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International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication ISSN: 2321-8169

Volume: 5 Issue: 5 522 528

A Review On Green Cloud Computing

Anjali Verma Dr. Priyanka Tripathi

PG Scholar, DCEA Professor, DCEA
Bhopal, India Bhopal, India
anjaliverma630@gmail.com ptripathi@nitttrbpl.ac.in

AbstractThe objective of green computing is to reap monetary growth and enhance the way the computing devices are used.
In large data centers computational offloading is main problem due to increased demand for timely and response for real time application which
lead to high energy consumption by data centers, so the aim of green computing is to find energy efficient solution which monopolize optimal
utilization of the available resources. Green IT methods comprises of environmentally viable management, energy efficient computers and
enhanced recycling procedures.
By using different algorithm and energy efficient scheduling power consumption of virtual machine can be minimize, this paper provide an
overview of different algorithms and techniques which are used to move towards the green computing

Keywords-Cloud Computing, Green computing,Data centers,Energy efficiency, Energy Consumption, Virtualization, , Virtul
migration,correlated-virtual migration,Task consolidation,Resource utilization,


Cloud is distributed system which consist of the group of It has been evaluated that the usage of power will be more
interconnected, virtualized computer that dynamically than 45 billion Kwh, cost of it will be $4.7 billion and
presented as unified based on the service level agreement emission of carbon dioxide will be 50 million.
between service providers and customers. To provide Considering all this estimated data optimistic solution is
efficient services that can enhance the overall performance needed.
of organizations and business, an effective management of
cloud resources is very important in order to serve as many
user requests as possible. There are resources scheduling
techniques for managing these resources. Resources in the
form of virtual machines are allocated to the user requests
and de-allocated after completion of the task. The huge
datacenters of cloud providers consume large amount of
power which affects the environment. It has been noticed
that among several enterprises that have implemented server
virtualization, the main focus and concern was the power
consumption to minimize it we have different algorithm and
scheduling by applying this we can move towards Green
With the advancement in the technology the next step is to
make it environmental friendly, by improving the utilization
of resources the energy efficiency can be increased which a Fig.1 Green Cloud Computing Model
step to move towards Green Cloud is computing.
1. Energy impact in cloud computing-Transfer of the data in 2. Green Cloud Computing techniques-Virtualization plays a
the cloud can be done by using Gateway, Router and Local vital role in green cloud computing, it increases the energy
area network. efficiency by improving utilization of resources.
According to the Cisco Global Index (GCI) there is Energy can be saved by using Power Gating, Reducing the
phenomenal chances of amplification in Data Center. requirement of cooling, advance clock gating.
By 2021 It has been gauge that more than 85 percent of The outcome can be upgraded by applying scheduling
workloads will be moved to the cloud. algorithm.
With the reference to this Natural Resource Defense Council
(NRDC) has come up with survey of Energy usage in DC. III. RELATED WORK
Rubgya.G,Dr.Ponsy R.K SathiaBhama2016[1] in their paper
A Survey of Computing Strategies forGreen Cloudprovide
an overview of cloud system, Metrics and various algorithm
IJRITCC | May 2017, Available @ http://www.ijritcc.org
International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication ISSN: 2321-8169
Volume: 5 Issue: 5 522 528
which are mandatory for green flavor in cloud computing
are also discussed in this paper.
In this paper there are various Research which are discussed
Federico Larumbe and Brunilde Sanso(2013)[2] in their
paper A Tabu Search Algorithm for the Location of Data
Centers and Software Components in Green Cloud
Computing Network the strategy is provided to improve
network design better Quality of Service while minimizing
cost and energy consumption using penalty term until a
feasible solution is found.
The request that is provided in real time can vary
treadmously and hence the procedure can consider this and
the current technologies used in data centers and host to
improve method further.
FeiXu,FangmingLiu,LinghuiLiu,HaiJin,Bo Li and Baochun Fig2. Virtual-migration
Li(2014)[3]in their paper I Aware: making live migration
of Virtual Machine Interference-Aware in the Cloud in this A. Single-VM migration
paper they have proposed interface aware Live Migration.
In this strategy Decision proceeds is provided to select Now a days in virtualization platform effective approach for
candidate VM that has to be migrated to the appropriate manage workloads is live migration in disruptive manner.
PM.This strategy can reduce VM migration interface and The most widely used algorithm is pre-copying which is
Co-location interference. used in todays virtualization this paper comprises of several
This approach is developed by using the interface-aware pre-copying rounds.
VM Live Migration Strategy and ,multi resource demand Virtual machines physical memory is first transferred from
supply model, this advantage canbe applied to host A to host B source VM is running in host for memory
heterogeneous PM as only data centers with PM is consistency the page is dirtied in each round must be re-sent.
considered. This data is known as dirty pages which are generated in
Bei Guan, Jing Zheng Wu, Yongji Wang and Samee U.Khan previous round, When several rounds are done stop and
(2014)[4]in their paper Livsched: A Communication- copy phase is performed, after this phase remaining dirty
Aware Inter-VM Scheduling Technique for Decreased pages are transmit, while the source VM temporarily stop
Network Latency between co-located inter VM latency the execution. When final data transferring is complete, the
communication aware scheduling to reduce the co-located VM on host B resumes and takes over the VM on host
inter VM latency are discussed by this scheduling the A.The number of factors which are affecting the migration
communication between the inter VM running on same cost are down time, migration completion time and total
virtualization is considered, in this method the performance traffic in the network, other major factor size of VM
with more Virtualization platform should be Evaluated. memory dirtying rate, network transmission rate and
Due to the rapid growth of cloud the advantage of cloud are configuration of migration algorithm.
increasing which leads the organization divert towards the

