At some point in 2012 the Police finally began to leave me alone, after at least five years of nearly
constant harassment whereby I've been wrongfully arrested, brutalized by officers and controlled by
unfair conditions in lieu of my freedom. As such, I figured the nightmare was finally over, and so it
seemed to be, until I would eventually attempt to attend a public event at Picton St. Andrew's.
Nearing the end of 2014 the local newspaper had advertised an event to be held at Picton St.
Andrew's on December 6, 2014 whereby the Judge, Elaine Deluzio, who had presided over my
corrupt family court case was to be a guest speaker. The local women's shelter, who had cut ties with
me previously over CAS 'issues' appeared to be hosting the event.

The event appeared to be a feminist event in nature. I decided that I would attempt to attend the event.
Admittedly, I merely scanned the newspaper advertisement and mixed up the date. I therefore attended the
church on December 7, 2014 believing it to be December 6, 2014. I wrongfully assumed that the advertised
event was set to run as an extended Church Service. I was looking forward to attending the Church Service
as I had not been in my home Church for so long. I was also looking forward to understanding why so
many of my oppressors were linked to Lynne Donovan and/or Picton St. Andrew's.

When I entered the Church on December 7, 2014 Lynne Donovan was the first person to greet me. It
can be heard on the recording how fake but nevertheless pleasant she was. She was obviously not
intimidated as far as I'm concerned. I asked Lynne about the 'feminist event' and she told me that I
missed it and that it had been held the day prior from 10:00a.m to 12:00p.m. Lynne further said
something to the effect of so perhaps you've made it out to the wrong event. Let me get you your
coat. Lynne retrieved my coat for me, and simply said OK, assuming that I was leaving. She turned
her back to me and then walked into the sanctuary.

At this point, a man standing in the Narthex asked if I was leaving so soon. I told him I wasn't welcome
in the Church and he stated something to the effect of you are so, come back. I then began to
engage in conversation with this man whereby I was outlining my former roles within the church when
I was cut off before I could finish. Lynne Donovan returned to the Narthex and boldly interrupted my
conversation to tell me that she felt that I needed to leave the church and that I was being abusive. In
fact, Lynne clearly accused me of 'abuse' in front of the man whom I had been speaking with. It was
shocking and embarrassing to say the least!

Lynne told me that she would call the police if I did not leave the church. I did not immediately leave. I
took a seat in the back row of the church and waited for the service to begin, after all, the sermon that
day was titled Be the Peace and I thought it would be fitting to hear Reverend Donovan speak on
that topic. Before the church service began I watched Lynne have discussion with other church
officials and I began to perceive that they were actually agreeing to call the police on me. When Lynne
disappeared into the back office just before the service began I assumed that she had done just that. I
sat there pondering what I should do, I mean after all that I've been through, another infringement by
the police is really nothing to me, but I just simply wasn't prepared to go to jail and to deal with all of
the nonsense that would likely ensue if the Police actually showed up to arrest me. My kids needed
me at home. I peacefully left the church minutes after the service began.

My personal 'conduct' was not in question on December 7 2014. I took several recording devices with
me and I continuously recorded my whole time at the Church that day. The audio recording clearly
captures Lynne interrupting a private conversation that I was engaged in and where she further
arbitrarily exiled me from my place of worship. My personal experience with Lynne Donovan on
December 7, 2017 is posted to my YouTube account.

The video recording that I captured that same day clearly shows a number of people from the
congregation engaging in conversation with me, on their own accord, showing no apprehension of me
whatsoever. The Clerk of Session, Susan Law, can be viewed on the video and she shows no
indications of fearing me or being cautious of my presence at the Church. Another member of the
congregation approached me and offered to give me free firewood. Irene Camp engaged in
conversation with me whereby we discussed the 'private' Presbytery meeting with Morley Mitchell and
where the meeting had been held. My conversation with Irene Camp is posted to my YouTube
account. Irene had difficulty remembering who the woman was that joined us in the meeting (Trish
Hupe), however, she clearly remembered that the meeting occurred with Morley Mitchell after I was
kicked out of the scheduled Presbytery meeting by Linda Whiteford and Susan Law. Near the end of
the video a prominent doctor that I've known most of my life tells me that 'sometimes these things are
for the better' when I inform him that I was just kicked out of the Church.

