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20 ottobre 2016
Ismaele Bassani
Managing Director Accenture Technology
SAP Platform Lead Italy, Central Europe & Greece

Maurizio Grassi
Senior Manager Accenture Technology
SAP Tech Arch Practice Lead Italy, Central Europe & Greece

1. SAP S/4HANA adoption the Digital Roadmap enabler

2. Accenture approach to S4HANA adoption

3. Accenture and SAP Client Value Led partnership

SAP S/4HANA adoption the
Digital Roadmap enabler

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SAP Digital Transformation
The Digital Revolution raises pressure on enterprise

Technological change Business reimagine Enterprise systems What

challenges should
Experience I do?
High TCO

Compliance and
security Rigidity Where
Data Everything at
speed should
Complexity I start?

Hybrid Computing In Memory ROI

Platform Evolving Demand for better and How
relationships accessible information
I start?
Middleware Slow
and APIs execution
Internet of Things &
Analytics Connected Devices
Rapidly changing Relentless focus on
operating models cost and value Silo whom?

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New technologies are accelerating the pace of business, but
existing business and IT approaches lag behind.
Liquid, intelligent and connected application strategies can help you shape your future and lead
your industry.


A fundamentally new When applications Extending company
way to build software comprehend, act and learn boundaries through software

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The evolution of traditional ERP to manage Business and
Technology disruption
Technology and Business disruption are triggering ERP transformation

SAP evolves to a full Digital Platform enabling

High velocity ERP

Digital Transformation is not just to add

technology (Cloud, Mobility, Analytics,).
To realize value for the business through a
Digital Transformation its mandatory to align
the new technology stack with new operating
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SAP is moving to a more liquid software strategy.

Cloud-first Focus

Simplifying Data Models

s Mobile-friendly Applications HANA Cloud Platform

Accelerating the Business Process Simplify SFIN

ERP Extensions in the Cloud



Ecosystem HEC

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SAP is embedding more intelligence into their strategy

S/4HANA simplification and in-memory eliminates batch processes

Smart business cockpits embeds analytics in the business process

IT-OT integration predictive analytics based on combined data

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SAP is addressing the need to be connected with a
mobile-first mindset for S/4HANA.

Simplified user interfaces

Consumption across devices

Re-imagined business models

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The decision to enable new ERP with S/4HANA has to be
measured against the business need and specific benefits
The decision to migrate to S/4 HANA enabling the new Digital Platform is a balance between
business need, the effort to migrate and the widening capability gap and need to be tailored for
each reality
Continued Innovation...
Simple Finance 2.0
Only available on HANA (examples)
Simple Logistics
Simple Finance 1.0
IS Retail SAP Customer Activity
Rising effort for
business transformation
to Suite S/4 HANA

Suite on Any
Widening Capability Gap Database

SAP Suite on HANA

SAP Suite on ANY DB
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2025
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Accenture Industry Digital Roadmap for SAP, the business value
anchored roadmap approach
Industry Digital Roadmaps are a framework for clients to define their Digital Technology Strategy,
architecture, and roadmap for implementation anchored in business value.
1 2 3 4 5

Industry Business Industry Technology Emerging Digital Innovations Enabling Industry Reference
Trends Trends Themes Digital Themes Architecture

6 7 8 9 10

Innovation Process Architecture Components Innovation Opportunity Innovation Roadmap for

Models by Value Chain Enabled by Innovations Value Matrix Prioritization Implementation

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Accenture approach
to S/4 HANA adoption

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SAP S/4 HANA Roadmap scenarios
Scenario 1: New Implementation

Best suited for BENEFITS

Full Process Redesign of New implementation of industry-leading Business Suite

SAP ECC Solutions Maximize innovation adoption in short term
Easier adoption of process simplification based on (by S/4 HANA
Company Not running SAP Simplification list)

Scenario 2: System Conversion

Best suited for BENEFITS

Company that start from Migration without reimplementation

SAP ECC any DB ; SAP No disruption for existing business processes
ECC on HANA Re-evaluation of customization and existing process flows
Transformation over time

Scenario 3: System Transformation

Best suited for BENEFITS

Company Multiple SAP Stay with current business processes and move gradually to S/4HANA
ECC (any DB on HANA) innovations
Harmonized business processes and shared master data through
Company with M&A consolidation
requirements Carve out of single entities of the company to SAP S/4HANA and
leverage process simplification.

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SAP S/4 HANA migration paths and approach

The adoption of S/4 HANA could be executed

depending on downtime impact on business.
OneStep: Perform a technical upgrade and
functional conversion in one downtime
TwoStep: Perform a technical upgrade to
adopt HANA Platform as first move and then
Execute functional upgrade adopting new
The specific roadmap has to be tailored based
on your current situation, priorities and issues

With proven methodology and tools Accenture is able to define your specific tailored evolution roadmap
As a leading SAP partner, Accenture have early access to SAP innovations to deliver results faster
Accenture and SAP have announced on Jan 2016 a strategic partnership, named Formula 1, to develop
industry solutions and SAP S/4
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High Velocity Enterprise 2+2+2
Accenture structured methodology to help you design and plan your specific Digital Roadmap

2 hours 2 days 2 months Capability

Accenture perspective Company perspective
Digital Transformation Sprint
For High Value priorities
Strategy and Roadmap

Explore the Digital Roadmap in order to

Discovery Workshop involving the Key
present the value scenarios from Assessment to design the Digital Transformation Program based on
Business Functions leads, to identify
Accenture perspective that can Transformation Strategy and Roadmap Adoption Roadmap and High Value
areas of values and prioritize the digital
innovate, differentiate or standardize that fits with Customer needs (Company) priorities
Scope the Customer solution.
themes and capabilities.

