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Name of Intern: _Lindsay Pizzurro_________________ Date: __8/14/2017_____
Name of Supervisor: Matt Burgess
Name of Company: _Sinclair Broadcast Group
Phone:__615-369-5535 Email: msburgess@sbgtv.com
Period of Evaluation: From : 7/7/17 To: 8/18/17
Number of hours per week worked: 30

Circle One: Midterm Evaluation Final Evaluation

1. Please list the tasks the intern completed and rate their performance using the following
scale: Excellent (E), Good (G), Average (A), Below Average (BA), Unsatisfactory (U)

Task E G A BA U

Creation and editing of digital ads E

Accumulation of leads for a wide variety of advertising
Monitor campaign progress and provide feedback due
Use sites such as AdMall to create digital audits G

2. Please evaluate the intern in the following areas, noting specific suggestions for
improvement if needed using the following scale: Excellent (E), Good (G), Average (A),
Below Average (BA), Unsatisfactory (U)

E G A BA U Not
Student is dependable, is punctual, and regularly attends. E
Student acts and dresses in a professional manner E
(thorough, organized, prepared).
Student completes work accurately and thoroughly. E
Student completes work in a timely and efficient manner. E
Student follows instructions. E
Student has the ability to adjust to non-routine E
assignments and make decisions.
Student demonstrates the ability to work under pressure. E
Student sets and meets realistic goals. E
Student is able to work independently, take initiative A
when appropriate, and keep constructively busy and
mentally alert.
Student is able to identify and use appropriate resources. E
Student is able to communicate effectively. E
Student communicates in a respectful manner and tailor E
messages/approaches that respect diversity and empower
Student demonstrates good judgement/decision-making E
(seeks out information when appropriate, makes quality
decision with information available).
Student is able to analyze problems; conduct research; and E
develop creative, relevant, effective, and evidence-based
Student produces clean, well-written documents/materials. E
Student is able to follow supervisor feedback. E
Student is able to work with co-workers/fellow E
employees, respects their rights, demonstrates a
cooperative spirit, and develop professional workplace
Student accepts and makes use of constructive criticism. E
Student is able to work effectively with E
clients/customers/outside stakeholders, respecting their
wishes and rights, and develop professional relationships
with them.
Student applies principles of ethical communication and E
behavior is the workplace.
Student is able to effectively lead others, delegate G
assignments to others when appropriate, establish
challenging goals; coordinate the work of others; and
promote a team environment.
Student demonstrates the ability to apply their education, G
experiences, and training to the workplace.

3. How did the student demonstrate progress as a professional during the internship?

Lindsay has been a joy to work with. Since day one, her demeanor has been that of a true
professional. It is clear that she has approached this internship with a desire to contribute
and learn all that she can. She has maintained a positive attitude towards every task she
has been given.

4. Overall, what are the intern's greatest strengths?

On the midterm review, I noted her ability to learn as her greatest strength, and I believe
that it still is. But on this review, Id like to also note her thoroughness. For example,
when building banners for a digital campaign, she will provide multiple options (of all
high quality) helping to guarantee the best marketing result for our clients.

5. What areas need improvement?

During down time, Lindsay could check with management and/or sales team to find
additional ways of assisting.

6. Was the students academic preparation sufficient for the internship? What areas were
I cannot stress enough how beneficial Lindsays graphic design background has been to
our team. We are truly going to miss having someone in house with both a creative mind
and knowledge of Photoshop.