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Asian Fooddddddd

East Asian (Chinese, Korean , Japanese)

1. Chinese Food is one of the most widespread cuisines in the world. From the most
traditional to the very modern, its delicacies are known all over the world. Due to the
many Chinese communities living across the world, Chinese cuisine has many version aqnd
many new dishes have been created. An example is Ba Kut Teh which was invented at
Klang, Malaysia. Chinese food is very popular too at western countries as it has a variety of
tastes that come from its diverse ethnic groups and are unique to westerners. Popular
examples of Chinese food include Dim Sum, Soup Noodles known as la mian, char kuay
teow, Hainanese chicken rice and tea egg.

2. Korean Food is one of the up and rising modern cuisines that is taking the world by storm.

Indian Food

South East Asian (Malay,Thailand,philipines )

Middle Eastern (Saudi Arabian)

African Foodd



South Africa



Chinese Food

Malay Food