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GRADES 1 to 12 School: DOWNLOADS Grade Level: II
Teaching Dates and
Time: JUNE 26-30, 2017 (WEEK 4) Quarter: 1ST QUARTER


A. Content Standard demonstrates understanding of demonstrates understanding of text demonstrates understanding of demonstrates understandings of Weekly Test
the letter-sound relationship elements to see the relationship sentence construction for correct useful strategies for purposeful
between Mother Tongue and between known and new expression literacy learning
English for effective transfer of information to facilitate
learning comprehension

B. Performance Standard effectively transfers the correctly presents text elements properly identifies and describes Independently uses strategies in
knowledge of letter-sound through simple organizers to make people, animals, places, things and accomplishing literacy-related tasks
relationship from Mother Tongue inferences, predictions and uses them in a variety of oral and
to English correctly hears and conclusions written theme-based activities
records sounds in words
C. Learning Competencies/ Classify/Categorize sounds heard Listen to a variety of media Recognize simple sentences Engage in a variety of ways to share Measure ones ability to
Objectives (animals, mechanical, objects, including books, audiotapes videos Objectives: information (e.g. role playing, retain and apply knowledge
musical instruments, and other age-appropriate Identify simple sentences reporting, summarizing, retelling and and concepts .Learn to
environment, speech) publications and show and tell) answer a weekly test.
EN2PA-Ia-c-1.1 a. Note important details pertaining Objectives:
Discriminate sounds from a to Describe and discriminate the best
background of other sounds a. character part of the story
EN2PA-Id-e-1.2 b. settings Listen and follow three-step
c. events directions
Objectives: Write personal recount by
Identify the characters in the story completing a stem to answer the
listened to guide questions
Express feelings and opinions
through varied activities
Write the LC Code for each EN2PA-Ia-c-1.1 EN2LC-Ia-j-1.1 EN2G-Ib-c-1.4 EN2SS-Ia-e-1.2
II.CONTENT Sounds Around Us Working Together Is Best Simple Sentences Bring Out the Hero in You
Different Animal Sounds Swimmy
A. References CG 2016 pages 27,28-29 CG 2016 pages 27,28-29 CG 2016 pages 28-29,50 CG 2016 pages 28-29,52
1.Teachers Guides/Pages Unit 1 pp.44-45 Unit 4 pp.32,33-34
2.Learners Materials Pages LM pages 56-59 LM pages 408-409,410-412
3.Textbook Pages
4.Additional Materials from Lets Begin Reading in English 2. English (Learners Material) 2. 2013. English (Learners Material) 2. 2013.
Learning Resources (LR) 2013. pp 275,276 pp 473-474. pp 410-412
portal Lets Begin Reading in English 2.
B. Other Learning Resources English for You and Me 2- Story: Swimmy UnionBank Computer or DVD player and the
Reading and Language Textbook Learning System (UBLS, pp. 100- story book
155-159 101)
The Little Red Hen and The Grain
of Wheat- Veronica Hutchinson
Choral Speaking in the
Elementary Grades

A. Reviewing previous lesson Checking of Agreement Review/ Drill/Review Drill/Review
or presenting the new lesson Review: Drill: What is the title of the story that Teach the poem, Hickory Dickory
What are the different sounds of Let the pupils practice reading you read yesterday? and let the children recite the poem.
animals that youve learned these words. Hickory Dickory Dock
before? rub The mouse went up the clock.
cub The mouse ran down
tub The clock struck one.
nun Hickory Dickory Dock
B. Establishing a purpose for Motivation: Motivation: Checking of Agreement Motivation: Orient pupils on the
the lesson Show a picture of a hen-page Get Set Motivation: Union Bank Learning System, directions.
(156 of English for You and Me 2- Have you seen a school of fish Lets look at these pictures. Students Worktext, Drawing Original File Submitted and
Reading and Language) swimming in the river / aquarium / Listen as I use each word in a Conclusions from the riddle p.158. Formatted by DepEd Club
pond? sentence. Match each with the There are many trees here. Member - visit
Talk about it with a partner. correct picture by drawing a line The birds fly from one branch to depedclub.com for more
between the two. ( See page another. The monkeys swing on
278,Lets Begin Reading in English 2, vines. I am sitting. Guess the setting
Learners Material of the story based from my clues.