Adoption Roadmap
Business needs definition
Analysis of Biz and IT requirements Business Blueprint
Overview of Industry trend and IT Priorities
HL Tech Arch. and Appl. Design Technology Blueprint
Technology innovations Scope Definition
Business Case Project Execution (Agile/Waterfall)
Customer point of view Constraint Identification
Change Management strategy
Outcomes Assessment Work Planning
Work Plan and effort estimates

Demo environment with S/4 HANA Accenture Diagnostic Tools and Project Environment jump start
Accenture Innovation Center
Suite: S4@Box Assets Global Delivery Networks
Accenture and SAP Business
Accenture Innovation Center SAP Diagnostic Tools Centers of Expertise
Solutions Group


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High Velocity Enterprise 2+2+2
Assets accelerated Digital Transformation Strategy
Our approach to S/4 HANA conversion relies on a number of proven tools and assets, allowing us to deliver a
comprehensive assessment to early address impacts.
Technical readiness
Technology blueprint to detail architectural impact analysis and design of to-be solution Deliverables
SAP sizing report and related guidelines
S/4 HANA adoption roadmap
Target software stack calculation with Maintenance Planner Conversion approaches and
Custom code readiness Project Timeline and effort
Custom code analysis adjustments on custom code for S/4 HANA simplifications Technical architecture design
S/4 HANA sizing
SAP Code Inspector - opportunity for code optimization leveraging S/4 HANA Infrastructure and deployment
Accenture Automatic Diagnostic Suite to detect and address simplification options
opportunities and adjustment

Application readiness & Solution Roadmap

High level estimate and timeline
Industry Digital Roadmap accelerate strategy and roadmap for the digital evolution based on Accenture Methodology
tailored for S/4 HANA adoption::
Fast detection S/4 HANA adoption benefits - Pre-checks report, Fiori readiness,
estimating models, sample work
Business Scenarios recommendation plans, tested approaches,
Innovation Agile approach adoption prototype based Simplification List

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Accenture and SAP.
Client Value Led partnership

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Accenture and SAP are working together since 2014 to co-innovate in
developing new industry solutions
Working together with SAP
The Accenture and SAP Business Solutions Group (ASBSG) is the next evolution in the Accenture and SAP
partnership. The group combines Accenture and SAPs resources, experience and technology know-how to speed and
simplify the creation of new functional and industry-specific digital solutions powered by SAP S/4HANA and the

About ASBSG ASBSG solutions Current portfolio

A dedicated team of Accenture and SAP Complete, end-to-end solutions: SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) solution
professionals combining the vast Focused on highest value opportunity Digital Procurement BPO
resources, experience and technology areas. IT & OT Integration Solution
know-how of our two organizations. Tailored to industry trends and challenges. E2E Labor Markets
Together, we speed and simplify the Built with clients using a co-innovation Upstream Production Operations
creation and delivery of functional and and co-development process. Connected Services and Product Quality
industry-specific digital solutions Enabling the digital agenda for key Solution
powered by SAP S/4HANA and the cloud business processes. 17 solutions in the development pipeline
Supported by roadmaps to guide
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Accenture and SAP have announced on Jan 2016 a strategic partnership,
named Formula 1, to develop industry solutions and SAP S/4.
Working together with SAP - Accenture is the first partner to work on the SAP core

Product Differentiation Delivery Differentiation

Accelerate Drive Industry Scale SAP Cloud Joint Consulting

S/4 HANA CORE Innovation Services & Delivery Services

Accenture will develop Accenture will develop Scale HEC & run the Design, create and
discrete functional areas Industry Clouds in key delivery of SaaS market joint offerings
(end to end prioritized areas to applications to include:
applications, design, include: Package and deliver - Joint collaboration model
- Wave 1: Consumer & governance
development, UI) for: Goods, Life Science, Industry Clouds (cloud - Joint offering pilots for S/4
- S/4 Finance Chemicals, delivery framework) Finance
- S/4 Logistics Utilities, Oil & Gas Develop new
commercial models

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Why Accenture? Accenture HANA fast facts

450+ HANA technical Unprecedented 200+ HANA projects 26 Suite on HANA

700+ architects cooperation
with SAP on the
completed and
200+ in progress
projects5 live
including Accenture
professionals development of
200+ professionals
Fiori and
Premise industry
78 S/4HANA 3,000+

150+ 350+ 200+ credentials

projects2 live
consultants and
HANA accelerated
HANA Cloud Analytics & HANA database
Professionals administrators Ranked ramp-up
Big Data Kronberg HANA program
#1 Center Of Excellence ongoing
in Gartner Magic Led by Prof. Dr. Alexander Zeier
Quadrant for 2
200+ 200+ Accenture
800+ HANA data
HANA projects HANA Live
expertise in
12 SAP HANA analysis,
in progress or professionals S/4HANA Business migration and
complete HANA is a key
On-Premise Solutions implementation tools
projects Group

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