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Towards Becoming a Research University

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

A world-class institution of higher learning
renowned for its excellence in science and
technology and for its commitment to the holistic
development of the individual and society

To provide quality education for the industrial and
socio-economic development of Mindanao with
its diverse cultures through relevant programs in
instruction, research, extension and community
Institute Recognitions 4
Executive Summary 5
Academic Affairs 8
Admissions and Scholarship Administration 10
Registrar 11
Department of Student Affairs 12
College of Arts and Social Sciences 13
College of Business Administration and Accountancy 14
College of Education 15
College of Engineering 16
College of Nursing 18
College of Science and Mathematics 19
School of Computer Studies 20
School of Engineering Technology 21
School of Graduate Studies 22
Guidance and Counseling 23
Library 24
Alumni Relations 26
MSU-IIT Center for e-Learning (MICeL) 27
Sports Development 29
Cultural Development 30
Research and Extension 34
Institute of Peace and Development in Mindanao (IPDM) 47
Planning and Development 48
Administration and Finance 50
Budget Management 53
Academic Programs 55
MSU System and MSU-IIT Officials 57
International Recognition
Institute Recognitions
ASEAN University Network/ South East Asia Engineering Education Development Network (AUN/SEED-Net)

Host Institute
Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO) or patent library, project of the Intellectual Property Office (IPO Phil)
of the Philippines in cooperation with World Intellectual Property Organization
Iligan National Writers Workshop, first Institutional member of Asia Pacific (AP) Writers and Translators Association
based in Bangkok

Recognitions Granted by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED):

Member, Philippine Higher Education Research Network (PHERNet)
Delivering Institution of the CHED Faculty Development Program (FDP)
Center of Excellence in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Teacher Education
Center of Development in Physics, Information Technology and Civil Engineering

Recognitions Granted by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities of

the Philippines (AACCUP)
Level III Re-accredited Status of the following programs in the College of Arts and Social Sciences: Bachelor of Arts in
English, Filipino, History, Political Science, Sociology and Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Level III Re-accredited Status in the following programs in the College of Education:
Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, General Science,
Technology and Livelihood Education, Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH), Bachelor in Industrial Education
major in Drafting Technology
Level II Re-accredited Status in Physical Education Program in the College of Education
Level II Re-accredited Status in Business Administration major in Entrepreneurial Marketing and Economics programs
in the College of Business Administration and Accountancy
Candidate Status for Level I Accreditation of the College of Nursing

Recognitions Granted by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST):

Natural Substance Center for Mindanao (Tuklas Lunas Center) awarded by Philippine Council for Health Research
Delivering Institution of the Department of Science and Technology Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI)
Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships
Member, Engineering Research and Development for Technology (ERDT) Consortium
Member, Accelerated Science and Technology Human Resource Development Program (ASTHRDP) Science Consortium
and the only IIEI from Mindanao
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Learning Hub for Northern Mindanao
Virtual Center for Technology Innovation in Microelectronics
The only school in the country deputized to deliver the DOST-SEI Scholarship Grants for Educational Assistance for Technology and
Science Teaching for Mindanao (GREAT-M/SPRINT)
2011 Wenhui Awardee for Education Innovation
Resource Distribution Center of the UNESCO Bangkok Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education
Delivering Institution of the Asian Institute of Management Team Energy Center (AIM-TEC) Mindanao Bridging
Leadership Program (MBLP)
Center of Excellence in MINSUPALA Studies and Research Center in Mindanao
National Computer Center (NCC) Training Arm in Northern Mindanao
Center of Excellence in Biodiversity Conservation and Management by the HARIBON Foundation
To produce competitive and innovative graduates imbued with a high sense of moral values
and commitment to nation building with the support of our competent roster of faculty and
administrators is the main thrust in sustaining the gains, and expanding competencies for
sights beyond borders is the rewarding year-end finish of 2012.

Our developmental programs, trainings, workshops, conferences and enrolment in further

studies have been given more emphasis this year that eventually strengthened the capabilities
of our faculty as demonstrated in the increased number of them finishing masters and doctorate
degrees compared to previous years not discounting those who are still doing graduate and
post-graduate work. Another factor is the quality of our curricular offerings. Arrangements
to revise curricular programs consistent with the Philippine Qualifications Framework (PFQ)
have been initiated just as K-12 preparedness plans have been put in place to respond to the
requirements of such enhancement. The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) has likewise been
authorized to offer new courses: one in English and two in Education departments.

These, among other initiatives have helped uphold recognitions from the Commission on
Higher Education (CHED) as Centers of Excellence and Development in the Education, Sciences
and Mathematics programs even as accreditations of programs given by the Accrediting Agency
of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACUP) are likewise sustained.

Effects of these are manifested in the continued generation of top performers in Professional
Regulation Commission Board licensure examinations, with high passing averages compared to
the national rate. Honors continue to pour in due to the excellent performances of students and
the faculty in various competitions here and abroad. In November, the School of Engineering
Technology lived up to its reputation by having been recognized in the ASEAN Skills Competition
in the Trade area of Mechatronics. In separate occasions, four professors from the College of
Education, fourteen (14) from the College of Arts and Social Sciences brought accolades for
their exemplary scholarly works read in prestigious international conferences. Students at
the College of Business Administration and Accountancy and the College of Engineering also
benefited from our exchange programs with Philippine-American Education Foundation
(PAEF), World Learning-Department of State and Cultural Affairs, Tohuko University and Japan
East-Asian Network of Exchange for Students and Youth (JENESY) Program 2012.



MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 5

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

During my stewardship, my commitment is for the Institute to begin its journey towards making it
a Research University in the future with the strengthening of the programs of the Office of the Vice
Chancellor for Research and Extension. Recent notable strides include the Institutes membership
to the Philippine Higher Education Research Network (PHERNET) and the recognition of the
countrys first Tuklas Lunas (Filipino for cure discovery) Center by the Philippine Council for Health
and Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology (PCHRD-DOST). The
Institute has also recently renewed its Engineering Research and Development for Technology
(ERDT) membership, and has secured funds for the expansion of the College of Engineering (COE)

Results, in terms of improving the research culture, are highlighted by the significant increases
of oral and poster presentations both in national and international conferences, publications
in Thomson-Reuters accredited publications, internationally-refereed journals, and our own
refereed publication, our official, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary official journal Mindanao
Forum and its membership in the Philippine E-Journals and in the University of Hawaii at Manoas
Mindanao page.

A number of the oral presentations from the various colleges received prestigious awards.
Proportionate to this is the boost in the number of externally-funded and self-funded researches
from 57 to 96 and 17 to 60, respectively. Notably, the Philippine Council for Health Research and
Development (PCHRD) granted a considerable sum of funding support for the project Extraction
Purification and Preliminary Toxicity and Antioxidant Potential Assessment of the Phytochemicals
for Selected Medicinal Plants in Mindanao.

A most important development is the rise in the number of faculty members engaged in
research in response to the intensified campaign for collaborative works among senior and junior
faculty members and with their international counterparts. In addition, a professorial chair was
conferred to a faculty in the College of Engineering in recognition of exemplary achievement in
the specialized area of Material Science and Engineering Technology.

The Institutes reason for being is not complete without its extension services in order to help
improve the quality of life of its partners in the community. Aside from the established socio-
economic and skills-building programs, the Institute invested in after-care assistance activities
following the devastation of Typhoon Sendong. In coordination with external agencies, the
Institute offered its share in the healing and restoration work for survivors and certain facilities for
them. This has contributed to the rise in the number of services the Institute had provided from
107 in 2011 to 265 this year.

If our emphasis is on Science and Technology, we have not neglected the holistic development of our
constituents, nor have we closed our sights to the cultivation of our humanities programs. One of the
more potent extension service of our Institute is the presence of our eminent cultural groups that
propagate the beauty and significance of our culture and arts through the Integrated Performing Arts
Guild (IPAG), the Octava Choral Society, the Kalimulan Cultural Dance Troupe and the Echoes Band, not
to mention our group of young visual artists and independent film makers whose works have put the
Institute in the countrys cultural map with its partnership with the National Commission for Culture
and Arts under the Office of the President.

As a strong partner in the countrys

human resource development, another
significant part of the Institute is its
continued support of the Iligan National
Writers Workshop (INWW) that is truly
national in character for its accepting
works in several local languages by
some of the countrys gifted writers. I am
proud to say that the INWW has become
the first institutional member of the
AP Writers and Translators Association
whose individual members are eminent
writers from the Asia Pacific rim, and that it counts among its honorary members Nobel Prize winners
for Literature from around the world.

Among the Institutes quest for recognition abroad,

on the other hand, is its support of external
networks and linkages. One is in the form of mutual
cooperation and exchanges such as the agreement
between Taiwans Tunghai Unviersity, Universiti
Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Japans Osaka University
among others. Cooperative undertakings with
industrial partners with the Iligan Light and
Power, Inc. (ILPI) have also opened doors for
immersion activities, studies and researches of
mutual interest. Aside from securing continued scholarship grants and funding sponsorships from
long-standing partners, new sources have been tapped one of which, is the Philippine-Australian
Human Resource and Organisational Development Facility (PAHRODF). Partnerships with civic and
government agencies like the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Region 10 have
also been forged particularly to enhance capabilities for risk and disaster reduction and management.

Administrative support is focused on enhancing systems and optimizing resources to intensify work
efficiency. Process and methods simplification in the Registrars and Admissions offices have facilitated
the speedy delivery of services. On resource allocation, the Institute has already secured funds for the
construction of the Information and Communication Technology Center (ICTC) building that will be
used for an extensive contribution to the educational, research, and economic development of our

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 7

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

Growing in Continued Pursuits for
Excellence in Quality Education

The Institutes journey in 2012 has been remarkable. It has withstood numerous challenges, has pulled its constituents together, and has
provided opportunities for them to work in unison towards achieving the Institutes mission. This is proof that no obstacle, no calamity, natural
or man-made, can impede the Institute from continuously growing.

One of the challenges that has great impact on the Institutes primary function to deliver tertiary level instruction is the implementation of the
K-12 Program. This change in the educational system has caused some wariness to the populace of the Institute. However, MSU-IIT through
the active leadership of the administration and with the commitment of the various colleges and schools, has concentrated its efforts in
preparation for the K-12 Program. An Institute wide Academic Summit 2012-Policy Review and K-12 Planning Workshop has been conducted
specifically for this purpose. Other initiatives have also been done to provide orientations, workshops and trainings for the administrators,
faculty, and staff. The colleges and schools have independently been focusing on reviewing their course offerings and programs that are
relevant in the new educational set up.

Faculty members have also been actively engaged in carefully studying possible changes that may occur to ensure a smooth management
of the K-12 Program. Measures to carefully review faculty requirements are being done to avoid critical turnover of faculty members during
the transition phase. The Faculty Development Program is still in place to make certain that the faculty get the maximum training possible
for them to become highly competent and updated in their fields of expertise especially during these changing times. Aside from these, the
Institute facilities are being visited and evaluated in terms of availability and readiness in servicing the clientele since skill building is given
emphasis in the new curriculum.