As organization are diverting towards the cloud power

dissipation is also increasing, to minimize it we need a
solution, many algorithm, scheduling and allocation are
developed for it.
The core techniques which are used are virtualization, Fig3. Single Virtual migration
consolidation and migration are used to move virtual
machine into the physical machine so that number of host B.Correlated VM migration
can be reduce and underutilized and over-utilized machines A multitier web application is migrated from Data Center 1
can be manage. to Data Center 2.In multitier each tier is running on multiple
Haikun Liu and Bingsheng He (2015)[5] in their paper VM VMs,and thus VM across the tiers are correlated with data
buddies: coordinate Live Migration of Multi-tier dependency.Network bandwidth is critical resource across
Application in Cloud Environment in this paper they distributed data center and this network bandwidth is
discussed live migration technique of multi-tier applications smaller than the network bandwidth within a data center.
across geographically distributed data centers. This live Erstwhile the NW bandwidth in two datacenter was
migration is technique is important for load management, 465Mbps with no loss of generality, the peak network
Power saving, Routine server manage ment and quality of bandwidth between DC1 and DC2 are reserved for
service. migration process in B.In multitier web application the
application traffic and migration traffic have common link
between two data centers.

IJRITCC | May 2017, Available @ http://www.ijritcc.org
International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication ISSN: 2321-8169
Volume: 5 Issue: 5 522 528
The bandwidth strife between datacenters may out turn in SusheelThakur,ArvindKalia,JawaharThakur (2014)[6] in
remarkable performance degradation in both application and their Paper Performance Analysis of Server Consolidation
VM migration which impel to develop, VM buddies to Algorithms in virtualized Cloud Environment with Idle
coordinate the VM migration of multitier application and VMs in this paper they discussed that we can transfer
allow the inter-cloud network bandwidth to be exclusively virtual machine between the physical machine by using
used by the migration traffic. technique of live migration, the idea of Live Migration is
The main objective of this paper is to solve the correlated introduced for improving efficiency and it is an efficient
VM migration problem raised in multi-tier application. technique towards the Green Computing.
Single VM migration, VMs in a multi-tier application is In 1969, Leonard Kleinrock one of the chief scientist of the
closely correlated VM migration problem. Current live original Advanced Research Project Agency Network
migration algorithm for single VM cause performance (ARPANET) which implanted the internet said As of new,
degradation, for the reason that intermediate data exchange computer network are still in their infancy, but as they grow
between different VMs suffers relatively low bandwidth and up and become sophisticate, we will probably see the spread
high latency across distributed data centers. of computer utilities which is same as the today era where
Single VM migration, VMs in a multi-tier application is telephone utilities are services individually across the homes
closely correlated VM migration problem. Current live and offices across the country.
migration algorithm for single VM cause performance This inventiveness of computing utilities based on a service
degradation, for the reason that intermediate data exchange provisioning model intercept the prodigious amendment of
between different VMs suffers relatively low bandwidth and entire computing services readily available on demand