It wasn't long after December 7 2014, but I can't remember exactly when it was, that a good friend of
mine, also a former long-term member and former, long-term Elder at Picton St. Andrew's, telephoned
me for our weekly conversation. She informed me that someone from Picton St. Andrew's, had
telephoned her to suggest that I had acted inappropriately when I was last at the church and that I
looked 'unwell'. My long-term friend no longer attends Picton St. Andrew's for her own reasons. It was
this same friend and her Husband who picked me up from the church on December 7, 2014 after I
called them from my cellphone to tell them that I had just been kicked out of the Church. Upon picking
me up, neither of them stated any concern to me about my emotional presentation or physical

I was really too sick to deal with gaining any sort of accountability in my life. I pretty much let Lynne
Donovan do as she pleased at this point and I just walked away from it all.

Nearing the end of 2015, the same friend mentioned earlier, telephoned me and told me that
someone, from Picton St. Andrew's had told her that I threatened Lynne Donovan at some point. She
asked me if it were true and I adamantly denied the allegation. Knowing that the slander was still
ongoing and that it was actually beginning to challenge how one of my few supports perceived me, I
felt that, for my own protection, I had to bring my history with Lynne Donovan into a public forum of
some sort.

In light of all that had transpired and with the ongoing campaign against me I filed an Application (file #
2015-22822-I) with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) in December 2015. I did not file with
the HRTO because I believed that it will serve any form of real justice, but simply because I needed to
formally expose what has been going on and to have some form of protection for myself and my loved
ones by creating a public record of some sort. I developed a perception, from experience and
research, that Ontario's Social Justice Tribunals are secretly controlled by the Freemason's and I
further believed, and still do to be honest, that it was the same Masonic Network that was causing me
problems in the Church. so I really had no faith, at all, that the HRTO would be serve any real justice.
The systems are not designed to work for the people in my experience. I therefore kept my Application
to the HRTO basic and I even attempted to seem entirely dimwitted in hopes that Lynne Donovan
would think that I was too stupid to pull off a trial. I said just enough in my Application to trigger Lynne
to tell the story of our conflict from her perspective. This way I could learn what she was willing to
allege about me from the onset.

I filed my Application with the HRTO as Discrimination based on Creed. I verily believed that Lynne
was attacking me for my firmly held Creed believes. After all, I was being persecuted for protecting
innocence and standing up to injustice, just as my Christian Faith had taught and required me to do!
When I complained to the HRTO I created a public record about this ongoing conspiracy against me.
That's what mattered most!. I also wanted to experience the HRTO firsthand as an advocate. Money
was not my motivator, though I did apply for a sizable amount, thereby successfully ensuring a
response from Lynne Donovan. I believe that Lynne Donovan, on her own accord and through her
own submissions, revealed that the members of the Session, members of the Presbytery along with
herself were conspiring against me with intentions to bring me harm.

According to the Criminal Code of Canada, these actions are nothing less than harassment as an
ongoing element of a criminal conspiracy against me.

When I received Lynne Donovan's Response to my HRTO Application on January 27, 2016 I was
sickened to read her extremely perjured statements that falsely yet blatantly defamed me. Not only did
Lynne boldly lie in response to my allegations about her but she further set me up to appear unstable
and historically abusive. My personal biography from my advocacy website was submitted as some
sort of 'fact' to counter my claims against Lynne. Her Response to the HRTO overstated, in what I felt
to be a mocking manner, the fact that I'm a child protection advocate, thus indicating, to me at least,
that my advocacy was the real issue at hand in Lynne Donovan's seemingly weak defense.
Lynne's defense pivoted on the claims that I had displayed threatening behaviour at the Church and
that I had written a threatening letter to her at some point in the past. Her statements were incredible
fabrications and outright lies!

