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Art 1- Foundations

Teacher: Mrs. Satterwhite

Room D106
This course is considered an entry level course in visual arts. It is designed with the beginning
artist in mind and will be expected to learn concepts and terms relating to visual art. Additionally
we will explore themes that will challenge you to think critically about your own identity, the
community you live in both global and local, popular culture, visual consumerism, and how
history affects the modern day and specifically you as a person.
- Students will explore a wide variety of media, both traditional and non-traditional.
- Students will develop techniques for each medium, including how to work with mixed
- Students will gain understanding of historical aspects of the arts as well as the
- Students will learn how to develop a good composition and structures that incorporate
aspects of the elements and principles of art.
- Students will develop a body of work that enables them to have a vast number of
experiences in this course that could take them, with confidence, into a level two course.
- Students will leave this course with a well rounded and thorough knowledge of basic art
making and most importantly an appreciation for visual art.
- Students will come to class prepared to work; most of our time will be spent producing
works of art.
- Students will receive an equal balance of classroom instruction and instruction based on
his or her individual needs.
- Support for fellow art students is essential to a positive classroom environment.
- Demonstration of techniques will be an integral part of the classroom structure.
- Discussions of art history, social impacts on the arts, trends in art, careers in art, will be
incorporated naturally into the course.
- Students may not engage in counterproductive conversations and/or behaviors in class.
- Students will be responsible for the care of classroom supplies. If a student damages
supplies due to neglect, they will no longer be allowed to use certain art making materials.
- Major class projects, critiques/examinations 50%
- Homework, sketches, written, participation 50%

Fee: There is a $10 fee per semester for this course.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this course, please call 346-347-4598 to
arrange a conference or please email me at vlee@alvinisd.net