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EE 356: Power Transmission, Distribution and Utilization

Lecture Course Type, Fundamental Engineering,

See Time Table
Schedule Semester Fifth

EE100: Electric Circuits

Credit Hours Three + One Pre-requisite
PHY111: Applied Physics

Dr Suhail A Qureshi and deanee@uet.edu.pk

Instructor Contact
Dr Farhan Mahmood fmahmood@uet.edu.pk

Dean office, Faculty of EE

Room No. 108, Ground Schedule is posted outside the
Office Office Hours
Floor, office
EE Department

TBA Lab Schedule TBA

Power System Analysis by John J Grainger and William D Stevenson, McGraw Hill,
Electrical Power Distribution Engineering by Tarun Gonen, CRC Press, 2014.
Principles of Power Systems by V. K. Mehta and R. Mehta, S. Chand & Co Ltd, 3rd
edition, 2005.

Grading Quizzes ( 4) + Assignments: 30% CLO1 - CLO4

Policy vis-- Midterm: 30% CLO1 & CLO3
vis CLO Final: 40% CLO1 - CLO4

Lecture Plan
Readings &
Lectures Topics
Introduction to Power Systems Grainger: Chapter
Overview of generation, transmission & distribution of 1 and Class
1-2* Lectures
electrical power, and review of basic concepts in three-phase
power. CLO1
Series Impedance of Transmission Lines
Types of conductors, resistance and inductance of Grainger: Chapter
transmission lines, concepts of magnetic and flux linkages in 4
3-8* CLO1
the calculation of inductance for various configurations of
conductors, GMD and GMR of conductors, bundled and
stranded conductors, and transposition of lines.
Shunt Parameters of Transmission Lines Grainger: Chapter
Concepts of electric field and potential difference, capacitance
9-11* 5
of single and three-phase lines, and effect of ground on CLO1
capacitance calculations.
Load Characteristics Gonen: Chapter 2
12-13 Various terms associated with load, kinds of loads and their CLO3
characteristics, load modeling, and load forecasting.
Design of Sub-Transmission Lines and
Distribution Substations Gonen: Chapter 4
14-15* CLO3
Configurations of sub-transmission and distribution networks,
substation equipment, and substation bus schemes.
16* Physical Construction of Transmission Lines Class Notes
Concept of sag and clearance from ground. CLO3
Mid-semester Examination
Physical Construction of Transmission Lines
(Continued) Class Notes
17* CLO3
Insulators of transmission lines, flashover and puncturing of
Operation of Transmission Lines Grainger: Chapter
* Modeling of transmission lines: short, medium and long lines,
18-23 6
performance evaluation of transmission lines, reactive power CLO2
compensation, and HVDC transmission lines.
Voltage Drops and Power Loss Calculations
Distribution system layout: radial, ring main and
* interconnected system, AC single-phase systems: AC single- Class Notes
24-26 CLO4
phase and three-phase systems (three-wire and four-wire
Systems). Distribution line modeling: voltage-drop and power
loss calculations for single-phase and three-phase systems.
Application of Capacitors in Distribution Systems
Causes and disadvantages of low power factor, power factor
* Gonen: Chapter 6
27-28 improvement, methods of power factor improvement, location CLO4
of power factor correction equipment, effect of series and
shunt capacitors.
Introduction to Distribution System Voltage
Regulation Class Notes
29* Quality of service and voltage standards, voltage control, CLO4
feeder voltage regulators, and ON load & OFF load tap
changing transformer.
Industrial Power Systems
Types of industrial distribution systems, power system Class Notes
30* CLO4
studies, switchgear, power and control cables, protection, and
system grounding.
Final Examination
- Tentative

Laboratory Plan
Laboratories Experiments CLOs
1* Performance analysis of a short transmission line. CLO1
1* Performance analysis of a short transmission line. CLO1
Determination of circuit parameters of different
1* CLO1
transmission lines.
1* Series connection of different lines. CLO1
1* Parallel connection of different lines. CLO1
Effect of shunt compensation on performance of
1* CLO2
transmission lines.
Effect of series compensation on performance
1* CLO2
transmission lines.
1* Power factor improvement by using static capacitors. CLO3
Study of balanced and unbalanced loads in distribution
1* CLO3
Analysis of a DC 2-wire radial system fed at one and both
1* CLO3
the ends.
1* Analysis of an AC 2-wire radial system fed at one end. CLO3
Demonstrate the working of different busbar systems in a
1* CLO3
- Tentative