Lynne further submitted in her Response to the HRTO that Reverend Morley Mitchell and Susan Law
were willing to be witnesses on her behalf. Lynne's Response further stated that both Morley Mitchell
and Susan Law 'have witnessed the threatening behaviour of the Applicant towards the Respondent.
Morley Mitchell and Susan Law have NEVER seen me act in a threatening manner, especially toward
Lynne Donovan, and they are LIARS if and when they actually dare to say otherwise.
How could Morley Mitchell have possibly seen me act in a threatening manner towards Lynne
Donovan when he and I have never been in her presence together at the same time? Does Irene
Camp and/or Trish Hupe support Morley Mitchell's position? As for Susan Law, well, I believe that her
husband, Al Law, had professional ties to the Prince Edward County CAS. 'The ties that bind'...need I
say more in this regard?

A Presbytery Report authored by Reverend Morley Mitchell was submitted to the HRTO by Lynne
Donovan. The Session Agenda/Report/Minutes for May 8, 2012 and December 14, 2014 were also
respectively submitted in support of Lynne's HRTO Response. Also submitted was the LWC Policy.
Let's not forget that I have in-depth experience with the LWC Policy! The validity of the LWC policy as
evidence is lost if there is no supporting evidence to indicate that the policy was actually followed,
such as properly completed Incident Reports that should've been appropriately filed and subsequently
stored in a locked box at the Church, as per the LWC Policy itself. I mean who would site a policy as
evidence but fail to properly utilize its security features, especially if that person were genuinely
concerned for their safety or for the safety of others and while alleging more than one occurrence of
feeling threatened or unsafe. It's absolute nonsense in my opinion!

The truth is that Lynne Donovan had the Criminal Code of Canada on her side, the power of the
Church, the HRTO, the Police, the community, etc., and yet nothing in the way of proper and
transparent protocol seems to have been followed in regards to Lynne's allegations about me. Let's
get real! If I were genuinely harassing, abusing or threatening Lynne Donovan, disrupting a Worship
Service or if I was causing her harm in any other way then I dare say that Lynne Donovan most
certainly had many avenues available to her for resolution and yet she chose not to utilize 'ANY' of
them until I called her to account for her intentionally cruel professional misconduct. It's all so

In her Response to my allegation against her with the HRTO, I believe that Lynne Donovan
inadvertently credited my claims against her. She fruitlessly attempted to put me on trial, although she
had never filed a proper claim against me in the past. Not even once. Anything that was done in
regards to concerns about me seems to have been done through secret collusion. The onus for a
credible defense belonged solely to Lynne Donovan .Lynne chose to make perjured statements and
corrupted submissions instead, and the HRTO seemingly choose to protect her position.
As far as it seems to me, at least by the evidence that I have, no report was ever made about me by
anyone at Picton St. Andrew's until I submitted a questionnaire, on April 17, 2012, for the Presbytery
review of Lynne Donovan's performance as a Minister. In response to my positive attempts to work out
my issues with Lynne, Morley Mitchell submitted a disgraceful and false report about me and further
omitted pertinent facts such as the private meeting that he had with me and of which I have ample
evidence of. Instead, Morley Mitchell stated that I was angry, critical, and disturbed. Morley
Mitchell then made the suggestion through his 'wonder' that the Session might consider involving the
Police in the matter.

The Presbytery Report by Morley Mitchell dated April 18 2012 was then a topic of discussion at the
next Session meeting on May 8 2012. I need to re-iterate that Morley Mitchell failed to mention the
private meeting that we had together in his report. The evidence indicates that I was a topic of
discussion at the Session meeting on May 8, 2012, and that I was being accused of inappropriate
behaviour whereby the Session further resolved to involve the police. I was never made aware of any
concerns that the Session had regarding my 'behaviour'.