In line with the concerted efforts for continuous growth of the various academic units, proper budget utilization is crucial. The Institute has
liberalized the colleges and schools in utilizing budget from GAA, Income, and fiduciary. This practice allows the academic units to exercise
judicious use of budget for the implementation of projects that will further propel growth and development.

The year 2012, like any other year, has been filled with challenges. The journey has never been an easy ride. However, the astounding
dedication and commitment demonstrated by the entire MSU-IIT constituents have been very inspiring that the challenges have become
less overwhelming. The actions and interventions of the administration, the activities of the various colleges and schools, the programs of
the other academic units, and the efforts exerted by every member of the MSU-IIT community have all been coherent and directed towards
achieving the goal of becoming a Research University. And, with the significant growth exhibited by the Institute in 2012, moving forward
and reaching for that dream, does not seem an impossibility.


Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

2012 PRC Board/Licensure Passers
No. of No. MSU-IIT National Top ten placers/
Month Discipline/Field Takers Passed % Passing Rank of MSU-IIT
% performance
Feb Metallurgical Engineer Licensure Exam 3 2 66.67% 87.50%

Nursing Licensure Exam (taken in Dec. 2011 released Feb. 2012) 8 7 87.50% 33.90%
Master Plumber Licensure Exam 1 0 0 37.56%
March Licensure Exam for Certified Plant Mechanic 2 1 50% 52%
Licensure Exam for Real Estate Broker 7 5 71.43% 66.48%
Licensure Exam for Teacher - ATEP 37 7 18.92% 18.36%
Licensure Exam for Teacher - Elementary 23 22 95.65% 42.46%
Licensure Exam for Teacher - Secondary 144 77 53.47% 24.85%
April Electronics Engineer Licensure Exam 22 18 81.82% 53.55% No. 8, Jose Ricardo M. Catane (BSECE
11); rating obtained 92%
Chemical Engineer Licensure Exam 14 11 78.57 51.95%
Electrical Engineer Licensure Exam 15 14 93.33% 43.68% No. 2 Performing School (15 or more
Registered Master Electrician Licensure Exam 15 7 46.67% 35.33%
May Civil Engineer Licensure Exam 12 10 83.33% 34.06%
Certified Public Accountant Licensure Exam 4 1 25% 37.53%
June Environmental Planner Licensure Exam 1 1 100% 60.74%
July Real Estate Appraiser Licensure Exam 4 3 75% 52.55% No. 5, Prima Roquillas-Arcallana
(BSMetE 94); rating obtained 84%
Aug Nursing Licensure Exam (taken in June & released in Aug. 2012) 100 96 96% 45.69% No. 10, Denim E. Maghanoy; rating
obtained 83.80%
Metallurgical Engineer Licensure Exam 24 15 62.50 75.55 No. 1, Al Mon E. Dahan; rating obtained

No. 6, Manfredo D. Fababier, Jr.; rating

obtained 82.65%
Sept Master Plumber License Exam 2 1 50% 41.39%
Electrical Engineer Licensure Exam 8 7 87.50% 53.24%
Master Electrician Licensure Exam 7 3 42.86% 35.39%
Chemist Licensure Exam 18 7 38.89% 45.48%
Mechanical Engineer Licensure Exam 21 18 85.71% 69.86%
Certified Plant Mechanic Licensure Exam 1 0 0 42%
Oct Certified Public Accountant Licensure Exam 57 45 78.95 47.78%
Electronics Engineer Licensure Exam 17 11 64.71 51.57%
Electronics Technician Licensure Exam 1 1 100% 74..24%
Nov Master Electrician Licensure Exam Middle East 1 1 100% 50%
Licensure Exam for Teacher - Elementary 115 76 66.09% 49.29%
Licensure Exam for Teacher - Secondary 278 201 72.30% 43.50% No. 8, Naomi M. Tabudlong rating
obtained 87.60%
Civil Engineer Licensure Exam 13 9 69.23% 41.41%
Chemical Engineer Licensure Exam 37 21 43.24 54.82%

16 15
Faculty on Study Leave
(by College, total of 50)

10 9
8 8

6 5

2 1


MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 9

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

Admissions and Scholarship Administration

The Office of Admissions and Scholarship Scholarship Programs / Sponsorships

AY 2012-2013
Administration (OASA) has dedicated its resources
Number of Number of
to the pulling in of prospective students in the Scholarship Sponsor
Scholarship Sponsor
Institute. It had simultaenously conducted the
1st Valley Bank 1 Faculty U Dep.-Special Program 17
2012 MSU-SASE on September 23, 2012 with other
MSU campuses. It participated in the Career Expo ABAMIN 270 Faculty Union Member 54

2012 at Iligan City National High School (ICNHS) for Academic Scholars (Deans Lister) w/o Stipend 668 Grantsin-Aid - Full Scholarship 527
Academic Scholars(Deans Lister) w/ Stipend 351 Grants-in-Aid - Partial Scholarship 626
approximately 1,100 graduating students with the
ANTEU Dependent 164 GTA 32
theme Preparing Oneself for Wise Career Choice. ANTEU Dep-Special Program 15 HOLCIM 13
The Admissions Staff has put up an Information APDP 8 Iskolar ng Sunlife 4
Booth inside the ICNHS gym featuring MSU-IITs APSDP 2 JG Summit Petrochem Corp (JGSPC) 12

relevant information such as the academic offerings, Barangay Officials Dependent 217 MARIWASA 6

enrolment fees and scholarship grants. CHED- Congressional (Belmonte) 42 MSU-IIT Employee 31
CHED-DCP 6 MSUS Employee -Regular Program 55
CHED-FDP 118 NEC Foundation 2
The OASA plays a major role in the enrolment of CHED-HEDP 4 Nestle 2
college freshmen in coordination with the different CHED-Natl Scholarship Prog (NSP) 28 OnB Scholar 1
colleges and the Office of the Registrar. The Office CHED-NISGP 4 One Town, One Scholar 50
also continually upgrades its services and has sent its CHED- Offshore 33 OWWA 5

staff members to the MSU-SASE Conference in MSU- CHED-OPAPP 2 PAHRODF 20

Marawi City last January 19-20, 2012. Moreover, CHED-PASUC-DND 3 PAREEF 15

CHED-Regl Scholarship Prog. (RSP) 14 PILMICO 16
the Office constantly coordinates with the different
CHED-SAFE 26 Robert Schappert (USA) Scholarship Program 2
Colleges/School in establishing cut-off scores for the CHED-Sen. Kiko Pangilinan 12 SA/OA/TA 80
various programs. CHED-SSP 2 SASE Top 20 129
CIBAC 44 Shell 4
Efficiency and effectiveness are demonstrated by the City Mayors 371 SK Officers 132

Office as it has processed 7,770 MSU-SASE results CMU Scholarship 6 SK Officers-Special Program 11

in two weeks; proof-read communication letters Cocofoundation 7 Special Scholarship -Band (ECHOES) 8
Coral Bay Nickel Corp. 8 Valedictorian/Salutatorian 174
sent to qualifiers and non-qualifiers; segregated,
DA-Agri Training Institute 2 WMSU Scholar 1
classified passers and non-passers test results; and Del Monte 2 DIACET Scholar 1
invited 4,187 MSU-SASE passers. Dependent-MSUS Employee (Regular) 269 DOST 697
Dependent-MSUS Employee (Special Program) 36 ERDT 85
Faculty U Dep. Regular Program 70 Total 5,640



Acting Institute Registrar

The Registrars Office continually improves its

services to its clientele by formulating policies
and implementing procedures which have been
approved. The systematic delivery of official records
and other documents to graduates and former
students through the Institute Courier Service has
been put in place. This system expedites processing
and delivery of documents to the recipients.

Another feature of the Office is the entry of a

completion grade directly into the e-SMS by the
concerned faculty member within the prescribed
period as mandated by the Board of Regents.
This encourages faculty members to encode the
completion grade on time. The Office has also
created a system to facilitate uploading of pictures
of students for Institutional purposes. The Office
prides itself with the fact that it continues to be
at par with other leading Institutions where new,
faster and more efficient measures are taken to cater
to the needs of the entire MSU-IIT clientele.

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 11

Department of Student Affairs
Year after year, the Department of Student Affairs has always The Institute through the DSA offers Special Grants
been dynamic in addressing the needs and concern of the entire
studentry. On Student Loan Program (SLP) managed by the DSA,
in Dance, Theater Arts, Choral Singing,
the total amount released to 400 loan borrowers reached
Performing Band and Debate Varsity, on top of
the regular scholarship grants. The Special Grantees
P900,000.00. Proceeds of the students loans go to their
tuition fees, board and lodging, books and other educational are entitled to benefits such as a monthly allowance and
materials. DOST scholars can avail of a loan as high exemption from payment of upgraded tuition
as P5,000.00 at a time. and miscellaneous and revised laboratory fees,
among others. In return, the grantees are required to have a GPA
The DSA also responds to the medical needs of the students in the of 2.75 or better at the end of the semester and carry a minimum
Medical Assistance
Institute. The Office administers the academic load of twelve units.
Program and has disbursed a total amount of P283,937.00 The Office has always been committed in delivering quality service
representing medical reimbursement of 208 claimants. The to the students. Despite the large population of the students in the
maximum reimbursable amount is P5,000/claimant for medical Institute, the Office has always managed the students needs and
expenses such as medicines, laboratory fees, room and board and has given them priority. The willingness and dedication of the staff
professional fees. The program derives its funding support from the are demonstrated by the big number of students who have availed
P40.00 medical assistance fee that every IIT student pays. Students of the programs of the DSA.
are also covered by accident insurance provided by Fortune General
Insurance. The annual premium is P85.00 and the benefits include
P100,000.00 in case of accidental death in addition to a maximum
medical benefit of P17,000.00 per hospital confinement caused by
an accident.

In the summer of 2012, the Institute once again participated in

theSpecial Program for the Employment of
Students (SPES) in collaboration with DOLE. Under the
program, the Institute pays the SPES beneficiary 60% of the daily
wage while 40% is shouldered by DOLE. Forty (40) students
of the Institute have been SPES beneficiaries.