C. Presenting examples/ Presentation Presentation: Presentation: Presentation: Preparation of test

instances of the new lesson Read the story: Listen as your teacher reads the What is your favorite dessert? Activating Prior Knowledge:
The Little Red Hen and the Grain story about Lets Aim Teacher will Think aloud and say:
of Wheat Swimmy. In the story you are about to Before we start reading today, Im
One day , Little Red Hen was Find out how the little fish became hear , you will find out what dessert going to reread the last part of the
scratching the ground in the happy again. the special visitor taught the pupils story. How did you feel while
yard. She found a grain of wheat. Swimmy from Grade 2-Papaya to make. listening to the last part of the story?
Who will plant the wheat? by Leo Lionni A Special Visitor Allow the children to watch a video
She asked. Retold by Dali Soriano Today is a happy day for us from You Tube The Lion and the
Not I, said the duck. His name was Swimmy. He children in Grade 2 Papaya .We have Mouse cartoons with text below.
Quack-quack-quack. was a black little fish. He lived in a special visitor in class. He will teach Read Along video. Reread the story
Not I, said the cat. corner of the sea. us how to make A yummy dessert. in the text book so children can
Meow-meow-meow. One bad day, a very hungry Grade 2-Papaya, I am kuya Ben recall the story and choose their
Not I, said the dog. Bow tuna fish came swimming fast . I will show you how to make fruit favorite part of the story.
-wow-wow. through the waves. He salad, he says. The Lion and the Mouse
Very well then , said the swallowed all the little red fish but He posts the ingredients on the Aesops Fable
Little Red Hen . Swimmy escaped. Swimmy was board. Once there was a lion sleeping
I will . So , She planted the grain scared, lonely, and Kuya Ben lets read the peacefully under
of wheat. very sad. As he swam away, he saw ingredients. Then he tells us that the shade of a narra tree. Suddenly a
After sometime, the many wonderful creatures - fruit salad is so easy to make. mouse ran up his shoulders. The lion
wheat grew tall and ripe. lobsters, eels, and sea Fruit Salad woke up and shook himself like an
Who will cut the wheat ? anemones that look like pink palm Ingredients: earthquake and sent the little
asked the Little Red Hen. trees swaying in the wind. He 6 apples( cut into small cubes) creature to the ground. The lion
Not I, said the duck. became happy again. 2 papayas( cut into small caught the mouse by the tail, holding
Quack-quack-quack. Then, down under a rocky cubes) him with one great paw. Who are
Not I, said the cat. corner, he saw a school of little fish, 8 bananas ( sliced) you to disturb my much-needed
Meow-meow-meow. just like his own. 5 mangoes ( cut into small sleep? roared the lion. Almost too
Not I, said the dog. Bow Why are you hiding down cubes) scared to say anything, the mouse
-wow-wow. there? Lets go swim, play, and see 1 tablespoon of lemon juice begged to be set free. I give you my
Very well then , I will. things! he said happily. 3 tablespoon of sugar word, Sir Lion. One day I will return
said the Little Red Hen . So , she We cant, said the little red sh. I sliced all the fruits,he says. Then the favor.
cut the wheat. The big fish will eat us all. We he puts them all in a big bowl. I mix Give your word, squeaking
When the wheat was cut , must do all the ingredients, he continues. pip? asked the lion,
she said, Who will take the something, said Swimmy. Swimmy Then I stir in the lemon juice, the laughing. The mouse nodded and the
wheat to the mill to have it thought and thought and thought. cream , and the sugar. After that , I lion lifted his paw and let the
ground into flour? Then suddenly he said, I have serve them in small bowls or cups. creature free. They went their
Not I, said the duck. an idea! We are going to swim We happily wait for kuya Ben separate ways. The lion forgot about
Quack-quack-quack. altogether like the biggest sh in the to give us a cup of fruit salad. Yum, the mouse, but
Not I, said the cat. sea! yum!What a treat! the mouse was more careful where
Meow-meow-meow. He taught the little red sh to he put his feet.
