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SCHOOL Grade Four

Grade 4 Teacher LUZVIMINDA E. CATBAGAN Learning Area: Mathematics
Daily Lesson Log Teaching Date July 10-14, 2017 Quarter: First

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

A. Content Demonstrates understanding of whole numbers up to 100, 000.
B. Performance Is able to recognize and represent whole numbers up to 100, 000 in various forms and contexts.
C. Learning 10 11 12 13 14
creates problems(with creates problems(with Summative test divides 3- to 4-digit numbers divides 3- to 4-digit
reasonable answers) reasonable answers) by 1-to 2-digit numbers numbers by 1-to 2-digit
( Write the
involving multiplication or involving multiplication or without and with remainder numbers without and with
LCcode for each)
with addition or with addition or subtraction of M4NS-If-54.3 remainder M4NS-If-54.3
subtraction of whole whole numbers including
numbers including money. money.

Creating Problems Creating Problems II. Summative Test Dividing 3- to 4- Digit Numbers Solving Multistep
II. CONTENT Involving Multiplication Involving Multiplication or Without and With Remainder. Routine and Nonroutine
( Subject Matter) or with Addition or with Addition or Word Problems Involving
Subtraction of Whole Subtraction of Whole Multiplication and
Numbers Including Numbers Including Addition or Subtraction
Money Money
A. References
1. Teachers Guide
TG p. 59-62 TG p. 59-62 TG p. 62-66 TG p. 56-59
2. Learners
LM p. 46-47 LM p. 46-47 LM p. 48-51 LM p. 44-46
Material pages
3. Textbook pages
4. Additional Drill cards, graphing Drill cards, graphing paper Drill cards, window cards Drill cards, activity sheets
Materials from paper
Resource LR
B. Other Learning Led t.v. Led t.v. Led t.v. Led t.v.
A. Reviewing 1. Drill 1. Drill A. Review 1. Drill Review on how to solve
previous Lesson or Have a drill on solving Have a drill on solving B. Preparation of test Have a drill on division facts. routine and nonroutine
multistep routine and no multistep routine and no materials You may use flash cards problems involving
presenting new routine problems routine problems involving or games. Let the pupils multiplication of whole
lesson involving multiplication multiplication and addition divide as fast as they can.
numbers including
and addition or or subtraction using Example:
money using appropriate
subtraction using appropriate problem-solving 36 6 47 7 35 5
appropriate problem- strategies & tools. problem solving
solving strategies & tools. The pupils may use dd. 24 3 28 4 21 3 strategies.
The pupils may use dd. Ways of solving problem.
Ways of solving problem. 2.Review: 2. Review
2.Review: Conduct a review on routine Conduct a review on the
Conduct a review on and no routine problem terms used in a division
routine and no routine involving multiplication and sentence. For instance, the
problem involving addition or subtraction number that is divided is the
multiplication and using appropriate problem- dividend. The number that
addition or subtraction solving strategies & tools. divides the dividend is the
using appropriate divisor. He answer in
problem-solving division is the quotient. Give
strategies & tools. examples.
B. Establishing a Why do people work? What Why do people work? What is Ask the pupils about their Ask the pupils about
is the work of your parents? the work of your parents? What attendance to some occasions.
purpose for the their weekend activities.
What do you know about the do you know about the word Did you ever receive an invitation
lesson from your friends? What kind f Say: During
word earnings, savings earnings, savings and
invitation did you receive? There weekends, what
and expenses? Do your expenses? Do your parents
should be a story from someone activities can you do in
parents spend all their spend all their earnings? Why who prepared invitation cards to
earnings? Why do they do they save? his friends on his birthday order to help your
save? celebration. parents earn? Guide
the learners to realize
the value for love of
work and helpfulness.
Presenting examples/ Present the problem Present the problem C.Administration Present the problem Present the situations to
instances of the new Adrians father earns Adrians father earns Php5, Ryan celebrated his 9th the class.
lesson. Php5, 000 a week. His 000 a week. His mother birthday. He invited his 144 Analyze the problem.
mother earns Php4, 500. earns Php4, 500. They set schoolmates. If he was able *How many kilograms of
They set aside Php7, 500 aside Php7, 500 for their to print 9 invitation cards mangoes did Romarson
for their weekly weekly expenses. How much per hour, how many hours
sell on Saturday?
expenses. How much money is left for their did he spend printing the
*How many kilograms of
money is left for their savings? How much will they invitation cards?
savings? How much will save in a month? *Who celebrated his 9th rambutan did Romarson
they save in a month? Questions: birthday? sell on Sunday?
Questions: What is asked in the problem? *Who did he invite to his
What is asked in the What are given? birthday?
problem? What is the hidden question? *Do you invite your friends
What are given? What is the number sentence? to celebrate with you on
What is the hidden What is the answer? your birthdays? Why?
question? Infuse the value of love for
What is the number others.
sentence? Say: Looking at the
What is the answer?
problem, what does it ask
for? How will you solve for
the answer
C. Discussing new *Divide the class into *Divide the class into five Divide the class into five Group the learners into
concepts and five groups. groups. groups. Let them answer the five groups. Ask the
*Encourage the * Encourage the groups problem by team. groups to work as a team
practicing new groups to create a to create a problem in solving the answer to
skills.#1 problem similar to the similar to the one given.
the problem. Give them
one given. *Distribute the activity
enough time to perform
*Distribute the activity cards.
cards. the task.
After the groups have
finished solving the
problem, ask them to
post their output on the
board and let them
explain their solution.
D. Discussing new After all the groups After all the groups presented How did you find the activity? *How did you find the
concepts and presented their work, ask their work, ask these questions: How did you get the quotient 3- activity?
practicing new these questions: How did you find the activity? digit number divided by 1-digit *How did you solve the
How did you find the How were you able to create a number?
skills #2. activity? problem? Did you work cooperatively with problem?
How were you able to create your team during the activity? * Are there any other
a problem? ways to solve for the
answer to the problem?
Discuss the presentation on Discuss the presentation on Discuss the presentation *Discuss the
F. Developing Mastery pg. 46, LM Math Grade 4 pg. 46, LM Math Grade 4 under Explore and Discover presentation under
(Lead to Formative on top of pgs. 48 and 49, LM Explore and Discover on
Assessment 3) Math Grade 4. p.44-45 LM Math Grade
*Work on item 1 to 3
under Get Moving on
page 45.
* Do more exercises by
solving the problems
under Keep Moving on
page 45 and 46 of LM
Math Grade 4.
G. Finding practical Ask the pupils to do Ask the pupils to do items 1 Ask the pupils to solve items 1 Answer Apply Your Skills
application of concepts items 1 & 2 under Apply & 2 under Apply your Skills to 5 Apply Your Skills on pg. on p. 46, LM Math Grade
and skills in daily living your Skills on pg. 47, LM on pg. 47, LM Math Grade 4. 51, LM Math Grade 4. 4.
Math Grade 4.

