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Package No: WD2


Inspected Date: 12.08.2017

Place: Buildtrade Engineering Ltd. Dhaka Aricha Highway, Kalampur 1351, Bangladesh.

Inspection Report for 20.0m Span Steel Girder for Bridge no. 34

Inspected the partial mockup for 20.0m span steel girder in presence of the following personnel:

1. Mr. Habib Ahmad, Team Leader, Supervision Consultant

2. Mr. Udayan Chakraborty, Structural Engineer/Railway Bridge Engineer, Supervision Consultant
3. Mr. Sorowar E. Morshed, Structural Engineer/Railway Bridge Engineer, Supervision Consultant
4. Mr. Tanvir Shahrier Mahmud, Jr. Structural Engineer, Contractor Representative
5. Md. Nazrul Alam, Sr. General Manager (Technical & Design), Buildtrade Engineering Ltd.
6. Md. Al Amin, GM-Project Management, Buildtrade Engineering Ltd.

Fig: 1 Factory Building Front

Drawing Status: Shop drawing received from the contractor (Ref. MIL/PD/KG/BR/17/0229) has been
forwarded to Project Director, Construction of Kashiani-Gopalganj-Tungipara New Rail Line & Chief Engineer
(West), Bangladesh Railway, Rajshahi (Ref. ACE/KGT/2017/CE/PD/BR/204); yet to be approved.

Observations: Partial Mockup for 20.0m span steel girder has been inspected as per shop drawings in which
center to center distance of bearing is 21.5m and overall length is 22.3m. In this mockup inspection following
observations are recorded. During inspection, the concerned officials of the factory noted the observations
which shall be complied during fabrication.

1. Alignment :
a. Steel Girder alignment was not found accurate due to service bolts in every joint was not
tightened fully. Fabricators replied that, after final tightening of HSFGB, alignment of every
member can be corrected.
2. Steel Girder :
a. Dimensions of steel girder, effective span and overall span has been checked and found within
tolerance limit as specified in the particular specification. Automatic and manual fillet weld size
was found ok, but overlaps and cracks in welding were found in some places. So it was
requested to remove such welding defects.
b. Squareness of the steel girders should be checked to ensure precise verticality.
c. Butt welds used in flanges of GD-BR-34-2 and GD-BR-34-2A should be provided with precise
d. In the mockup splice joints between GD-BR-34-1, GD-BR-34-2 and GD-BR-34-3; GD-BR-34-1A,
GD-BR-34-2A and GD-BR-34-3A a gap of 4-8mm was found and was adivsed to rectify.
e. The thickness of splice plates and c/c distance of the HSFG bolts in splice plates was found ok,
but splice plate orientation at top flange of connection between GD-BR-34-1A and GD-BR-34-2A
needs to be corrected in order to maintain proper clearance from the fillet weld.
f. Metal chippings and surface roughness were found on the edges of the flanges which should be
rectified as specified under item E 13.4.2 of the particular specification prior to application of
g. All the parts should be match marked as required under item E 15.4.6 of the particular
3. Lateral Bracings:
a. Dimension of all lateral bracings were found within tolerance limit as specified in the particular
b. Center lines of HSFGB in bracings were found ok as per shop drawing.
4. Vertical Cross Bracings :
a) Dimension of all vertical cross bracings were found within tolerance limit as specified in the
particular specification.
5. Stiffeners:
a) Dimension of all intermediate stiffeners were found within tolerance limit as specified in the
particular specification.
b) Clear space between stiffener, top and bottom flange of steel girder should be rechecked in
order to accommodate splice plates and avoid any kind of overlaps.
6. Gusset Plates:
a) Dimension of all gusset plates were found within tolerance limit as specified in the particular
b) Manual welding around gusset plates should be more detail oriented and should have more
precise finishing as specified under item E of the particular speification.

As the strucutral members (e.g. steel girders, lateral bracings and vertical cross bracings) were not fully
connected and tightened, so full checkup is not possible in this moment. CNC Flame Cutting Machine is being
used to fabricate steel components in compliance with the particular specification. For checking welding
quality Ultra Sonic Flaw Detector (UT) was found on site.

Proof load shall be checked for HSFGB. Calibration wrench should be used for checking proof load of HSFGB.

Materal Test Certificate (MTC), Welding Electrode Material Test Certificate, Welding Procedure Specification
(WPS) for FCAW, Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) for FCAW, Welder Performance Qualification Test
Record (WPQTR) for FCAW, Dimensional & Fit-up Inspection Report, Welding Visual Inspection Report, Dey
Penetration Test (DPT) Report, Ultrasonic Test Report (UT) and Painting Inspection Report were submitted
on site but was requested for official submission. Contractor shall arrange sample Test for all the members
from BUET as per Technical specifications for further inspection.

Surface friction of plates not yet confirmed for the HSFGB. It shall be confirmed before final erection.
Methods of Friction test discussed as per IS: 4000.

Detailed discussion on Quality Assurance and shop drawings was held on site with the Fabricators. Detailed
discussion was held on documentation. It was requested to submit ISO Certificates, Quality Assurance Plan,
Manufacturing Process with Flow Chart, Material List, Master List of Machinery, Calibrated Equipment List,
Quality Manual and Liquid Penetration Test Report in compliance with the IRS Fabrications Specifications

Mockup was not ready in full respects for 20.0m span steel girder till evening of 12.08.2017. So after
completion of mockup, 20.0m span steel girder to be checked for finalization of required member length,
splices, joints, bearing positions etc.

After finalization and checking of mockup, fabrication of other 20.0m span steel girder shall be taken up.