high latency across distributed data centers. In this paper, access to the network to shared pool of configurable
they design and implement a coordination system called computing resources, which can be readily provisioned and
VMBuddies for correlated VM migration in the cloud.They released with minimum effort in management, and for
proposed an adaptive network bandwidth allocation service provider interaction, with instantons enlargement in
algorithm to minimize the cost of migration completion the processing and storage technique and the success of the
time, and network Traffic and migration downtime internet, computing resources have become globally avail
experiments using public benchmark experiments to show than ever before.
that VM Buddies significantly reduce the performance In business the personnel are trying to cut the cost without
degradation and migration cost of multi-tier application. affecting the performance standard thisaspiration to grow
Design and implementation of VM buddies based on Xen4.1 and enabled a new model called cloud computing.
platform. Virtualization play a vital role in cloud computing, that
enable configuration of new feature of the cloud computing,
it provide us noteworthy benefit in cloud computing by VM
migration across the data centers.

C. Live Migration
it is amplification of virtualization in which VM are server
to be active and give response all time during the process of
migration to optimize efficient resources live migration is
effective process.

D.Server Consolidation
By using this technique total number of server can be
reduced, which can solve the problem of server sprawl.
Fig4. Performance penalty due to live migration of a multi- In server utilized multiple underutilized server
tier web application across distributed data centers accommodate more space which led to increase in power
E. Server Consolidation algorithm
To reduce total number of server, location of server should
be organized server sprawl is major problem for solution of
this server consolidation algorithm are implemented.
In this algorithm VM packing is done in which VMs are
packaged on PM to improve the resource usage.
1) Sandpiper This is a new system in which task monitoring
and detecting is done for eliminating the hotspot and new
mapping can be done for physical machine resources to
virtual machine resources.
In view of this algorithm the PM are collocated in
descending order with respect to their volume metrics,
Fig5. Synchronization of live migration of multi-tier metric here volume metric and are computed as,
IJRITCC | May 2017, Available @ http://www.ijritcc.org
International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication ISSN: 2321-8169
Volume: 5 Issue: 5 522 528
1 1 1 (1) If PM cannot accommodate the VM next order is checked,
1 1 1 this process is continues until the VM is found.
Whenever cold spot is detected, the least usage across all the

under loaded PM is chosen and migrated to targeted PM,
= (2) when addition of new VM increases the variance of residual

capacities across all the PM,else we chose next VM in order.
If there is no residual space left for chosen VM, then the
Here CPU and memory and network refers to the CPU, heuristic mitigationstops, variance is defined as follows-
memory and network usage of PM and VM respectively and
size refers to the memory footprint of VM.
To alleviate hotspot on an overloaded PM, the highest it (3)
migrated to a least loaded PM,if least loaded PMs can Variance,R(t)=
house the PM and next PM in sorted order is checked, () +() +()

similarly if the VM cannot housed in any of the under ()

loaded PMs,next VM in sorted order is checked.