In the area of student and office assistantship, a total of 157 EDWARD L.

students benefited from the program. Student BANAWA, Ph.D.
OIC, Department of
and Office Assistants are distributed to the various offices and units
Student Affairs
of the Institute. Other than that, the DSA has also imposed the
student teaching assistantship program which
has been conceived in order to help address the issue of managing
extremely large classes, that is, those with over 50 students per
College of Arts and Social Sciences
projects: one (1) Institute research from the Department of English;
n early 2012, CASS has continued to extend its helping hand to two (2) collaborative project proposals from the Department
the survivors of Typhoon Sendong that devastated the city in of Filipino and Other Languages; four (4) collaborative college/
December of 2011. Its involvement in several extension activities department researches from the Department of History and nine (9)
like Critical Stress Debriefing, Art Workshop for Sendong college researches from the Department of Political Science. There
Survivors: Creative Expression Therapy, among others, is proof that are also two (2) external researches, one of which is conducted by
CASS actively takes part in the community in its desire to uplift the Dr. Nimfa Bracamonte as a part of the MOA between the Center for
living conditions of the people. Health Development-Northern Mindanao and MSU-IIT. The other
is a collaboration between Dr. Liwayway Viloria (Sociology), Dr.
CASS also recognizes the importance of constantly upgrading Marilou Nanaman (Political Science) and Dr. Fadzilah Majid Cooke
the knowledge, skills and capabilities of its faculty and pursues of the Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Aside from these, a number of
the faculty have presented their papers in various national and
its commitment in delivering quality education. To date, CASS international conferences.
has ten (10) IIT-FDP faculty grantees who are The College has likewise established linkages with
pursuing their masters and doctorate degrees the Universiti of Malaysia Sabah and Japans
in the various programs of the different universities (local, national
and international). Osaka University, among others. These engagements
prove that CASS has the dedication and commitment to constantly
In terms of productivity, CASS continues to enhance its research upgrade and better its quality of education.
program as many of its faculty members are engaged in research

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 13

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

College of Business Administration and Accountancy

THE CBAA has had a total of 212, 890 and 832 enrollees across all courses in the summer, first (1st) and second (2nd)
semesters of 2012, respectively. The College opened its doors to other learning opportunities for its students by sending them
to local and national competitions, many of whom have garnered top awards. There were also students who were recipients
of exchange programs and fellowships and one of them was Ms. Malaya Negad, a recipient of the Global
Undergraduate Exchange Program hosted by the Philippine-American Education Foundation
(PAEF) and World Learning-Department of State and Cultural Affairs from January 4 to May 12, 2012.

CBAA also strengthens its faculty force by continually sending faculty members for further studies. Currently, the College
has one (1) faculty grantee, Prof. Pamela Resurreccion, who is pursuing her Doctor of Business Administration at De La Salle

In the field of research, the paper of Prof. Sheevun Di O. Guliman entitled The Effect of Environment Protection
Expenditure on Health Care Expenditure was awarded Best Paper, Research Category by the
OVCRE on June 28-29, 2012.

The faculty members have also been actively involved in researches funded by international agencies. One research
is on The Rapid Impact Assessment of Disaster on Sources of Livelihood and Employment
Opportunities (Post Typhoon Sendong Conditions in Iligan City), funded by the UN-International
Labour Organization. Another research is on Community Validation with Worldfish Consultants
which has been funded by the Bureau Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR).

The College has likewise conducted extension projects by holding capacity building seminars for the community. These
seminars include: Accounting for Non-Accountants and Marketing for Small Businesses.

College of Education
International Association of Multidisciplinary Research
(IAMURE) Conference
May 28-29, 2012/ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dr. Adelfa Silor

Diamond (First Prize Award) Best in Oral Paper Presentation
World Research Festival
International Association of Multidisciplinary Research (IAMURE)
August 22-25, 2012/ Marco Polo Plaza Hotel, Lahug, Cebu City

T he year 2012 has been a remarkable year for CED as it

continued to bring its name beyond the borders of the
Institute. This is reflected in the numerous international
Dr. Ruben Abucayon also brought honors to the College for
Best Lesson Plan
having been the recipient of the award
paper presentations made by its faculty garnering special and
prestigious awards in the process. Integration Multimedia during the Asia-Pacific
Prof. Rolando Cuizon Regional Training Workshop for TEI-RDC
Best Oral Research Presenter (Platinum-Second Place)
UNESCO, in Bangkok on July 6, 2012. Dr. Abucayon
Analysis of Iligan City Solid Waste also presented a paper in the 2012 International Conference on
Education and Management Innovation, in Singapore.
Management: Basis for an Effective Solid
Waste Management Program Another prestigious award was given to the college the
International Association of Multidisciplinary Research (IAMURE)
August 22-25, 2012/ Marco Polo Plaza Hotel, Lahug, Cebu City
Best Practice Award on the Use of ICT in
WORLD RESEARCH FESTIVAL 2012 Education during the 3rd Philippine Conference on ICT in
Education on October 25, 2012. Presently, the College holds a
CHED status Center of Excellence inTeacher Education.
Dr. Rizalina Gomez
Best in Journal Publication

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 15

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

College of Engineering
Enrolment in the College increased from 1,700 to 1,809 for the undergraduate courses and from
118 to 123 for the graduate courses for the 1st and 2nd semesters of 2012, respectively.

The College has, once again, proven its quality education as it produced topnotchers in the persons of Al Mon Dahan
(1st placer) and Manfredo Fababeir (6th placer) in the Metallurgical Engineering Board
Exams and Jose Ricardo Catane (8th placer) in the Electrical Engineering Board exams.
Board Passers / Topnotchers/ Institute Rank in PRC Board Licensure Examination:

EE Board April 93.33% 34.07% 2nd top performing school

Professor Eulalio C. Creencia was registered as the first ASEAN

Students of COE have also been actively involved in national and international
trainings and conferences or fellowships. Mr. Ian Kesniel P. Esberto,
Chemical Engineer from MSU-IIT and Mindanao on December 19, 2012
ME fifth-year student completed his one-year Student Exchange in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia, during the governors meeting of the ASEAN
Research Scholarship in Tohuko University, Japan while Federation of Engineering Organizations (AFEO), an
Ms. Demie Mae V. Dajao participated as a delegate in the 2012 association of ten (10) engineering organizations in ASEAN member countries.
Japan East Asian Network of Exchange for Students and
Youth (JENESY) Programme 2012 last April 15-25, 2012. In like
manner, the faculty of the College continue to upgrade themselves as they have
been actively involved in trainings and workshops. A number of the faculty
members represented the College and the Institute in the international arena as
they presented their valuable resear ches/papers in international conferences.

In terms of linkages, COE has been accepted for Phase III AUN/
SEED-Net Network as a New Member Institution with an
approval from the 19th Steering Committee Meeting and Year 2012 Annual
Meeting in Indonesia on September 21, 2012. For this, Chancellor Sukarno
D. Tanggol and COE Dean Dr. Feliciano B. Alagao were invited to participate
in the auspicious Signing Ceremony for the Cooperative Framework of the
Project Phase III in Bangkok, Thailand on November 29, 2012. Distinguished
participants were the delegates of the AUN/SEED-Net Member Institutions,
the Ministry of Education of the ASEAN member countries and other related

A new department has been created with the incorporation of

Chemical Engineering Technology Bachelor of Science En Bet to
the College of Engineering (COE).



OCT 18, 2012


MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 17

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

College of Nursing
The College of Nursing has once again made an outstanding and Development (PCHRD) of the Department of Science
performance in the Nursing Licensure Examination and Technology, Metro Manila; (2) Academic Libraries
Information Network in Mindanao (ALINET), Cagayan de
given last June 30 and July 01, 2012 battling a passing
Oro City; (3) Mindanao Librarians and Libraries Associations,
percentage of 96% against the national INC. (MINLLA), CDO; (4) Lanao Librarians Associations, Inc.
passing of 45.69 % with 96 passers out of 100 (LLAI), MSU-IIT Library, Iligan City; (5) Philippine Library
takers. Materials Project Foundations Inc. (PLMP), Cagayan de
Oro City; (6) The Asia Foundation ; and (7) the Philippine
CON is also proud to have finally completed its additional Network Foundation, Inc.
departments that include the pediatric ward, the recovery
room and the isolation room. These are now fully functional
and these have enhanced the learning experiences of the
students in the nursing professional subjects.

In 2012, the College sent faculty members to trainings,

workshops and conferences. Prof. Minnie B. Mamauag
presented her paper Rise of Respiratory Diseases and
Changing Weather Conditions in Iligan City on November
21- 22, 2012 at Cebu Business Hotel, Cebu City while Ms.
Aimee Grace C. Gemelo also presented her paper entitled
Detection of Potential Causing Bacteria found in
Nebulizers in Iligan City: Some Implications on Infection
Control on August 8 10, 2012 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza,
Pasay City.

CON also continues its partnership with institutions that

foster further learning for the students. These linkages
include (1) Health Research and Development Information
Network (HERDIN), an information resource accessible
through the web and CD-ROM, a project initiated and
developed by the Philippine Council for Health Research

College of Science and Mathematics
The College of Science and Mathematics continues to hold also been sent to national and international
a prominent status in the areas of Biology, Chemistry,
Mathematics and Physics for it has retained its status as trainings in the pursuit of excellence in education.
Centers of Excellence and Development. As
In 2012, the college has likewise produced the most
regards productivity, the College exhibits a wide array
number of graduates with latin honors (1 summa
of paper/poster presentations and ISI journal
cum laude, 3 magna cum laude, and 37 cum
publications. It also boasts of its strong faculty force
as it continually supports the professional endeavors of the laude graduates) during the 42nd commencement
faculty members who have been recipients of the Colleges exercises. It has also sent graduate students to present their
active faculty development program. The faculty have research outputs in local conferences.

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 19

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

School of Computer Studies

T he School of Computer Studies is manned by motivated
and highly competent workforce that are instrumental
to the transformation of the deserving sector of the society
into highly competitive ICT graduates who will respond to the As for linkages, the college is also aggressive in strengthening
needs of the local and international industries. To date, the its linkages with various industries as may be evidenced by its
faculty force of the College is composed of 20% PhD holders, continued partnership with Orange and Bronze, IBM,
70% Masters degree holders, and only 10% Bachelors and CISCO Networking Academy, as well as, its
degree holders. The offering of up-to-date, specialized
active participation in PSITE-R10 organization.
and ladderized academic programs, enhanced resource
generating programs and a strong culture of research and
In line with the Institutes thrust to improve its research
extension are indicators that the College pursues its vision of
culture, a number of its faculty members have presented
becoming a Center of Excellence in IT Education.
their scholarly works in conferences. Prof. Dante
The number of students in the undergraduate programs has Dinawanao published his paper Parallel Ant Colony
doubled in 2012 and the number of graduate students Optimization on the University Course-Faculty
has increased tremendously from 22 students in Timetabling Problem in MSU-IIT in the GSTF
2010 to 64 students in 2012. Journal on Computing. Moreover, SCS had its Final Phase
of Implementation of the ERDT Research Project Design
SCS continues to expand its number of laboratories by of an 18 bit Delta Sigma Digital to Analog
creating specialized laboratories such as networking Converter last April 25- May 2, 2012, in Quezon City,
laboratory, embedded system laboratory, Manila.
multimedia laboratory, software engineering/
database laboratory, communications
laboratory, and computer hardware laboratory
and six (6) general laboratories. Currently, the
College centers its priorities to the construction of the
Information and Communication Technology Center (ICTC)
Building, a 4-storey building equipped with all Computer
laboratory facilities which will serve the whole Institute,
main center data facilities, and an auditorium equipped with
web conferencing facilities.

The College also takes pride in the excellent performance of

its students in the different competitions, in seminars and in
IT activities.

