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PROMISE Internship

Telling the Stories of Ecampus Students

Oregon State University Ecampus Marketing
June 26-August 18

Project goal: Highlight the experiences and accomplishments of OSU Ecampus students who
hold marginalized and historically underrepresented identities, and those who are influencing
positive social change in their communities.

Project overview: Story featuring Kriya Sadhana, a student pursuing a Women, Gender and
Sexuality Studies (WGSS) degree through OSU Ecampus. It will describe their recent work co-
creating a Trans Affirming Spaces curriculum and training, which they have presented over 75
times for various businesses. This story will promote the WGSS degree program and queer
studies minor offered through Ecampus, as well as the students business, which is available to
book for staff of businesses and schools.

Target audience:
Degree completers and career changers interested in women, gender and sexuality
studies online programs.
Current and prospective students, faculty, staff and alumni of OSUs women, gender and
sexuality studies program and queer studies program.
Members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community.
Individuals passionate about social justice and creating positive social change as leaders
in their communities.

Visual elements:
Photographs of Kriya will be embedded in the story and posted on social media. Photos
by Rick Henry.
A text overlay graphic of Kriya with a quote from their interview will summarize the
storys main focus, to be posted on social media. Graphic created by Nick Saemenes.

Distribution channels: The story will be posted to the Ecampus website, and will be shared on
Ecampus social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Because this story will focus on a
WGSS/QS student, it is likely that the story will be re-posted by the pages of both programs,
which are quite active in recognizing their students successes.
Key points will include:
The personal circumstances and strengths of OSU Ecampus that led Kriya to pursue an
online degree in women, gender and sexuality studies through Ecampus.
How Kriya began to develop the idea and curriculum for Trans Affirming Spaces in
various queer studies assignments and wanted to address the need in reality.
Kriyas future hopes for the Trans Affirming Spaces curriculum, who will present it, who
it will affect and empower, and where it can be most beneficial.
Kriyas passions for queer and trans justice education work and empowering and
advocating for LGBTQ+ youth.
Kriyas next steps and personal goals after graduating from OSU Ecampus with a degree
in WGSS.

Communications goals:
Views, likes, and engagement on social media.
Grow partnership with WGSS and QS and others by creating communications channels
with Ecampus. Build brand outside of Ecampus network.
Increase number of inquiries into Ecampus WGSS and QS online programs, which can be
measured numerically.
Analyze website analytics to determine how the audience engages with the story and
Ecampus website.
Build connections for the student being interviewed -- between student and storyteller,
student and Ecampus, and other valuable connections that may have a positive impact
on the student.

Personal and professional development

Lift student voices to the university and its affiliates.
Provide genuine encouragement and recognition for Ecampus students and empower
them in their work.
Practice honesty, authenticity, and ongoing consent in my storytelling.
Share pieces of my own knowledge and lived experiences in ways that contribute to the
teams understandings and practices of social justice, diversity, accessibility and equity.
Bring my full self, passions, and identities into Ecampus.
Publish stories and social media posts that demonstrate my skill and learning.
Reflect on personal and professional development and understand where my strengths
and points of growth are.
Research new ways to tell stories, creating suggestions and examples to inform the
future of Ecampus communications.
Manage Summer Session social media photo contest.
Produce original photography and copy for social media posts promoting photo contest,
summer activities and resources at OSU.
Attend meetings and share work with university marketing professionals.
Learn about market research related to OSU Ecampus students and global online adult

Project milestones

Week 1 - June 26-29

Set project and personal goals
Set up Basecamp for project management
Get to know Ecampus and new branding
Meetings with Ecampus marketing team
Manage Summer Session photo contest on social media
Transcribe graduation interviews

Week 2 - July 3-6

Finalize story idea
Set up interview with student
Research new ways to tell stories
Manage Summer Session photo contest on social media

Week 3 - July 10-13

First student interview
First draft of campaign plan
Interviews for cultural resource centers story
Manage Summer Session photo contest on social media
Research new ways to tell stories

Week 4 - July 17-20

Transcribe interviews
Begin to write student story
Finalize cultural resource centers story
Finalize campaign plan
Manage Summer Session photo contest on social media

Week 5 - July 24-27

Cultural resource centers story review process
Write student story
Edits to resume and LinkedIn
Manage Summer Session photo contest on social media

Week 6 - July 31-Aug 3

Publish cultural resource centers story, post on social media
Participate in Ecampus diversity team retreat
Create examples of new ways to tell stories
Manage Summer Session photo contest on social media

Week 7 - Aug 7-10

Student story review process
Student story infographic
Publish student story, share on social media
Work on PROMISE e-portfolio and presentation
Work on proposal for new ways to tell stories

Week 8 - Aug 14-17

Create general cover letter
Finalize presentation - stories, story assets, and new ways to tell stories
Present project to Ecampus marketing team and PROMISE cohort and affiliates