This way sandpiper may mitigate hotspot by remapping VM +++
on PM through migration. Mean= (4)

The experimental result shows that there is an improvement
compare to other algorithm, despite that swapping increase
the chances of alleviating hotspot in cluster with high
average utilization. (5 )
2) Khannas Algorithm Dynamic management = + +. . +
algorithm(DMA) this is based on polynomial time
approximation scheme(PTA) heuristic algorithm .There are
two type of list which are migration cost list and residual
capacity list.
The PM are sorted according to their residual capacity in
Here mean is the average normalized residual capacities
increasing order across any resource dimension like CPU.
across m different resources like CPU, network, resmem,
In case of VM each PM are sorted in increasing order of
resnet, and stands for residual capacity.
their resource utilization and CPU.
Khannas algorithm packs the VM as tightly as possible and
Migration cost of VM on each PM are based to their
trying to minimize power consumption by detecting
resource utilization like CPU usage high usage implies high
underutilization in the managed by using Max-min threshold
migration cost.\
selection model, when the resources usage of running VM
When in CPU there is violation of upper threshold hotspot is
as close as possible and trying to minimize the running PM.
detected, VM which have least resource usage is chosen for
migration to target host which has least residual capacities to

Table 1.Migration Heuristics

Algorithm Goal Metric Used Virtualization Resource platform
Sandpiper Hotspot mitigation Volume Yes Cpu, memory, Xen 4.1
Volume/size network
Khannas Server Residual, yes Cpu, memory Xen 4.1
algorithm consolidation Capacity
Entropy Server No.of migration yes Cpu, memory Xen 4.1

In this paper structured analysis of server consolidation and balancing across the physical machine for moving
including their urgency in the direction of resource towards green computing.
management in virtualized cloud computing environment in A.Verma, Ahuja, A.Neogi(2008)[7] in their paper
this paper they try to scrutinize the impacts of different PMapper: Power and Migration Cost Aware Application
server consolidation heuristic depends upon the performance Placement in Virtualized System In this paper investigation
of both source and target machine. of power application placement problem and present P-
After performance evolution of these heuristics and Mapper are discussed, by using application placement
fundamental insight the next point of convergence is to controller which can dynamically places applications to
diminishing server sprawl compressing power consumption minimizing power while meeting performance guarantee.

IJRITCC | May 2017, Available @ http://www.ijritcc.org
International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication ISSN: 2321-8169
Volume: 5 Issue: 5 522 528
Virtualization is solution which can provide the desideratum efficiency and cut down the cloud footprint and saves a
isolation layer to consolidate application on a large number sufficient amount of power. In this paper they have analyzed
of low utilization server to a smaller number of highly various energy saving strategies in data centers and cloud
utilized server. computing environment.
By using application placement controller which can Gagan Prakash Negi,Hemant Kapoor ,Amit
dynamically places application to minimizing power which Kapoor(2015)[10] in their paper Green Computing : A
meeting performance guarantee. Demand of Time in this paper they have analyzed that the
Virtualization is a solution which can provide the main motive of Green Computing is the low amount of
desideratum isolation layer to consolidate application on a power consumption to save time and money. There are some
large number of low utilization server to a smaller number It Industries those are working on these concept.
of highly utilized server. In this paper we have also focused on some techniques
By the use of virtualization layer flexible runtime which are making Green Computing an Emerging
mechanism for translucent resource allocation in this paper Technology this techniques are Carbon Free computing,
architecture and implementation of power aware application SolarComputing, EnergyEfficient Computing this are the
placement framework called PMapper,which can as similar techniques which making Green Computing successful .
numerous scenarios implicate power and performance BoominathanPerumal,AramudhanMurgaiyan(2016)[11]in
management by the use of virtualization mechanism. their paper A Firefly Colony and its Fuzzy Approach for
PMapper administer the solution to the most practical server consolidation andvirtual Machine PlacementIn this
possibility power minimization under performance restraint. paper there are two key issue which are server consolidation
S.Jayanthi, SrinivasaBabu (2015)[8]in their paper Green and multiobjective virtual machine placement problem, they
Cloud Computing Resource Utilization with Respect to proposed firefly colony optimization algorithm, to manage
SLA and Power Consumptionin cloud datacenter is the most predominant challenging task
this paper they discussed the way of Reducing carbon ahead for IT industries.
footprint and power consumption. Server virtualization is The data centers are treated to be major source for resource
used to decrease the power by consolidating multiple server provisioning to the cloud user.
onto few Physical Machine, Virtualization also provide To manage their resources to stem large number of virtual
Flexibility by dynamically move one Physical Machine to machine urgency heuristic optimization algorithm to equip
another. the optimal placement strategies gratifying the objective and
By using resource utilization as a proxy for power, power constraints develop.
models along with consumption of power for individual This firefly technique illustrate better performance compare
server type. We can use this power model information along to heuristic and metaheuristic approaches studied in terms of
with business value and SLA information and by using this server consolidation, and discover optimal placement
we can efficiently allocate virtual machine to physical strategy.
Amlan Deep Borah,DeborajMuchahary,Sandeep Kumar IV. OVERVIEW OF SCHEDULING ALGORITHM
Singh and Janmani(2015[9])in their paper PowerSaving APPROACHES
Strategies in Green Cloud Computing Systemin this paper
various Efficient Energy Saving Green IT method are In table 2 various papers are discussed and compared.
discussed. In IT sector most of energy is consumed by Data Different Columns are used to describe papers ,Algorithms
centers. and their future scopes. First column specifies the name of
Use of Cloud computing is effective only if energy the author, second Column specify about the paper name,
consumed in server issaved. By the use of virtual machine third column specify concept and theoretical model while
migration and Task Consolidation especially in cloud making the algorithm, forth Column tells about the energy
computing is an effective approach to improve energy saved by the proposed algorithm/techniques.

