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Academic Essay Writing Assignment

Semester 1, 2017/2018 (August - November 2017)

Select any three from the following social media platforms that are currently popular worldwide
and for each one examine how it has been used in a positive and negative way within the last five

LENGTH 1200 words (excluding references) (+/- 5%: min.1,140 words; max.1,260 words)

DUE DATE Complete Essay due Saturday of Week 12 (Saturday, 28th October 2017)
(Late submissions will be penalized. Essays submitted more than one week late will not be marked at
MARKS 45% (complete essay)

ORGANISATION Each essay will be written by a group of 4 students.

Each member of the group will receive the same mark for the essay.

STRUCTURE Introduction: includes Background, Link Sentence and Thesis Statement;

Body Paragraphs: demonstrate clear Topic Sentences which state the paragraphs Main
Idea which is then expanded through Supporting Points with
accompanying relevant Supporting Evidence;
Conclusion: reiterates Thesis Statement, summarises Main Ideas and includes
Broad Comment/writers view.
Overall: follows rules for Essay Structure and demonstrates Coherence and
Cohesion in the development and organisation of ideas.
SOURCES Use a MINIMUM of 8 and MAXIMUM of 15 scholarly sources, including:
at least 1 journal article
at least 1 research report/conference paper
at least 1 scholarly book which has been published
not more than one daily newspaper
(the above sources may be in the form of online sources).
You may also use
not more than four general website/webpage articles of a scholarly/academic nature

REFERENCES References (both in-text and end-text) must be in APA style.

FORMATTING Your essay must be typed into the given template using:
font size 12,
with double spacing.

Marks will be deducted from your essay if you fail to follow this formatting specification
(particularly the double spacing requirement).

MARKING The essay:

CRITERIA must be on topic;
uses appropriate conventions linking/internal structure of paragraphs;
adequately develops points;
includes some of your own views, analysis and/or evaluation;
uses a minimum of 8 and up to 15 scholarly sources;
uses correct APA referencing conventions and formatting style;
uses an appropriate academic writing style;
must be free from grammatical errors;
must be submitted first to TURNITIN and be checked for plagiarism.

Note It is recommended that you work on your essay AS A GROUP throughout the semester,
applying what you learn from the video lectures and your weekly lecture sessions to the
writing process.