School of Engineering Technology
Amid challenges, the School of Engineering Technology has Through the IACET Department, the school has actively
grown stronger with a very able and skilled faculty force engaged in income generating projects (IGPs) such as
and programs that address the demands of the engineering the TESDA Training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP)
technology field. In November 2012, SET gained recognition
on Mechatronics Servicing NC II with a total of 100
after having won 4th runner up in the
trainees, 96 of whom are students and 4 are industrial
ASEAN Skills Competition in the workers. This was held from July to October 2012 with a
Trade Area of Mechatronics held in total revenue raise of P 800,000.00.
Indonesia with Wilfredo Ralph G. Gomez, Jason Chris In the area of knowledge generation, a number of its
J. Andoy as contestants, Prof. Cesar S. Gabo as Head Coach,
faculty members have presented their scholarly works
Ms. Faith Q. Baldonado and Mr. Remegildo A. Payusan, Jr. as
in various local and national conferences. Prof. Rodolfo
Technical Experts, and Prof. Erman S. Marajas as the Team
Leader. Another student, Del Rosario presented his paper Inclusion of
X-Ray Fluorescence Spectometry
Ms. Marie Antoinette C. Roxas, in the Chemistry Curriculum in
brought honors to the College for having been a
Student Representative to the the 27th Philippine Chemistry and
2012 International Summit of 2012 Asia Pacific Conference on
Cooperatives in Quebec City, Canada Analytical Science Congress, April
11-13, 2012 at the Shangrila Hotel, Manila. Prof. Joel A.
last October 6-11, 2012.
Barrera and Mr. Remegildo A. Payusan Jr., presented their
The school also extends its expertise to the community by project Pneumatic Punching Station
conducting relevant livelihood trainings to out of school
displayed at the MSU-IIT Booth in the 2012 National
youth. The skill training conducted in two batches and held
at the IACET Laboratory focused on Electrical Installation Science and Technology Exhibition,
and Maintenance NC II with Trainor, Prof. Roque B. Requino. July 9-15, 2012, SMX Center, SM Mall of Asia. Prof. Edwin
Design and
Deiparine also presented his paper
Testing of Used Cooking Oil Stove
in the International Science and
Engineering Forum sponsored by PIChE on
August 13-15, 2012 in Cagayan de Oro City.

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 21

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

School of Graduate Studies

Enrolment in the School of Graduate Studies continues to Research and Development for Technology
increase with the existing programs in place. The Department (ERDT) of the Department of Science and
of English has been awarded the authority to offer Technology (DOST) scholarship program. Also,
Ph.D. in Language Studies which was issued on the School offers scholarships under the CHED-Science
February 7, 2012. The offering of the programs Master
and Engineering Graduate Scholarships (SEGS)
of Arts in Education major in Reading (MAED- while the School of Computer Studies offers scholarships
Reading) and Master of Arts in Education major under SEGS and a partnership with Southern City Colleges
in Guidance and Counseling (MAED-Guidance and for its offshore program, Master of Information
Counseling), which are both adoptions of the offerings in
MSU-Marawi, have already been in place and are expected to
accommodate their pioneering batches in June 2013.

The SGS directs its efforts in enhancing and in leveling up

the research practices of its graduates with the conduct of a
seminar-workshop on Enhancing Current Practices
in Graduate Research Writing and Advising
last May 2012. The School also sponsored a forum
entitled Forum on Flooding: Mainstreaming
Flood Disaster Preparedness as a response to the
devastation brought by the Typhoon Sendong.

In its desire to attract students in the various graduate

programs, SGS has secured partnerships with various agencies
that provide scholarships for graduate students.
The Philippines-Australia Human Resource and UPLB Chancellor Rex Victor Cruz in the Forum on Flooding
Mainstreaming Flood Disaster Preparedness conducted by the School
Organisational Development Facility (PAHRODF) of Graduate Studies-OVCRE in partnership with EcoWEB-CAFOD.
has now identified the Institute as one of its delivering
institutions in its In-Country Scholarship
Program. Through the Department of History, the party list
Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) has given
the amount of P150,000.00 intended for the scholarship
of twenty five (25) graduate students enrolled in the
Master in History Program. Other funding institutions include
the Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
under the CHED-FDP program and the Engineering

Guidance and Counseling
The Guidance and Counseling Center has been a primary
agency in extending support for the victims of
Typhoon Sendong.

The GCC coordinated with Ms. Juanita Riconalla of the

Planning and Development Office in the conduct of
debriefing training facilitation held in January
with Dr. Leo dela Cruz of Couples for Christ (CFC) Manila as
the Speaker. About 25 Institute personnel staff
participated in this training. Other debriefing sessions were
conducted, right after the Sendong calamity, with Michael
Alain J. Mamauag, Judith P. Claret, Maricar T. Koppin, Luzvilla
G. Sasan and Charlane N. Gabutan as facilitators for 17
victims coming from the Institute.
Mamauag was invited as Speaker and facilitator of the DOLE-
The Center also catered to the needs of the members of the
community who have been greatly affected by the typhoon. FFWC Planning workshop at Duka Bay, Medina,
Misamis Oriental last March 21-22, 2012. Furthermore, he was
An external debriefing session was given to about
also the speaker and facilitator during the PIPSEA planning
400 student victims from the different schools at the session in Quezon City on April 12-13, 2012 and speaker again
Lyceum of Iligan Foundation which has been in coordination
for Parliamentary Procedures Seminar at the JC
with the Department of Education (Iligan)
Clubhaus in Iligan City. Maricar T. Koppin facilitated the Arts
and the Philippine Guidance Counselors
Workshop held at the Guidance and Counseling Center
Association while a Psycho-trauma Debriefing last April 11-25, 2012 to 28 children of our faculty, staff and
of NPC-MINGEN 55 employees was conducted in their relatives.
February 2, 2012.

On top of the regular activities of the Center like the

Personality Development Seminar, Leadership Seminar,
On the Job Training Seminar, Mock Job Interview, Alay sa
Graduates, and Employers Forum, the highly skilled and
dynamic staff members of the Center have also been active
in demonstrating their expertise outside the Institute with a
number of them having been invited as speakers, lecturers
and trainers in various schools and organizations.

The Office conducted a lecture for the employees of the New

Tech Pulp Inc. on Work Attitude and Values in the
Workplace that was held last July 31, 2012 at Betsys
Best, Iligan City. Ms. Evelyn I. Dominguez, the new Guidance
Counselor, was also invited as a speaker at Iligan Medical
Center College to talk on Harnessing your Childs
Potential last July 20, 2012. Mr. Michael Alain J.
Enriching Research and Instruction through a
More Relevant Library Experience

217 titles and received donations

In 2012, the library acquired
of 406 titles from PLMP (spell out). There were a total of 623
Computer Services
The Institute Library has been providing the following internet
titles added to the collection. services and assistance to database searching and instruction:

However, Mrs. Myrna C. Halim, CASS librarian, reported an 1. On-line skills training for search capability for using
existing variance of 3,047 titles in preparation for the 4th level Ebrary, ACS and Proquest conducted on September 21, 2012 at the
accreditation. Due to the typhoon Sendong, massive acquisition Multimedia Section, IIT Library by the Libtech Source Philippines,
must be done on the field of Psychology, English, Filipino and Inc.;
General Education.
2. Science Direct and Scopus Website Orientation and
Despite the challenges, the Institute Library has provided the workshop conducted on November 7, 2012 at MSU-IIT Boardroom
following access to e-resources: by Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and
medical information products and services;
1. Ebrary database for e-books
2. Springerlink for e-journals
3. ACS (e-journals)
4. Philippine e journal
Philippine Higher Education
Also, IIT, being one of the Institute Librarian

Research Network (PHERNET) members of CHED,

has been given access to the following databases:

1. Science direct
2. Scopus
3. Proquest
4. Philippine e-lib (e-books and e-journals)
Institute Librarys Statistics on Library Use by College
For the period of January to November 2012

MSU-IIT Libraries On-line Users Statistics

For the period January December 2012

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 25

Alumni Relations
Advancing Towards the Goal through
Stronger Alumni Relations

2T . Job Fairs
The OARP, which was conceived as an office dealing specifically with the
Institutes concern for its alumni, undertakes regular activities that are o assist IIT graduates, the office has been posting of job vacancies
continuing in nature. Some of these activities are the following: online in the Institute Career Portal. The Career Portal was
designed by JobsDB.com exclusively for IITians. All job vacancies

1 . Data Banking received from various prospective employers, government or otherwise,

The Office provides the most current data on our graduates, including are posted here.
their email addresses and landline/cellular phone numbers, whenever
requested, to prospective employers and other units/agencies like CHED, The OARP has put up a Bulletin Board in October last year. As job openings
alumni chapters and colleges. The data is usually sourced from the are communicated to our office by companies, senior alumni and other
Institute alumni database. linkages, these are posted on the physical as well as virtual sites.
In the annual Jobs Fair of 2012 in coordination with the Guidance
When database was launched in 2009, graduating students were Counselling Center, the Physical Plant Division and the AIITAFI, thirty
required to sign up/update their information data in the (online) Alumni three (33) companies, two (2) schools and three (3) government agencies
Registry. Such is also a requirement for clearance to necessitate even
participated with 1,059 graduating students attending
senior alumni to sign up. At present, it now has 8,495 registered
the fair, all submitting their applications.
This effort is strengthened by continuing online campaign using the
OARP Facebook (FB) Page and other AIITAFI FB Pages,
Alumni Chapters FB Pages, individual alumni emails and by
3 . Forum
On April 2, the OARP hosted the Employers Forum, one of the
main events in a series of activities, dubbed as Alay sa Graduates 2012 of

word of mouth. MSU-IIT. A dialogue among prospective employers, graduates and the
Part of the effort is the visits to neighboring companies with IIT alumni MSU-IIT Management Team transpired, during which Ms. Leigh Paylaga,
to personally encourage them to enlist themselves by registering in the president of People Management Association of the Philippines-Iligan
database. Chapter and one of the two resource speakers of the event suggested
how the institute can increase and strengthen the graduates chances of
landing in desired jobs.
MICeL (MSU-IIT Center for e-Learning)
Expanding Opportunities for Institutional Rhea Febro
Growth through Information Communication MICeL Head
Technology Integration in Learning and

On Medical Transcription
For MICeL, the year 2012 started with the completion of the Medical schools from Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, China and Bangladesh
Transcription Project sponsored by the USAID. The culminating in creating a project which is a weather calendar. The project started
in March and culminated in August.
program was held on January 25, 2012 with Ms. Shiela A.
Agudo of USAID GEM attending. There were three workshops intended for educational
leaders. First was for top management and administrators of MSU-
IIT held last April 16-17, for DepEd supervisors and principals in
May 30 and for MSU System and other schools in Mindanao held
last October 8. The first two workshops were sponsored by FIT-Ed
Community of Learning

A regular mandated Teaching

Online Workshop
on Online Course Development was held last
November 26-28 with faculty from English Department, College of
Education and College of Engineering participating. It is hoped that
participants of the workshop will be able to implement a
pilot blended online course in MSU-IIT. A follow
up on this workshop is scheduled in January 2013.
The partnership with 60 scholars has brought in income for MICeL
amounting to Php 900,000 and allowed for the acquisition
of equipments this year to include IT and office equipments.