If the police were involved in this situation without ever informing me of the complaints that the
Session was alleging about me then they, too, would be considered as part of this conspiracy against
me, in my opinion. As it stands, no police reports were submitted by Lynne in her HRTO Response
and she further stated in her Response to my Request to Produce Documents that these reports are
not available and/or that they do not exist, or something very close to that effect. I had contemplated
the notion of obtaining any reports that the O.P.P may have on file regarding any complaints made to
them about me but I don't care to come into contact with O.P.P for any reason and I have therefore
never learned whether police reports actually exist or not.
If the Minister, the Session, and the Presbytery truly had concerns about me why was I never notified?
Why were they colluding behind my back with talk about involving the Police? It's gross professional
misconduct, to say the least, and it is very unbecoming behaviour, in my opinion, for a group of
professing 'Christians'.

At any rate, there didn't seem to be another concern reported about me by anyone in the Church until
Lynne Donovan arbitrarily kicked me out of the church on December 7 2014. It was obvious to me that
Lynne felt cornered in knowing that I was connecting the dots between her, the corrupt judge in my
family court matters, a women's organization that cut ties with me due to my advocacy, the CAS, and
others in her Circle of Friends.

Again, I was the topic at the next Session meeting on December14, 2014 whereby the Session
resolved, once again, to contact the police due to allegations that I threatened the Minister. The
allegations against me seemed to center around an alleged letter that I was accused of writing to
Lynne Donovan. I have never written Lynne Donovan anything of a threatening nature, unless of
course, Lynne finds my demands and promises of accountability to be a threat, which I find to be the
case here.

This alleged letter seemingly caused Session so much alarm that they allegedly had to involve the
Police and yet this alleged letter - the core of Lynne Donovan's defense in the HRTO proceedings -
had not been submitted as evidence on her own behalf.

I wrote to the church office to request that the Session (or whomever) provide me with a copy of the
alleged letter for my own evidence. I also requested to know if I had an assigned Elder since I had
never resigned as a member of the Church. The email was returned to me by Lynne Donovan's lawyer
telling me that my request was being denied. So I wonder who hired the lawyer, Picton St. Andrew's
Church or Lynne Donovan?

Forwarding my private communications from the Church Office to the Minister's personal Lawyer is
very unethical and wrong in my opinion just as I opine that acting on the email was very wrong for
Lynne's Lawyer to do. I intend to inform the Ontario Privacy Commission and the Law Society of
Upper Canada about, what I felt to be, reprisal attempts from Lynne Donovan's personal lawyer,
Alexandra Mayeski. I don't expect much to come of the complaints as I'm sure the Privacy
Commission and the LSUC have strong Masonic ties too!

Is (or was) the Secretary at Picton St. Andrew's (or whoever received my email through the Church
Office email account) conspiring against me as well? The Church Office had absolutely no right to
forward my private communications to the Minister's personal Lawyer! I wonder who instructed the
Secretary (or whomever received my email) not to reply to my correspondence but to instead forward
such to Lynne Donovan's personal Lawyer in the first place. And why?

So it's odd to note, indeed, that there were never any reported concerns about my alleged behaviour
until the Session meeting that occurred less than one month after I appeared at the Presbytery
meeting whereby I attempted to respectfully mediate my issues regarding Lynne Donovan's role as
Minister at Picton St. Andrew's.

Morley Mitchell's report about me on April 18th shows that he 'wondered if' the police should become
involved. The Session stated in the minutes, at their next meeting, that they 'would consult a police
officer as to the best way to proceed'. Consulting with a police officer? Really? In the Session Report
I'm referred to as an 'unhappy person'. So was I unhappy or abusive? There's a big difference!
Then, there doesn't seem to be another report made about me until after Lynne arbitrarily kicked me
out of the church on December 7, 2014. At that point the Session resolved to involve the police again
at their December 11, 2014 meeting just days after I was kicked out of the church.

