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Scope of Work :

The scope of work includes :

The scope of works includes equipment and labour excluding all materials for the complete
construction of the mosque as per the drawings & specifications provided by the client attached

It includes the below items:-

1. Complete line out work.

2. PCC in foundation & floor, Block masonry in foundations, superstructure and parapet wall.
3. RCC work RCC works includes the shuttering and centering, scaffolding, cutting, bending & fixing
of rebars as per the drawings attached.

a. It includes Footing for foundations, columns, beams, lintels, grade slab, RCC slab at G.F,
Mezzanine & Roof level, projections, chhajjas, staircase or any type of structural members

4. Block work above plinth level for all areas and parapet wall.
5. Internal & external plaster with cement mortar on walls & ceiling with cement plaster as per
6. Tiles & skirting in all rooms Flooring, flooring & Wall Tiles in Toilet & bathrooms.
7. Electrical & plumbing works including fixing of toilet & bathroom sanitary furniture fittings.
8. Fixing of Drain & Roof drain pipe.
9. Septic Tank.
10. Fixing of Railing.
11. Waterproofing works in toilet, bathroom and roof terrace as per specifications.
12. Fixing of Kitchen platform and wall tiles over wall above platform.
13. Gypsum works in ceiling.
14. Color on all walls on internal & exterior surface.

Not in Scope of Work:

1. Excavation & Backfilling.

2. HVAC works.
3. Construction of Fence wall
4. Fixing of Doors, windows & ventilators
5. Supply of all necessary materials such as steel, block, cement, concrete, rebars, windows ,
doors, tiles, electrical wiring & accessories, plumbing pipes & accessories, staircase railing,
kitchen platform accessories, telephone & net wiring, paints, soil, backfilling material,
waterproofing items, toilet & bathroom furniture and all other necessary materials need to
complete construction works etc.

Terms & Conditions:-

The construction of the Mosque will be as per following terms & conditions:-

1) All the necessary materials need to complete construction works will be supplied by the client.
2) RCC works shall be as per Architectural & Structural drawings attached herewith. Any variation
in the quantity or drawings will be payable extra.
3) Water and electricity will be provided by the client.
4) Idle man hour & equipment will be payable if the material is not supplied within time to
continue the work.
Payment condition:

Payment shall be made on different stages of work completion as indicated below:

1. 10% - plinth height,
2. 10% - Ground Floor RCC slab

3. 10% - Mazzanine Floor RCC slab

4. 10% - Roof Floor RCC slab

5. 10% - block work
6. 10% - internal plaster
7. 5% -outer plaster
8. 5% - Electrical works

9. 10% - All Tiles works

10. 5% - Plumbing & Waterproofing works

11. 5% - Gypsum Works
12. 5% - Painting
13. 5% Will be paid after virtual completion of work & certificate provide from Project
Management Consultant.

Note : - Payment shall be within 7 days after submission of each invoice.