On Workshop and Trainings

The Center for eLearning this year conducted
a number of trainings and workshops aimed at the eventual
acceptance of eLearning methodologies in the institute and in
Mindanao. In March, it has facilitated the UNESCO Korea-
The participants from the College of Arts and Social Sciences
Funds-In-Trust International Project during the Online Course Development workshop
where students from MSU-IIT Integrated Developmental School
and Iligan City National High School represented the Philippines.
Students from these two schools exchanged correspondence with

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 27

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

Mini-workshops were conducted to increase the MSU-IIT constituents use of My.IIT portal and Google applications last
December 3, 10, and 17. More of these mini-workshops are scheduled in 2013.

In September 15-17, 2012, MICeL crafted its specific direction and doable target for 2015 in a strategic planning held in

Activities Date No. of

Facilitation of UNESCO KFIT International School Project March to August 30
with MSU-IIT IDS and ICNHS as participants
Leadership in the 21st Century (Administrators of MSU-IIT) April 16-17 38
Leadership in the 21st Century (Administrators of DepEd) May 28 43
Pedagogy Seminar with Teaching Online I August 28-30 29
Leadership in the 21st Century (Administrators of HEIs and MSU System) October 8 22
Pedagogy Seminar for College of Engineering (OBE) October 15-17 42
Online Course Development November 26-28 15
Total 219
Mini-Workshop on
My.IIT Portal and Google Apps for Edu December 3 10
My.IIT Portal and Google Apps for Edu December 10 21
Google Apps for Edu for K-12 December 17 19
Total 50

Prof. Rhea D. Febro joined the groups discussion during the

Pedagogy workshop for the College of Engineering.

Sports Development
Developing Holistic Education through
Sports and Recreation

In a year, the Sports Development Office facilitated the following

sports and recreation activities:

1. Ballroom dancing and children ballet in cooperation with the

Department of Physical Education
2. Election and training of varsity athletes
3. Inter Faculty and Administrative Staff Bowling Tournament
4. Summer Siglakas Fitness Program for employees where more than
200 participating employees
5. Inter-college sports competitions during Institute Charter Day
Celebration, Institute Palakasan, and recreational activities in Chess,
Volleyball, Dart, Badminton, Basketball


Through the Varsity Scholarship Program, it has Sports Development Officer
granted ninety-four (94) deserving student-athletes a monthly stipend of P300.00
each for two semesters.

The office also participated in community extension services by sending participants, MSU-IIT employees, to a mountain climbing for a cause
at Mt. Apo in Davao City.

IIT atheletes represented the Institute, through the supervision of the Office, in the Open Soccer Football
Tournament sponsored by Iligan Lanao Football Association, in the IBCI Inter-Industry Bowling Tournament where its faculty and
staff bowling team won the fourth place trophy in Class A category, in the Fiesta League Futsal
Soccer Football Tournament, and in the 1ST Mindanao State University System Athletic
Association (MSUAA) meet where it
garnered 3rd Place in over-all categories.

The university also participated in various invitational

games and won trophies:
1. Inter Basketball Tournament Sponsored by
Dalipuga Brgy. Council - Champion
2. Mother Ignacia Basketball Cup - Champion
3. Open Women Basketball Tournament
4. Inter-College Volleyball Games - 1st Runner Up
Cultural Development
Advancing Academic Growth
through Cultural Development
The Institute has prided itself to house renowned cultural groups
and nurture budding artists and arts enthusiasts. It is through The Kalinga ng Sining is an outreach program by the Cultural Center
culture and arts development that its flagship programs in Science of the Philippines (CCP) Cultural Exchange Department. The CCP
and Engineering are enveloped with humane perspectives.
Outreach, in partnership with IIT, implemented an art for
In 2012, the Cultural Development Office (CDO) partnered with healing and transformation program
various organizations to impact communities within and outside
the Institute by addressing psychosocial needs through artistic
for the benefit of the victims of typhoon
expressions. Sendong, especially for the children and their parents in all the
affected provinces/cities on March 8-9, 2012 at MSU-IIT gymnasium.
In April 11 to May 2012, the Cultural Development Office (CDO)
conducted music tutorials in basic and advance guitar, keyboard/
piano, violin, drums and voice to music enthusiasts in IIT and Iligan
City. The program served as venue for training and honing talents
who have potentials and inclinations in music.

This was also an outreach program of the Echoes members who ZAYDA O. MACARAMBON, MEd
shared their skills in music by assisting the tutors/music teachers for Cultural Development Officer
free during the tutorials.

As part of the UDHR Celebration, the GAD Center has supported the
project proposal of the Office in partnership with the Departments
of Psychology and Philosophy and Humanities of the College of
Arts and Social Sciences in the conduct of Celebration
of Life through Expressive Art. This was a
follow through activity of last years Art for Healing
and Transformation under the Kalinga Ng
Sining project conducted by the Cultural Center
of the Philippines in cooperation with the Institute after
the Sendong Phenomenon. The project reached out to 1,000
children survivors of Sendong.
The annual Gabi ng Sining is IITs traditional cultural night and part
of its Charter Day celebration. It is a collaborative show featuring
the resident cultural groups and other top performing groups of the
Institute (The Echoes, IPAG, KALIMULAN, OCTAVA, IDS Ringkaran,
PEP Squad and the Dance Society.
The Cultural Development Office warmly welcomed the arrival of the In collaboration with the Silliman University Alumni Association
Iligan Chapter, IIT hosted the renowned Manila Concert Choir in
Filipino-Korean performing arts group, Doalnara, who also came
for the benefit of Sendong victims on March 11, 2012 at the Institute

(picture here)

The KASAMA teamed up with the Office to organize a one-day film

showing, dubbed as Dakilas active vista national
In 2012, the Congress-Conference Timbayayong film showing, on advocacies tackling issues on
MINDULANI was organized to strengthen the theater and human trafficking and peace also in November.
cultural network in Mindanao. It also provided a venue to renue ties,
link and network with other cultural groups/workers and connect with
National institutions for art and culture such as the National Commission In collaboration with CASS, foreign guests, composer and violinist
for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the CCP. Jaime Reis and Joana Guerra from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon,
Portugal and Canservatorio de Musica de Seis, showed our students
During the event, IIT was able to negotiate for an NCCA grant to conduct of Humanities and IDS how to create music using the imagination and
the first Mindanao workshop on sound and whatever one can find around as instrument(s).
lighting design for art practitioners which was
held in IIT in October 2012

(picture of Gabi ng Sining)

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 31

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

Kalimulan Cultural Dance Troupe

Founded and directed by Professor Christian T.N. Aguado, a cultural

Anthroplogist and faculty member of the Department of Sociology, the
Institute resident cultural dance group has been promoting Mindanao
ethnic dances for 25 years. Recognized as the Best Dance Company in the
Philippines by Aliw Organization, the troupe continues to travel to key cities
and municipalities in Mindanao to foster awareness of authentic cultural and
artistic Filipino dance expressions.

Integrated Performing Arts Guild (IPAG)

Showcases of the best Philippine companies featured IPAG at the

televised Independence Day celebrations at the Quirino Grandstand
(June 12), the Tanghal National University Theater Festival (General
Santos, February 22-24), and at the 4th National Theater Festival
of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (November 8-18). In both
festivals, IPAG, under the artistic direction of Dr. Steven Patrick C.
Fernandez, received sumptuous reviews of Uwahig, its multi-media
deconstruction of the Indarapatra-Sulayman epic.

Crossing Poetry, the transcreation of poetry to performance

bannered Philippine Theatre high when the UNESCO-ITI Asia Pacific
Bureau Drama Schools featured the IPAG in its festival in Taipei City in
Taiwan last August and September.

IPAG opened 2012 with favourite Tales From Mindanao in January (perhaps the countrys most travelled dance-theatre work of folk stories), consistently
electrifying capacity audiences this time in the Bicol provinces. IPAG returned to Bicol in August with the Tales sequel Tatlo Sa Isa drawing full standing ovations
from two jam-packed audiences at the Legaspi Astrodome.

Complementing the performances, IPAG through its training-resource satellite -- the IPAG-Artists Resource Management (or ARM) -- offered workshops and
lectures in the Humanities, transcreation, production, arts management, among many others, which were availed of by visiting universities and organizations
wanting to learn about performance and the disciplines of the Arts. Notable was the conduct of the pioneering Mindanao Directing Workshop last May by the
IPAG-ARM, a two-week residency course which supported young directors coming from all parts of the island.

The IPAG-ARM is in the forefront of the establishment of the pioneering Culture and Arts Studies Program in the Institute that will offer certificate and graduate
degree courses to cultural workers who will eventually nurture our nations Creative Industry.

Octava Choral Society

The resident choral group of MSU-IIT, under the baton of Prof. Francisco A.
Englis, in collaboration with National Commission on Culture and Arts (NCCA)
and Ethnomusicology Society of the Philippines conducted a psycho-socio
intervention project for the early psychological recovery of the typhoon
Sendong victims and survivors of Iligan City. The event was dubbed, Kalinga
Ng Sining: Art For Healing And Transformation. The choir has always wowed
the IIT audience including visiting local, national and international guests to
the university.

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 33
MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

Propelling Growth through
Continued Excellence in
Research and Extension

T he year 2012 for the Institute has been marked by but we are determined to reach the top. The designations
several milestones, affirming its relentless efforts to
propel growth through continued excellence in research and
given to the Institute by CHED as one of the nine
extension. (9) PHERNet (Philippine Higher Education Research
Reaffirming its commitment in fostering innovative and
Centers in the country and by
relevant research endeavors, IIT has been recognized
not only in the local scene but also in the
for Mindanao, coupled with the increasing number
of researches conducted with the external funding support
international arena for its strong and commissioned by both national and international
research potentials as well as its significant, organizations,
impact studies.
confirm its capabilities to undertake high

high impact extension programs.

The directions and priorities set in 2012 are still anchored
Indeed, the march has begun towards realizing our shared
strong research and
on the goal of having
dream of being recognized as a Research
extension program. While the goal remains,
University in the Philippines and we have heightened our priorities and sharpened our focus
Southeast Asia. It has been an uphill journey as we resolve to move towards our vision.


Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension

The different departments and units in the Office of the Vice
Chancellor for Research and Extension (OCVRE) -- Department Identified on the basis of capacity and track record in
of Research (DR), Department of Extension (DE), Technology intellectual property (IP) generation, IIT is one of few HEIs
Application and Promotion Unit (TAPU), Multi-media (Higher Education Institutions) to constitute PHERNet by CHED
Information and Dissemination Unit (MMIDU), Gender and who encourages collaborative interdisciplinary approaches
Development (GAD) Center, Intellectual Property Unit (IPU), to generation and dissemination of new knowledge and
Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO), Center for technologies. It has allocated funds to each PHERNet Center for
Local Governance Studies (CLGS) , Center for Human Rights the conduct of research, publication of accredited journal(s),
Education (CHRE) and the PHERNet Center, have collectively online subscription to international journals/databases and
contributed to the successful implementation of the Institutes participation in international/regional linkaging activities or
research and extension strategic plans. collaborative project.