Not I, said the dog. Bow swim close together, like one giant One day the lion roared
-wow-wow. sh, he said Ill be the eye. And pitifully through the forest.
Very well then , I will. they swam in the cool morning It woke the mouse in the comfort of
said the Little Red Hen . So , she water and in the midday sun chased his rest. That
took the wheat to the mill. the big fish away. sounds like Sir Lion. He saved my life.
When the wheat was I promised I would return the favor.
ground into flour, she said , Now is my chance. The mouse
Who will make this flour into hurried toward the sound. He saw
bread? the lion hung from a great branch,
Not I, said the duck. caught in a hunters net, trapped so
Quack-quack-quack. tightly it couldnt move. The mouse
Not I, said the cat. quickly climbed up the tree and
Meow-meow-meow. down the thick ropes where he set
Not I, said the dog. Bow to work with his sharp teeth. He
-wow-wow. chewed and pulled, nibbled and
Very well then , I will. said gnawed through the mesh until
the Little Red Hen . She baked a eventually the net began to loosen
lovely loaf of bread?Then she and the lion was released.
said , Who will eat the bread? The lion thanked the mouse.
Oh, I will, said the duck. Thank you, little
Quack-quack-quack. mouse. I promise never to
Oh I will, said the cat. underestimate the smaller creatures
Meow-meow-meow. again. The mouse in turn tried to
Oh I will, said the dog. look heroic and brave. It was with
Bow -wow-wow. some relief
Oh! No, you wont, said the and not a little pride that he
little Red Hen . I will , and she watched as the lion disappeared into
called her chicks and shared the the forest.
bread with them.
D. Discussing new concepts Comprehension Questions: Guided Practice: Guided Practice: Comprehension Questions:
and practicing new skills #1 1. What is the title of the Ask: Ask: Lets Answer
story? Lets Answer 1.Who is the special visitor in the Comprehension Questions:
2. Who are the characters a. Who is the character in the class of Grade 2-Papaya? 1. Who are the main characters of
of the story? story? 2.What will he teach in the class? the story?
3. What is the sound of a b. What is the color of Swimmy? 3. What are the ingredients of the 2. Where did the story happen?
cat? c. Where does he live? special dessert? 3. When did the story happen?
4. What is the sound of a d. Who did he see one bad day? 4.What did Kuya Ben have to do with 4. What was the lion doing under the
duck? e. What other sea creatures did he the fruits first? narra tree?
5. What is the sound of a see? 5. After slicing all the fruits, what did 5. Who woke the lion?
dog? f. What did he see under a rocky he do with all the ingredients? 6. What did the lion do to the
corner? 6. Where did he put the fruit salad? mouse?
g. Why were they hiding under the 7. What does it mean when the 7. What happened to the lion one
rock? pupils said What a treat! day?
h. What did they do together? 8. How did the pupils feel that day? 8. Who saved the lion?
i. How did the group of little fish 9. What did the lion say after he was
and Swimmy rescued by the mouse?
drive away the big fish? 10. What did you learn from the
j. If you were the little fish, will you story?
do the same?
Why or Why not?
k. Did you have the same
experience as the little
fish in the story?
E. Discussing new concepts Group Activity Group Work: Group Work: Group Work:
and practicing new skills #2 Group the class into three Activity 1: Let the pupils describe Read the following sentences from Ask the pupils to compare the
groups. the character in the story using a the story. feelings of the characters in the two
Group 1 will produce the sound graphic organizer. 1. I slice the fruits. pictures. Remind them to follow
of a duck Activity 2: Ask the pupils to draw 2. I mix the ingredients. directions
Group 2 will produce the sound Swimmy as they visualize him from 3. I scoop the fruit salad.
of a cat the 4. I serve the fruit salad.
Group 1 will produce the sound story heard using crayons and
of a dog papers
Example: During their group work,
what should
they do so that they can make their
work better?
How can they make a project as a
F. Developing mastery We Can Do It We Can Do It We Can Do It We Can Do It Testing