So here we have two situations where I get abused by church officials and then the church officials
falsify internal documents and unfairly slander and defame me and set me up for criminal charges.
Again, this amounts to a criminal conspiracy within the Presbyterian Church of Canada against me, a
lifelong member and past employee. And for what?

It seems that the Reaching for Rainbows program is much more important to Lynne and the Session
than the ACTUAL SAFETY and well-being of children in their community. After everything I've endured
I can't possible view it any other way! The R4R Program is very offensive to me. It seems secret and I
believe that the nature of the program generates a social imbalance. The program does not accept
boys and only caters to 'at risk' females. I feel that the children in the R4R Program are exploited so
that this program can exist in the first place as they must first be deemed 'vulnerable' or 'at risk' to

Despite how well intended it may seem to be on the surface, I do not agree with the rejection that boys
are made to feel in their own community with the R4R program, especially when the community claims
to be responding to 'vulnerable' youth. Boys can be and are vulnerable too! Boys and girls deserve the
same degrees of protection, nurturing and support at all stages of development! The R4R program
allegedly came into existence in response to a report of high rate of teen pregnancy (among other
issues) in this immediate geographical area. Unless girls are spontaneously becoming pregnant, I
dare say we have much to gain by educating both sexes in regards to teen pregnancy. Alas, Picton St.
Andrew's chooses only to respond to females for whatever reason. I think the Church can and should
do better with inclusiveness!

It also seems to me that the R4R Program is quite similar to the Rainbows Program that the
Freemason's offer to females aged 10-21. When a network of power is flaunted such as it has been,
even the 'profane' must wake up to it at some point and I am now quite aware of what goes on around
me in these 'circles of friendship'.

It's so juvenile and disgusting to hear Lynne unaccountably claim 'abuse' anytime that she asked
about things, such as the R4R program, that make her feel uncomfortable, threatened or exposed.
Anytime I've tried to hold her to a professional standard she freaks out like a spoiled little girl having a
tantrum. It's seriously so unreal to experience first hand. I literally would not have believed how
childish and entitled Lynne Donovan acts when confronted until experiencing it firsthand.

Originally, in her Response to the HRTO, Lynne Donovan applied for a Summary Hearing whereby
she sought for the case to be dismissed in its entirety based on the probability that I cannot succeed in
trial. A Summary Hearing was not scheduled until Lynne made a second a request. I felt that Lynne's
second request to the HRTO for a Summary Hearing was a somewhat secret signal to the HRTO.
With the second request for a Summary Hearing, that was more or less immediately granted by the
HRTO, Lynne Donovan submitted documents that I had most recently posted online. The documents
that I posted online had no bearing on our HRTO case itself but did indicate that I was very aware of
and further attempting to expose the role that the Masonic Network has played in my various matters.
Her submission seemed dire to me, especially when reading between the lines!

I had no real investment in the outcome of the HRTO Hearing. I knew the email/letter that I had written to
Lynne would eventually surface and I knew that all of the evidence to prove that I was being discriminated
against based on my obvious Creed was in that email/letter. I truly figured it would get covered up. I really
only cared about what was being revealed through the process. I'm not a lawyer and I can't afford one and I
most certainly don't trust the 'free' lawyers that get assigned to poor people. Ha! Nope. I simply went
through the motions like a 'normal' person, who has no knowledge of the 'system', would. I simply didn't
care to play their silly game of 'legalities'.

I claimed, to the HRTO, that Lynne Donovan kicked me out of the church for having different views to
that of her own. Our clashing views, based on my Creed, were quite evident in an email/letter that I
sent to Lynne on March 1, 2012. I had to submit that letter/email of March 1, 2012 on my own behalf
because Lynne was alleging that I had written her a threatening letter but she then failed to produce
such in her own submissions, even after I formally requested the letter/email through the HRTO
hearing process. I replied with a submission of a document stating that it was the only possible
document ever in existence that was written by me to Lynne Donovan that she could've possibly
perceived to be threatening.

