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Ref. Part Ref. Part Part Name

Part Name No. No.
No. No. Price
EX101 Filler Sub-Assembly $ AGO 20 C507 Valve Guide
(Consists of the following) rv/r
21 C508 V.G. Retaining Nut
1 F101 Filler Cap u.y6
22 FX505-3 Exhaust Valve Assembly..
2 F103 Filler Cap Screw \$r
23 E601 Striker
3 F104 Filler Head /O)
24 E602 Mainspring
4 EX203-2 Tube Assembly i24\^i
25 E603 Striker Guide Pin
(E304 included in assembly) V_y
Frame Mounting Screw (2) p70 26 E604 Mainspring Retaining Cap
5 E306
27 E609 Safety Detent Ball
6 C307 Cam Face Wly
28 E610 Safety Spring
7 C308 Cam Face Screw (2) 1-^4
EX600 Frame Sub-Assembly
8 C309' Cam Face Cover I \7d)
(Consists of the following)
Bolt Assembly pX15
29 EX618 Sear Sub-Assembly .
(Consists of the following) /VX
30 E600 Frame
9 EX401 Bolt Sub-Assembly . ffl^K)
31 E611 Safety Pin
10 C401 Breech Seal . . f^\
32 E614 Trigger
11 C403 Bolt Body Spring (2) \/3s
33 E615 Trigger Pin
12 C404 Bolt Locking Lug . ... /T\\
34 E616 Sear Spring
FX500 Chamber Plug Sub-Assembly ?-4?
(Consists of the following) rT) 35 E620Sear Pin
13 F500 Chamber Plug ... WQ ^K F7D1 Rear Sight Mounting Screw .
14 F500-0 Chamber Plug Seal )A& ^7 F70.4 Rear Sight Elevation Arm ...
15 F504 Chamber Plug Face L^p "3ft C70B Rear Sight Elevation Screw .
16 F500-1 Chamber Plug Sleeve 1^9 30 EX801 Grip Assembly (Right Side) .
17 F502-1 Chamber Sleeve . . . flJSHD An pyon9 Grip Assembly (Left Side) ..
18 F503 Exhaust Valve Spring ... /HxS 41 Fftfi^ Grip Screw (2)
19 F506 Valve Guide "O" Ring V^O, AP4 Assembly/Diassembly Tool
For Model E

When ordering parts, specify Model, Serial No. Part No. and Name of Parts. Include remittance with order. All prices subject
to change without notice. Minimum order $5.00.

FORM 153-5M 9/81

15 14 13 16 18 17

1 3 2

41 9

3205 SHERIDAN RD. / RACINE, WISCONSIN 53403 / PHONE 633-5424 (AREA CODE 414)
Rebuild your Benjamin or Sheridan Valve and Pump
Remove the stock (or frame if pistol).

Remove the pin(s) at the front of the pump tube.

Slide the pump rod forward, remove the pin from the pump rod and lever link.
Remove the pump rod and replace the pump cup.
*** Note: The three steps above are omitted with CO2 airguns.
Remove the cap and replace the cap "O" ring.

Two side screws and trigger mount screw (no trigger screw with a pistol) release
retaining cap (tube plug).
Drop the striker spring and striker out the rear.
*** Note: Some models have only pin(s) retaining the tube cap.

Use the square end of the tool to remove the valve retaining nut.
Reverse the tool, screw onto the exhaust valve body, shake, wiggle and pull the exhaust
valve out.
The internal parts should drop out.
*** Note: The inlet valve may stick. Apply WD-40, tap on the rear of the tube with a
WOOD block

Degrease the tube completely. Rubbing alcohol is a fine cleaner.

Lightly coat each piece as installed with oil supplied in the kit.

Drop the intake valve in. Make sure the back brass side is up.
The small, intake spring, is next.
The brass washer.
The larger, exhaust spring, with the small end up.
*** Note: A pistol may not contain the brass washer or second spring.

Place the rubber washer on the front, short lip, of the exhaust valve.
The lead washer on the rear of the exhaust valve. Insert the square end of the tool
through the retaining nut.
Place the exhaust valve on into the tool, nut chamfer to the lead washer.
Slide the exhaust valve, wahers and nut in completely.
Hold firmly, tap the opposite end of the tool with a WOOD block.
Place a punch or pin through the tool and tighten.

Replace the retaining cap (tube plug), trigger, pump rod/lever, and stock (frame if pistol).

Cock, pump, and shoot.

The first few shots may produce a mist from the muzzle. This is excess oil applied.