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Conjunctions and Connectors.

Here is a useful collection of words which are grouped into how they are
used. Have a look and see if you can see words you use a lot and have a
look at the other ways in which you can say the same thing. This will
help to prevent you having to use the same word or phrase repeatedly.

because / and so: Explaining results and reasons.

because since as the reason why consequently therefore

as a result of this.

but / although: Contrasts, unexpected results.

nonetheless nevertheless all the same however

though even though and yet still on the other hand

but not: Making exceptions.

apart from except with the exception of

and also: Making further points.

moreover what is more yet besides furthermore

not only.. but also

especially: Emphasising.

in particular above all particularly chiefly primarily

e.g. Giving examples.

for example such as for instance like

i.e. Clarifying.

in other words that is to say which means that

anyway Reservations, qualifications.

at least at any rate in any case

etc. Not mentioning further examples.

and so forth and so on as well as..