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 35

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

In December 2012, the university received approval from CHED for the implementation of a three-year interdisciplinary
research program, entitled Appropriate Technology for the Production of High Value Products from
Naturally Occurring Raw Materials , which are within the CHED identified priority areas. Five (5) research
projects with four (4) studies are currently underway. Five (5) more research project proposals with two
(2) study proposals are being reviewed by CHED for approval to comprise the approved program.

(Action picture of ITSO-related matter)

The Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO) or patent library is a project of the Intellectual
Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It
aims to establish a network of ITSOs in universities and researchrelated institutions in order to strengthen the institutional
capacity of the organization to access patent information and help IP generators in patent drafting and patent application.

(Picture here of Tuklas Lunas)

The Tuklas Lunas Center (DOSTPCHRD Natural Substance Research Center) for Mindanao is
established in recognition of the Institutes merit in the field of natural product chemistry and drug discovery research. The
Tuklas Lunas Centers are National Products Extractions Centers involved in drug discovery and development.

The Tuklas Lunas Center (DOSTPCHRD Natural Substance Research Center) for Mindanao is established in
recognition of the Institutes merit in the field of natural product chemistry and drug discovery research. The
Tuklas Lunas Centers are National Products Extractions Centers involved in drug discovery and development.

Research Projects Conducted

A total of one hundred seventy-two (172) research projects were conducted during the year,
with seventy one (71) of these projects completed in the same year. Ninety six (96) or fifty-six percent (56%)
of the projects were undertaken with external funding support. Twenty-six (26) or nine percent (9%) of the
projects were internally funded while the other sixty (60) or thirty-five percent (35%) of the projects were
patriotic research or self-funded projects.

The following are 2012 external funding agencies with the corresponding funded projects or studies:

Funding Agency Funded Project

Department of Health (DOH) Reproductive Age Mortality Studies (RAMOS)
Worldfish Economic Analysis of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in
Selected Coastal Areas in the Philippines
UNESCO Development of Educational Technology Courses and its
Application to Student Teaching
the International Labor Organization (ILO) Rapid Impact Assessment in Disaster on Sources of Livelihood
and Employment Opportunities

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 37

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

Research Initiatives
The 10th Annual In-House Review (AIHR) of R and D Projects was conducted in 2012. This is an annual event
to determine the state of the Institutes R and D project implementation and to continue assessing the Institutes R and D
thrusts and directions as project results and findings are discussed in this venue. This activity is also in collaboration with
the Northern Mindanao Consortium for Agriculture Resources Research and Development
(NOMCARRD) which recognizes and awards best projects and winning papers to compete in the regional NOMCARRD

Annual In-house Review Papers and Poster Presentations

Social Science Researches Social Science Researches Social Science Researches

Professional Category (Research) - 7 Professional Category (Development) -1 Undergraduate Thesis-9

papers Graduate Thesis/Dissertation -1
Undergraduate Thesis - 7 papers Undergraduate Thesis-9
Poster Presentations - 2 posters

Dr. Nathaniel M. Anacleto, a faculty member of the College of Engineering with specialization in the area of Material Science and
Engineering Technology, was conferred Professorial Chair in Engineering Technology in recognition of his excellent
achievement in this specialization. A cash incentive was given to him through the generosity of an individual sponsor, Mr. Josue D. Bacolod,
Jr., of Angola.

(Picture of Anacleto)

Cash Incentives have been granted to researchers to encourage more research productivity and global competitiveness. In 2012, seventy-
seven (77) researchers were granted cash incentive for oral paper presentation in international conferences;
seventy-one (71) received cash reward for ISI international publications; eight (8) were given cash incentive for poster
presentation in international conferences; and eleven (11) were awarded cash incentive for publishing articles in
the Institutes Mindanao Forum.
Research Information Dissemination
Two hundred twenty-five (225) researchers of MSU-IIT presented their research results in various
international, national, and regional conferences. There were one hundred ninety-four (194) oral paper presentations and
thirty-one (31) poster presentations.

Oral Paper Presentations Poster Presentations

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 39

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

Academic and non-academic researchers of the Institute published and disseminated their findings in different journals.
One hundred thirty two (132) research articles were published in 2012 -- seventy-one (71) in ISI and internationally
refereed journals, ten (10) in ISI indexed national journals, forty (40) in local journals and ten (10) in the Mindanao
Forum, the Institutes official journal .


Multi Media Information

In the same year, the
Dissemination and Information Unit
(MMIDU) has produced two issues of the Mindanao
Forum, December 2011 and June 2012. The Institutes
bi-annual official journal is circulated nationally and
internationally. The issues are uploaded and accessible
through the Philippine e-Journals and in the
University of Hawaii - Manoas webpage on Mindanao.
Efforts for the journal to gain ISI status, CHED and Thomson
and Reuters accreditation are being undertaken.

Science Fairs and Exhibits
The Institute has participated in the DOST 2011 National Science and Trade Fairs and Exhibits on July 27- 30, 2012 in Metro
Manila. It showcased the Institutes latest R and D results, developed technologies and latest innovations. Exhibitors
to the said event were from the academe, government and non-government institutions as well business community.

Research Seminars and Trainings

To further develop the research culture, several seminars and workshops were conducted for 2012:

1. Collaborative Basic Research Training Workshop on February 9-10, 2012 to facilitate

collaborative research undertakings among member agencies of the Northern Mindanao Consortium for Health Research
and Development (NORMINCOHRD) Consortium

2. SeminarWorkshop on Basic Research on April 16-18 2012 which was conducted to motivate
junior faculty researchers to embark on research projects

3. Advanced Research Workshop on April 1820, 2012 which was aimed at enhancing the competence
of senior faculty researchers

4. Lecture Series on September 6, 2012 which was delivered to increase knowledge and understanding of
current issues on Public Health Impacts of Climate Change

5. Professorial Chair Lecture on February 13, 2012 which provided a venue for the dissemination
and discussion of research conducted by the Professorial Chair holder, Dr. Anacleto, who presented his paper entitled
Alternative Technology for Processing Laterite Ores

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 41

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

Intellectual Property Protection

Concomitant with research undertaking is the protection of intellectual property which is crucial to the
strengthening of the R and D culture in the Institute, the following efforts along this line were

1. The revision of the MSU-IIT Intellectual Property Policy has been approved by the MSU System Board of
Regents with BOR Res. No. 6, S. 2012 and is now being implemented. The revised policy defined IP ownership,
stipulated mechanisms for IP protection, technology transfer and commercialization of IP as well as the revenue
sharing formula for commercialization.

2. IIT was granted by Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) to

serve, among other institutions, as host of Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO).
The Institute entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with IPOPHL on March 16, 2012 which was confirmed
during the 219th BOR meeting on June 27, 2012.

With that development, the university constituted and commissioned certain faculty and staff to compose the ITSO
Technical Experts Team. The personnel attended a series of mandatory training courses conducted
by IPOPHL and the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) to capacitate the team who will serve IP
generators access global patent information and assist in the drafting of patents and patent applications as well as
in the commercialization of globally-competitive innovations.

Prototype Development, Production and Dissemination

Research and development projects on bamboo and clay resources have been pursued. In 2012, the Ceramic
Training Center developed and experimented on different clays sourced out from the locality in the production
of assorted terra cotta products. Based on initial tests, the recently designed and developed clay
water filter was found significantly capable of improving the quality of water. Further tests and refinements on
the prototype are on progress.

The Bamboo Technology Center has been developing prototypes of innovative bamboo products using
kawayang tink and other species of bamboo found in the area. Replication and mass production of the prototypes
and other existing product designs of bamboo and ceramic are being sought for income generation. The products
developed have been showcased in various local trade fairs for promotion and marketability.

Institute Extension Services
A total of two hundred sixty-five (265) extension services were rendered during the year by the different
academic, semi and non-academic units of the Institute, and by the offices of Research and Extension, including
Technology Application and Promotion Unit (TAPU) and its three centers -- Bamboo Technology Resource Center (BTRC),
Ceramic Training Center (CTC), and the Appropriate Technology Transfer Center (ATTC), Center for Local Governance
Studies (CLGS), and the Center for Human Rights Education (CHRE).

The extended services rendered to the internal and external community were mostly in the following capacities:

1. trainings and seminars for skills development;

2. technical assistance for livelihood development and poverty alleviation;
3. medical assistance, relief and rehabilitation works;
4. alternative learning classes for the marginalized and people with limited or no access to formal education; and
5. different forums to inform and instruct clienteles on relevant topics affecting them and the community.

Most were held in collaboration with the Local Government Unit (LGU), Government Offices (GOs), Non-Government
Offices (NGOs) and other various industry organizations.

OVCRE Extension Services

Align with the Institutes mandate, most of the coordinated extension projects and community engagements were
undertaken in collaboration -- among offices within the Institute and with offices of external partners, like the Local
Government Unit (LGU), Department of Education (DepEd) and other government and non-government organizations
or community development partners.

Department of Extension (DE) has conducted entrepreneurship development seminars and interfaith forums.

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 43

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

The Bamboo Technology Resource Center (BTRC) TAPU conducted a number of livelihood skills
trainings on basic bamboo propagation and handicraft making among external clienteles in Iligan City and neighboring
municipalities in Misamis Oriental. Technical assistance was rendered to internal clients, students from Department of
Physics, College of Education and College of Arts and Social Sciences.

The Ceramic Training Center (CTC) TAPU conducted several ceramic arts training and pottery skills trainings in
the community for livelihood development. Technical assistance in the characterization of clay deposits as raw material
for pottery industry in the CARAGA region, particularly in Surigao del Norte, was provided to senior and post graduate
ceramic and metallurgical students coming from that area.

The Multi Media Information Dissemination and Information Unit (MMIDU) hosted the 19th Iligan National
Writers Workshop to hone the craft of writers from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. It has assisted and formulated
NCCA activities around MIndanao.


The Center for Local Governance Studies (CLGS) continued giving trainings on leadership and good
governance while Center for Human Rights Education (CHRE) also provided series of trainings on human rights and anti-
violence against women and children.
OVCRE Extension Projects

Other extension
Skills Training
Technical Strategic Planning
Assistance for Ext'n Activities
9% 7%
Relief Operations
and Assistance

Gender and Development
The GAD budget policy has legally mandated all government offices to put resources in gender programs for a gender-
responsive society.

The Gender and Development (GAD) Center of MSU-IIT supervised the conduct of twenty-three (23) internal projects
aimed at benefiting women and promoting gender equality. Two (2) research projects, one on gender mainstreaming
in local governance and the other on childrens well-being, particularly those affected by armed conflicts, have been
embarked in 2012. Different seminars, forums and symposiums were conducted to teach and promote gender sensitivity
and awareness and address aspects on health, well-being, and other gender issues affecting the Institute and its
neighboring communities. Other projects include capability building of human resources. Three (3) development
projects such as the renovation of comfort rooms have addressed health and sanitation concerns of the Institute
constituents, particularly its women.