IJRITCC | May 2017, Available @ http://www.ijritcc.org
International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication ISSN: 2321-8169
Volume: 5 Issue: 5 522 528
Table.2 Overview Of Scheduling Algorithm Approaches

Author Name Paper Name Concept /Theoretical Algorithm/Techniques Conclusion

model used
Rubgya.G, A survey of computing This paperprovide an This paperprovide an All this algorithm
Dr.Ponsy strategies for green overview of cloud overview of cloud system, are used for load
R.KSathiaBhama cloud system, Metrics and Metrics and various balancing and
(2016) various algorithm which algorithm which are virtual machine
are mandatory for green mandatory for green flavor migration among
flavor in cloud in cloud computing are server with in
computing are also also discussed in this cluster so that
discussed in this paper. paper. energy can be
Susheel Thakur, Performance Analysis In this paper they we 1)sandpiper A comparative study
Arvind Kalia, of Server have studied that virtual 2)Khannas algorithm of this algorithm for
JawaharThakur Consolidation machine can be 3)Entropy optimization which
(2014) Algorithms in transferred between the result to give
virtualized Cloud physical machines by efficient distribution
Environment with Idle using techniques of live of work load over
VMs. migration. Physical Machine.
By the use of this kind of
technique the efficiency
is increasing which is
leads to move towards
the green computing.
A.Verma PMapper: Power and In this paper probe of 1)Power minimizing P-Mapper is
,Ahuja Migration Cost Aware power application& placement algorithm different from all
A.Neogi Application Placement placement problem and 2)History aware packing existing literature
(2008) in Virtualized System present P-Mapper are algorithm because it address
discussed, by using 3)Migration cost aware the problem of
application placement locally optimal placement power & migration
controller which can algorithm cost aware
dynamically places 4) P-Mapper algorithm application
applications to placement in
minimizing power while heterogeneous
meeting performance source cluster
S.Jayanthi, Green Cloud Numerous Organizations 1)Data center scenario To reduce power
SrinivasaBabu Computing Resource are approaching in the 2)Inability to trace the use consumption
(2015) Utilization with field of carbon footprint of power virtualization
Respect to SLA and of their data centers for 3)Inability to certain rapid provide us new
Power Consumption reducing their power growth in power demand possibility by using
consumption. 4)Inability to quantify the this flexibility can
By using virtualization tradeoffs when using new be increased for
along with resource green technology complex system
utilization as a 5)Inability to Match good management is
intermediating for power Applications to Hardware needed which takes
models of power 6)Benefits of Traceability the power
consumption by each 7)Power consumption of a consumption and
server types and use this transaction cooling power into
information onward with 8)Carbon footprint of a account in addition
business value & SLA transaction with server level for
information to allocating virtual
conveniently allocate machine to the
VM to PM. server by doing this
we can predict the
power consumption
effect of changes in
AmlanDeep Power Saving In this paper various 1) By using advance clock energy efficient