H. Making How do you Creating How do you Creating Problems How do you divide 3- 4 digit Lead the pupils to give
Generalizations and Problems Involving Involving Multiplication or with numbers by 1-digit numbers the generalization.
Abstraction about the Multiplication or with addition and subtraction of without or with remainder?
addition and subtraction of whole numbers including
Lesson. whole numbers including money?

I. Evaluating Learning Create a problem using the Create a problem using the . Checking of test Find the quotient of the following: Solve the following
given information. given information. 1. 165 5
papers problem. Show the
1. Php450 earnings for 1. Php450 earnings for washing 2. 763 7
E. Recording of scores solution and answer on
washing cars Php550 cars Php550 earnings for 3. 6426 6
earnings for running errands running errands F. Item analysis 4. 819 9 your answer sheet.
Php150 earnings for Php150 earnings for 5. 3396 3 Mary does 124 sit-ups
transportation and food transportation and food a day for 6 days, while
allowance allowance Paul does 152 sit-ups a
2. Earned Php120 on 2. Earned Php120 on Saturday day for 4 days. Who has
Saturday foe selling empty foe selling empty bottles more sit-ups?
bottles. Receive Php140 on Receive Php140 on Sunday.
Sunday. Spent Php65 for Spent Php65 for food

J. Additional Activities Home activity Home activity Home activity Solve the following
for Application or problem. Show your
Remediation Write a question for the Write a question for the given Give the quotient of the following: solution.
given problem. problem. 1. 165 5
Mrs. Reyes made 538
1. Mandy caught 148 kg of 1. Mandy caught 148 kg of fish 2. 763 7
fish in the morning and 216 in the morning and 216 kg in boxes containing 16
3. 4328 4
kg in the afternoon. He the afternoon. He sold the fish 4. .729 9 jumbo chocolate cookies
sold the fish for Php65 per for Php65 per kg. 5. 8415 5 in each box. How many
kg. 2. Alice deposited Php3, 175 cookies did she make in
2. Alice deposited Php3, 175 every month from her earnings. all?
every month from her She withdrew Php2, 150 to pay
earnings. She withdrew her loan.
Php2, 150 to pay her loan.

A. No. of learners
earned 80%in
the evaluation.
B . No. of learners
who required
additional activities
for remediation who
scored below 80%
C. Did the remedial
lesson work? No. of
learners who have
caught up with the

D. No. of learner
who continue to
require remediation
E. Which of my
teaching strategies
worked well? Why
did these work?
F. What difficulties
did I encounter
which my principal
or supervisor can
help me solve?
G. What innovation
or localized
materials d
id I used/discover
which I wish to
share with other