Lynne Donovan admitted that the email that I submitted was the letter/email in question but that I had
altered it before submitting it to the HRTO. Lynne then went on to highlight the areas of the letter/email
that she said I altered. Lynne actually perjured herself large in this regard! I denied her allegations,
provided some technical information about the email/letter to the HRTO and then accused Lynne of
outright perjury. The HRTO ignored the perjury claims and kept moving the case towards the
Summary Hearing.

I never called for an Inquiry throughout the HRTO process as I wanted to see if the HRTO would do
the right thing and initiate an Inquiry on their own, based on the evidence they had before them, but
they never did. Like I've said, the outcome of the HRTO Hearing was not the be-all and end-all for me.
I wanted to know how the HRTO truly operated as I had suspicion that it was secretly controlled by the
the Masonic Network.

Long before the Summary Hearing, I submitted a notice to the HRTO that, once again, claimed perjury
by the Respondent and subsequent corrupted proceedings. The HRTO never responded to my
submission. Instead they ignored the issue completely and proceeded to the Summary Hearing.
On the day of the Summary Hearing, in the summer of 2016 I was scattered and frazzled beyond
imagination. I was the primary caregiver for my Grandfather who was in the end stages of Leukemia.
The night before the Hearing was rough and by the time I got on the telephone for the Hearing I was
burnt out, confused and disorganized. Lynne Donovan did not matter to me at that point. My focus was
where it needed to be. I didn't feel that I should even have to participate in a Summary Hearing given
the information that the HRTO was in possession of that, in my opinion, revealed a full on conspiracy
against me. I also felt the HRTO had the power and the mandate to protect me should they actually
'want to'.

I attended the Summary Hearing anyways. I followed through until the end regardless of how
corrupted things appeared to be from my perspective. My Application to the HRTO had somewhat
doubled as a social experiment, for my own experience, from the very beginning. I wanted to
experience how friendly or helpful the HRTO is to the average person, with seemingly no legal
background or legal representation. It turned out that I don't think the average person stands a chance
against the HRTO process. It is not friendly or helpful in my experience. I believe the HRTO exists to
serve someone but it's certainly not 'the people' as far as I can tell!

I did not have a telephone of my own at the time of the scheduled Summary Hearing. I therefore
agreed to third party terms and conditions to be monitored and/or recorded when using the third-party
telephone service. Therefore, I believe that a recording does exist of the Summary Hearing even
though I didn't record the Summary Hearing myself.

Lynne Donovan specifically requested the Hearing to be held via telephone as she indicated that she
fears to be in my presence after my alleged history of threatening her. I won't even go into detail
about the Summary Hearing. I will simply say the adjudicator did exactly as I figured she would and
she simply facilitated the disposal of my Application against Lynne Donovan.

At any rate, Lynne had expressly admitted to kicking me out of the Church and she said she did so
because I appeared to be 'emotionally fragile'. I assumed an allegation about my appearance would
be made about me because professionals always say that I appear unstable when I am seeking
accountability from them. It wasn't my first rodeo so to speak. I therefore made sure I looked very
presentable when I attended the church in December 2014. I had my kids take a picture of me before I
left the house. It is quite obvious, when listening to the audio recording of that day, that Lynne was not
threatened by anything about my presence until I began to talk about my role in the church to another
person in attendance.
I believe the HRTO should've viewed Lynne's statement about me being allegedly 'emotionally fragile'
as a disability discrimination admission in the first place but they did not. The HRTO overlooked the
harassment that I was experiencing and threw the case out at the Summary Hearing stage of 'the

My claim to the HRTO was never about systematic oppression, it was about being kicked out of a
church for my beliefs, for being refused equality from a service provider, and being denied my right to
religious practice - for whatever reason. My subsequent allegations of systemic oppression are what
assists in explaining WHY I was kicked out of the church. So, please, let it be clear that my Application
to the HRTO consistently revolved around the claim that I was denied the right to worship and further
refused a public service because of my Creed. I verily believed that was the case!

