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719(1)/ExamMain/2010RCI 04th January 2011

The Course Coordinator

Subject- Admission procedure for Diploma /Certificate Courses


You must be aware that the admission to DEd.Spl.Edu. (HH & D, VI & MR) for the
academic session 2011-12 is being made through an All India Online Aptitude Test. With
regard of admission to other Diploma and Certificate courses listed below, you may initiate
the admission process at your Institute purely on merit basis. The list of admitted candidates
along with their merit may please be sent to RCI.
Diploma Level Course

Sl. Training Course Duration in Course

No. Year(s) System
1. Diploma in Rehabilitation Therapy 2 Annual
2. Diploma In Prosthetic & Orthotics 2 Annual
3. Diploma in Education-Special Education (Deaf- Blind) 1 Annual

4. Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech 1 Annual

5. Basic Development Therapy Course for Children with Cerebral Palsy and 1 Annual
other Neurological Handicaps
6. Diploma in Vocational Rehabilitation(M.R) 1 Annual

7. Diploma in Special Education (Cerebral Palsy) 1 Annual

8. Diploma in Teaching Young Hearing Impaired Children 1 Annual

9. Diploma in Community Based Rehabilitation 1 Annual

10. Diploma in Early Childhood Special Education (MR) 1 Annual

11. Diploma in Indian Sign Language Interpreting 1 Annual

(Level A,B & C each of Four months duration)
12. Diploma in Hearing Aid and Ear Mould Technology 1 Annual

13. Diploma in Education-Special Education (Autism Spectrum Disorder) 1 Annual

Certificate level Course
1. Certificate Course in Prosthetic & Orthotic 1 Annual
2. Certificate Course in Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant 1 Annual
3. Certificate Course in Care Giving 1 Annual
4. Certificate Course in Hearing Aid (only for persons with HI) 6 Months
5. Certificate Course in Ear Mould Technology (only for persons with HI) 6 Months

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully

Member Secretary