Consortia, Linkages and Collaborations

In 2012, OVCRE has established and maintained the following linkages and partnerships with local and international

PATLEPAM (Philippine Association of Tertiary Level Educational Institutions in Environmental Protection and
Management) It is a network of 380 colleges and universities from all over the country. It aims to optimize tertiary
level educational institutions potential for the systematic delivery of environmental education, training, and research for
sustainable development at the local levels. MSU-IIT is the regional coordinating center (RCC) for Northern Mindanao.

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 45

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

NOMCARRD (Northern Mindanao Consortium for Agricultural Resources Research and Development) It is a
consortium of HEIs and government line agencies in Region 10 which are involved in the fields of agriculture, fisheries
and forestry. Its goal is to promote research and publication in these fields of specializations.

DOST-PCAaRRD (Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development)
- Through NOMCARRD, it has designated the Institute as Partner Member Agency (PMA) for the Techno-Gabay
Program and as overseer of the established Farmers Bamboo Nursery which will be in coordination with the Farmers
Information Technology Services (Fits) Center housed at the Iligan City Agriculturists Office.

DOST- PCHRD (Philippine Council for Health Research and Development) It is mandated to develop health
products and technologies to address the current and future medical needs of Filipinos. It has established three
(3) Tuklas Lunas Centers (Natural Substance Research Center) -- one is in Luzon, the other two are in Visayas and
Mindanao. The Tuklas Lunas Center in the island is based in MSU-IIT which is recognized for its excellent R & D track
record and availability of infrastructure.

Climate Change Commission Office of the President of the Philippines - It has designated IIT as partner institution
in the implementation of the project Enabling the Cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan to Cope with Climate Change
which is Project Climate Twin Phoenix.

IPOPHL (Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines) - It manages and administers the intellectual property
(IP) system of the country and is responsible for setting up networks for Innovation and Technology Support Office
(ITSO) in areas with high patent activity potential. It offers free training to member institutions personnel who will
constitute the ITSO team for the different aspects of the patent system.

WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) In partnership with IPOPHL, it provides free online training courses on
patent drafting to ITSO team members.

DAAD Germany - German Academic Exchange Service - It is the course provider for International Deans Course
and Training of Trainers for University Development.

APWT - AP Writers and Translators Assobased in Bangkok accepted the Iligan National Writers Workshop as the first
institutional member of this prestigious organization in the Asia-Pacific rim.

NCCA - National Commission for Culture and Arts under the office of the President has been a regular partner
of several projects for culture and arts such as the Iligan National Writers Workshop, IPAG trainings and activities
conducted by the Cultural Development Office.

Institute of Peace and Development
in Mindanao
Ushering in Growth through Creating Venues for
Continued Dialogue and Peace Education

T he Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao (IPDM) of MSU-

IIT, being true to its calling to educate people, conduct peace and
conflict related research and peace actions in order to address the need
the materials to paint a picture depicting Mindanao Peace of
Art. Twenty-five paintings are now on display in an open gallery at the
for a peaceful and developed Mindanao, organized and implemented Kalinaw Hall, IPDM.
numerous projects in 2012.
More than 75
students attended and participated in a seminar-
One of this years major activities was the Multi-Stakeholder workshop on Mindanao History, the Peace Process,
Dialogue Forum on the GPH-MILF Peace Process, and Film Making. The students coming from the College of Arts and
which took place at the CED Theatre on September 12, 2012. The said Social Science, School of Computer Studies, Integrated Developmental
forum was attended by former Secretary Senen Bacani, a member of School, College of Medicine-MSU Main, Santa Felomina High School,
the Government Peace Negotiating Panel. Sec. Bacani shared updates and Suarez National High School filmed and produced six short films
on the ongoing peace negotiations with the Moro Islamic Liberation showcasing Mindanao and its current challenges. The films were shown
Front (MILF) and answered questions raised by the audience.The multi- at the Mini Theater from December 3-6, 2012.
stakeholder forum was attended by more than 250 representatives
of the academe, LGUs, local and international non- On December 10, 2012, IPDM completed its busy year with a Research
governmental organizations, civic organizations, Forum on Mindanao Facets and Issues at the Mini
private sector, security sector, youth , and community Theater, sharing IPDMs baseline-study on the Knowledge and
leaders. Perception of MSU-IIT Faculty and Students on the on-
going GPH-MILF Peace Negotiations. The said forum also
Having identified the subject, History 3 (History of the Filipino Muslims served as an avenue to introduce and launch the books of IIT Chancellor
and Indigenous Peoples in Minsupala), as an opportunity for peace-
building by addressing historical errors and thus tackling misconceptions Regional Autonomy and
Prof. Sukarno D. Tanggol entitled

and biases, IPDM initiated continuous focus group discussions on the Federalism: Concepts and Issues for the Bangsamoro
Teaching of Mindanao History, joined by history professors Government and MSU-Gen Sans IPDM Director Prof. Rufa Cagoco-
from MSU-IIT, MSU Marawi, MSU Naawan, and Mindanao historian Prof. Guiam entitled Gender and Conflict in Mindanao.
Rudy Rodil.
All these accomplishments were realized through the support and
Mindanao Week of Peace with
During the celebration of the funding of the Civil Peace Service Program of the German development

the theme, Challenging the Challenges, IPDM launched Deutsche Gesellschaft fr Internationale
a Peace Painting activity which was participated by students, faculty, Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). GIZ has been supporting IPDM since
and staff members of the Institute. The participants were provided all 2008.
MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

Propelling Growth through Strengthened
Institutional Planning and Development

With the retirement of Dr. Brigida A. Roscom, the former Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Development (VCPD), an Officer-
in-Charge was appointed by the Institute Chancellor. The newly designated OIC of the OVCPD is Dr. David N. Almarez who
assumed office in August 2012.

Under the new leadership , the Office has revisited and re-examined the specific functions of the different offices in its
organizational structure which was proposed in 2008 by Dr. Roscum and approved by the MSU BOR on Novemeber 14, 2008
by BOR Resolution No. 243, Series of 2008.

In December 2012, the Office organized and facilitated the second phase of the Institute strategic planning
workshop with each of the four Vice-Chancellors heading the identified clusters in academic, research, extension, support
services and other special concerns. The two-day workshop was participated in by the heads of the different cost centers
and selected chairpersons. The participants identified key result areas, corresponding performance indicators and strategies
based on the Institutes re-assessed mission and vision. The output was to be consolidated and deliberated for refinement
before it will cascade for action planning in the different offices and cost centers.

Through the efforts of the Office in collaboration with College of Arts and Social Sciences, MSU-IIT collaborated with
Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). With a signed Letter of Intent by both the Institute Chancellor and the Vice-
Chancellor of UMS on September 7 and 9, 2012, mutual consent was reached to prepare an official Memorandum of
Undertstanding (MOU) for mutual cooperation and exchanges in various academic fields with the aim of encouraging
the long-term development of both universities.


Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development

Mindanao Bridging Leadership Program
The partnership between the Institute and the Asian establishment and opening of a Peace Hall at
Institute of Management for the Mindanao Bridging Leaders Brgy. Kakai Renabor, Tubod, Lanao del Norte; the barangay
Program (MBPL) is on its second year. The year opened with is a rido-torn place.
a welcome activity to the second MBLP cohort assigned to
IIT. This years fellows are: Col. Dan Lucero, Atty. Abdul Gaffur
Further, the Team has been invited to give leadership and
Alonto of Iligan Citys Prosecutors Office, Asec. Jehanne
related trainings to various sectors within the Institute
Mutin of OPPAP, Mr. Abdulhamiddullah Atar of RIDO, Inc., and to grassroot communities. In June 2012, the College
Mr. Dante Eleuterio of CFSI, and Ms. Dipsy Maruhom of MSU-
of Nursing students were oriented on the Bridging Leader
Main. Framework. The vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the
student body were also facilitated. Trainings and workshops
The IIT MBLP team has attended various functions such as on the use of the Balanced Score Card were given to selected
the Panagtagbo sa Kalinaw last March 28, 2012 at IIT constituents and to the second cohort fellows.
Tubod, Lanao del Norte which gathered 400 people to
In early October 2012, the first MBLP cohort comprising of
talk about the peace efforts and developments Iligan City Councilor Fredderick Siao, Pakigdait Executive
in Lanao del Norte. The Team also witnessed the Director Musa Sanguila, and AMDFI Executive Director
Zahria Mapandi presented their change projects to IIT
Administrators and the public through the attendance of
community sectors at the Institute Boardroom. Then in late
October, the same fellows presented their change projects
in Fuller Hall, AIM, Makati City. The said presentation was
witnessed by international organizations and funders.

Responding to their duties as coaches and researchers for

the MBLP, the team members also attended a total of 15
coaching and workshop sessions amounting to
an estimate of 200 hours of extension service

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 49

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

Aligning Priorities
for Institutional Growth and Expansion

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for

Administration and Finance (OVCAF) sees The activities and projects that were also realized are
to it that all its programs and projects are aligned with the the following: medical mission, operation tuli, diabetes
vision and mission of the institute. Thus, it continues to screening, bone screening, ECG tracing, pap smear for some
uplift the morale of the administrative personnel by making female employees and prostate specific antigen for some
sure that they are sent to different seminars, trainings and male employees.
conferences that cater to their individual expertise and
qualifications. The office has been very supportive of the MDHS continues to have linkages with some pharmaceutical
individual programs of all the cost centers under it. It backscompanies and other government agencies especially in the
up whatever projects are undertaken by each. conduct of some of its medical missions and welfare projects.
For its above-average performance in serving the students,
The OVCAF has likewise aggressively endorsed that the the Institute clinic was awarded as one of the Best Student
Income Generating Program (IGP) of the Services Award.
Institute be fully made operational. Thus, with the new
Institute IGP Coordinator in the person of Prof. Daisy For its part, the Security and Investigation
Anacleto, the office foresees a much improved facilitation of Division (SID), likewise continued its Linkages/
the income-generating programs like the rental of business affiliations/Collaborations with the Local Government
stalls in the canteen and the sourcing of other IGP-potential Unit of Iligan, the Iligan City Police Office, the Bureau of
resources. With all records and documents properly kept, the Fire Protection-Iligan, and the Disaster Risk Reduction
IGP is foreseen to deliver its mandate. Management Office.

The Medical and Dental Health Services Projects/Extension Programs were also carried out such
(MDHS) has been consistent in the services that it renders as Fire and Bomb Drill. The SID also cooperated with other
to the institute constituents. Because of the updating that agencies in risk and disaster management campaigns and
the personnel have made, much improved services have extended help to almost 5,000 Typhoon Pablo evacuees
been delivered. who sought refuge in the Institute Gym. It has sustained
security policies and augmented some for the security of the
The following seminars were attended by the medical constituents and upkeep of the Institute.
personnel: stress debriefing, stress trauma case handling,
Pneumonia updates, and Diabetes. This Cashiering Division (CD) has seen the
significance of trainings and seminars on values and service
strategies thus, majority of its personnel were sent to such
endeavors. Meetings and dialogues were likewise regularly
conducted to foster camaraderie and efficiency in the
delivery of services. The renovation of the office and the
increased number of personnel has largely contributed to
better and improved performance of the staff.


Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance

The Human Resource Management Division (HRMD) welcomed its new Acting Head in the person of Prof. Elmer P. Nacua. Having
come from various companies as Human Resources Head, his expertise and appropriate training are what the division needs.
The HR division continues to deliver much improved services after having sent its personnel to various trainings, workshops and
seminars that are instrumental in the execution of excellent service.

The Supply Office continues to take charge of the requisitions and requests of all offices in the Institute. With its new comfortable
location and spacious working environment and the indefatigable head and staff, it has likewise greatly improved its delivery of
services to both the Institute and non-Institute clients.

From the Receiving and Warehousing Section of the Supply and Property Management Division, it is noted from the pie and bar
graphs that the amount spent for the total materials, supplies and equipment received is P 47, 164, 151.72 while the amount
for the APP Related Materials and Supplies amount to a total of P 37, 256, 877.88.

A total of 24 major infrastructures were renovated by the Physical Plant Division. The pie chart shows that of the completed
projects for the year 2012, the major recipient is the College of Science and Mathematics (24 projects), followed by the College
of Education and College of Engineering. Other infrastructures that were given major repairs and renovations were the ICTC, the
graduate dormitory and the College of Business Administration and Accountancy.

The Procurement Services Division reports that their office has processed vouchers for the request of various units and procured
supplies and equipment for the different cost centers amounting to P 37, 821, 180.87 as of November 2012.

Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2012

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 51

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

Condensed Consolidated Statement of Income and Expense

for the Year Ended December 31, 2012
FUND 101, 164 and 161


for the Year Ended December 31, 2012
FUND 101, 164, 161 AND 102

Certified Correct by Julieta B. Lopez, CPA (Chief Accountant)

Budget Management

This year, the Institute has undergone and overcome challenging situations with the decrease in our budget
and the continuing implementation of budget decentralization empowering all cost centers to manage their
appropriated resources. As a whole, this policy has yielded gains for the Institute.

The Office has advanced the Institutes mission through providing timely, accurate and useful budgetary
and fiscal information to decision-makers with the use of the electronic financial management information
system, thereby operating within budgetary parameters and ensuring maintenance of sound financial status.
MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012


600,000,000.00 97.9%
533,639,329.00 % OF UTILIZATION




64.3% 65,398,818.48 64.2%
100,000,000.00 35,511,703.19
978,577.57 22,810,577.56



Budget Officer V
Budget Management Office

Ap Academic Programs MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

Undergraduate Programs
College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS)
Bachelor of Arts in:
English Political Science School of Computer Studies (SCS)
Filipino Sociology Bachelor of Science in:
History Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Psychology Information Technology
Two-Year General Education Information Systems
Electronics and Computer Technology (Ladderized)
Three-Year Diploma in Electronics and Communications
College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) Engineering Technology (Ladderized)
Bachelor of Science in: Two-Year Diploma in Electronics Technology (Ladderized)
Chemistry Mathematics
Physics Statistics College of Business Administration and Accountancy
Bachelor of Science in Biology major in: (CBAA)
General Biology Botany Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Marine Biology Zoology Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in:
Business Economics
College of Education (CEd) Entrepreneurial Marketing
Bachelor of Secondary Education major in:
Biology Mathematics College of Nursing (CON)
Chemistry Physics Bachelor of Science in Nursing
General Science
Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) School of Engineering Technology (SET)
Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH) Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology Management
Bachelor in Elementary Education major in: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Automation and Mechantronics
English Three-Year Diploma in:
Science and Health Automotive Engineering Technology
Bachelor of Teacher Technology Education major in Industrial Automation and Control Engineering Technology
Industrial Arts, Drafting Technology Civil Engineering Technology
Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management Electrical Engineering Technology
Mechanical Engineering Technology
College of Engineering (COE) Materials Science Engineering Technology
Bachelor of Science in: Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Ceramics Engineering Engineering Technology
Civil Engineering Two-Year Diploma in Industrial Automation and
Computer Engineering Maintenance Technology
Electrical Engineering
Chemical Engineering Integrated Developmental School (IDS)
Metallurgical Engineering Science Curriculum Secondary Education
Mechanical Engineering
Environmental Engineering Technology
Electronics and Communications Engineering
Three-Year Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology
MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

Graduate Programs
PhD in Biology Master of Computer Science
PhD in Chemistry Master of Computer Applications
PhD in Mathematics Master of Information Technology
PhD in Physics Master of Information Management
PhD in Science Education major in Chemistry Master in Business Management
PhD in Language Studies Master of Arts in Filipino
PhD in Filipino Master of Arts in Sociology
Doctor of Mathematics Master in History
Doctor of Engineering Master in Sociology
Doctor of Sustainable Development Studies MA in English Language Studies (MAELS)
Master of Science in Civil Engineering Master in English Language Studies ( MELS)
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Master in Sustainable Development Studies
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Master in Education (major in Guidance and Counseling
MS in Material Science Engineering or Reading)
Master of Science in Biology Certificate in Sustainable Development Studies
Master of Science in Marine Biology Certificate in Physics
Master of Science in Mathematics
Master of Science in Statistics
Master of Science in Chemistry
Master of Science in Physics
Master of Science in Environmental Science
Master of Engineering
Master of Biology
Master of Mathematics
Master of Physics
Master of Applied Statistics
Master in Chemistry
Master of Science in Computer Science
Master of Science in Computer Applications
Master of Science in Information Technology
Master of Science in Information Management
Master of Science in Physical Education
Master of Science Education major in:
Biology; Chemistry; General Science; Mathematics;
Elementary Mathematics; Physics
BS-MS Chemistry (straight program)
Master in Library and Information System
Chairperson, Commission on Higher Education EMMANUEL M. LAGARE, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President
President, Mindanao State University System
Vice Chairperson Vice President for Academic Affairs
Chairperson, Senate Committee on Education, Arts and Culture Vice President for Administration and Finance
(Represented by Atty. Macabangkit B. Lanto)
Chairperson, House Committee on Higher Education and Technical
Vice President for Planning and Development
(Represented by Mr. Vitaliano T. Sabalo, Jr.)
Secretary of the University and the Board of Regents
Acting Secretary, Department of Budget & Management RAGA M. BACARAT, Ed.D., Ph.D.
(Represented by Director Ruby R. Esteban) Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Acting Director-General, National Economic Development Authority
(Represented by Deputy Director-General Nestor R. Mijares IV) Assistant Vice President for Planning and Development
Chairperson, Committee on Education, Culture & Sports, RA (ARMM)
Chancellor, MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology SUKARNO D. TANGGOL, DPA
Chancellor, MSU Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography
HON. ABDURRAHMAN T. CANACAN Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Chancellor, MSU-General Santos
HON. AMIRUL Y. AHAJUL Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
President, MSU Faculty Confederation
President, MSU Alumni Association Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension


President, FEMUSSCO Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development
APPOINTIVE MEMBERS Acting Campus Secretary
HON. FATIMA P. SINSUAT Acting Institute Registrar


Secretary of the University and the Board of Regents

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 57

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012

Heads of the Institute Academic Units


Acting Dean Graduate Coordinator, COE Dean Chairperson, Dept. of Civil Engineering

Assistant Dean Chairperson, Department of Metallurgical,
Secretary Graduate Coordinator, SDS
& Chemical Engineering

Graduate Coordinator, CASS Graduate Coordinator, CBAA
Chairperson, Department of Mechanical Chairperson, Department of Electrical, Electronics
Engineering & Engineering Science & Computer Engineering
Graduate Coordinator, CED Graduate Coordinator, SCS
Dean Clinical Coordinator
Dean Chairperson, Department of Political Science
Assistant Dean Academic Program Coordinator
Acting Assistant Dean Chairperson, Department of Psychology JAN IGOR T. GALINATO
System and Review Coordinator
Chairperson, Department of English Chairperson, Department of Sociology COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS

Chairperson, Department of Filipino Chairperson, Department of History Dean Chairperson, Department of Mathematics
and other Languages
PRISCILA B. CADA, MA OMAR B. BATALUNA, MA Assistant Dean Chairperson, Department of Physics
OIC, General Education (Night Program) Chairperson, Philosophy/Humanities Department
COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION & ACCOUNTING Chairperson, Department of Biology Chairperson, Department of Chemistry

Dean Chairperson, Department of Marketing
Dean Chairperson, Department of Information Technology
Acting Assistant Dean Chairperson, Department of Economics
SHEEVUN DI O. GULIMAN, MS Assistant Dean Chairperson, Electronics Engineering Technology
Chairperson, Department of Accountancy
COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Chairperson, Department of Computer Science


Dean Chairperson, Department of Industrial Education


Assistant Dean Chairperson, Department of Home Technology Education


Chairperson, Department of Professional OIC, Department of Science and
Education Mathematics Education


Chairperson, Department of Physical Principal, Integrated Development School



Director Chairperson, Department of IACET


Assistant Director Chairperson, Department of MSET


OIC, Department of Automotive Chairperson, Department of Mechanical
Engineering Technology Engineering Technology and HCAR


Chairperson, Department of ChET Chairperson, Related Subjects Department


Chairperson, Department of Civil Chairperson, Department of Electrical
Engineering Technology Engineering Technology

Heads of Semi-Academic Units


Director, ICTC-Computer Facilities OIC, Department of Student Affairs
& Support Services


Director, Alumni Relations and Placement Cultural Development Officer


Acting Director, MSU-IIT Center for E-learning OIC, Guidance & Counseling Center


Institute Librarian, Institute Library Sports Development Officer


OIC, Admission Office Concurrent Over-all Coordinator, NSTP

Heads of Research and Extension Units


Director, Department of Research Head, Multi-Media Information and
Dissemination Unit


Director, Department of Extension Program Director
Commission on Higher Education-Philippine
Higher Education Network (CHED-PHERNet)


OIC, Institute for Peace and Coordinator, Center for Local Governance Studies
Development in Mindanao (IPDM)


Coordinator, Center for Human Rights Education Head, Technology Application and Promotion Unit
in Southern Philippines Head, Intellectual Property Unit

Heads of Administrative and Finance Units


Budget Officer V Acting Chief Security and Investigation
Budget Management Office


Acting Head, Human Resource Management Chief Administrative Officer
Medical & Health Services Division


Acting Head, Procurement Services Division OIC, Manila Information & Liaison Office


Acting Director, Physical Plant Division Institute Legal Counsel


Chief Accountant Head, Internal Audit Service Unit


Acting Head, Cashiering Division State Auditor IV
Audit Team Leader


Chief, Supply and Property Management Chairman, BAC Secretariat
Division General Manager, Innovation and
Technology Support Office

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012 59

MSU-IIT ANNUAL Report 2012
Published by:
The Offices of the Vice Chancellor for
Planning and Development, and the Vice
Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the
Office of the Chancellor of MSU-IIT

AR 2012
Consolidators and Copy Editors:
Esperanza P. Cruz
Lynnie Ann P. Deocampo
Jean Graciela E. Peola
Loreta L. Fajardo
Eulalio C. Creencia
Boylie A. Sarcina

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Jeremy M. Ancog

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Mark Jezreel T. Orbe
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Boylie A. Sarcina

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Ma. Esperanza L. Macansantos
Lynnie Ann P. Deocampo