IJRITCC | May 2017, Available @ http://www.ijritcc.org
International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication ISSN: 2321-8169
Volume: 5 Issue: 5 522 528
Borah, Strategies in Green Efficient Energy Saving gating strategies can save
Deboraj Cloud Computing Green IT method are 2)Server consolidation the energy which
Muchahary System discussed. In IT sector 3)Live VM big step to move
Sandeep Kumar most of energy is towards green is
Singh and consumed by Data computing,
Janmani(2015) centers
A Firefly Colony and In this paper to solve the 1)Firefly colony and Fuzzy By using this
BoominathanPeru its Fuzzy Approach key issue of data centers, firefly colony optimization proposed algorithm
mal,AramudhanM for server server consolidation and algorithm the performance is
urgaiyan consolidation and multiobjective virtual convalescent
(2016) virtual Machine machine they proposed compare to heuristic
Placement firefly colony and fuzzy and meta heuristic
firefly colony approaches.
optimization algorithm

V. CONCLUSION cloud environments." IEEE Transactions on Parallel and

The main objective of this paper is to supporting Green Distributed Systems 26.4 (2015): 1192-1205.
Cloud Computing to make cloud computing environmental [6] Thakur, Susheel, Arvind Kalia, and Jawahar Thakur.
friendly In modern era Green Computing becomes a demand "Performance Analysis of Server Consolidation
of time too many organization are working to minimize their Algorithms in Virtualized Cloud Environment with Idle
energy consumption,. Seeing that modern data centers are VMs." International Journal 2.3 (2014)
heterogeneous this paper comprises of algorithms and [7] Verma, Akshat, Puneet Ahuja, and Anindya Neogi.
techniques which can escapade the heterogeneity of server "pMapper: power and migration cost aware application
to filter the resource utilization and thus energy placement in virtualized systems." ACM/IFIP/USENIX
consumption can be minimized. Many algorithm and International Conference on Distributed Systems
techniques are used to get optimum solution for reducing the Platforms and Open Distributed Processing. Springer
power consumption without affecting the services which are Berlin Heidelberg, 2008.
provided to the user.Virtualization is one of the very [8] Jayanthi, S., and Srinivasa Babu. "Green Cloud
importanttechniques, by using this consolidation can be Computing-Resource Utilization with Respect to SLA
done of multiple servers onto a few physical servers which and Power Consumption." (2015).vol.3 No2,19. Borah,
increases their utilization along with energy efficiency by
Amlan Deep, et al. "Power Saving Strategies in Green
minimizing their power consumption. Nonetheless,
Cloud Computing Systems." International Journal of
virtualization also grants new anticipation to increase
Grid Distribution Computing 8.1 (2015): 299-306.
flexibility by increasing the number of virtual machine in
[9] Borah, Amlan Deep, et al. "Power Saving Strategies in
one physical machine, virtual machine can be moved
Green Cloud Computing Systems." International Journal
dynamically according to the requirement.
of Grid Distribution Computing 8.1 (2015): 299-306.
VI. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT [10] Prakash Gagan Negi,Kapoor Hemant , Kapoor Amit
I thank Dr.PiyankaTripathi, for assistance in survey and also (2015)Green Computing : A Demand of Time,34-36, 1-
for comments that greatly improved the manuscript. 21
[11] Perumal, Boominathan, and Aramudhan Murugaiyan. "A
REFERENCES Firefly Colony and Its Fuzzy Approach for Server
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IJRITCC | May 2017, Available @ http://www.ijritcc.org