My Creed means so much more to me than my mere Religion. A Creed defines a person. It's a
fundamental belief system that governs how a person chooses to live their life. I believed that Lynne
was discriminating against me for my Creed, which I still believe to be the case, but then she willingly
admitted to discriminating against me because of a common feature of a health/mental health
disability. Lynne was aware that I was in receipt of Ontario Disability as I had told her in previous email
correspondence. She admitted that she kicked me out of the Church because I appeared emotionally
fragile. That to me, is discrimination based on disability. Then factor in how she and the others went on
to set me up for false criminal charges after treating me this way. It's truly despicable!

At any rate, Lynne Donovan nevertheless arbitrarily departed from a usual process without any
justification whatsoever when she denied me my fundamental right to practice my religion. She singled
me out for negative treatment. She refused me the same services that she offers and provides to
others thereby forbidding my right to equal treatment under the law. I could go on and on about what
isn't right with this picture but I think the situation is beginning to speak for itself.

I think it's fair to say that, at the very least, Lynne Donovan created a poisoned environment for me at
Picton St. Andrew's but that the HRTO overlooked it all! I wonder if the Presbyterian Church in Canada
will too.

It's odd don't you think? I got along with Reverend Robert C. Jones and Karen Hincke before Lynne
Donovan arrived and then I further got along well with Anne-Marie Jones after being alienated from
Picton St. Andrew's. Was Session out of their minds when they nominated me to join the search
committee back in 2005 before Lynne Donovan arrived as the new Minister? And wasn't Susan Law
on Session back then? Strange! And why would the Interim Moderator invite me onto the search
committee if he was aware of me being potentially abusive? And what about all of those children that I
was entrusted to instruct every Sunday? And being the secretary, I was the first point of contact with
most people in the congregation, none of whom, to my knowledge, have ever questioned my good

Why is it then that Lynne Donovan and some of those from her circle of friends and associates have
set me up for false charges? Why have they slandered and harassed me so ruthlessly? Is there
something to hide? Is there something to the partnerships that Picton St. Andrew's has made with
particular service providers? Could it be something to do with the Ten Thousand Villages store?
Maybe the Reaching For Rainbows Program has a link? Other affiliations perhaps? The history of the
Residential Schools? Illumination issues? Freemasons? Secret agendas? Who knows eh?
I know now, that this all had to happen for me to wake up to my purpose and now that I have I will not
stand down from the truth! The only way that I can possibly be perceived as being dangerous is in
knowing that I can't be controlled, bought or sold! A most glorious agony set me free from everything
that used to trap me in this life. I see now in hindsight that the words of Jesus Christ actually prepared
me for the battle. He clearly said the righteous would be damned. It is well with my soul! I live in the
light of the truth and I have found genuine peace in my heart. God resides in me, every moment of

Now it's time to tell my truth. Those with the ears to hear will hear it. Those with the eyes to see will
see it. Those who live in darkness, I'm sure, will oppose it. Se la vie!

The implications of being set up for arrest, especially by church officials, and especially after having
my life desecrated by the very same people, are astounding. It's pure madness. And to think... the
people in the 'circle of friends' at Picton St. Andrew's are only part of the conspiracy. I've had to defend
myself for years now, from social workers foaming at the mouth in attempts to take my children from
me, and the bullies that call themselves police and all of the other systematic 'partners' to boot.
The defamation and alienation generated from the circle of friends at Picton St. Andrew's has far
reaching consequences for me, especially in a such a small community. The Church has literally
destroyed my once good name. Finding work or even being treated with minimal respect from others
is next to impossible now that I've been slandered so outrageously by the circle of friends at Picton St.