( Leads to formative I have pictures of the animals on Describe the traits of the character Read the sentences. Its Circle Time. Form a circle and
assessment ) the previous page. (See page you liked best 1. I sing a song. group yourselves
275-276 of Lets Begin Reading in in the story. Use the web to do this. 2. I play with my sipa. into 5 members. Talk about the best
English 2. 2013.) There may 3. I write a story. and the worst part of the story and
either be one animal or more 4. I drink a glass of water. tell the reason why you chose it.
than one animal in each picture. 5. I count my marbles. Would you recommend the story to
Each of you will pick out an your
animal card. Then make friends? Why? Why not?
asentence about the animal /
animals that you pick out using
the correct sounds they make.
For instance , if you pick a
picture of two dogs, you may say
Two dogs bark. But if you pick
out apicture of one one dog, you
may say The dog barks.
G. Finding practical/ I Can Do It Have pupils do I Can Do It I Can Do It I Can Do It
applications of concepts and Read these sentences aloud. Draw and color Swimmy as you Answer the following: Choose the correct feelings of the
skills in daily living A turkey gobbles, but the hen picture him from characters in the story. Encircle the
clucks. the story heard. correct answer.
A duck quacks, but the frog 1. What do I do with a
croaks. song?
A bee buzzes, but the mouse 2. What do I do with my
squeaks. sipa?
But the girl like me speaks, sings 3. What do I do with a
and laughs. story?
Dogs bark, but the cats meow. 4. What do I do with a glass
Birds chirp, but chicks peep. of water?
Cows moo, and horses neigh, 5. What do I do withmy
But boys and girls like yo and me marbles?
speak, sing ,and laugh.
Read another sentences:
Just One
A dog barks.
A duck quacks.
A cat purrs.
A horse neighs.
A bird chirps.
A girl talks.
More than One
Dogs bark.
Ducks quack.
Cats purr.
Horses neigh.
Birds chirp.
Girls talk.
H. Making generalizations Remember This: Remember This: Remember This: Remember This: What did you learn?
and abstractions about the What are the different sounds of Character refers to the people in What are the simple sentences? Ask:
lesson animals that youve learned from the story who After reading the story, I felt
the story? carry out the actions. Characters _____________________
can be real because_______________________
or make believe. They can also be _________________
animals or ______________________________
things. ___________________
I. Evaluating Learning Measure My Learning Measure My Learning Measure My Learning Measure My Learning Checking the test
Complete the poem with the Using the Character Map, draw the Write the following sentences. Who was the hero in the story? paper.Noting item missed.
correct animal sounds. character in 1. I slice the fruits. Why? Would you consider the lion a
the story. 2. I mix the ingredients. hero, too? Why or why not?
3. I scoop the fruit salad.
Animal Sounds 4. I serve the fruit salad.
A dog 5. We have a special visitor in class.
A bird
A frog
A horse
And I say , Have a
nice day.

J. Additional activities for Agreement: Agreement: Agreement: Agreement: Study next lesson.
application or remediation Complete the poem with the Have the pupils ask their parents or Write five examples of sentence in How can one become a hero? I can
correct animal sounds. other family members to tell them your notebook. be a hero, too. When I and if I
a story about a fish or other sea 1.____________________________ Take books from home to school (or
creatures. ________. vice versa) for independent/extra
reading about Filipino heroes

A. No. of learners who
earned 80% of the formative
B. No. of learners who
require additional activities
to remediation
C. Did the remedial lessons
work? No. of learners who
have caught up with the
D. No. of learners who
continue to require
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well? Why
did these work?

F. What difficulties did I

encounter which my
principal or supervisor can
help me solve?

G. What innovation or
localized material did I
use/discover which I wish to
share with other teachers?

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