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Linda Jobe Middle School

7th Grade PreAP Reading/Writing

Syllabus - 2017-2018
Mrs. Hart Room B104
Course Description & Objective:
Students will demonstrate a basic understanding of culturally diverse written texts.
The student will apply knowledge of literary elements to understand culturally
diverse written texts.
The student will use a variety of strategies to analyze culturally diverse written
The student will apply critical-thinking skills to analyze culturally diverse written
The student writes for a variety of audiences and purposes and in a variety of
Consequences: (4th Down)
1. Verbal warning
2. Parent contact
3. Teacher detention A.M. detention and parent contacted
4. Office referral
Teacher Information: Cliffonia Hart Email: cliffoniahart@misdmail.org
School Office phone: (682) 314-4400
Class Website: cliffoniahart.weebly.com
Tutoring: M-F 8:15-8:40 a.m. only
Conference: 9:34 a.m. -10:22 a.m. 2nd Period

Text/Material Selections: -
Reading: Literature: Grade 7, Holt McDougal
Writing: Texas Write Source: Grade 7, Sebranek/Kemper/Meyer/Bernabei
Online access: my.hrw.com
password will be given to students
Support Services: The library provides literary reference material, fiction, non-
fiction, a technology center for students, also available, teacher

Grading information & policies: Semester & Final Exams= 10% of

40% final grade
Tests/Projects and Essays MISD Grading System-
60% A 90-100%
Daily work/homework/quizzes and journals, B 80-89%
(sometimes a journal might be announced as C 70-79%
a test grade- due to a special circumstance; F Below 70% Failing grade
as it might be connected to a project). I Incomplete
Course Policies:

Class Participation All students are required to be engaged in the learning environment.
Various participation grades may be given throughout a six weeks to monitor
participation and to help keep students accountable in the classroom.
Attendance To receive credit in a class, a student must attend at least 90 percent of the
days the class is offered.

Tardy Policy- A student is considered tardy to class if he/she is not in the classroom by
the time the tardy bell ceases to sound. Tardiness is monitored and addressed as per
MISD policy by semester.
1st- warning
2nd teacher assigned detention
3rd Referral to office to Friday detention
4th Referral to office for after-school detention
Quizzes and Tests- Students will have periodic quizzes and tests during and at the end of
instructional units over information given in class and/or assigned reading outside of
class. Students will be given at least one weeks notice for major test. Students could
also have pop quizzes over any previously assigned materials.
Projects- Projects will be assigned throughout the year. Students will be given a rubric to
follow so they know the expectations of the project. If we have a project in ELA, it will be
due the 4th week of the six weeks.

Late Work Policy- Students will be assessed a penalty of 15 points per day for up to three
days before a zero will be given for work not turned in on time.

Posting Student Work- Student grades will be posted in Skyward parent portal within five
business days. Special consideration is given to major projects, which includes lengthy
writing assignments and will take longer to grade due to the length of the assignment
and number of students per class.

Corrections Policy- Students who fail a major test/project/major essay (below 70%)
will be allowed to retake or correct up to a 70% grade. This does not include semester
examinations, or anything listed in the daily work grading area.
Students are expected to come to morning tutorials to retake or correct a major
test/assessment within the time allowed, following the district policy.

All retakes or corrections must be completed prior to the end of each six week
grading period unless the student is afforded extra time due to certain individual
Missed Assignments It is the students responsibility to get make-up work. Students
with excused absences will have the total number of days associated with the absences
from school plus one day to turn in make-up work.
Make-up work can be found on the Daily Assignment Folder board located on the
front wall in my classroom. Daily assignments are posted on the board weekly, as
well as on my website. The work can be made up at home and turned in according
to board policy.
DPEs Daily Paragraph Editing Sheet warm ups are to be completed in tutorials
the next morning you return to school during morning tutorials, these cant be
completed outside of class.

Missed Exams- Students are to take the missed exam between 8:15-8:40, the next day
you return to school in morning tutorials.
Tutoring- Tutoring is available any day; 8:15-8:40 a.m.
Academic Dishonesty Cheating & Plagiarism is not acceptable and student will receive
a zero with no retake option.
Student Work Policy- Homework and/ or independent practice to be finished at home are
acceptable methods to reinforce the concepts and skills currently being taught.
Restroom and Locker Passes-
No passes will be given to go to your locker; you need to come to class
prepared. Student can access lockers during passing period.
Students are encouraged to use the restroom during their passing periods and not
take from instructional time, to do so. If your student has a medical need, please
contact our school nurse.
Each student will get two potty passes per semester, per class; example two for
reading and two for writing. No additional passes for nurses or office, those are
part of your two potty passes per semester.

Technology and Devices

School IPads/Personal IPads It is the students responsibility to have it fully

When brought to school daily.
Once IPADS have been issued, no student will be allowed to use their
phone in place of their school issued or personal IPADS.
If students did not sign up for a school issued IPAD and do not have a personal
students will still be required to do the same assignment on the library computers
the morning before class, no additional time will be given to complete assignments.
Students have a library sign in sheet, and their attendance will be verified to see
did come in to make up the assignment in the library.

Class Expectations:

Come to class prepared and ready to work.

Only get out of your seat to sharpen your pencil or get a Kleenex, throw all
trash away on your way out at the end of class.
When the bell rings begin copying agenda from the board for todays lesson.
Begin warm up after copying the agenda.
Raise your hand if you have any questions.
Springboard book is REQUIRED daily for BOTH classes, no loaners available.
*Springboard books ARE NOT left in my room, they go with you daily.
A library book or a book from home is ALWAYS required for BOTH classes at all
Read your book after all is completed, while you are waiting for class to begin.

Mrs. Hart Additional supplies for reading/writing class

Daily Supplies needed for class: as listed on the Jobe MS supply list-dont purchase

(2) 3 subject spirals; one for reading and one for writing (additional -
these will be your interactive notebook for each class).

Divider tabs (3 tabs for each spiral (additional for the interactive

Pencils/any color of pens-no gel or glitter pens- these are for

assignments; no red here

Red pens/red pencils for grading purposes only.

4 different colors of highlighters (blue, yellow, green, pink- these will be

used or mark specific things in paragraphs in students work.) These will
stay with the students, but come to class every day.

Glue stick(s) on the Jobe MS list- this needs to come to class every day.

Colored markers-on the Jobe MS list- Keep in backpack; not zipper bag

Colored pencils-on the Jobe MS list- Keep in backpack; not zipper bag

School Scissors-on the Jobe MS list- Small scissors are best; keep in zipper
I have high expectations for all of my students. I want you to have a
very successful year. I ask that you be willing to work with me to
obtain the goals I have set for you and the goals you will set for

Please return this signed page by Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I have read, understand and will adhere to all of the information given in the course
and I am aware of the Skyward policies and grading practices.

______________________________________ ______________________________________

Printed Student Name and Period (s) Student Signature

_____________________________________ ______________________________________

Parent/Guardian Printed Name Parent/Guardian signature

______yes ______no Student has access to a home/work computer

______yes ______no Student has access to a home/work printer

______yes ______no You will be signed up to receive a school IPAD

*If no to the above question, does the student have their own IPAD that will be available to

______yes _____no