I humbly request that the Presbyterian Church in Canada investigate and/or mediate this ongoing
matter on my behalf. I further request the assistance of the Presbyterian Church in Canada to support
me throughout the process of laying of criminal charges against those who have harassed me and/or
conspired against me. It would be the right thing for the church to do, though I must admit that I have
no faith in any Church doing the right thing, especially in the times we find ourselves in.

For the record, I call for the immediate resignation of any employee or affiliate of the Presbyterian
Church in Canada who has sought to bring me harm of any sort whatsoever. If these people refuse to
resign I respectfully request that the Presbyterian Church in Canada terminate their employment or
volunteer position immediately, due to their engagement in a criminal conspiracy, gross professional
misconduct and behaviour unbecoming of alleged Christians.

There are others, in my opinion, in the circle of friends at Picton St. Andrew's, who are also involved in
this conspiracy against me and/or my family and/or our truth. Who knows how far this runs up the line?
Did Presbytery report me to Synod? Did Synod report me to General Assembly? How deeply does this
all run?

Shame, as well, to the members of the Congregation who are aware of this conspiracy against me. It's one
thing to do what they did to me, but to forsake my children the way that they did is simply immoral,
especially when some of these alleged Christians swore to support and uphold my children in the Church
Community when my children were respectively Baptized. These alleged Christians further promised, in the
presence of God, to be an example of Christ in the lives of my children. My kids were tossed away like
garbage but the Minister's kids have done all right it seems. These hypocrites and liars owe my children an
apology, to say the least!

Obviously I cannot go through the proper channels of making reports with Church 'Officials'. I've been
there, done that, to my own detriment. It's obvious to me that religious institutes are rotten to the
core at this point. I am therefore sending this particular correspondence to various people throughout the
whole Presbyterian Church in Canada body, without following any typical or particular protocol. A copy will
eventually be formally sent to General Assembly. I am not interested in procedure. I am interested in
peaceful resolution in all that I do but I am most certainly done following the rules of tyranny and

Will the Church tend to one of the Lord's abandoned lambs or will it simply sacrifice it to save face? I
guess we shall see soon enough!

Please understand that I will further expose any attempts at a cover up and/or a heightened
conspiracy against me.

I am presently incapacitated due to this conspiracy and it's detrimental, long-term effects on my life.
After all that I've survived and know to be true about religious establishments and governments I can't
keep beating the same dead horse. It's time to be human. It's time to stand up. A much better way has
been proposed through ITCCS.org. It seems that this is where people end up after being victimized by
the church. It may be 'crazy' but I think we're onto something...

Either way, I believe with all that I AM, that the truth will prevail! I AM the beacon on the hill!

I do not hate the people who conspire against me, although I do loathe the indecent words and actions
that they have directed at me and my loved ones. I AM loving, patient, understanding and forgiving. I
genuinely pray for the light of truth to enter into the dark hearts that conspire against me. I've learned
that a person must be in a very dark place to be able to treat others the way that I've been treated, so
may God have mercy upon their souls!

You shall know them by their fruits! May God help me and my loved ones. May God damn the
darkness! Love is the only answer!

May the Peace of Jesus Christ be with you, now and forever!

In the light of truth,

Brenda Everall

P.S Considering the harm that has already been caused to my family and/or myself throughout this
ongoing conspiracy I am truly concerned now, not only for myself but also for my loved ones,
that reprisal attempts may be made that would bring further or more severe harm upon us. My
health is poor but stabilized. I am under the care of a natural healer. I do not do drugs or
alcohol. I am of sound mind. I believe in peaceful resolutions. I state this for the record.

P.S.S Rumour has it that a witches coven exists within the circle of friends at Picton St. Andrew's
and that occult practices occur regularly and frequently. From what I've seen with my own
eyes and been forced to feel in my own heart, I can hardly doubt it!

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